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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Open Challenge

By Anna Von Reitz

Many years ago, in North Carolina, I was sitting at a table in front of an open window looking out onto a covered veranda and gardens beyond.  My companion was a retired Judge from South Carolina, who was in his nineties and still sharp as a tack.  He drank "coffee" made from dried dandelion roots.

It may strike people as odd, but the Civil War wasn't really so long ago. My Grandfather was born during the Civil War, and this man, old enough to have been my Grandfather, was born twenty-five years after it ended.  For him as a child growing up, the wounds and events were still fresh.  His Grandparents lived through it.  One of his Grandfathers died in it.  His Father remembered the Carpetbagger Era that followed. 

Our conversation that day and for several days following was meandering and thoughtful as he paged through his memories, often pausing to pick and choose his words as well as his topics.  He was a careful, methodical, logical man with a shrewd view of the world well-honed from fifty years on the bench.

At one point, he stopped and shot me a glance and said, "You don't like lawyers much, do you?"  And then he tilted back his head and looked at the ceiling and said, "I can't much blame you, but remember--- it's the sins you commit that you aren't even aware of that damn you.  Pray to be forgiven for them."

We ranged far and wide and deep through the history of the South after the Civil War, and also, unavoidably, through the history of jurisprudence in the South from the Civil War Era through the 1970's.  He wouldn't allow a tape recorder so all I have are notes I took down.

Among the other things he told me was the fact that the actual States never allowed Dual Citizenship, even though the States of States did. 

I underlined that in my notes, because he said it with great emphasis and intensity and roused himself to lean forward as he said it.  There's no doubt that he meant for me to catch that bit of information and keep it. 

The reason, he said, was to forestall conflict of interest. No man can serve two Masters.  So the land law, which is based on the Bible, dictates that if we serve the land, we have to give up any other political affiliation and stand as State Citizens, not Federal Citizens, aka, United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States.  

Almost fifty years have passed and I have been down many, many rabbit holes since then.  I have never once in all my researches nor in the research of others who have probed these issues, encountered any contrary evidence.

No actual State ever allowed Dual Citizenship.

Nothing that man told me has ever proven to be anything but 100% correct and true.  Nothing in my own research contradicts him.  Nothing in any other research about this topic that I know of contradicts him.    

So I am more than willing to stand here and say--- if you have proof that any actual land jurisdiction State in this country ever allowed Dual Citizenship (allowing Federal Citizens to act as State Citizens)--- bring it now, and I will eat all the crow you want. 

I'll put a big banner on my website saying, "I Was Wrong About This!" and I will write an article explaining why I was wrong and how many ways I was wrong.  But I don't believe I am wrong about this one. 

And I do believe it matters, because if you assemble oranges you get a bushel of oranges, and if you assemble apples you get a bushel of apples.

I am not going to waste my time or anyone else's doing things that can't be done or that don't need to be done. 

If some foreign corporation wants to come in here and call itself a "State" and try to foist that off onto the gullible public, they can do so on their own dime and our team will continue to expose them for what they are.

No need for a bunch of well-meaning Americans to get sidetracked by something like that.

So let's drop the dime and get to the Finish Line.  We have all these people claiming that you can be a Federal Citizen aka United States Citizen or Citizen of the United States and at the same time act as a State Citizen, and I am saying no actual land jurisdiction State ever allowed that.

Since we are looking for "negative evidence" and they made the claim, it's up to them to find a valid exception: at least one pre-Civil War land jurisdiction State that allowed Dual Citizenship.

I certainly don't know of one, but maybe the people bad-mouthing me do. Maybe that old judge from South Carolina was senile and didn't really know what he was talking about. 

But I wouldn't bet my life, my land, or my Bill of Rights on that, if I were you.


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  1. Why waste your time on the coward ? He wont have a cup of coffee with favorite flavor " shut the hell up ".

  2. Dual citizens had a big hand in 9-11 and they control the State Department also,they had a big hand in killing 3 thousand Americans on 9-11.

  3. I agree with you response Patriot58...


    #5 –The ability of the people to act in concert as employers, employees, shareholders, corporate consumers and more would be eliminated by excluding all “corporations” (businesses) from constitutional protections.

    #4 –The growing population of “illegal aliens” in the USA (aka undocumented citizens) would allow foreigners who are not legal US citizens to overthrow all legal US citizens in the election booth. Americans will become a powerless minority in their own country.We will be a sanctuary nation without borders or any need for borders.

    #3 –The nation is being run by unelected and unaccountable oligarchs that move the country further and further left in case after case, through their court rulings and opinions that were never intended to have any such power. They not only rule over the people, but over Congress and the White House as well. They are the “legal” rubber stamp on the global left movement to destroy our Constitutional Republic by every means possible.

    #2 –The elimination of the Electoral College is the final nail in the coffin of the Republic, our Constitution and all natural Rights in America. From that moment forward, the USA will live under mob rule known as the popular vote. No more than 15 major cities, all of them leftist strongholds today, would control all federal elections by mere popular vote. New York state is controlled by New York city, just as all of California is controlled by Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose and San Diego.

    #1 –The Convention of States not only opens the Constitution and Bill of Right to total final destruction in a convention which must be controlled by Congress. It has already opened the door for State Legislatures to work together to overthrow the Constitution and Bill of Rights via a growing list of State legislative actions aimed at overruling the constitutional powers of all three branches of the Federal government.We have the corrupt deaf, dumb and blind leading the easily distracted deaf, dumb and blind here.The net result of these five threats acting in concert is TREASON and the Death of our Republic. Mob rule at the state level through popular vote,backed by leftist courts and seated by illegal aliens, spells the end of the United States of America as it has existed since 1787.

    1. forgot one thing.....their is no constitution...we are using the UCC....our new constitution.....contract law.....!!
      Who would argue constitutional law in any of our courts and expect to win...??

  5. stated perfectly Steven thank you . It sums the largest problem we face today

  6. Thanks for your input C Johnson and Mark Kiser. We have to have each others back...the battle continues...

  7. In So. California, Richard McDonald taught about "state" Citizenship and how it differs from "federal" citizens.... and he taught people how to defend their status in the courts, with success. He was one of our first mentors and we learned a lot from him. Here are a couple of links with information: .... and:'s%20Seminar%20On%20state%20Citizenship.htm


  8. Dual citizenship, in a sense, was conferred on Americans by Section 1 of the 14th Amendment which dates from July 9, 1868. It essentially caused a reversal of priority making federal citizenship primary and state citizenship secondary, whereas before state citizenship was always paramount. Federal citizenship did not become undesirable until FDR issued Proclamation 2040 on March 9, 1933, making enemies of all U.S. Citizens. That this only referred to the artificial 'person' is a fact still lost on most Americans who unwittingly act a surety for that legal person which is not actually them. See: for a description of that unfortunate state of affairs.

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  10. I speak as a lunatic. _Even if_ there were evidence that dual citizenship was ever acceptable, we would demand that to be overturned. Because we're not lunatics. :)

  11. c.j.maybe this is the way for me to get out of this 'contract' i inherited from usda/fsa on this crp acreage ! 'contract' against my rights to control my own property !!

  12. C know what the cops will tell you....thats "civil" mamm...!! Because they put all their resources looking for drug crimes, or easier prey....!!

  13. C Johnson....that isn t just happening here, it's happening in every country, because the "elites" do not want any Nationalism (the true history of a country) known to anyone anymore.....!! Nationalism means Patriotism, and you can see how the courts treat them...!! They want people to stop learning history...period...!!
    And you can plainly see from these new mellinials, it is working....!!

  14. C you realize what Rod Class went through in order to get that decision....!! Years of fighting the courts and years of studying LAW, both theirs and ours...!!
    I can't find anyone who even wants to read at all anymore...No one I know , especially married , working, and has kids, wants anything to do with reading books....any books at far as they are concerned, they lived or are living their lives and could care less about something called the constitution...!!

    I once fought a traffic ticket when I started learning law, just to test that what I was studying was true....of course that lead me to a jury trail (which I highly recommend just for the experiance, as I did everything, including picking a jury...its the only way you guys will ever understand courtroom proceedure...they don't give a "shit" about law). Anyway, I asked the jury only one question...." Can anyone tell me what the first 10 amendments to the constitution is called..Keep in mind, this jury consisted of people ranging from their early 20's all the way into their 70's...!!
    You would have thought that I asked them about quantum physics and "string theory"...!! Blank faces on everyone of them....they couldn't even answer one simple question about the constitution. I turned to the judge as if to call this a jury of my "peers"....the judge just looked down as if to say, we come to my world...!!
    But I learned half of what I know today, just by fighting a couple of one on this forum seems to have first hand knowledge of courtroom proceedure or even fought a simple traffic ticket, but they all want answers to complicated legal questions....One thing I learned in a hurry is just because I understood how law works in their courts didn't mean I knew one thing about proceedure, which is all they care about...!! I know now that the best thing to do is just stay out of their courts, but even that takes proceedure...!!
    Everyone needs to put at least their foot in the water before entering the pool...!!

  15. C wasn't needed, but just to make sure that everyone else did, they did indeed add the "Bill of Rights", unalienable rights, not "Civil Rights", because most attorneys didn't even understand the constitution....!! Normal everyday people do not have the slightest clue that rights only come from our creator and not a piece of paper....but everyone to this day is still arguing about it....We would have been 10x better off if they never wrote it....then people would know for sure that our govt was getting progressively worse by the day which would have exposed them years ago....!!
    They really only needed one, and only one amendment....that nothing or no one has the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to control money except "the people", not banks...!!

  16. This it seems, is a good post for many to take notes and James, just say thank you!


  17. I think mostly the dual citizens like over 50 percent in the state department are from one so called country really another state-of-state across the ocean from North America. No dual Mexicans, no dual Norwegians, no dual Russians, no dual Somalians but a huge amount of dual unmentionable by name citizens.
    Kinda like having a dual wife or husband loyal to you but another as well and could cause conflicts.

  18. The Bill of Rights does not apply to the people of the several states of the union. Read the holding in Barron vs. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, 32 U.S. 243. The Informer covered this some years ago. (He has passed on from this life.) If your state constitution has reserved rights of its members and you have agreed to citizenship in that state, you can claim those. But the Bill of Rights was for "We the People of the United States," not the people of the several states.