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Thursday, April 4, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies 46 -- No Pledges Ever

By Anna Von Reitz

We all grew up being exposed to "The Pledge of Allegiance" as schoolchildren.  We were indoctrinated from an early age to mindlessly recite something without knowing what it really meant.  

Start with the fact that a "Pledge" is a Feudal Oath given by a Serf or Tenant to a sovereign, promising "allegiance" another word from the feudal relationship vocabulary, subjecting yourself to the sovereign and promising to support and protect the sovereign.  

And what was standing in the "sovereign" position in "The Pledge of Allegiance"? 

The flag of something calling itself "the United States of America" --- they just didn't bother to tell anyone which United States of America.  

Most Americans have been kept from ever knowing that there are many different variations of both "United States" and "United States of America" and yes, it does matter which one you are talking about.  

There is the unincorporated version of The United States which refers to the sovereign soil jurisdiction State Republics and their "Union" formed in 1776, and there is the unincorporated version of The United States of America, our Holding Company formed September 9, 1776, which refers to the sovereign International Land Jurisdiction of the unincorporated States of the Union.  

These are the two entities that Americans naturally think of when someone says, "United States" or "United States of America", but in addition to these unincorporated entities that hold the land and soil jurisdictions of our country, there are other incorporated entities that are supposed to work for our States and People.  

These include two other "kinds" of United States and United States of America that operate in the Municipal jurisdiction of the the Holy Roman Empire and the International Jurisdiction of the Sea, respectively.  

These incorporated versions are "doing business names" of foreign corporations that are on our shores, purportedly to provide specified governmental services under the provisions of their respective Constitutions. 

Their "United States" which is actually "the United States, Inc." is run by the members of the Territorial Congress acting as the government of the Washington, DC Municipality, which is an independent international city state like Vatican City and the Inner City of London known as Westminster and more recently, New York City and the United Nations have made bold to become ---without our permission, separate international governments standing on the land and soil of New York.  

Time for the People of New York to wake up and put these Freebooters in their place, but that's another story.  

Right now, just take in the fact that "United States" in this context means the Municipal Government being run by the members of Congress as a "plenary oligarchy" that is only supposed to operate and exist within the ten miles square of the District of Columbia.  [Article I, Section 8, Clause 17]  

Also take note that when this version of incorporated foreign "United States" is being referenced, the definite article associated with it is not capitalized and not part of the name.  That is, our actual government's Proper Name is "The United States", while their strictly limited foreign Municipal government providing services "in our names" is "the" United States.  

The same sort of confusion occurs with "the" United States of America, which refers to the British Territorial service providers under contract to our States.  In the same way, the Proper Name of our unincorporated version is "The United States of America" and "The" is both capitalized and part of the name.  Their foreign incorporated version --- again --- is "the" United States of America. 

So when we look at their "Pledge of Allegiance" what do we see?  Which "United States of America" is being referenced?  Ours or the British version? 

We already know that a "Pledge" is a Feudal Oath and we know our Founders weren't into Feudalism, so we should not be surprised to observe that the Queen's subjects are pledging themselves to "the" United States of America via their Pledge of Allegiance to the Queen and the British Territorial corporation doing business as "the" United States of America. 

Read it and weep:  

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America" ---- this is the war flag of the British Territorial Commercial Corporation doing business "in our name" --- the United States of America, Inc. 

"and to the Republic for which it stands" -----   we got a passing mention and a presumed Dual Citizenship obligation thrown in.  

"one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all" ---- and the problem with this is?   (1) It isn't clear which "God" we are subjecting ourselves to; (2) they are just subcontractors and we owe them no more loyalty than they show us; (3) we, Americans, enjoy freedom, not "liberty" which is what British sailors get when they arrive in ports of call.  

As you can see, pledging is a British thing.  It has nothing to do with us, our American Government, or any natural obligation we have as Americans. 

Americans don't do pledges because we are sovereigns in our own right, and pledging to a foreign sovereign obligates us to serve them instead of serving our own sovereignty. 

So we never, ever, under any circumstance make "pledges" to anyone or anything, including the flag being flown "for" us by a British Territorial Corporation.  

Think of the insanity of what is being employed against us?  A living man subjects himself to an inanimate symbol like a flag?  Can you think of a worse form of idolatry?  

This innocent-sounding "pledge" disrespects all three major western religions. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all forbid the worship of idols. 

Yet, here we have had generations of clueless American schoolchildren -- and adults, too--- pledging their lives and substance to an inanimate object, an idol,  being used under contract by a British Territorial Commercial Corporation as a war flag.  

Needless to say, this venal and undisclosed practice of "pledging" has to stop and it has to be known and repudiated by any and every thinking man and woman in this country.  

No sentient Christian, Jew, or Muslim can ever take such a pledge, nor should they.  

If you do knowingly ever take a "pledge" of any kind, be aware that whatever you are "pledging" is encumbered and that whatever you are "pledging to" becomes the ruler over you.  

Do you want to be ruled over by a war flag being borrowed from our actual government by a British Territorial Commercial Company operating out of Puerto Rico under Spanish Law and calling itself "the United States of America"?  

Didn't think so, but had to ask, because that is what happens when you recite "The Pledge of Allegiance".  

Much of what we have been told in Public Schools across America and also taught to accept and to do, is wrong, or a half truth, or a sin by omission leading us to make wrong assumptions to our detriment.  

This is just one particularly evil example of betrayal of our trust. 

As American State Jural Assembly members we never take pledges.  We operate in our capacity as Lawful Persons and the only sovereign State we serve is our own.  


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  1. This is the best presentation I have read on this issue!
    It could be the reference for a documentary to fully illustrate what is "behind the flag" and which may be needed for the apparent illiterate masses. Now if I only had at least a hundred grand toward the professional production of this as a first-class theatrical documentary.

    1. You are right Chef. A first class Documentary is the way to go to reach the masses. I think the bulk of Americans are ready, even some democrats.

    2. Good to hear Dan! And what better symbol to draw the masses than the good ol' "American" flag!
      And now I just hit "pay dirt" on some additional info on this that inspires the hell out of me for possible further research:
      "More Flag History - (Anna might love this if she doesn't already know it! ; ~ )" -
      Scrool about half way down the page at:

  2. I always wondered why we would pledge an allegiance to a flag. An inanimate object which is not a person or a country for that matter. According to this article the origin might also be a little nefarious as well. As the original pledge was a military salute followed by the arm extending toward the flag upon completion. Over the years the pledge was changed to include in 1923, The flag of the United States of America and in 1954 the words under God were added.

    The original pledge was written by Francis Bellamy, a socialist minister in The Youths Companion in 1892. Hmm that gives rise to controversy doesn't it?

    Here is the original version of the pledge:

    "I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

    You can read more about it here;

  3. i can agree,
    Do the same people who blindly follow the world in this (Pledges and oaths) also engage in 'traditions of man' Easter, christmas etc. etc. ?
    Many have been led astray.

  4. I have been preaching this for some time and get 1/2 the idiots in an uproar. You cant fix stupid but I keep trying.
    Its common sense and critical thinking that most lack. Its the stupid they put in the air, water and food ....I think

  5. maybe anna should add to her paper work to resind all pledges and oaths we took as children singing or writing the pledge on paper/because i would not put it past them that these papers got sent to the vatican or some place else.Also does any body know were our birth certs are with our baby foot prints are?????????
    do those get sent to the vatican??????

  6. Phew!
    I am wondering where(pHone number and time) is the real national assembly conference call?

    1. Normally the call is 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern. The announcement didn't occur here today, or at least I didn't see one and I am subscribed to all.

      copy and paste this to a note pad or add to a calendar:

      Every Monday at 6 pm Pacific - 7 pm Mountain - 8 pm Central- 9 pm Eastern

      Please click the link below to join the webinar:

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