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Thursday, April 4, 2019

A little dust-up at Rumor Mill News

By Anna Von Reitz

Editors note:  We were contacted by one of the people at Rumor Mill News and offered the opportunity to respond to the following:
Here is Anna's response.

The FBI, or more likely, the military, may very well be controlling the Michigan General Jural Assembly activities as a Controlled Opposition Operation --- trying to get us to form a "State of State" for their use and then gloss it over and pretend that its a "State" without explaining to anyone that it is only euphemistically a "State" as in "Confederate State". 

All the States of the Confederation were States of States ----- commercial corporations created to conduct commercial business for the States of the Federation.   "Federation and Con -Federation" equals "Unincorporated States of the Union and Incorporated States of States belonging to the States of the Union".   All the Territorial and Municipal States of States are Confederate "States" in the same sense. 

In my contacts with the Michigan General Jural Assembly (MGJA)  I was told at one point that the principle organizer, a man named Robert, had affiliation with General Douglas MacArthur's Staff.  MacArthur, of course, presided over the disaster in which the Japanese gained access to our gold stored in the Philippines. Robert made the right noises and shared some worthwhile insights, so I believed that MGJA was on the right track.  

Only later did I find out that they were including "US Citizens" as members and at that point, I addressed the problem. Just as I had tried to warn the Colorado Nine, I explained that "US Citizens" can't form an assembly for an actual geographically defined State, and if they do, they will be trespassing into our lawful jurisdiction and nothing they do will have any validity.  They will just get in trouble.  

The Federal Corporations both Territorial and Municipal allow for Dual Citizenship, but our States of the Union never have.  It is literally impossible for a US Citizen owing a citizenship obligation to the Federal Corporations to assemble one of our States.  At most, they can organize a Territorial or Municipal Confederate "State" ---- a State of State to operate as a commercial instrumentality of an actual State. 

I assume from Robert's associations that their intent was to create a new Territorial State of State to replace the existing structure ---- and therein lies the rub from the perspective of the existing incorporated Service Providers.  They have their own employees and "citizens" ---- either United States Citizens (Territorials) or Citizens of the United States (Municipals) creating new, competing franchises, new States of States that undermine the position of the existing States of States. 

That's how these groups get into so much trouble and are accused of being in "insurrection" and so forth.  It would be like working as an employee for Pepsi and at the same time, organizing production of Coca-Cola, or being a manager at Hormel while promoting Smithfield hams.  

There's an intrinsic conflict of interest that in political terms is interpreted as "insurrection" or even treason.  

If this is carried over into the kinds of activities that some of these groups have engaged in like forming "Committees of Safety" and acting like they are at war with their own employees, stockpiling weapons and "making contingency plans" and all that sort of thing, then it is not just talking or not liking your employer, it's taking shape as some kind of physical conflict among "US Citizens" ---a Civil War---  that serves nobody's best interests, including ours --- the actual States and People's. 

The British Territorial Corporation is under contract to protect this country and its people, so from that standpoint also, such activities on the part of "US Citizens" is not acceptable. 

So the British Territorials are obligated to crack down on such activities both in terms of "insurrection" against them and also "international terrorism" against us, the American States and People. 

The horrible irony is, of course, that most of these people are just innocent Americans, were never actually "US Citizens" of either stripe, and they are just trying to restore their lawful government without knowing how their lawful government is constructed nor how it is supposed to work nor how their own political status has been converted, so that before they can even begin to work on their lawful government's problems, they have to correct their own political status records. 

In order to restore our lawful unincorporated government, we have to act as unincorporated Lawful Persons --- as American State Nationals and American State Citizens standing on the land and soil of this country.  But thanks to FDR, we have all been "presumed" to be operating as Legal Persons and as "US Citizens" since 1933.  

It takes action on our parts to sever those legal presumptions and to correct the false registrations that have been concocted in support of those legal presumptions.  

What is so tough about this is that Americans have been indoctrinated to think of themselves as "US Citizens" and taught to accept that as their identity, when the vast majority of us have either (1) never actually been US Citizens, never had a federal job or been dependent on the federal government; or (2) were in the military for a couple years and honorably discharged and been under no obligation of US Citizenship since then--- but were never told and failed to recognize the fact that Americans are not "naturally" US Citizens.  

We are naturally American State Nationals.  American State Nationals and American State Citizens are owed all the Treaties and the guarantees of the Constitutions.  Our States are Parties to the Constitutions ---- "US Citizens" of both stripes, Territorial and Municipal --- are "presumed to be" just employees, foreigners, Brits or others, charged with providing the services our States agreed to receive. 

American State Nationals and State Citizens are the Landlords, the Owner-Operators, and US Citizens are Hired Help.  

That's why we can enforce the Constitutions and we can form up and assemble our actual States, but US Citizens cannot.  This is why we can access the guarantees and protections of the Constitutions and they cannot.  

And that is why it is absolutely necessary for people who are only "presumed to be" US Citizens--- all of us who are not actually military or Federal Civilian employees or dependents----  to do the paperwork and officially "return" from any presumed "US Citizenship" BEFORE assembling.  

State Nationals and State Citizens are guaranteed the right to peaceably assemble, but US Citizens of either kind have no such rights or guarantees, because they are operating in a different jurisdiction and capacity.  

I just posted an Article that explains the difference between living people, Lawful Persons (known collectively as People)  Legal Persons, and incorporated LEGAL PERSONS. 

As terribly as I have been misrepresented, misquoted, and deliberately slandered and libeled, I earnestly desire that innocent people wake up and avoid harm.  It's like the Prophet Amos said --- "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.".  Let the knowledge come.  Let it be spread, explained, understood, followed, so that none of the victims of this "System" come to more harm.  

The admonition to be "Wise as serpents and gentle as doves" was made for this time in history.  We must learn the knowledge of the "serpents" and use it against them, while remaining as gentle and peaceable as doves.  


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  1. The quote is correct, however, I am pretty sure "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." is from Hosea 4:6.