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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Why So MUCH Confusion?

By Anna Von Reitz

I have said this simply and repeated it often:

The only kind of "State" a "US Citizen" can form is a Confederate State.  All Confederate States are in fact Commercial Corporations that operate as States of States. 

So when you have "US Citizens" running around forming "State" Assemblies, this actually and factually means that they are forming "State of State" Assemblies--and new commercial corporations. 

And what does such a new "State of State" compete with? ---The established State of State organizations.  

This is why the Federales rightly consider such US Persons to be in "insurrection" against their States of States. 

There is no way to create a new Territorial State of State or Municipal STATE OF STATE without being in competition against the ones that exist already.  

Likewise, US Citizens can't reconstruct the missing Federal States of States.  Why not? 

Because only the actual States can recharter those organizations. That is our job. 

The actual States are the employers of the States of States, so not only are the States of States not threatened by the return of their employers, they have nothing to say about their employer's peaceable process of Assembly, which is guaranteed under the Constitution to the States and the People.  

But in order to be owed these guarantees and to assemble a lawful State we must be operating as Lawful People and adopting no duty or responsibility but that of State Nationals and State Citizens. 

The States and People who are the employers of the States of States are not in competition with them and not even in the same jurisdiction with them, so it is impossible to claim that we, Americans, are in any way operating in insurrection against our own government or acting in competition with or in insurrection against any State of State or franchise belonging to the Territorial or Municipal United States Government 

We occupy our own sphere as they are also obligated to inhabit their own. 

So now, hopefully, you can all clearly see why it is a big No-No and a crime for anyone acting as a US Citizen to form a competing State of State--- they already owe their loyalty to the existing corporations. 

Hopefully it is also clear why American State Citizens engaged in assembling an actual State are working on a whole different level and under constitutional guarantees to assemble the States that in fact employ the States of States. 

We aren't in competition with or even acting in the same jurisdiction as any state of state commercial corporation. 

Those of you who have followed my instructions and done and recorded your paperwork are in this second group of "Assemblies" -----forming a lawful Assembly engaged in manifesting a sovereign unincorporated State of the Union as one of the People of this great country, owed every jot of the constitutional guarantees--including the right to peaceably assemble.

Those who refuse to do the paper work and make the proper Declarations remain US Citizens ---and US Citizens are not protected nor enabled to participate in any assembly process. 


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  1. If you follow the logic ( at this point you should , if not ask for further explanation ) , when you have corrected your status you can no longer be considered in insurrection or committing treason. Therefore since you have now created a superior body of evidence that you are not a US Citizsn or a Citizen of the United States , your employees can be held to be committing Treason against you , the actual employer who are owed all contracts and treaties , goodwill and protections , and credit. Does this make it clearer and maybe give any of you a bit more persuasion to get your status corrected and bring these little bastards into line ? It certianly does for me. It puts me in a position where I can actually make a difference in my life, the lives of my family, friends and anyone who needs help.

  2. Thank you Anna. My curiosity strenghtens my knowlege and signifies in truth and logics as I reseach inspired by you, Anna.
    Everybody read: ...we must secede from the Union framed by our fathers,[...]. For far less cause than this, our fathers separated from the Crown of England."- A Declaration of the Immediate Causes which Induce and Justify the Secession of the State of Mississippi from the Federal Union. (Federal Union "United States of America" with her "Constitution of the United States of America", 1788.) F.i. Georgia, entered her State of Georgia in mentioned Fed. Union. Then, 1861 Georgia pulled out her "State of Georgia" from said Union via Ordinance of Jan.21, 1861 and formed a private confederation with alike seceded Free and Independent States"The Confederate States of America" 1861, whereas currency known as Greybacks were issued oposed to Greenbacks. The strategic Civil War, what Anna explains in depth was only a short expensive commercial ad in historical timeline to unseparate lawful Federal States "commercial ad- Civil War" to senidy(my grammar) where lawful (states that did not secede) northern, Federal States adjourned in Congress and never reconvened...

    The rest Anna also told us. Thank you, again.