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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Do I Have to Draw You Guys a Picture?

By Anna Von Reitz

Addressed to the Oregon Assembly, March 10, 2019:

Do I have to draw you guys a picture? 

You are mucking around in THEIR system instead of building your own. 

You are going to get into trouble just like the Colorado Nine and for the same reason. 

Thomas Deegan spent two years in jail already. 

He was released for reasons he doesn't comprehend.

Now he is leading all the rest of you right back into the same trap again.

How many times does this have to happen and how many people have to suffer before you knot heads get it through your thick skulls?

They aren't us.

Repeat: they aren't us.

They never have been.  They still aren't. 

Their court system isn't our court system.

US Citizens aren't Americans, even if they were born and bred here in the States.

Ask yourselves --- how could a political status that is literally created by the Constitutions be the same political status creating the Constitutions? 

Americans are Parties to the Constitutions.  US Citizens are subject to the Constitutions.

While acting as US Citizens (Federal Employees, Dependents, and Franchisees) you have no rights or guarantees provided by the Constitutions, you have only obligations and duties under the Constitutions.

So if you want to exercise your guarantees and exemptions you have to: (1) reclaim your birthright political status as an American State National/American State Citizen; (2) repopulate your States of the Union; (3) boot up your own court system to enforce the Public Law, including the Constitutions.

Instead of doing what needs to be done, you guys keep on thinking that you are going to use their court system against them. 

You think that your Common Law Grand Jury is going to "put them in their place", when in fact all you are going to do is transgress onto their turf and get yourselves into trouble just like the Colorado Nine did. 

That's why I drew the line against Bruce Doucette and that's why I am drawing the line against Deegan, Destry, Sun-Tzu, et alia.

You are wasting your time and your energy doing something that: (1) is never going to work; and (2) that needlessly endangers innocent people; and (3) has already been demonstrated as a dead end; and (4) detracts focus and energy away from what actually needs to be done.

If you are all stupid enough to go down that path in view of what I have forthrightly placed in front of you, and despite the demonstrated results of what happened to the Colorado Nine who did the same thing as you are promoting now, then you have only yourselves to blame and you can in no way blame me or take reference to anything I have said or done in your defense.


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  1. It so confuses me, as to why people can't see and don't hear what Anna is saying in this article. It is all absolutely true! If People do not believe it, then they need to research it. If Anna can find it, her group can find it, I can find it...then anyone can find it.
    Well, said Anna, straight and blunt and to the point!
    Just read the 14th amendment...all U.S. CITIZENS ARE SUBJECTS OF THE U.S. and NO STATES HAVE ANY POWER AND AUTHORITY OVER THEM! Duh! What else needs to be said? LEGISLATIVE ACTS RULE U.S. CITIZENS! U.S. CITIZENS are SUBJECT[s] to ALL U.S. LAW! Period end of story!
    Don't see any REPUBLICS in that amendment! Don't see any several States or the People of the several States either!

  2. So if a disabled person becomes free... How does SSDI . Work or does it stop?

    1. Anna has addressed this question many times. If you participated in Social Security and are already receiving benefits they can't take them away unless you elect to no longer participate at all. Changing your status from US CITIZEN back to state national would not effect that program. Many of us were never US CITIZENS but claimed to be in error. A man has a right to correct his mistakes. If in doubt I'd March myself down to the local SSA office and ask a supervisor. I corrected the issue of non citizen right at the office. Since I didn't participate in that program much I will loose very little by revoking the election to paticipate. The big problem is everyone was led to believe a man needed that number to participate in the world but did not investigate themselves. Just like the DMV manual. If we really read it outside the box of the word Person none of us would have signed up or donated one of our most valuable assets to the STATE. Once you get in its hard to get out of it all, but it can be done.


  3. I understand what youre saying here Anna and I understand youre working your can off to get all this lined out. But I thought the Supreme Court which states it acknowledges the sovereign, so how is it that WE cannot get justice at that level? I know the lower court are article 1 courts and only administrative, so is the Supreme court the same. What about the 5th District Federal Court which states its an article III court of law on their own website?

    1. “There are no Judicial courts in America and there has not been since 1789, Judges do not enforce Statutes and Codes. Executive Administrators enforce Statues and Codes. There have not been any Judges in America since 1789. There have just been Administrators.” FRC v. GE 281 US 464, Keller v. PE 261 US 428 1 Stat. 138-178
      “Courts are Administrative Tribunals” Clearfield Trust, et al v. United States 318 U.S. 363 (1943).

      THE JUDICIAL ACT OF 1789 of the United States


    UNKNOWN...It is my understanding that becoming free does not effect your social security.

    I am still wondering about form 56...what it is for and does that release me from paying federal taxes and what happens with my state taxes that uses the information from the 1040 form???

  5. United States Supreme Court is their top Court. Federal Court will address Civil Rights violations but they are not Article III courts. Public Policy started in 1933 so even though there is Public Law it's still just all Admiralty jurisdiction. How effective is this Court if all the STATES OF STATES don't follow the decisions handed down by their own court. If you can find the DUNS number they are private courts. A man is his own Court and those who know how to use the building to move their own claim can get remedy but most have no clue including myself. They know how to protect their own. The best we have now is the commercial lien Process against the Bonds of those who act outside their office and cause harm.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Anon-not,Margaret sees this as an identity problem. Being hard-wired to vote, be a u s citizen, driver liscense, social security number, pay( I love the way romley Stewart at justinian-deception calls it out: "pay again":pagan)taxes, Patriot, infinauseum prop duh gang duh. ....'s a stretch to get to that this is deception, a " protection racket".n that the "government/us/we" is really their doing business as( British monarchy/pope n the rottenchild) government that's really run as a criminal syndicate, as Catherine Austin fitts found at housing Dept./gov. See n n joseph farrel nn ...... I'v long said "it's not our government ." .I didn't know what the heck it was/ was going on , but the fruits , their actions, their blatant drug running, pedophilia, cafr scam where their investment portfolios are massive yet they're bleating out budget deficit n bankrupt n such n where at www cafrman com an accomplished retired military accountant said they're supposed to be nonprofit(government), but operate for profit...n ya know the shocker to go to the county clerk and say these tax liens aren't liens at all n have an experience of this wall of silence, fear, miasm...just look with the truth filter n you can see what's false.
    Phew, it is a spirit prison ! You just gotta break out!

  8. Ok stop with the ucc1 redemption stuff, that kind of stuff gets you into trouble.
    Here's the info about ssdi:
    "not citizens OR permanent residents" AND [see paragraph 3].
    All U.S. GOVT PROGRAMS, HAVE ALLOWANCES FOR NON-RESIDENT AND NON-CITIZENS. It's called STATUS. So what you have to do, is look to the U.S. statute [status] of eligibility always. Now, as you can see, there is nothing illegal about your applying as both a non-resident and non-citizen. It's right there in the law!

    [Volume 20: Corpus Juris Sec. § 1785: The United States is a District of Columbia corporation. We find "The United States government is a FOREIGN corporation with respect to a State"
    (see: NY re: Merriam 36 N.E. 505 1441 S. 0.1973, 14 L. Ed. 287).]

    YOU MUST COMPREHEND the LEGAL TERM: status. look it up online line. it can be amended and it can be changed. Just because in the past you used the STATUS of U.S. CITIZEN, does not mean that status was correct for your life then or now. When you learn the truth, you must decide your own status. pursuant to US TITLE 8 you have a dual citizenship status. you have believed you only had one...with that one being U.S. CITIZENSHIP. However their is another citizenship have at nativity...that is as a National [do not confuse that with a U.S. you can read in TITLE 8, both NATIONAL AND U.S. NATIONAL are defined and they are different. The supreme status you can have is National, why? because Nationals had nativity on the land/soil of an American state. That makes you a foreign sovereign, because your state and the U.S. are foreign to each other.

    Perez v. Brownell, 356 U.S. 44, 7; 8 S. Ct. 568, 2 L. Ed. 2d 603 (1958)
    " our country the people are sovereign and the government cannot sever its relationship to them by taking away their citizenship."

    So, since the U.S. is your subject, they can not exclude you from their benefit programs, you just have to know LEGAL [not illegal, cause status is not illegal] STATUS. LEGAL STATUS applies to every single law of the United States or UNITED STATES, INC.
    They had to do this status thing, because Americans NATIONALS of the several States, with dual citizenship are neither residents nor citizens, but are entitled to benefits of U.S. SERVICE.

    1. Charles Walker...anyone who tells you to use a UCC1 or who is using a UCC1 is headed for trouble. You better have proof of contract with who ever you are wanting to put a lien on. Here's the issue, if you assume you have the right to put a lien on any govt or official, here's the legal trap you just set for your own self: you in actuality are claiming you have a contract with a PUBLIC OFFICIAL.Men and women have no such contract as PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS with PUBLIC ENTITIES. If you had such a contract you had to make it as A PUBLIC INDIVIDUAL/USING A PUBLIC ID and as a registered corporate entity. Now, you are operating in commerce and since you are operating with a foreign corporation you are involved in interstate commerce, which is under the jurisdiction of the United States and makes you ITS subject. You have NO RIGHTS as a CREDITOR at all and to make such a claim is FRAUD. This is why people who are doing that UCC1 thing are going to jail! All power over INTERSTATE COMMERCE was given by the several States to the United States, within the Constitution[S].
      Now, in order to make use of a UCC1 you must operate in EQUITY in the U.S. Equity is contract law. Constract law in EQUITY includes a debtor and lienholder. So if you are going to make a legal claim against a debtor and enforce a UCC1 LIEN as the SECURED PARTY CREDITOR, you better darn well be able to produce the contract that was signed by you and the lien holder. If you don't have the contract and you place a UCC1 LIEN and the party you made the claim against is injured, you are looking at criminal and civil charges. That's how EQUITY WORKS. Equity [U.S. LAW] is the law of contracts. If you are going to play in the EQUITY, commercial contract field, you better get an education on contract law. THAT UCC1 SECURED PARTY REDEMPTION THINGS...IS A SURE FIRE WAY, TO PRISON for FRAUD!
      Here's a major point to remember...EQUITY REQUIRES A CONTRACT!You must be a PARTY to a contract!!!!
      Now, I can't tell you anything about EQUITY CONTRACTS, because I don't know anything about the ends and outs of EQUITY CONTRACTS. But, you better get yourself a legal advisor if you want to do UCC1'S and be certain you have standing as a lien holder. I don't know your personal situation, I only know from studying what has gotten people sent to jail using UCC 1'S...they could not produce the contract making them the lienholder and that's fraud. People put liens on judges, and the courts and they never had the first contract with those judges or the courts. FRAUD...FRAUD....FRAUD!
      Research it yourself and you will find the same thing, I found!
      everyone wants an easy, quick fix for REAL LIFE ISSUES in law. Guess what...there aren't any! This game is for keeps. You need to comprehend what you are doing and why you are doing it, in fullness. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ALWAYS! Just because someone says on a YT video, the UCC1 IS A MAGIC BULLET...well, I just told you why its not. Not because I pulled a rabbit out of my hat, but I heard about the UCC1 and then I researched all the issues around it. I just shared with you what I found. That was enough to tell me, OOPS, that's the wrong dat gum road! Hope this helped you!

  9. HERE'S A WARNING TO EVERYONE: stop trying to devised procedures to skirt the LEGAL SYSTEM. YOU CAN'T!

    If you are ITS CITIZEN, then abide by ITS STATUTES, CODES, REGULATIONS AND RULES! And stay out of trouble as best as you can!

    What Anna is teaching and what I tell you, too, is not how to manipulate or play in the LEGAL SYSTEM. Why? because Americans are not SUBJECTS OF THE U.S. LEGAL SYSTEM.

    I know that is hard to get and to comprehend. But, that is the truth, Anna in every blog is trying to get you to get!

    There is a U.S.LEGAL SYSTEM based on statutes, codes, rules and regulations and you participate in that system by claiming U.S. CITIZENSHIP, by use of your signature on forms.

    But, there is also an American Lawful system, based upon the ORGANIC Constitutions [national and state Republics]. This is the Supreme system of laws that override and suspend the LEGAL SYSTEM and we saw that happen in the ROD CLASS RULING BY THE SUPREME COURT and in Miranda vs Arizona.

    Why did ROD CLASS win? Because he put up the lawful system against the legal system. The lawful system is the superior and the legal system is the inferior. The lawful wins over legal, that is the Constitutional mandate. THE LAWFUL SYSTEM IS THE SOVEREIGN! THE LEGAL SYSTEM IS ITS SUBJECT!

    All the shenanigans that people devise on how to USE the legal system, gets them in jail. You can't USE the legal system, it USES you, because you are its subject. The only thing you can do is come out of it.

    What Anna is teaching is not how to USE the legal system. She is teaching you, that you have the right as an American State, National to come out of the LEGAL system and abide in the American State, lawful system, so you can win, too! She's trying to wake you up to your own options.

    Comprehending the distinction and separation between law and legal is difficult at first, but the more you begin to uncover the truth, the easier it gets.

    But, the beginning is this...stop looking for ways to PLAY the LEGAL SYSTEM. The deck is stacked against you and winning happens almost never. Knowing that then, you must look somewhere else for justice.

    That place exists, but it means you begin living the true AMERICAN DREAM, as an America State, National and officially come out of the other system.

    You have the right to be part of the U.S. democracy [legal system] if you so choose. But, what has been hidden from you, is you have a SECURED AND PROTECTED RIGHT to a Republic, as an American State, National. NO ONE CAN MAKE THAT CHOICE OR DECISION FOR YOU, but both are within the laws of The United States of America [unincorporated/organic].

    The Constitution [organic] makes WE THE PEOPLE sovereigns over all govts on the land and soil of America.

    The CONSTITUTION [inorganic] creates 14th amendment U.S. CITIZEN SUBJECTS but the 13th amendment outlaws slavery and UN-VOLUNTARY servitude. So even though the 14th amendment creates the U.S. CITIZEN, the U.S. can not make you its slave or put you into un-voluntary servitude to its self. ITS CITIZENS can only be put into unvoluntary servitude by commissions of a crime. That is in ITS CONSTITUTION for ITS CITIZENS!
    So what Anna is trying to get you to comprehend is you can stop volunteering to be a citizen of the U.S., you have a RIGHT to be a free man or woman of the Republics. But, you can not mix oil and water, so stop trying to do it but mixing law with legal! an apple will never be an orange and an American will never be a U.S. CITIZEN and vise versa. They are not the same thing anymore than a banana is a grape!

  10. Thank you C. Johnson & Anna. Some of us needed that damn kick in the pants. Keep up the good works and the info coming. Is there anyone who can point me toward a Notice of Facts to start a Complaint? Thank you for the link if there is one.

    1. Ptrsh AByers: phase 1: Anna's docs. I noticed, as many PUBLIC offices as I could think of by registered mail...because notice to agent is notice to principal and notice to principal is notice to agent. I sent a cover letter, giving them 30 days from receipt to respond. CRICKETS! See I love crickets, why? silence is agreement!
      my phase 2: is NOTICE of wrong doings and wrongs suffered. again with 30 days of receipt. All I did was think in regular english words, what wrongs I suffered and who caused the wrong doings against me and wrote them down. I do the notices by notarized AFFIDAVITS OF TRUTH. The key is not technicalities of what you write, the key is getting the recordings on and for the record and giving them the opportunity to respond. again, why? silence is agreement.
      If you do phase one...then for phase 2 you are the official America State National, CLAIMANT and they become the United States RESPONDENTS. Their ACQUIESCENCE BY SILENCE is their agreement to whatever you write to which they fail to dispute.
      What these affidavits are is the peeling of the layers of the onion back, so that they are left without excuse and the emperor without clothes.
      Remember this, you are not a practicing attorney writing a LEGAL DOCUMENT. You are a woman, non-legal and private, writing to them a lawful common law document,not in legal terms, but in english grammar. english grammar is the grammar of common law. you can reference their statutes, which they not you are bound, but stay in your lawful and rightful standing as a woman. Get the point across and stand as who you are, their sovereign. Notice them on the facts of their transgressions and give them the opportunity to repent of their sins.
      See the power is in this, when we as individual men and women, begin to make these notices, they will really be put on notice that WE THE PEOPLE are waking up, standing up and are reclaiming our lawful estates and their is nothing they can do about it. So don't try to be a legal professor, just make you lawful claim of their sins against you. You will get crickets, that's fine, because they can't respond because they have no defense for their crimes and civil violations.
      I hope this helped you, this is the common law!
      Ps. hope the kick in the pants didn't cause any bruising. lol!

  11. YES! A picture for is simpletons would be great!
    Tell us what we ARE, not what we're not! It all becomes garbeldy goop.. Like lawyer speak making an end run.
    If I'm going to wake others up, I don't want myself and others adding to the Colorado NINE!
    Thank you in advance

  12. Mr. UNKNOWN is a shill, a 'stick-in-the-spokes-of-life'.
    Not wanting to understand, never to participate, but only
    creating dissent, disillusion, disinfo. to disempower and 'DIS'
    everything around them. I feel bad for them, as they make their
    money thru negative means, such a blight, a mold, a virus.

    1. Jesse A. don't worry about that...Paul's got him!

  13. Kathy, before you do anything...comprehend the distinctions in the names and titles to which Anna has so tenaciously posted in her blogs. EXAMPLE: the United States or The United States.
    Also comprehend the distinction between your 3 identities: your family/christian name [nativity], your PRIVATE natural person persona [proper name] and the legal fiction person name issued to you!
    That's great starting points!
    Once you grasp those distinctions, make sure you read the ORGANIC founding documents on the website of the NATIONAL ARCHIVES here's the link: Think about the words in those documents and what they really mean to you right now today. Come to the full knowledge those documents effect your life and your future more than any statute congress can write.
    Once you get that:
    Then do Anna's docs and go from there. Now, that's enough homework for right now. Know this, Anna sees our comments, and even though she may not respond, individually, watch her blogs, because she does respond in her writings to us as a whole. Also she has a new youtube subscribe.
    Keep asking, seeking and knocking, because you shall find. The way right now, may not be clear for you, but the more you travel this path, the clear the picture will become and you are not a simpleton. Just your asking shows your intellect, to know and learn the things you do not currently know. Have a great evening!

  14. Want to know just how effective ANY of this paperwork nonsense will be ? Contact: Winston Shrout - who's in jail. He was Mr. I-can-stop-any-deprivation-of-rights guy.
    What you aren't comprehending : ALL THIS STUFF ASSUMES THE GOVERNMENT WILL FOLLOW THE LAW ! SEE: Winston Shrout for proof. Before ANY "freedoms" can be reclaimed, we must remove GOVERNMENT CRIMINALS ! You expect criminals to follow ANY law but "Plomo O Plata ?"
    Face it, folks, in a better world with moral & honest leadership, we would have never lost these rights to begin with !

    REMOVE THE CRIMINALS BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY - then you may comfortably indulge in the intricacies of paper law - and Anna / Stramer will then be worth paying attention to.


  15. Unfortunately most people occupying the US today are already socialist to include the vast majority of conservatives. I have folks coming to my investigation and resolution office constantly wanting help when they believe they have been wronged concerning benefits and public services. Americans to day have a debilitating dependence on a system, as Anna states correctly, that is not ours. Freedom isn't free, so to be free you must act as a free man and do everything you can for yourself and keep yourself out of trouble in the first place. Dependence is the opposite of independence. I think that's what early Americans were fighting for. LET GO and take responsibility!

  16. anna is right

    although the "impersonating gov. officials" and endless list of crimes the fake "states" perpetuate (starting with "federal citizens only" elections) -- they shouldn't even BE in the several states, stealing the state flags/seals, electing fake governors in law merchant/roman civil law, etc.

    THEY ARE WRONG A MILLION WAYS, but you will never win in their system. it is better to peacefully, but determinedly, assemble non-federal citizens (state citizens or nationals) and "opt out" as much as possible from their fraud.

    by all means, "alert" people, but if your plan is "remove them from the state capital" these are all fake "states" anyways, with fake "counties" to match, and likely fake "cities" too -- all their elections i have seen are "federal citizens only" ["us citizens only"]

    they have created a fake "federal citizens only one nation" and tried to overlay it on top of the several states. best to avoid their fraud.

    (paraphrase, Thomas Jefferson talking about slavery) "I tremble [for the sake of slave owners] when i know that God is just"

    1. Xerces well said...there is a de jure and there is most definitely a de facto!


    the United States was bankrupt, so it devised a plan. Use our GOOD NAMES as their credit to borrow money. So the confiscated our names and used that confiscation to take all our wealth and hocked themselves to the hilt. Then they transferred the debt to us, by use of social security numbers. But, here's the clincher, they were BANKRUPT! Get it? They had no money or credit to pay the debts they owed....EVER! So, the debt was transferred to you, as the debtor, yet when they took your estate, you were their creditor. BUT, THEY COULD NEVER PAY YOU BACK, BECAUSE THEY HAD NO MONEY AND NO CREDIT...WHY? bankrupt...busted and disgusted! So all the debt they create, could only be DISCHARGED TO YOU. But, they have refused to make the discharge. What a class action...there it is...THE PERFECT CLASS ACTION AGAINST THAT EVIL CORPORATION. Because Americans [NOT U.S. CITIZENS] have been de-frauded, by this act of treason and sedition and by violation of 28 U.S. Code § 3304, which results in violations of U.S.TITLE 18 FOR ALL LEGAL PERSONS who have acted in conjunction and conspiracy with this fraud against the American [NOT...U.S.CITIZENS].

    1. ps.THE OF THE UNITED STATES IS ITS' OWN AND OF ITS' FICTITIOUS LEGAL PERSONS, IT CREATED, BY MIS-CONSTRUCTION OF OUR CHRISTIAN FAMILY NAMES! We the creditors [Americans] are due payment and it is way overdue! It has been prevent by obstructionists, objecting justice by de-frauding the creditors of what is lawfully and rightfully due! U.S. CITIZENS ARE NOT DUE REPAYMENT BECAUSE YOU MADE THE DEBT and by remaining U.S.CITIZENS YOU CONTINUE TO MAKE THE DEBT.

  18. C.Johnson thank you for clearing that up and i hope you saw my ? I have not nor WILL i ever make a move forward un till i see a document from Anna .I am not afraid to ask a question and i thank you for not holding back one spark of protection meaning the truth to people like me that all ready have their paperwork in . I am still waiting for a response from Mnuchin about my new account being open . Has any body received any response from him ????? Its been 3 months .

    1. charles walker what account are you looking to be opened from Mnuchin? please don't tell me you are trying to get a treasury direct account? If so, why? is it for the dollar for dollar discharge?
      I am going to hop in here, right now and say if you are trying to get a treasury direct account, you will be waiting a very long time. You need to read this SUPRA ruling: Perry v. United States, 294 U.S. 330 (1935)
      Then I want you to think, if you received such an account, where would the money come from? You do know the U.S. is bankrupt and has no credit or property or money, right? You do know because they were bankrupt, they devised the birth certificate scheme to use the good faith and credit of the American People to get credit for ITS own financial purposes, right? They did that because they were bankrupt...what does bankrupt mean? They have nothing to put into any account you have or would have? Do you not know the U.S. is about 26 trillion dollars....wait for it....IN DEBT? IT HAS NO MONEY, NO CREDIT, NO PROPERTY of its own, why do you think its taking yours. I agree, the dollar for dollar [DISCHARGE IS DUE], but how does that equal an account at the treasury? Ok lets say Treasury opened up an account for you...what would they put in it? You can't get blood from squeezing a rock!
      That's not all...the dollar for dollar discharge, if you research, its under the authority of the DOJ secretary! Why would you be looking to treasury for the discharge?
      So please, please, please, don't say a TREASURY DIRECT ACCOUNT is what you are waiting on!

  19. C.Johnson i have followed Annas instruction to the T when the instruction said to endorse the Certificate of live birth in the upper left hand corner accepted for value dated and endorsed and the instructions said to properly fill out the form 56 and give Mnuchin a letter instructing him to close the corporate account and settle all remaining debits and put any remaining balance in the account which the new number is the registered letter number to Mnuchin. Are you telling me i am WRONG for following her instructions? TO a t i might add. Help me out here on what you believe i am open for your thoughts...

  20. I left out the righting on the back of the BC on the above post .

    1. Charles that one has me stumped...I can see that implications of it, because you are basically telling him to discharge the debt. I think this is an Anna question and we need further clarification.
      And in answer to your question, no I wasn't telling you, you were wrong, unless you were doing the TREASURY DIRECT ACCOUNT THING.
      Let's ask anna and paul. shall we?

    2. here we go charles from anna on feb. 17

    3. I got my information from Anna site #560 there is no date listed but as far as i can tell it is later than the one you are referencing to. Hope this helps in clarifying where i got my info from.

  21. Thank you C Johnson you are very respectable and i thank you for your kindness.

    1. Charles, believe it or not we are all in this together. We are all doing our parts to solve this problem.

  22. Just what they say is revealing. "That people like us 'regular folks'are not party to their laws rules and constitutions" "Their police work for the corporation and are not here to protect us" Rand Paul saying that the constitution was to protect the people from the government" Their courts are not ours and ours are barely staffed so far but going to theirs and expecting them to take care of article III courts for instance is dangerous and often futile. Convenient for leaders like Adolph said that fortunately people do not think. Finally just recently people are realizing there must be some kind of government for us since theirs is obviously not for us. Just gotta get those offices staffed and I would not expect them to admonish their employees in the peoples courts and other business that is not ours but their internal employee stuff.