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Friday, March 29, 2019

American. Proud of It.

By Anna Von Reitz

I woke up in the middle of the night with a message ringing in my ears----don't feel bad. 

There have always been those who preach false Gospels. 

No matter how the Sons of Satan twist your words and misrepresent you, Anna, it's nothing they haven't done before ---and about far greater issues.  Be comforted.  You are suffering now, but the fault is theirs.  

Thank you, Lord. That puts things back in perspective.  Yes, the Liars have done far worse things than lie about me and US Citizenship. 

That said and fully admitted--you must ask yourselves-- why would anyone discourage me from claiming to be an American? 

Why would they try to make you afraid of doing that?

-- To rob you of your birthright. 

-- To avoid paying you back. 

-- To subject you to foreign laws. 

-- To have a reason to arrest you. 

If they can confuse you about who and what you are-- if they can get you to claim "US Citizenship" instead of American State Citizenship, they win the lottery and you lose. 

If they can keep you clinging to US Citizenship you will have to share their debts --all the woes of Babylon will be yours.  And they know it. 

They want you to believe that you are $21 trillion in debt, instead of being what you are-- the Priority Creditors of that debt. 

You are either bankrupt or one of the wealthiest people on Earth. 

And it all hinges on one thing.  

Are you an American or a US Citizen? 

You are either owed all the guarantees of the Constitution or not. 

And that hinges on this simple choice --are you an American or not? 


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  1. Very simple put "American" as described in Washington's farewell address if anyone needs it defined or sourced, and simply ask do you have evidence in your possession I am not???, he also went into detail of the dangers of a 2 party system which we now have a dictatorship of, that for some reason even with proof of citizenship you must separately register to vote??? funny in some old voting laws believe was for NY all you needed to vote was an "affidavit of nativity" personal statement to where you were born. Get rid of the private political voting association membership all you need to do is send a letter stating to take you off its in most state codes how to do it.

    1. Thank you, Mike!

      I deeply appreciate your first question! I immediately imagined being confronted by either a municipal or territorial employee and responding with "your" question - knowing that there is absolutely no evidence that denies my unalienable American status! And now that I have just found my DD214 (buried deep in my file cabinet archive ) I will proceed with the final paperwork to the Coast Guard and officially announce my return "home."

      Washington apparently made one most direct reference to the term: "American." The one sentence that I found regarding this begins with: "The name of American, which belongs to you in your national capacity..." I find his address extremely verbose. However I imagine he was not aware of that (according to the unconscious activations shown in his Human Design: ( In any case the status of "American" in this address emphasizes continental land jurisdiction rather than State soil jurisdiction and therefore it probably can't be considered as a complete reference to all that the American status entails. (What do you say Anna?)

  2. There are 2 words, no, 3, that cause a lot of confusion. Citizen, person and you.Each one of these is used to perfection to create confusion and deception in the jurisdiction of dead entities and the realm of corporations. Recently i had an aha moment when i realized i could ask any politician, either state or federal here, a simple question which would instantly prove if they were committing treason against their land and soil country. ( living on the land and soil of Australia) The question, but more importantly their answer, exposes their intent and judges them without any other input needed. We know politicians work for the 'CORPORATION' calling itself government under law of the sea and not for the government we are owed under law of the land. They are all 'citizens' of that entity. We know true politicians, who are in the correct office, working for the people of the land and soil country, are known as American/Australian state Nationals right? So the simple question is ( christian name) r u an American/ Australian citizen? Simple.

  3. I heard on Marfoogle TV ( YOUTUBE) night before last, that some Intel came in that Russia has a signed treaty that allows them to fly surveillance over our Country, and they intend to do it tomorrow Saturday. While in the meantime..a dirty bomb made it over the border.
    I feel a false flag coming.


  4. You are either bankrupt or one of the wealthiest people on Earth.

    And it all hinges on one thing.

    Are you an American or a US Citizen?

    You Anna,
    Do not seem to understand our Birthright has nothing to do with paperwork nor money, nor which passport we possess. Nor does it have one thing to do with being and american or not. Our salvation, our acceptance into heaven, is and has nothing to do with any of the above.
    And that is in a nutshell what you seem to be preaching.
    We could all be individually bankrupt, destitute and imprisoned and still be found to be the wealthiest upon this earth!!!

    1. a follower,

      Of what by the way, are you a follower? Never mind I can guess. With all due respect to you, I am sure that Anna doesn't need to be told what she does and does not understand. And I am quite sure she does not need a lecture about the difference between spiritual issues and issues affecting the reality of physical existence on this realm. I can assure you the twain do not meet.

      I have a flash for you. We are on earth. It is different here for a reason.

      We are souls incarnate. We are presented with lessons and will experience whatever is necessary until that lesson is learned and understood for the understanding and hopefully ascension of the soul and indeed ultimately the planet.

      You can't just tell people what they do and don't understand, you have idea. And nobody is doing that to you out of consideration. Yet...

    2. Will,
      No one is forcing anyone. Anna , like so many are preaching the false hope and gain of the earthly realm, while simultaneously connecting it to heaven, freedom and yes even ascension.
      Just as Trump is preaching the gospel of wealth and prosperity all rooted in Pride, so are many others.

    3. we are kind of on earth here. And we are here for a reason. If souls chose to be in heavenly realms because it is unpleasant here then there is no issue.

      Sorry didn't mean to be so sarcastic I am sometimes a jerk, and you are not; but you are often a little too cryptic with your comments as you try to nudge people in a certain direction. But sometimes you have to let it all go which Anna occasionally does too when the frustration mounts and she erupts. Nicely though...

      With all due respect sir, you were not forcing Anna to do anything either. And she is not "preaching", this isn't church, or bible study, or religion. This is a blog that allows legal issues surrounding the current situation whereby criminal gangs have inserted their control mechanisms into the day to day realities of our present conditions. That is not church, religious, spiritual or otherwise. Things have gone terribly wrong on this planet and we want to know how to get control of what went wrong. This is bad people behaving badly. And almost all of that control is centered around the use of words. Utterances. Glotal gobspeak. This is how we are controlled, along with the power of the pen.

      Words have power which is why Babylonian word majik is given such credibility and used to subvert meanings to establish control mechanisms, vis-a-vis even legalese which is word majik in a codified format. Even if we choose not to believe in it, THEY do.

      If this is so painful for you then take a break from this blog and enjoy your day. Then maybe try doing the same thing tomorrow and soon you will feel much better about not being here if it is so offensive to your sensibilities.

      Trump could have continued to bask in all the perks of HIS class which is the class we are at odds with. That is where most of the bad actors live. But they are trying to fight back so badly because they don't want to give up their perks of that class either. And because they identify as psychopathic they don't know what they are doing really and should just be led to a padded cell for a really long time.

      Trump probably has seen the reality that his grandchildren will face and others like them if the deck isn't cleared such that the future doesn't look so bleak. And he likely has a conscience. Something his peers likely do not possess. Dude, I am just the messenger.

      With that I wish you a good day!

  5. a follower unless you were born at home and do not have a birth certificate birthright has everything to do with paperwork if you dont want the STATE to be the PRIORITY PROXY over you and you are FULL of bs if you think it has nothing to do with paperwork because if you remain in contract with Caesar =the DEAD=allowing consent to your master good luck with being found in the book of life .

    a follower Annas site 928 will help you and paper up or there is no help for those who refuse to see.