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Friday, April 5, 2019

Passing The Hat

By Anna Von Reitz

Strange as it is, as we are actually the richest government in the world next to the Holy See, we are still pressing our claim to our own country and kicking bank butt.

We need the help of our countrymen to keep The Living Law Firm and the rest of this whole effort moving forward. 

We have travel expenses and material expenses and expenses from setting up two new websites, and in just this past month.  

We need to add to these websites and pay illustrators to produce graphs and charts that will make the circumstance easier for Americans to understand at a glance.  

On top of that, spring is coming early to Alaska and repair work that we set aside "until spring" from the 7.0 Earthquake last fall is coming due. 

So we are doing what Americans do when there is no other option.  We are "passing the hat" and asking those who can contribute, to do so.  Don't agonize. Just send what you reasonably can and as you feel drawn to. 

Our PayPal is:   The Snail Mail address is:  Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.  

Thank you, all of you, who have made the difference so far possible. 


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  1. I know every little bit counts, so I'm sending my little bit with blessings.

  2. Imagine what could be provided by everyone disconnecting all possible "presumptions" of their being a United States Citizen, revoking their "election" to voluntarily pay a "income tax", refusing to engage in the fraudulent thieving banking system, and instead direct reclaimed funds to causes that actually promote freedom, real free enterprise, free banking, international trading, and the financial independence of all American families and American State Nationals who get their act together and re-construct the organic unincorporated States and State Assemblies. What a beautiful "new world" this would be!

    1. Joel,
      Sounds like John Lennon?
      i just do not see 'Free everything' as an answer. And that is what many of you seem to think and be promoting.
      $$$ = Freedom?
      You are off base.

    2. a follower; freedom in the stated areas does not mean rule-less confusion. It simply means that the people working in the field of enterprise and banking, etc. don't have other's arbitrary controls and penalties forced upon them. Of course rules will apply, but only those rules that promote a just system and the free participation of everyone involved.

    3. a follower; What is Joel off base regarding? You may have already addressed this prior, but what may I ask is your answer to the issues we are faced with? I have tried to coax something less cryptic from you in other posts, can you share more detail. Disclaimer, I am curious what your triggers are?