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Friday, April 5, 2019

Faces of the Cross

By Anna Von Reitz

All over the world, the cross is recognized as "the" symbol of Christianity, yet, as we all have cause to know now, Jesus was executed on a Roman torture stake, not a cross at all.  

Throughout the Middle East and North Africa, Turkey, and Greece, the Romans used torture stakes, simple posts set in the ground, without cross arms. They didn't waste good wood on criminals---especially not out in the backwater and arid territories like Judea. 

So we may be sure that Jesus had his arms stretched out above his head on a single post without a crossbar---- a torture stake, not a cross at all. 

Astonishingly, the symbol of Christianity is a lie.  

Among all the other odd truths I have had to share with you, there's one to think about.   Why have we been taught to venerate a lie?  Was it just a mistake made by later generations, and if so, why hasn't it been corrected? 

The actual symbol of "a" cross pre-dates Jesus by many, many centuries.  It goes back to what is called "the World Cross" --- an equal-armed cross still used by the Knights of Malta, which symbolizes the intersection of the world of spirit and the world of flesh.  

Symbolically, we all live at the intersection, in a moment called "now" --- which is a time without a time, in a space without a space, where Alpha and Omega meet and everything that was meets everything that is and everything that will be.  

The Cross is the sign of God in us, but not an accurate sign of what Jesus suffered. 

As a Lutheran I grew up with a "plain cross" --- a simple, unequal armed cross that is empty.  There is no trace of the body of Jesus hanging upon it.   Not even the nails are left.  Just a plain empty cross.  

As a child, I liked that, because it proclaimed to me --- he is risen.  He is not here.  He is not hanging on this horrible, gruesome contraption like a piece of meat.  I still like that.  That is, to me, the true take-home message. 

The Catholic Crucifix by comparison is a totally different thing that intersects reality at a different moment.  Here we find Jesus still suffering, or still dead, depending on how you look at it and how the artist portrays it.   

One day I was at a local Catholic Church for some meeting or other for Foster Parents Plan and Habitat for Humanity and some of the other charities including Catholic Social Services.  The leaders of these groups had all had a big meeting and it was late in the afternoon as we broke up.  

Everyone else hurried homeward.  I wandered through the Nave of the church, past the baptismal font, and paused, looking up at the giant life-sized crucifix and the figure of Jesus attached to it.  His face was slack, no longer in agony, but dead.  Yes, definitely dead.  

The priest of the parish walked up almost silently behind me, his feet making no sound on the deeply carpeted aisle.  I was startled when he spoke. 

"What do you see?" he inquired.  

"Jesus, dead on the cross, waiting for Joseph to come take him down."

"What do you think it means?" he asked. 

"I think it is a reminder of what our sins have cost and what we owe." 

"What else?"  

"I think the Devil is laughing.  I think it is a reminder that, in some sense, he won. At least, temporarily. " 

"There," the priest admitted, "you have it all."  

I thought --- not quite.  

There is the Rest of the Story, the plain and empty cross. 

Or, as it turns out, the empty torture stake, standing like any other innocent post in the world, his blood being washed away by the wind and the rain, bleached by the sun.  

There is the veil between life and death being torn asunder, just like the edges of the Red Sea being pulled apart. 

I left the pensive priest standing there, still looking up at the scene of death and defeat.  I had someone to meet.  I went home and lit a candle, poured myself a glass of red wine, and ate my crust of bread and soup for dinner that night. 

And he was there with me, the Lord of the Heavens, being remembered as he asked for us to remember him, whenever we drink wine, whenever we break bread.  

Because I know Jesus, I can tell you that he didn't mean to make Communion into a franchise operation.  He meant it to be exactly what he said --- a remembrance of him, an in-dwelling of his spirit and his teaching in us, in the same way that we drink in wine and eat our bread.  

"For man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God."  

He wants to be with us.  Not just when we are being holy, but when we are celebrating, when we are sad, in all the circumstances and places of our lives.  He wants to sit down at the table with us, and be remembered. 

Imagine what would happen in the world if we all just did what he asked us to do, and remembered him every time we drank wine, every time bread passed our lips?  

I don't take the cross as my emblem, much less the crucifix.  For me, its what he asked for, the glass of wine, the loaf of bread.  Its the silent remembrance when nobody is looking.  Communion is my heart reaching out and sharing my life with him, day by day.  

There are so many people who feel such emptiness within, who search and don't even know they are searching.  It never occurs to them that we are in God, and God is in us, inextricably combined, part of the same family in spirit, never alone, never apart, not separated from All That Is.  

There are so many who feel alienated from the Church and from any spiritual practice at all.  They are well and truly lost.  Unable to trust in anything beyond themselves and bearing witness to nothing more than death and taxes. They rant about all the evils of the world or stare sullenly and silently at the eventuality of their own death, grim and vacuous and so superior to the rest of us because they believe in "the uselessness of it all".  

One wonders why they bother to live, or if they do?  

And me, I plod forward, and keep my way, not deterred by all the failings of men and their institutions; the Sanhedrin failed, and so may the Church, and all the Governments, but the Goodness of the True God does not fail us, come what may. 


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  1. Luke 17: 20-21 ~ 20. Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, "The kingdom of God does not come with observation; 21. nor will they say, 'See here!' or 'See there!' For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you." Selah:(pause and think about that!)

    1. You should have finished the verses in that chapter:

      [20] And being asked by the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come? he answered them, and said: The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:

      [21] Neither shall they say: Behold here, or behold there. For lo, the kingdom of God is within you. [22] And he said to his disciples: The days will come, when you shall desire to see one day of the Son of man; and you shall not see it. [23] And they will say to you: See here, and see there. Go ye not after, nor follow them: [24] For as the lightning that lighteneth from under heaven, shineth unto the parts that are under heaven, so shall the Son of man be in his day. [25] But first he must suffer many things, and be rejected by this generation.

      [26] And as it came to pass in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. [27] They did eat and drink, they married wives, and were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark: and the flood came and destroyed them all. [28] Likewise as it came to pass, in the days of Lot: they did eat and drink, they bought and sold, they planted and built. [29] And in the day that Lot went out of Sodom, it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. [30] Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man shall be revealed.

      [31] In that hour, he that shall be on the housetop, and his goods in the house, let him not go down to take them away: and he that shall be in the field, in like manner, let him not return back. [32] Remember Lot's wife. [33] Whosoever shall seek to save his life, shall lose it: and whosoever shall lose it, shall preserve it. [34] I say to you: in that night there shall be two men in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left. [35] Two women shall be grinding together: the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left: two men shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left.

      [36] They answering, say to him: Where, Lord? [37] Who said to them: Wheresoever the body shall be, thither will the eagles also be gathered together.

      We have to believe and do everything Christ commanded in order to be His obedient children. He redeemed us without our cooperation, but he doesn't save us without it.

    2. my eclectically-derived opinion (comparing multiple sources):

      (and why english bibles are useless as some priests/churches/laymen dont bother to explain anything and just hand out bibles "phoning it in")

      in the jewish/babylonian talmud (and likely there are multiple versions, is how i interpret ucadia Canonum De Ius Rex ) antichrist is "son of man" -- see for PDFs.

      empirically, i have seen modern mormonism tries to avoid the term, as it hints at jesus not being "god" but no public explanation for the "profane", as masonry is wont to do. this seems more a "marketing" "recruitment" tactic than genuine concern (no reason for this "revelation" is given, just silently rewriting texts/materials). in their defense, they are ALLOWED to have "revelations" anytime a "quorum" says so, some claim "usurpation/corruption" but from what i see, seems like there never was any such "permanence" and this is perhaps the real danger -- anything goes, depending on "revelation", no precedence needed. the same mindset as roman civil law.

      re: crosses see the egyptian ankh. compare to nabisco thing logo. you can probably see similar things in ace of base videos or other "new agey" things. that was a symbol of life i believe. possibly a way to avoid anubis, dog god of the underworld. (See justinian deception). its also a rosicrucian male/female thing. the swastika is suppoesd to spin like a pinwheel, it is "male" "active" "dominant". see "secret doctrine of the rosicrucians" compare to red symphony rakovsky.

      as i have pointed out previously, claims the latin vulgate has tense. from what i see, english "bibles" are 100% useless except "how can son of man, who arrives in times of great goodness or great evil [talmud], get mixed up with Christ" ?

      "[the] Lord" versus "our lord" is also vague. nominum interpretatio many of those are just landlords, such as elias. no different than "my liege" "i pledge allegiance..." ...just some dead scribe, not "God" at all. is the only explanation i have seen that makes any sense. i have never seen any other explanation for all the "merging" and "sects" of the supposed "word of god"

      also, supporting my opinion, "eagle" in bible refers to death approaching. see eastons bible dictionary.

      that also fits the "son of man" is antichrist. eagle was thought of as a vulture, scavenger. this is simple "what goes up must come down and vice-versa" -- just a matter of time. fairly simple "prediction" that one day son of man will reign, similar to days of noah (just a repeat).

      red symphony rakovsky "they are spinosists"

      Rifle through your sacred drawers
      Till the cows come home to me
      my opinion also explains the reasoning "whoever seeks to save his life will lose it" -- in the days of "son of man" the outward/materialist/official "churches" offer nothing of genuine "salvation".

      re: verse [24] lightning, again, sounds to me exactly like lucifer, comes like a thief in the night, morning star, etc.

    3. also, re: the verses paul posted:
      two men shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left.
      that makes perfect sense to me: in the days of "son of man" [instead of son of god] satan will "save" his children with his brand of "salvation" [condemning/tricking them], and conversely those "left behind" or "neutral" "agnostic" "atheist" what have you will be "saved" (or at least, less deceived, although they may not realize it)

      ("whoever seeks to save his life will lose it" because with "son of man" the official "churches" are all "eclipsed" "subverted" "lost their way" etc.)
      makes perfect sense to me. the modern bibles just conveniently forgot to include a jewish/babylonian talmud to tell people who "son of man" is.

    4. IIRC i read somewhere the egyptian ankh was what the high priest wore (or priestess for lunar cults, unsure if they used similar symbols... the pharoah many people claim was "moses" started the switch to sun/solar/solomon cult)

      thus the christian cros may have been similar to "rights of man" "we are all equal" "we can all be saved through christ" (not just babylon mystery religion for people of proper bloodline/family/connections/etc., and the lower classes are the "profane" and aren't allowed to even know anything about the "state religion", but are supposed to just obey)

      if there is any truth to that theory, then it seems a way of "mocking" or mimicing the egyptian high priest of babylon/sun cult (and possibly lunar cults too, i don't know what jewelry they had) ...the same way american common law we the people are all "king" jointly.

      possibly there was no mockery involved, merely signifying the high priests days were numbered, everyone has cross jewelry now. i.e. after christ we are all "priests" "saved" now.

      two simple ways to destroy something or the image of it: suppression/elimination, or oversaturation/spreading everywhere so it loses all its original meaning.

    5. masons it would not surprise me if they claim the cross was probably a token a "christian" received after being "initiated" into essenes rites or similar.

  2. Those who experience near death experiences tell of the light and immeasurably immense love of God and of the spirits they encounter in the next sphere of this life unending by "death". That is confirmation from mortals of God's loving pervasive influence to inspire love among and toward all His Creations.

    The scriptures teach us - over milenias of time - of God's love and abiding concern for his spirit children, us. His son Jesus Christ descended from his throne at the right hand of His Father to minister to common people, starting with his own people of Israel, to establish his earthly kingdom, and to allow people to see what God in the form of man is like, the embodiment of love.

    The spirit of God (the Holy Ghost) allows us to obtain glimpses of or even to have a life filled with God's wisdom, healing, and mercy. It is the spirit of God, the Holy Ghost, that draws us near to God... when we do our best to follow His laws, the commandments. And it all starts with acting on faith to try His words to apply them to our daily experiences of life, when the blessings of obedience to Gods commandments begin to unfold, along with His mysteries, in our life.

    True it is Anna, that the symbol of the cross is not the best one to remind us of Christ's gifts to us. Christ is everything about life, and having life more abundantly. Christ IS life eternal.

    A bare cross says nothing about the gifts of God to us, nor does the depiction of a dead man hanging on a cross, especially the gruesome and blood spattered images that sell in gift shops.

    A student of Jesus Christ does well to study and ponder His words, his deeds, and to seek to obtain His promises He makes to the obedient to His commandments, the followers of Him who earnestly seek to obey his divine, heavenly, transforming, redeeming laws.

    God is a God of truth and order, of strict personal observance to keep all laws pertaining to the salvation of His children, who, through reliance on Jesus Christs victory over sin and death, can obtain a hope in salvation through obedience to Gods laws and through relying on the merits of the Redeemer Jesus Christ.

    A cross does not tell these important details to one seeking to comprehend God and His immutable laws. A cross is a commercialized symbol that stands mute as to the endless life giving truths revealed to the sincere seeker of the living Gospel of Jesus Christ. A cross is mute in telling the fullness of the gospel, and much more must be gleaned by searching the scriptures, pondering them, and taking them to heart to reap the boundless blessings of discipleship of Jesus Christ.

    1. Well said Anna, and Joel that was very thoughtful, thank you.

    2. On the contrary Joel. The Crucifix is the most profound way to the heart of Christ and his wonderful love of us, and meditation upon it's mysteries is a sure path to repentance and sanctifying grace. Try it, you will gain immeasurable grace by praying the Stations of the Cross.

    3. Praying the stations of the cross, gave me some much needed discipline. He also gave me insight and gifts of discernment. i changed many of the prayers,to ensure, All Glory returns to the Father.
      i also believe that looking into the verses suggested by these prayers are good to meditate upon, And yet this seems a good practice with all the verses that we may be led too.
      Seek Him daily.

    4. Thanks Paul for your invitation to use the cross along with meditations about its significance to Christ's suffering for us and His dying on a cross he carried as a means to draw closer to Christ, to repentance and to denying the sins of the flesh in seeking the companionship of the holy spirit.

      If you are interested I will endeavor to share a few scriptures that are meaningful to me on the subject of drawing close to Christ, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit. I find the scriptures to be very helpful in doing this.

  3. I have seen large crosses in open fields and could only think to myself, is that not also a graven image?

    I also know the Vatican is the Largest Alters to Satan. Jonathan Kleck's ministry has exposed that and has been showing us the unrolled scroll.
    Love to all and pray the Lord Jesus Christ will rest in your temple?


    1. Jonathan Kleck, has revealed much.i also agree.

  4. I am presenting a lot of evidence here that has been accepted for over 2000 years by Christians world wide about the Cross.

    Archæology of the Cross and Crucifix

    The True Cross

    The references are clear and many. The power of the True Cross of Christ is self evident in history. Of course you won't find any of it unless you can actually study that history without prejudice against the Catholic Church.

    Stations of the cross by St. Francis of Assisi

  5. Real Communion with Christ. Few of you have probably ever read or understood what Catholics believe about what Holy Communion is.

    Read what Jesus Himself said about eating his flesh and drinking His blood. Read it in the only real Bible. Douay-Rheims Bible, and read the footnotes also. start in Chapter 6 v 41

    Yes it is really his flesh and blood, under the appearance of bread and wine. Yes he really instituted this as a sacrament.
    From the Summa Theologia of St. Thomas

    You are all missing out on a lot of the real Beauty and Grace that he left us. We are supposed to believe ALL of his teaching. Not just what we want to believe.

    1. Communion with Christ.
      Not sure if you are rebuking what Anna said about Communion becoming a franchise or exactly what set you off as it were?
      i get what she is saying and believe she is right in her assertion. For many, this weekly physical 'tradition' has lost its meaning.It seems largely done for 'show.'
      Now for those who do have an understanding of what He actually said and what it means. i do not believe i must do these physical wine and bread acts, weekly nor daily. If the Holy Spirit is in us, The Truth is in us. His wine, His Bread, His milk, His meat, is all nourishment provided by His word and His True presence daily in our lives. In our minds our hearts our hands.
      "All of His Teachings" Are not absolutely in a literal physical sense. Not sure that many of the world understand this.
      Paul as far as the Douay Rheims Bible being the only real Bible?
      You really should have an objective look into this and the timelines.

  6. If you think by my quoting this that I am promoting what is coming from the Vatican in the present day, then you have not been paying attention, but most of you have thrown the baby out with the bathwater, or maybe never even took the bath (pun intended) in the first place when it comes to real and true Faith as He left it to us.

  7. "You shall have no false idols before me"... Crosses are idols,made of wood by the hand of man.

  8. 1958 does not matter. This has been a counterfeit church from the beginning. And yes, without a doubt this false church has daughters.

  9. Not only is the symbol of the cross a lie but much more, Check out "The Two Babylons" by Alexander Hysop. All these so called Christian holidays have nothing what so ever to do with true Christianity, even birth days, there are only three birth day celebrations recorded in the whole of the Bible, in all three cases pagans were doing the celebrating and people died.