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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Liars, Liars, Pants on Fire. Good-bye, MGJA

By Anna Von Reitz

Every suffering has a silver lining.

I can now say with certainty that BeforeItsNews and NesaraNews are Controlled Opposition websites and nothing you read there should be trusted. 

And here's the Proof that they are Liars: scroll down to Article 485

"An End of My Association With Bruce Doucette and Michael R. Hamilton"

This article was written several weeks prior to the actions that put the Colorado Nine in prison. It explains exactly what I told them and why I would not support them in the action that led to their imprisonment. 

Far from being the cause of their misery, I tried to save them. 

I warned them what would happen and begged them not to do what they proposed and I told them why. 

And they would not listen.

So now  I am doing the same thing with the Michigan General Jural Assembly and drawing a line between what they are doing and what I am doing--- for the same reasons I separated myself and my followers from the Colorado Nine. 

It was Michael R. Hamilton, an insurance company shill working for UN-DOD, that set up Bruce Doucette and the others. Not me. 

And besides my own words locked in the timeline on my website there are plenty of eye-witnesses to what went on in Colorado and to what I said and did, and they are outraged by these lies against me. 

The Truth will out. 

Anyone who doesn't understand jurisdiction and who doesn't make the effort to declare their identity and birthright political status runs the same risk as the Colorado Nine. 

And that is what Destry and these other Jokers want you to do. 

Stay there like defenseless sitting ducks ripe to be railroaded and arrested.  

That's what these guys get paid for-- to mislead you and lie to you and set you up, to make sure that your efforts go nowhere and to make use of your efforts to their own undisclosed ends. 

In this case, they are trying to set up another round of the same old fraud and set up a foreign commercial corporation merely calling itself "MICHIGAN"--- not the actual State of the Union that all of you have assumed you were working to rebuild.

The only "Sting" going on is theirs. 

But it's not going to wash. 

I already showed you the Registered Agents set up to work their vicious fraud scheme. 

And guess what? It's the same parent company group out of Nevada -- the same corrupt Generals who are trying to pull off the Zim and Iraqi Dinar scams and sell you their French version of Le Republique -- the French Rothschilds and their Flunkies in Uniform are behind all this. 

Everything they said about me is instead true about them. Just like I have always told you-- the pot always calls the kettle black, they always accuse their enemy of doing what they are doing. Always. Predictably.  

They are trying to get rich by robbing other countries and working currency scams.  They are working for NWO-UN-DOD "Special Ops".  They are working to co-opt what you have spent your time building to convert it into a foreign commercial corporation. 

And God forbid that you take my advice and come home to the land and soil of your actual State of the Union and claim your protections and guarantees and assets--- because then they won't be able to arrest and Railroad you like they did to Bruce Doucette and the others. 

Wake up, America. There are people here among us who look like Americans and talk like Americans--- but they aren't acting in the capacity of Americans. 

They are acting as employees of "Federal" commercial corporations--- "United States Citizens" and "Citizens of the United States".  Their allegiance is to foreign powers-- the Queen and the Pope. 

And many of them have no scruples and deserve no credibility. They think that their "job" is to enslave us and keep us in line. The fact that we are their actual employers doesn't cross their pig-like minds. 

So put them to the test. It's simple enough. 

Will they declare themselves to be American State Citizens? Yes or no? 

If no, whatever they are doing does not involve you and your State.  They are not Texans. They are not Coloradans. They are not Wisconsinites. They are "US Citizens" instead. 

You can be sure that if "US Citizens" are involved and they will not leave that status once it is explained to them---It's some kind of commercial corporation scam. 

Shake the dust from your feet and jog trot away. 

I am. 

I was right about the Colorado Nine and I am right about the direction the Michigan--- or should I say, MICHIGAN-- General Jural Assembly is headed,  too. 

If the rats can't get us to dig our own graves by setting up Assemblies they can co-opt they will fall back and tell some more lies. 

They will say that all the people associated with National Assembly are in insurrection. And they can make that claim against any "US Citizen" involved in forming any kind of State because it's not legal for actual "US Citizens" to assemble. 

Remember--US Citizens have never had any rights under the Constitution.  That includes having no right to assemble. 

I invite those of you who want to act as Lawful Persons and restore your actual States of the Union --and do so safely--come with me. 

I have done my duty and warned everyone. Again. 

This is my Public Notice that I am not associated with the National Assembly promoted by Destry Payne and the Michigan General Jural Assembly. 

We will be launching a new country-wide teleconference and video series soon for The American States Assembly. 


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  1. I hate to brag...but I did say that the Michigan General Jural Assembly has been infiltrated way back when this whole mess broke out. You don't have to be a genius, if you look at history everything gets infiltrated so it wasn't a genius observation on my part. The devil is in both the details AND what is NOT said of most issues. If you don't want to know the answer, don't ask the question.

  2. What's your take on Stew Webb & Tom Heneghan? (

  3. Thank you Anna
    Thank you for the History
    Thank you for the Education
    Thank you for the Empowerment
    Thank you for the Protection
    Thank you for the Proof
    Thank you for the Explanation
    Thank you for Assisting ALL of us in this deep confusion
    Thank you for the words for those that can hear
    Thank you for the views for those that can see
    Thank you for all your time and efforts in showing us what WE can be!
    Thank you Anna for being you
    I appreciate it from the bottom of my living soul
    God bless and push forward!

    "Learn to swim to land or drown in the deceit"

    1. Absolutely! .........
      Yes to every word here (although we might have to say it's really Her-story from now - because "His-story" is just a lie, right?)!
      Thank you Turtle!

  4. I've heard enough...the best and final solution is just to nuke the planet and be done with this nonsense....!!

    And this time I'm coming back as Adam....I won't make the mistake the first Adam did...!!!

    1. Thank you James! What you've presented here is so hilarious - LMAO!

  5. I love it that Anna has always been right !.. Something told me to stick around...I was there every time and I poohed pooued them everytime...
    Thanks Anna for the good energy you have sent and Thank You heavenly Fathwr for making me receptive and ready.

    1. Patriot email me above. I am not trying to steal Anna's people, just have some stuff to share.

  6. I am sorry but to you Dirty Rotten to the core dumb weak evil bastards!!!!I hold No Empathy for Turn Coats especially those who knew the truth and were warned AGAINST WORKING FOR THE ENEMY BUT DID NOT STOP! Calling Anna the Cabal is kind of like Calling Jesus Christ CEZAR. Not smart. .

    Folks Like David Wynn Miller, Russel Gould---same thing--- Leading folks into Quick Sand without relief or remedy. All I hear is """"ANNA is the Cabal and sold out -- or those trying to get Anna to join forces with those who are Marked and sold out!!!""" NO NO NO NO NO!!!This is so far from the truth its laughable--I believe Anna could be at gunpoint forced to mislead but still could not do it-- Its not in her- My view....I am 99.9% sure Anna is the REAL DEAL.

    The Continental Marshal Volunteers out of Georgia apparently being led by one called Hayworth- smart to call out Michigan Jurat Assembly but making a big mistake saying they want to separate themselves from us and that Anna is a Fraud and must be called out- because the restoration of the true American Government is not above board- all will be dismissed---- especially if it is found to be sell outs/ to the enemy for a drop of power to fuel their EGOS!

    I want to know the truth and therefore the TRUTH WILL SHINE NO MATTER WHAT THE DARKNESS PERIOD!

    Think about it----Anna Von Reitz has been under fire from day one and All who have fallen or have been taken down by the De-Facto Government were initially sisters and brothers that Anna genuinely helped and warned against the false flags and dangers of treading on the enemy front lines without proper standing - they sunk into the trap and into the quicksand DUE TO their own free will and stubborn/Ignorance... The Enemy needs volunteers to go to prison as part of their psy ops to try and detour us. Nothing shall Detour us!

    We weed out the Poison and the weak and the sell outs one by one then we can get on with the BUSINESS OF RESTORATION without our own attacking us as double agents and scum sell outs-- who might I add will hang themselves because they failed to see the light of truth in the darkness they liveth under. To those who are plain power thirsty willing to drink from the mucky waters =- un willing to work together as TEAM _PLAYERS- go sit on the bench until your ready to WORK IN WINNING AS A TEAM- we do not have time for your inability to engage your brain before thinking and acting. I YEILD!!!!!!

  7. Please take a look at this link to a parable story about the Mark of the Beast.

    The Mark of the Beast is here and truly imbedied in our lives. Who is the Beast? The One who makes false promises to take care of us and make us whole by insurance schemes. The destroyers of families, faith and hope. The one who steals our Birthright, our children, our homes while slowhy poisoning us by air, food and water. The idiots behind the curtain who have convinced the People who can only live 3 minutes without oxigen that carbon dioxide is harmful to the earth when the vegetation uses carbon dioxide to produce oxigen. Where did they get their authority to control our lives? We volunterily traded our freedom for the illusion of safety and now they are planning on killing us off and our older people will be the first to go because they can remember a form of freedom and are dangerous because of their knowledge. Are we going to be ready for the Attack of the STATE?

    1. What STATE? We are Ready or we will volunteer to take the Mark. Me AM READY_ Final.

  8. Looking forward to the videos. Other is not working for me. Ready to get on with it.

  9. Great! I intend to copy this for at least one "CureZone" blog.

  10. carbon represents 0.38 % of atmosphere. I did the research and it was printed in the paper. The elite have borrowed all from the FEDERAL RESERVE aka IMF and in order to sustain themselves, need more $$$ from those who have none. We have rendered all unto Caesar so make our own currency. No more monopoly on money . Anything less than ZERO has no value, therefore the debt is odious and does not exist....x number of ZEROS to the right of a negative number only tells you how many zero.s aka nothing there is. Get you head around the money scam. Taxation is theft, banking is fraud and usury is condemned in law aka EXODUS. Come out of her my people You are in a trance.THE NAZI'S LOST THIS BATTLE. ...

  11. Hey chief, like to tap your blog. Please email me at I am hearsay Brian confirmed Joseph clan Stewart. Lots to share. Instilling terror in the terrorists since 911.....they attacked first> Not wise to piss off a full blooded Scotsman especially if he is sober. Hi to Abby...all's good

  12. Most people are clueless that we are living surrounded by organized criminals who are seeing any effort to re-construct our States as direct threats to their jobs, pensions, and cushy lives as parasites.

    So it will be very helpful for those re-establishing their records as State Nationals to be very careful how you conduct yourselves in such a world. It is reasonable to assume that there will be many U.S. Citizens (employees of the usurping machines all over America who will intentionally attempt to
    influnce, discourage, and outright confront with all imaginable challenges to State nationals. State Nationals will be able to "de-pose" these parasites, and they realize that. Be smart to conduct your affairs carefully outside the many boxes (benefits) that like golden gloves, hold U.S. Citizens under their power.

  13. Well. I can't speak for other's hearts. It did seem very dangerous tredding at MGJA without up front and per each teleconference call to alert both genuine attendees and federal agents about their responsibities and rights(i.e. Get your political status back home and the bivens...)I couldn't say if their website goes into the political status correction steps or not 'cause it was " register" vs "sign up " or such( kinda like the mint site "register") no thanks, lots of good people there, but I was wary of that quicksand sensation. I hope it all gets sorted out asap and harmless to each n every. To that speaks Raymon grace and his "Clean up your schools, environment, neighborhood .." treatments. See n do them at Raymon raymongrace-youtube. Anonymous-not,margaret

  14. We also learned 20+ years ago to NEVER call ourselves a "human being"..... here's what the liars (oops: lawyers), think of that: In Ballentine's Law Dictionary (1930): "Human Being = monster; A human being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal. ... " Hummm, ... Isn't that what the "elite" think of We the People?....