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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Actual Reader Response From Colorado -- The Truth Again

By Anna Von Reitz

Here's just one of several "sympathy messages" I have received from those who lived through the lead-up to the arrest of the Colorado Nine, from people who remember the actual facts.  Read on: 

i read the recent NESARA article. I am furious.

The more i read. the more i knew it was wrong.

i, myself, sat in on many of the Colorado calls. Ranting to my husband the whole time about them playing lawyer....almost couldn't bear it. I wanted to know more and i was not comfortable with how they were proceeding. I am having the same concerns with the current group. However: the majority of the group has
publicly recorded their political status and paperwork.  Seems the order of the day is to just quickly skim some information and avoid the majority.

I know for a fact that none of them (Colorado nine)were "following" you.

I know that they were counting on their oath and allegiance to an assembly with the autographed stamps for insurance to show they were no longer a part of the U.S.

i followed the whole situation. You have been right on.

I do not recall any statement of political status.

I do know myself, first hand, that what is written about the "Colorado nine" is not accurate. I have no idea where they claim to get the information from.

I too have been questioning who is Destry? What is his position with his assembly? Why is everyone hanging on his every word? I still don't know. I asked my husband and he doesn't know either. I will not blindly be jumping in with his recommendations.

I know that you have praised the Michigan assembly in the past......but that was before Destry some how floated to the top, before Destry told others that they did not need to do paperwork.....and then before the rest started to follow. Did Michigan members ever correct political status in the past? i don't know that either.

I see that your presentations are organized, precise, consistent and always give me phrases, terms, or citation of authorities that i can always look up and read for myself.

When i hear some people talk, i know they have not really read what you said. I have seen myself, so much taken out of context.

Steaming here in Colorado....


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  1. AGAIN yesterday for the 4th time i 'verbally' told destry to cancel my membership !!!!!!!!!!!!! problem child ===

  2. I know that you have praised the Michigan assembly in the past......but that was before Destry some how floated to the top, before Destry told others that they did not need to do paperwork.....

    What she is describing is a classic infiltration of the assembly that all need to be on guard against.

  3. The common law is the law of this country we have all the evidence milligan vs. Exparta justice scillia
    Was our gardian.angel who the zionest kill said we are the 4 branch of government . So WTF is wrong with trying to use our God given right to fight the bar mafia ?
    Because the judges got butt hurt and call the swat.

  4. Hi Anna,
    I've gone head to head with Destry in the past. Instead of having a back and forth discussion, Destry would get louder and louder and refuse to yield the floor in order for us to express ourselves. Each time I began to ask if he yielded the floor, once he had stopped speaking, he would go off on a tangent that drowned me out with the volume of his diatribe. I soon figured out I would never be allowed to dispute his views. At that point I simply stopped asking for the floor.

  5. If I were in that situation, I would pray, ask for Heavenly guidance then reorganize with people who have completed their status corrections and move forward as the 'authentic' assembly...... eventually the "fake" will fall on its own lies!!! just my humble opinion!! :)

  6. Always had faith in your words Anna, stay strong