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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Basic Nomenclature

By Anna Von Reitz

So lets review basics and get everyone on the same page. 

There are exactly (3) three names associated with our country: 

1. The United States  -- a Union of soil jurisdiction republican states. 
2. The United States of America -- a Federation of land jurisdiction States.
3. and the States of America - a Confederation of inchoate States of States.

Please notice that the definite article "The" is part of the Proper Name of both "The United States" and "The United States of America", but is not part the name of the "States of America".  

Note that these Proper Names are always in Upper and Lower Case.  This is how they are officially "styled" and any other variation is not allowed when referencing our country and our states, however, also note that there have been commercial corporations infringing on these names for many years, and they have used and abused these names and applied them to commercial corporations.  

Thus we have Interlopers calling themselves "The United States of America" [Incorporated] and "The United States" [Incorporated] and even things like the "US Corp" and "USA, Inc." and so on, that have little or nothing to do with our actual government.  Some of these entities are governmental service providers.  Some are not.  

This means that when people start talking about "the US" and about "America" in loose terms, you always have to stop and ask yourself---- which entity are they talking about?  Our actual Union of states or our Federation of States or some go-lightly foreign commercial corporation infringing on our Good Names? 

Please note that both The United States (soil) and The United States of America (land) are populated by living people called "Natural Persons" and by "Lawful Persons" on the land.  These are all unincorporated entities, too.  

Your Proper Name, the one your parents gave you, which is also known as a Trade Name or Given Name, is a "Lawful Person" when you stand on the land, but is converted into a "Legal Person" when you stand on the sea.  

This distinction is very important.  

If you stand on the land, you are recognizable as an American State Citizen and as a Lawful Person owed all the guarantees of the Constitution, including safe passage when you venture out into the wide world of international trade and commerce.  

If you stand on the sea, you can be mistaken for a "stateless" Legal Person, from one of the inchoate "States of States" mentioned above, and known as either a "United States Citizen" or a "Citizen of the United States".   Such citizens have never been in receipt of any constitutionally protected rights or guarantees.  These "US Citizens" and "Citizens of the United States" are not part of the "People" while in Federal Service. 

The United States and The United States of America are both unincorporated organizations, called Corporate Persons.  They are not incorporated, but they are not sovereign entities, either.  Instead, they are Agencies for the sovereign governments of the people (Natural Persons) on the soil and the People (Lawful Persons) on the land.  

The United States serves the living people and their republican soil jurisdiction states of the Union.  The Texas Republic, for example,  is  their sovereign domestic realm.  Notice the small "s" on "state" in this context.   Notice that "The" is part of the Proper Name of "The Texas Republic". 

Notice that "The Texas Republic" (soil) is different from "The Republic of Texas" (surface water) and that these same conventions apply to all the other state republics which operate under similarly styled Proper Names and Conventions. 

The United States of America serves the Lawful Persons and their Federation of international land jurisdiction States in the same way.  Texas is the State representing Texans in this jurisdiction of the law.  Notice that "Texas" is just "Texas" --- no "the", "The", no "State of" --- just Texas is the name of this State of the Union.  

All the member States of The United States of America Federation are also very simply named: Wisconsin, Maine, Florida, New Hampshire.... 

These are the States that we are presently engaged in assembling.  

These States are populated by Lawful Persons known as either American State Nationals or American State Citizens, as for example, Wisconsin State Nationals or Ohio State Citizens.  

American State Nationals owe no service to any government.  They are Private Lawful Persons.  So long as they don't cause any harm to others or their property, they are free as birds. 

American State Citizens have voluntarily agreed to serve their State in some capacity or Office, this may be as simple as signing up for Jury Duty,  or joining the State Militia, or it may involve an elected Office, or it may involve being hired to perform a job under the auspices of the State. They are Public Lawful Persons.   They enforce the Public Law, including the Constitutions. 

In either case, Lawful Persons are members of the People and owed all the guarantees of the Federal Constitutions. 

And now we come to the Third Branch of the American Government, which is organized and chartered by the People of the States: the States of America Confederation, first organized as of March 1, 1781. 

Here we find "States of States" ---- not States.. 

"States of States" are chartered and incorporated entities created by States, thus were have "The State of Georgia" and "The State of New Hampshire", which are two of the original Confederated States, belonging to Georgia and New Hampshire, respectively.  

These States of States are commercial corporations chartered by the States.  

Any time you see the word "Confederate" we are talking about "States of States".  In fact, all the entities involved in the Civil War were "Confederate States" ---- meaning States of States, regardless of whether they were "North" or "South". 

States of States, unlike actual States, are not physically defined.  They have no borders or specific location in space.  They are called "inchoate" or "incomplete States" as a result. 

These entities function in the airy realm of Global Commerce, which is business between two or more incorporated entities.   

So the Pecking Order in the American Government goes like this:

The living people own the republican soil jurisdiction states operated as State Republics, for example, The Texas Republic and The Republic of Texas. 

Their Union of republican states doing business as The United States [Unincorporated} holds the land jurisdiction States and their Federation of States, The United States of America [Unincorporated], which the living people operate as Lawful Persons. 

And the member States of The United States of America charter, own, and operate the Confederation of States of States.  Texas owns The State of Texas, and New Hampshire owns The State of New Hampshire, for example, as businesses engaged in global commerce. 

Remember this very important fact:  "commerce"  is business between two or more incorporated entities. Everything else is either domestic (in-state) trade or International Trade, which includes business between incorporated and corporate entities.   

The original States of States which formed the primary part of the Federal Government ---  the Federal Branch of the Federal Government --- were mothballed after the Civil War, pending "Reconstruction" that never took place.

The actual States of the Union have to be assembled in order for the Federal States of States to be reconstructed and brought out of the mothballs.  

This is because only the States and People have the authority and power to charter their own States of States.  

And this is necessary because without our own Federal States of States, the Federal Government cannot function as it is meant to function and foreign interests are able to commandeer our business functions. 

We have been limping along using Territorial States of States and even Municipal STATES OF STATES, but what really needs to happen is for the States and People of this country to get organized and take care of their own vastly overdue business.  

So that's what we are doing, and of course, all those who have benefited from our failure to do this earlier, are aghast and trying to stop us and co-opt us and do everything they can to undermine and discredit our efforts and to keep the People from reconstructing their Federal States of States. 

But the stubborn facts remain:  

The republican states (people) own the Federation States and the (People/Lawful Persons) own the Confederation of States of States (Legal Persons--- including all Federal Persons.).     

The republican states (people) taken together are our National Government, the Federation States taken together are our International Government, and our Confederation States of States taken together are meant to operate our interests in the global realm of commerce.  

Please note that only Lawful Persons can operate in the realm of Lawful Money (gold and silver) and only Legal Persons can operate in the realm of Commercial Script.  

The dearth of American State Citizens consciously operating as Lawful Persons --- that is, People who are willing and able to operate in their birthright political capacity --- is causing problems not only for us, but for the whole world.  

Without Lawful Persons we can't operate our Lawful States and without Lawful States we can't incorporate new "States of States" or reconstruct the old ones. 
The sooner we face these facts and get our heads screwed on and our house in order, the better. 

The United States = National = State Republics = the Union

The United States of America = International = States of the Union = the Federation of States

the States of America = Global = Federal States of States = the Confederation of States of States. 


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  1. Re: "Please notice that the definite article 'The' is part of the Proper Name of both 'The United States' and 'The United States of America', but is not part the name of the 'States of America'."

    Last October the message was:
    "We are the actual landowners. And the Priority Creditors of both 'the' United States and 'the' United States of America and all their Subcontractors and all the corporations formed under their auspices since 1860."[1]

    Does these two different presentations regarding the definite article "the" indicate a contradiction that either needs a correction now or additional clarity for our right and true application? .........

    See last paragraph.

    1. I suspect the founding fathers are rolling in their graves at this point for delegating any services to foreign entities and if the restructuring process doesn't take this into consideration and provide these services controlled ultimately by Americans, there is bound to be repeat history.
      From my understanding, 'the' United States and 'the' United States of America are the delegated contractors via the Constitution. Would have been less confusing to say 'the'Britian dba United States and 'the'Britain dba United States of America, but that may have raised too many questions. I wonder what the leverage was that created this monster.

  2. If our original constitution and states and people have all been mothballed, then it's time to take advantage of that and just write up a new edition if you will, of a newer "even more perfect" union.....all contracts have to be approved by the people and law enforcement has to listen to the people if they are called to the mat for designing unconscionable other words, anyone and everyone has the right to interfere with contracts, just like free speach.....and then car dealers and others that want a contract has to be overseen by lawful professional forensic accountants....and charges brought forward if the contract is "unilateral" in its construct....!!

    But who's to say there are only 3 jurisdictions and spellings..!!

    What about "The 50 States United"
    50 United States of America,
    America the beautiful and UNITED...!!

    Should I keep going on...!! Because they will..!!

    Here a good name for it

    National Americans (no citizen or states in the name)....!! That t asked care of calling it the U.S.

  3. Federal complaints heard in U.S. District courts are titled
    "United States of America" vs . (the fictitious defendant, written in ALL CAPS).

    Since there exist many entities parasitically using the name United States of America, some with "the", some with "Inc.", does Anna believe that the naked name "United States of America" on the title page of a lawsuit gives rise then to the defendant being able to simply point to the lack of the word "the" or "The" being written before "United States of America" would be a reason a federal judge would accept as valid for a "defendant" refusing to engage in the complaint because the suing entity "United States of America" does not conform to any known and established legal entity, (like "the United States of America")and that name is therefore just a ruse to get the targeted defendant to become embroiled in a legal dispute calling for the services of a "federal judge" whose job is to referee the dispute?

    1. The District Court is hosting the United States of America (INC) to sue it's own Franchise and hoping we will step in to claim the all CAPS name to provide the energy for the sea jurisdiction Pirates to once again pillage our land estate, an act of Vice Admiralty Piracy Law.

    2. From Anna for Joel:
      United States of America without "The" included in the name is very clearly the British Territorial Military Government bringing charges against Municipal CITIZENS. And those CITIZENS are already pre-identified as criminals and because they are criminals, defined also as slaves under the Territorial 14th Amendment.

      Pay attention-- the Territorial Constitution is called "The Constitution of the United States of America"---- so whenever you see "United States of America" this is the enitity being named.

      Same deal with "The Constitution of the United States". This is the Municipal Constitution. So when you see "United States" instead of The United States you know they are talking about the Municipal Government.

      And none of this has anything whatsoever to do with us.

  4. It would be great if this was all in " laymen's terms, because the bulk of the " people of The United States Of America UNINCORPORATED.. or whatever the heck.. ARE laymen!
    No fair talking the over their heads.. They have enough of that by the original cheaters.

  5. Actually, there is a court case that says if we aren't attorneys, then we shouldn't be held to their standards when in court....but they still do...!!

  6. There is nothing 'natural' about 'persons'. It is another oxymoron. Persons are created by legalese, they have no lifeforce unless they have an agent. They exist in the land of fiction, just like SANTA CLAUSE and the EASTER BUNNY.All these 'agents' get paid to keep the game going. The people being classified as 'PERSONS' are deceived into involuntary servitude, slavery. Each of us people who understand this should be making claims against the agents that are causing this to be ongoing. If they want us, people, to act in a certain fictional capacity we require payment.Any form of 'person' is in the law of the sea, period...........(.A person is not a living being......Anna von Reitz 19 feb 2019.) Lawful operates in the land of the living, legal operates in the land of the dead. Don't confuse us now Anna with this 'lawful PERSON, there is too much at stake.

    1. I agree with you even if "lawful Person" is part of the overall process. Before any of that can happen the focus needs to be on American National status and jural assembly within the counties. Then the state level and then the federal level.

      Baby steps. Eat the elephant one bite at a time, but get started.

    2. I already told you twice, you are now reading too much into this. If Anna chooses to "define" the lawful Person as a singular version of lawful People then so be it. There is no drama there, but don't forget the normal rules for style and grammar still apply for heaven's sake. You would have to ask Anna for her definition of lawful Person to be clear, but it is ludicrous to think she doesn't know the difference, she talks about it every other day. I told you before, EVERY contract has definitions of words in the preamble for the document. It's a game of pretend meanings, and that is what legalese is all about at it's core.

    3. Well folks, perhaps it is time to retire the concept of incorporation and corporation, if the church wants it they can have it. No more commercial fiction, we deal with people and companies of people. No more law of the sea or law of the land - all of it is law of earth (includes water, air and sea, and earth). KIS. It is possible and possibly the cleanest path to honesty in society.