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Friday, March 29, 2019

The American National Credit

By Anna Von Reitz

For those of you who missed my partial run-down of what Americans are owed, you should all know that Americans are owed back the National Credit, about $21 trillion dollars worth of credit that has already been earned and which stands on the books of the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE. 

How did this American National Credit Accrue?

For over a 100 years (1913 to date) we have been exchanging our actual goods, natural resources, and labor for I.O.U.s --- Promissory Notes called "Federal Reserve Notes".  We have never been paid.

Via this mechanism, a vast National Debt has been accumulated by the United States [Inc.] and its corporate franchises known as "Citizens of the United States".  There has also been a very substantial debt accrued by the British Territorial Government doing business "the" United States of America and its corporate franchises known as "United States Citizens". 

Taken together, this accounts for the "US National Debt", of about $21 trillion dollars, which is owed entirely by these two kinds of "US Citizens".

We, Americans, have been falsely and purposefully misidentified as "US Citizens" with the clear object of making us responsible for paying the US Debt.  At the same time, we have been declared "missing" and "legally dead" so as to prevent us from claiming all the credit that is in fact owed to us.

It's a commercial fraud scheme designed to exchange pieces of paper for actual goods and services and never have to pay back anything to the victims.

But in fact, we are very much alive and we are Americans and we were --for most of us anyway---never knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily acting as US Citizens.  We are owed the $21 trillion National Credit. 

Why is the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE involved and holding our credit?

This goes back to the Lieber Code issued as General Order 100 in 1863.  It replaced "all law" and became the law of the British Territorial Government. Among other things, it made the US Army responsible for protecting our money--- but as they were also spending our money, there was a natural conflict of interest involved. 

So, they passed off the actual bookkeeping to their co-workers in the Municipal United States Government--- the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE. As a result, a gigantic "Foreign Credit" began building up on the books of the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE. 

This "Foreign Credit" is largely owed to us.  It represents the "US National Debt" on one side of the ledger, and the American National Credit on the other side of the ledger. 

The problem is, we have never been able to access our credit. 

It was simply locked up on the false pretense that we were all "dead" and all our individual credit-side ACCOUNTS were closed, while debts continued to accrue against our fraudulently probated ESTATES. 

Just like what happens when someone dies and their estate is probated, financial transactions continue after their death.  Bills continue to come in and credits continue to accrue ---- sometimes for a long time. 

That's the "system" they have been using to pretend that we are dead on one hand, and yet still allow themselves to have access to our falsely constructed "ESTATES" on the other.  

To finesse this Gross Breach of Trust and financial fraud,  they declared us "Authorized Representatives" of our own ESTATES and held us responsible for paying all debts of the ESTATES---- without, however, giving us access to all the credit owed to us to offset these ESTATE debts.

Thus the Foreign Credit owed to us continued to accumulate on the books of the DOD and the US Debt also continued to grow --- and the Municipal Government strong-arm racketeered us to pay up debts we never owed under the false pretense that we were all knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily acting as United States Citizens---unpaid volunteers, no less.

Of course, the perpetrators indoctrinated us to "assume" that we were "US Citizens" from an early age.  They changed our political status records while we were still babies in our cradles and used coercion and semantic deceit to do it.  In this way, by identity theft, mis-characterization, falsification of records, semantic deceit, impersonation, and probate fraud,  they "killed off" all the Americans who are owed credit, and left nothing but the debt-bearing "US Citizens" behind.

So they could wallow like cats in cream, give us Monopoly Money I.O.U.s that cost next to nothing for them to produce, and receive actual goods and labor in exchange.  It was the ultimate capitalist dream. 

Something for nothing. 

And the Federal Reserve acting in collusion with Cede and Company and the DTTC and WIPO and the US Patent and Trademark Office orchestrated all of it.  We have the complete story and all the goods on all of them.

For over a hundred years the mysterious Foreign Credit kept on growing in the dark....and the "US National Debt" kept accruing.

I almost hear the theme from "JAWS" playing in the background....

To make a long story short --- I observed that in a debt-credit system, it is impossible to accrue a debt.  All transactions in such a system are zero-sum transactions. For every debt, an answering credit is created.  

So like the old woman in the "Where's the beef?" commercial, I started the Hounds of Hell on a mission to find out, "Where's the American National Credit?"

We found it in 2011.  It's being held (and held up) by the Municipal DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE and managed by the Seven Grumpy Old Men --- the Military Bankers responsible for the Office of Military Settlements/OMS in California. 

They have this Albatross of criminal mismanagement firmly anchored around their respective necks and are still too stubborn to face the facts and return the credit where its due --- to the hard-working people of this country and their lawful government, The United States of America [Unincorporated].

Some things you can't go back to not knowing once you know them.  This is one of those things. 

In order for them to pay you back the credit that is already accrued and owed to you, you have to "come back from the dead" --- return "from across the seas (of BS paperwork)"--- and record your presence on the land and soil as an American, born and bred.

You have to raise your hand and say, "Hey, a mistake has been made. I'm an American State National (or American State Citizen).  I'm not any kind of US Citizen."

And that is what we are doing by the hundreds, by the thousands, and soon by the millions. 

Here's the irony. 

The DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE can wipe out most of the combined US Debt simply by transferring the credit to our lawful government and letting us establish a Credit Voucher system for Americans to offset debts.

The US Citizens would be happy, because all that US Debt would fall away off their shoulders.

The Americans would be happy, because they would also be free of debts that they have never in fact owed. 

This is just one of multiple fraud schemes and false claims associated with our assets. There's more.  A lot more.  And it is time for a reckoning.

What can you do? 

Become aware.  Wake up.  Smell the java.

If you aren't actually a Federal Civilian or Military Employee --- and receiving a payroll check --- you have zero reason to adopt any form of "US Citizenship". Your actual government is still here, still waiting for you to claim your true identity as an American. 

There's some paperwork to fill out and record.  Go to: , Article 928, go to: .

There's some "technical issues" --- like new passports and travel cards instead of "Driver Licenses" and cancellation of registrations to be resolved.

There are vacant offices to be filled. 

There are State Assemblies to fully populate.  State Courts to be staffed.
Federal-level States of States need to be reconstructed. 

No doubt, there's a lot of work in front of us, but we know where we are going and basically, how to get there.

Once you have your paperwork on the record and your private records in order, it's time to "Sign In".  Go to: .

We are building the national data base of Americans who have come home to the land and soil --- both American State Nationals and American State Citizens. 

This data base will allow The United States of America [Unincorporated] to reclaim the assets we are owed and provide the political basis for Americans to take peaceful and proper action in their own behalf to: (1) reclaim all the constitutional guarantees; (2) enforce the Public Law; (3) enforce our international and commercial remedies; (4) pre-screen people eligible to receive Credit Vouchers to offset US Debt; (5) negotiate and issue proper passports, travel cards, and tax exemption certificates; (6) operate the republican form of government we are owed. 

We have plenty of slaves clinging to their chains as if they were security blankets, trying to scare everyone into accepting the status quo and going for another round of the same old fraud scheme, while they themselves hide behind fake names like "Merlin" or "Virgo Triad" or "Sun-Tzu". 

If I were trying to sell what these agents are pushing, I'd be hiding behind a fake name, too. 

But I am not hiding.  I am standing here on my own and telling you the God's Honest Truth. 

Chances are that you are and have always been an American, not any kind of US Citizen at all. 

Chances are that you are owed more credit than you can even imagine, and shouldn't be paying any debts at all.  No utility bills, either.

Oh.  And by the way --- what happens to the American National Credit if you don't stand up, get organized, and claim it?  The commercial banks are pushing to have it all declared "abandoned funds" and given away as a sop to cover their sins.


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  1. Status correction help
    Step 1 Documents from
    Sunday evenings 8pm est

    Dial-in number:

    United States (605) 313-4198
    Access code:


    We are working on making the meeting better with more focused information and screen share. Jocelyne has done a wondrful job with Paperupnow and is constantly in touch with Anna for clarifications. Stay tuned and go to the website often for the not worry, amendments to already recorded documents is simple...We are in uncharted territory and doing our best at unraveling 1000's of years of fraud , lies and deciet. Prayers and positive energy is what we need.
    I do this because I want a better world for my family , friends and all of you. That ks my reward. We live in a world of abundance , cast away the learned bs and open your hearts amd minds to Heaven on Earth like Our Father promised.

    Kevin Cote a living man
    845 987 0084

  2. ANNA: Your articles are getting better and better at informing us. Let clarity and truth reign.

  3. EVERYONE Should read this article
    Then read these
    How it is being rolled out in the education system and at local levels
    If this is our land as being reported than why is it all up for sale and being sold
    While American farmers are being flooded out in the midwest and I am sure the plan is to bankrupt them, wonder who the wizards have in the pipeline to buy it for pennies on the dollar?
    Seems they could give a crap about our claims to this land
    All coments made without preudice and all rights reserved

  4. Thank You Anna with the specifics. Your recent posts are putting more "flesh on the bone". So, in case anyone is interested.... here is some info for you..Sorry, tried to create a link.

    But this is the office for "Claim Forms". 305 North Second Avenue # 253, Upland California The United States of America.

    Now how about the names of the "7 Grumpy Old Men" in Charge responsible for continuing this criminal mismanagement.

    Anna, please explain relation to NKRI International Treaty and the creation of this office which appears to be March 28, 2014.....

    Please comment, how to properly make a link. It asks for a blog Account ???

  5. C.Johnson you have raised some good points. The issuance of the BC on bond paper is said to be proof of the fraud which I believe is an indemnity of sorts against them harming us through the mechanism of this fraud. This is plain ludicrous on the face of it, of course they have harmed everyone what they have not done is show how to affect remedy, since that would be admitting to the fraud in the first place and expose it for what it is.

    Criminals being what they are, if nobody ever finds out then it's all good right? This is criminal fraud with crimes against mankind being perpetrated as we know. Sounds serious, but then again, the global vastness of the fraud is staggering.

    Given that anyone who tries to expose the fraud in court gets steamrolled if possible, it may suggest that the submission of the paperwork preemptively may be the safest route to negate the need to be there at all with paperwork submitted. Not sure if I am on the right track about this but it does speak to Anna's prior statements to the effect of "why are you even addressing me" as she has done plenty of times. That alone addresses presumption in a way that supports the filing of the paperwork. If it is a case of identity theft which it is on a massive scale, then we immediately seek redress for that issue with credit cards etc., we are accustomed to that and indeed encouraged to monitor and correct that situation.

    But otherwise, if you roll into court and refuse to establish joinder with the strawman all caps NAME as a first approach, many judges apparently will pretend that the NAME is not present and then quietly post an arrest warrant for the NAME so as not to spook the other people in the court to wise up to what is going on. Another trick is not to cross the bar which is the threshold of an enemy vessel, they can't force you to enter without exposing why it is necessary for compliance. This would be unlawful confinement and kidnapping. Which happens of course, but shouldn't be happening in anything calling itself a court.

    To speak to your question regarding proof of claim that everyone is a US Citizen, what exists presumably are only adhesion contracts which require some kind of disclosure, albeit even if it is only in the fine print. If it doesn't have two wet ink signatures signed under their full commercial liability, and one of them isn't yours, then you don't have a contract by definition. We all know the drill there.

    Judging by the reports coming from Anna and others about the problems with the assemblies with what must surely be infiltrators with not very honorable intentions, what is the end game?

    If it is really that easy to cast off the US Citizen yoke, real or imagined as you propose, then the criminals have everything to gain by directing people back to the prison cell and prevent emancipation from happening by preventing people from escaping from the barn while the door is open, vis-a-vis the assemblies themselves. Hope I am making sense, I am tired and may not be expressing it properly. Just doing what I can to help with this whole mess!

  6. From personal experience I can tell readers that the issue of U.S. Citizen is "PRESUMED" by the United States or State of State, or the municipal court. The ALL CAPS NAME always appears on the accusatory first line of a legal process, then rarely ever appears again throughout a trial.

    In a case of home foreclosure over alleged owed "income tax", defendant demanded from the court to have a declaration of court or judicial authority showing judge's support for claim of the courts jurisdiction.

    Also extensive arguments challenging validity of State jurisdiction were argued while showing on the record that definition of State consistently named District of Columbia as a "State".

    Judge declared I was subject to United States law, and that I had property "in the United States", refusing to answer my question "is the United States in California?". Court adjourned.

    Then by mail I received one last document from the IRS prosecutor: a naked copy of the 14th Amendment, no comments, no arguments. The judge supported that "PRESUMPTION" of U.S. Citizen Status without further comment. I had already objected to any presumption of U.S. Citizen status, but the "presumption" was carefully preserved, supported and upheld by the judge.

    Presumptions abound in these United States courts. It makes some sense to record our own records of American National political status, and to make sure to not mix and match the twain, U.S. Citizen, contracts with the U.S. government, receiving welfare, etc. and jealously guarding our records showing our return to soil and land organic State jurisdiction.

  7. c,

    This is the central issue to be sure, the name is not the thing! Bringing light to this issue is the key, I like it!

  8. Birth Certificates can be classified as counterfeit securities.