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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Cheat Sheet to End Confusion

By Anna Von Reitz

Cheat Sheet to End Confusion

1. The United States is the Proper Name of the Union of republican soil jurisdiction states, representing our combined National Jurisdiction

2. The United States of America is the Proper Name of the Federation of land jurisdiction States, representing our combined International Jurisdiction.

3. the States of America is the Proper Name of the Confederation of States of States -- commercial corporations chartered by the States of the Federation, representing our combined Global Jurisdiction.

4. the United States of America is the Proper Name of the British-controlled Territorial Branch of the Federal Government and the Territorial United States.
5. the United States is the Proper Name of the Holy Roman Empire-controlled Municipal Branch of the Federal Government and the Municipal United States.

You can now clearly see all the opportunities for deceptive word-play that have been possible with this situation and why so many people have been confused.


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  1. Good time to consider a new name: The United States of America (Soil Division), (Land Division) and (Global Division) and scrap all the other confusion. Then the British United States, The Vatican United States and make it clear who's job is what.

  2. UCADIA, what a very sad life you must lead with nothing better to do than troll Anna's website. Did your parents never teach you that if you have nothing nice to say it better that you say nothing? Has it not occurred to you that you have nothing to say in this forum that interests anyone but yourself? This is obviously not the audience of morons that you must be accustomed to addressing elsewhere.

    1. he has chosen to be a sick 'citizen' ! nothing to offer in/of live! totally mind controlled perception managed and can't help himself !! only thing he has proven to us !

  3. Don't bother to answer UCADIA Bob, because he has lost his right to post anything on this site. In other words I will delete everything he posts to the comments, regardless of what he says. He has worn out his welcome. When I delete his comments if your response is a reply under his comment it gets deleted also.

  4. The naming is confusing like hell. I am still confused with the list. If the crooks are consistent with their stolen name, it would help. But they are sneaky. They jump in and out, omitting the word Inc. when they wish, even their employees are so confused too.

    The crooks also use the subname similar to the STATE NAME, sometimes in Upper-lower cases, sometimes in all Capital.

    They also pretended like there is only 1 Govt when there are two. They also use the term “Territory Jurisdiction” to expand their scamming scheme to rob all blind, to fall into their false Jurisdiction. This is extremely confusing.

    So I solve the confusion by tracing their Money Trail to find who paid the Corrupt courts in my city. Then show the corrupt court, that their omitted INC Court is still a dba of their Foreign Corporate USA.Inc. Because their DOJ is the one paying all corrupt Courts and Sheriffs to rob people blind, without any Proof of lending. My tons of proof that they didn’t lend anything other than extracting our 5000 Trust and Bond funds are conclusive.

    Their Corrupt Court still railroaded me. However I know the DOJ, A.B.A,. I.B.A had been sued. So that’s it, that’s their same house of corruptions.

    The house of Windsor is rocking right now. What they did to others will return to them. The Queen Son will have no choice, and will fall. They really should have learned, what goes around, will come around at them.

    How can they cheat and get rid of us, when they need us?

  5. I created a business called my same name. Got an EIN number, also have same address. Kinda strange as now I have me and another me that is a business entity spelled exacthly the same. People cannot tell if it is me or me the business unless looking at fine details on paper. Prolly should no have done it since contracting at all with IRS means loss of standing in my own nation. Kinda harsh it seems, just one contract and you lose all your rights and your country and just are a corporate for eternity, no switching back.....I have my trade name claimed but now IRS owns it? What about my VA, social security, and military service? I got tired of starving and having no clothes, tires, gas and just basics so am getting help from the beast. Very confusing, seems like you cannot do anything including use currencies without losing you national status permanently once taking it up. Seems to me as primary creditor and signor on the darn money stuff I would be able to say if choosing a base or home national status like where I was born and still be able to trade and survive. Too many things for most people to even learn about or spend time doing all the research and once known people only ridicule and call you names. "That weird conspiracy kook" or some other racist spawned reaction.

  6. They get the basic jurisdiction from your mom signing off on it. After that they presume you want or are choosing that status. A presumption unless re-butted stands. Most people are afraid to rebut it or do not know how and get themselves in to trouble. Do you really believe in your heart you have a right to be here because if you do not your doubt is the crack needed to dislodge you beliefs, cast aside your rights to be on the planet, and process you since you are presumed to be like enlisted in to the system by the officer signing off on your application for a certificate ( signed your mom) and like any other low ranking even lower than a private first class even and your job is to pay the debts off you master enjoys from your labor. Maxim "He or she who fails to excercise their rights has none" So until you do rebut it any protests or complaints y

  7. ( stupid thing sent before I was done) you offer are looked upon as a belligerant or enemy of "their corporation" Just like someone at Walmart working as a stocker protesting our in front of the store the corporate polices of Walmart but worse since you are lied to and do not even know they are doing it.

  8. Connie, am I missing something here? Isn't your great prompting after the fact? It seems to me that he already signed the contract. Correct me if I am wrong please. Thanks, love the approach.

  9. Connie, I know you weren't telling air carvings to sign, and yes your comment was an awakening call, but it appeared to me that he already applied for a business and an EIN number which meant he/she had already signed something, and the horse is out of the barn. Colouring outside the lines is fun!