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Friday, March 29, 2019

Why So Many Lies and So Many Liars?

By Anna Von Reitz

Here we are, at the end of over two years of the most shameful, public, politically motivated witch hunt in our history, and all focused against Donald Trump.  He must be doing something profoundly right.   

And all this time, it has been painfully clear that Hillary Clinton and her State Department and Harry Reid, actually have colluded with the Russians and sold them 20% of America's Uranium. 

Once again, the Liars accused their victim of exactly what they were doing themselves. 

I want them charged.  I want them jailed. 

I want the big media conglomerates responsible for promoting this gigantic Lie Fest broken up into a hundred thousand little pieces and sued into oblivion.

It couldn't happen to nicer people.  Just take a long look at the harm they have done with their lies and political agendas. 

And when the media empires are busted as monopolies and are re-sold, I want the pieces sold to Americans.  I want American Air Waves and American Media to be American.

Even as this is all playing out, we are seeing more Liars oozing out of the woodwork in swarms.  As I said to a friend this morning --- "Must be their mating season."

They are everywhere, lying desperately about anything and everything and everyone.  And they think that they can get away with this..... and nobody is going to notice that they are spewing hokum?

Let's review:

(1) They accuse their victims of doing what they are doing themselves.
(2) They attach derogatory labels to their victims.
(3) They gossip like teenagers.
(4) They act behind false names and false fronts. 
(5) They make people feel paranoid.
(6) They deliberately misrepresent people and facts.
(7) They make unaccountable accusations and omissions.
(8) They have no morals or scruples whatsoever.

Why are they lying about me?  The same reason they are lying about Donald Trump: money. 

They know that if we follow through and properly assemble our States of the Union, their Big Party at our expense is done and over.

There are two reasons for this.  First, our States are competent to govern all by themselves, with or without restoring any Federal-level States of States.

Second, if we finish the "Reconstruction" and re-charter Federal-level States of States that work for our American States, the endless "emergency" and claims of "war powers" and all the rest of the Shinola will be over.

American Service Providers will take over the Federal Contracts and the Brits and the Holy Roman Empire will no longer be able to manipulate and control and siphon American resources. 

The money we spend on Federal Services will stop being sucked off to benefit foreign interests and will stay at home, where it will benefit the American States and People instead. 

Trillions of dollars of service contracts will go to new service providers.  American service providers.  Imagine that? 

Of course, the Brits and the Papists are desperate and throwing every lie in their repertoire at us.  Of course, they are accusing me of what they are doing themselves. Of course, they are labeling and trying to demean me.

And these are, after all, the same people that stole your identity when you were just a baby in your crib.  These are the same ones who routinely pretend that you are "dead" while they are administering your probated estate in court right in front of you.  These are the same vermin that refuse to pay you offset credit you are owed.  These are the same Filth that oppress you under color of law.  These are the same Liars that have all but destroyed our country.

And they don't even tell you their names.  They hide behind nicknames like "Virgo Triad" which actually means "Taxing Pitchfork".  Well, if you haven't been taxed enough....just listen to her.

Turn your Shinola Sensors on.  And leave them on.   It's mating season for Liars.


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  1. Not sure if it gets any clearer than that! Bully tactics 101.

    1. It goes clearer

  2. OK, I wasn't there, so I don't know, but I read somewhere that Levoy Finicum was murdered, and the Bundys arrested to get them off 'thier' federally leased grazing land so it could be mined for Uranium, to sell to the Russians? IDK! I wasn't there, but if this is true: Obama, Hillary, the FBI, the governor, etc., ALL are responsible for murder and conspiracy AND COLLUSION WITH THE RUSSIANS! But is 'the Russians' really our enemy as we have been programmed to believe? OR is this more FAKE news? Do you recall the Russians helped us defeat Adolf Hitler aka "Uncle Rothschild" to the British queen, and then SUDDENLY, they are no longer an ally after WW2, but our main 'nuclear' threat, and ohhhh, let's not forget the race to the moon bullshit! Now we share the international space station with the Russians? Do you know the high rate of suicide among returning US military veterans is I'm thinking largely due to returning home to "America" and looking around and asking themselves: "Is this what I was willing to die for?" WTF? "And what happened to the constitution I swore a lifetime an oath to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic?" "And why do I have to now fight with the VA for my EARNED benefits?" Do you know the 2 US Marines who accompanied Reagan into the meeting with Gorbachev both 'mysteriously' died real soon after that meeting? And did you know that ALL the Navy Seal Team 6 who allegedly killed bin Laden ALL died on a Chinook that was shot down by a Surface to Air missile real soon after bin Laden's body was 'buried' at sea? OK, I am disgusted enough, and I know I am preaching to the choir here, but I like Anna, needed to vent. Keep up the good work patriots. We have only 'just begin to fight'! And remember: The pen is mightier than the sword!

    Speaking of swords: Revealation 19: 11-16

    Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war. His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except Himself. He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God. And the armies in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, followed Him on white horses. Now out of His mouth goes a sharp double-edged sword, that with it He should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron. He Himself treads the wine press of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written:

    On a lighter note, in regard to the lying, thieving, murdering bastards in the inferior courts, and state house, and US congress, aka ' the sons of Satan' or how about: The united SNAKES of America? And... I being a stand up comedian for the Lord would like to add:
    When my Lord returns on that white horse, wearing a white robe, underneath the robe, I imagine he is wearing a t-shirt that reads:

    1. Look up dallasgoldbug and see that Lavoy was actuall Ed Harris and Bundy was actually T Boone Pickens
      Everything they put on tell lie vision is for content and to make money money money money
      Documentaries, books the list goes on and on what they make after the stunt
      They have already done the predictive programming for Trump to be shot or something look at the Illuminati card game and the Simpsons that put it out there what they going to do
      The Simpsons predictive programming on Trump coming down the escalator and announcing his candidacy should have thrown tons of red flags - I don;t watch the Simpsons
      How about he's the apprentice - come on really
      And we have this blog here where they for some reason are telling Trump they have the issue to the money problems?
      Yes our vets are killing themselves because of this damn nonsense
      Read this and see how they have purposely poisoned our guys
      This shit is disgusting to the core that these psychopaths can get away with this all over the world killing millions and stealing everything in their path
      That's what the UN Agenda is all about it is about stealing everything and putting people in concentration FEMA Camp Mega Cities under 24 hour surveillance
      And UN agenda 21 means agenda to one government where the nazi's control everthing all over the world - they did not lose WWII
      UN stands for United Nazis in my opinion
      You will see that the companies that assisted in the war are the ones at the top of the New World Order today
      I don't see the Queen or the Vatican in here as they too are just front organizations - keep the sheep focused on their tell lie vision and the pomp and circumstance and busy busy busy so they don't catch on and Hollywood is all part of it
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    2. Marcus de la Houssaye - ha ha ha ha Now that's really funny: WHO'S YOUR DADDY NOW ~ good one!

    3. NOW LETS PAPER-UP THEIR PALACE with our STATUS as State Nationals. They play w toilet-paper WE PLAY W POWER-PAPER & WIN WIN WIN… all the way HOME to OUR soil & land jurisdiction. Why, that CROWN OF SOIL & LAND JURISDICTION STATUS looks mighty fine on you, de la Houssaye, a Rightly Regal Living Soul.

    4. here's your "bundy ranch actors" :

    5. luther lerfald - that WellAware is too fascinating. Just can't leave the site... dang you! Can't say all of them are correct, but too many of them seem spot on, which of course pulls me back in. Now Nicole Brown Simpson as Megyn Kelly is too good... Stop already...making it all seem so possible... so insane. And yeah, that does look like Lucy Arnez w Obastards mom. Ok, have got to close the site down now... Oh wait...

    6. Luther, your link is to a junk website that is pure disinformation and lies.
      I WAS AT THE BUNDY RANCH, and I met most of these people including Cliven Bundy. The are NOT actors. These are real patriots who have sacrificed more than you will ever know for your own freedom. So stop putting these links on this blog.
      You need to get your eyes examined.
      I did radio communications for Oathkeepers for a week, and this is pure bunk that you sent the link to, and only great proof that the people at that actor website are just sowers of confusion working for the enemies of freedom.
      If you don't stop posting links to those kind of websites I will start deleting everything you post without reading the comments.

  3. Lets not forget the crooks on the back end that are rolling out this tattle tale school surveillance program, and of course it is after an 'event' that the Rockefeller Board of Education and school boards elect to roll out this program in the schools
    Might interest you to know that Rockefellers are also jewish
    They have also created which is a non profit organization that is there to help after an 'event' #OrlandoStrong, #ParklandStrong one right after the other they going from city to city rolling this shit out
    And they claiming they working for healthy communities, sustainable farming, healthy lives, clean food, clean water, while they dump IG Farben/Bayer/Monsanto toxic chemicals in the air and modify the weather and place bets on the stock market in weather derivitives
    Hell they even have Climate Stock Exchanges set up to trade CO2 creidts while they steal the common man blind
    I agree, Queen and the Pope just participants in the fraud
    The crown after all is just yet another corporation as I believe so is the vatican - all there to fleece the people
    Just a week ago manufactured hail storm where I live caused 400 Million in damages
    And low and behold they have built dozens of Caliber Collision centers all over the area to handle the damage and fleece the people, calliber collision, cc = 33
    Some links for reference
    Remember the Rolling Stones song Back in the US Back in the US Back in the USSR - they were literally not kidding
    And how about this player now working in California to help disarm the world and spread world peace
    And the likes of Oprah and Ted Turner helping them
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. There is evidence that the Khazars (who identify as Jewish to hijack the franchise) are only the bag men for the Jesuits to maintain an arms length disassociation with the whole mess.

    It has been proposed that the Romans got the Khazars to do the dirty work in the death of Jesus so they didn't attract the Karma associated with the physical act, which they figure gives them cover.

    Yes we need to look behind he curtain...

  5. Wait- Hold on- Ya can't make this stuff up! Isolationists jew supremacists are getting their long over-Due othoDox exposure, since JEWS aren't FORCED to get VACCINATED cuz they're satans chosenites. Now, lets see just how their forced poisons upon us are going to be turned right back against ((them)). This is pure sanctimonious gold:
    An Outbreak Spreads Fear: Of Measles, of Ultra-Orthodox Jews, of Anti-Semitism
    PRING VALLEY, N.Y. — Erica Wingate was working at a clothing store in town this week when a male customer, with the black hat and sidelocks typically worn by ultra-Orthodox Jews, started coughing.
    Another shopper standing next to him suddenly dropped the item she had been holding and clutched her child. “She was buying something, and she just threw it down,” Ms. Wingate recalled. “She said, ‘Let’s go, let’s go! Jews don’t have shots!’”...
    Check it out on our way to the RECORDING OFFICE (no jews allowed) hee hee hee

  6. After reading this latest article and the 3 comments so far, not that the facts are wrong but now that we know the facts and pointing fingers is the result of frustration and anger it is clear that the real culprits are those who refuse to wake up. Why are people so against learning anything other than the BS propoganda and indoctrination shoved down their throat?

    I spent months distraught over the harm these people are causing our people, but the same people I shed tears for will tell me I'm full of shit when I try to explain fractional banking or the fact that only public officials engaged in "Trade and Business" have a tax liability? The facts are out there and it doesn't take much effort to find them. I just looked it up when I was waking up. Most all goes back to definitions of the IRC. It's all tied together. "Death and Taxes" The phrase doesn't mean what we thought it meant. Who knew we were the WALKING DEAD? If people weren't so willing to be deceived even when presented with the truth this would get fixed a hell of a lot faster.

    People moan and groan, bitch and complain about government but when presented with a solution they can look up for themselves they shoot the messenger.

    Agent Smith said in the Matrix "People love Misery".

    This is the problem. Not the Jews or the Queen or the Pope or whatever politician you want to blame today. We can all come home if we want and it would put an end to this mess. The real problem is the guy in the mirror!

    Somebody told me years ago that the world didn't want to be saved which at the time caused me to take a step back and take a good look. I don't want to change me so I will try to educate the one in front of me as I live my life each day. We can bring the horse to water and watch him die of thirst.

    I ask every morning "Lord Please make my effort help someone today".
    Peace to all

    1. You're right about the face in the mirror, Annie. It's taken me about a year of digesting Anna's info to be able to even talk to anyone else about it with some cohesion. And these are folks who are already breaking down the conditioning and wondering what to do, how to protect themselves and move forward. Part of the problem is the deliberately confusing morass of legaleeze that set us all up to begin with. Some of us are obsessed with an incurable 'need to know' which takes us down many less traveled roads and into more than a few briar patches. As one of my early mentors said "Never put down your machete! You never know when you might have to make your own trail." As you may have noticed, too much paradigm shaking information frightens people. One of the methods that has worked for me is to introduce tidbits that make others curious. It helps to attach it to someone's need or link it to a problem they're having in their interface with tptb (the powers that be)… medical, financial, legal, etc. AforV was what lured me in. It didn't work, of course, but the possibility of financial relief was a big motivator. When a friend later sent me Anna / Paul's link I recognized the material and began to educate myself. Poverty is still a big hinderance. When all of one's time and attention is used trying to meet the overhead, there's nothing left over for filing paperwork and getting copies. I'm immensely relieved that Anna's system is becoming more streamlined as I'm sitting on 5 acres that I would eventually like to own, instead of just leasing it from the 'STATE' via taxes!! Be nice to be free, too, and see my family there. Even though I haven't done my paperwork, I can still show where the door is, for those willing to look. From a large circle of friends, I have 3 who have done enough research to have a conversation about this. Don't get discouraged. It's gaining momentum.

    2. Wink Wink have a look at this site
      I have nothing against anyone but something not quite right about how the world suffers and yet every one of them have a shit load of money not just a few but all of them???
      But if you think about it their money will be of no use to them either once the Illuminazi's pull the plug
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    3. Have a read at this too
      If we do not have a system to fall back on as far as commerce, then what?
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    4. Shelby, will do. May be a bit, got chores. More soon & thanks

    5. Annie I can sense your inner discomfort with what is happening and your desire to portray it as a spiritual battle. And it is on a certain level but the playing field is very physical and real. I think the biggest problem is how to stay in honor with the Creator and to not attract undesirable Karma while also realizing that the enemy is completely unable to operate on that higher vibration level and has no ability to process it due to the dysfunctional psychology of the part of the brain that should be screaming at them to stop. But they cant.

      We are at an extreme disadvantage since we should abhor any solution that requires aggression or violence to solve the issue. Anna is proposing an elegant and violence free solution simply by "edging" the enemy out of the way by reclaiming the right to the system of governance that was expected from the beginning.

      I seem to recall reading that just 10% of the world could change the present/future just by combining their spiritual energy to meditate or pray if you want to put it that way, simultaneously on an outcome or goal. Like a group meditation /prayer.

      We can shift events. But there are opponents of that position that claim to be able to change an outcome with a pile of AK-47 rifles, or a WMD event too. That is a dismal outcome but the probability is just as high as group meditation. Therein lies the proverbial rub. What to do?

      The Mueller report having fizzled has given a higher probability to the idea that things will cool off a bit and allow Trump more leverage in pulling in some of the dark forces but he is only the CEO of USA Inc., and can't do anything along the scale that Anna is proposing. There are unanswered questions there and I have tried in the past to ignite some discussion or thoughtful time spent pondering some of those questions, but I have concluded that it can't be done here, the format is too incompatible with that.

      Peace and love to all should be our battle cry. And I guess we should pray for those who have lost their way and are the perpetrators of all this trouble that they see the error of their ways and repent. I don't know what to think of that notion though, although spiritually speaking I suspect it IS the right thing to do.

      My mother always used to say "it's a great life if you don't weaken" and I suspect that her mother probably said that and I think that kind of sage wisdom goes back to a time when choices were being made when a fork in the road appeared ahead.

  7. Finicum: What puzzled me in the shooting was, while everyone was focused on what was happening, where did the drone come from and who was operating it? How did anyone know where the road block was unless they were in on it? If the shooting was legitimate, why would the FBI film it to provide the evidence? If it was legitimate, why the survivors? Wouldn't you eliminate the witnesses too?

    Perhaps Lavoy was a live target since he was a constitutionalist and this was a message for others. So many questions.

    Was CNN given a heads up? Was this the premier for the false flags that occurred afterword with the schools etc? How did anyone miss the Bundy Ranch episodes?

  8. The Swamp is being CLEANED!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT INFORMATION AND WORK Anna and Crew!!

  9. I suggest that everyone read this
    This is the freaking FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities under 24 hour surveillance via the 5G IoT, Internet of Things of which this is why Trump fast tracked the deployment because it is a crowd controlling military installation
    This is full blown communism for the entire world
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  10. All the more reason to get this done. Correct your status so that we can punish these lying bastards,liquidate the media, big pharma and the government service corporations, nuke Westminister and Vatican city and go Jesuit is mating season for these rats...the best time !

  11. Wink wink you are telling alot of the truth here my friend wow.i love it