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Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Tale of Two Governments

By Anna Von Reitz

There are two (2) Governments--- the American Government and the Federal Government. 

The American Government created the Federal Government.

The State Jural Assemblies are part of the American Government, not the Federal Government.

A Person (Federal) cannot function as one of the People (American).

Now, most Americans don't realize that they have been signed up as Federal Citizens, and shanghaied and misidentified as British Territorial Citizens and/or Municipal United States Citizens, but that is what registration of all those Birth Certificates accomplished. 

You have been secretively signed up as a member of their clubs, held to all their membership obligations, forced to pay all their fees and dues --- and all without your conscious knowledge. You've also been "deemed" to have "voluntarily" given up all your constitutionally protected rights and guarantees and to have given up all your material interests as a "gift" --- a donated
"decedent estate"--- for the benefit of their clubs.

And all this has been done "for" you by your Federal Employees, who then benefit themselves at your expense.

To get back home and be recognized as an American, you have to declare your actual birthright citizenship and claim it --- and that means revoking and expatriating from the foreign Federal citizenship that has been "conferred" upon you and which you have been unknowingly occupying almost all your life, since a few days after your actual birth.

Many of you are balking about giving up Federal Citizenship and expatriating from it, because you don't know how beneficial it is to you and your country for you to do so.  You assume that you are losing something precious, when in fact, you are letting go of the chains that bind you and the false claims that have impoverished and oppressed you. 

You are naturally part of the American Government, not the Federal Government--- and in order operate the American Government you are owed, you have to declare your "return" to your birthright citizenship as an American State Citizen and expatriate from any form of Federal Citizenship.

It would be against international law for any Federal Citizen to occupy a public office of one of our States, and against the law of the Territorial and Municipal United States for anyone "deemed to be" a Federal Citizen to interfere with the operations of any other Federal agency. 

There have been some people suggesting that, "Anna is telling us what to do." and they are pridefully bridling up like little kids claiming to be King of the Sandbox.  They think this is an issue of pride and authority.  It's not.  

If a judge knows that you are in a situation that you don't fully understand and that you may already be acting in violation of law or skating on the edge of such violation---- and that judge fails to sound the alarm and explain the situation to you----  then they are culpable for your death or other misfortune. 

The Watchman must give the alarm. And so must the Watchwoman.

In the course of my life I have often had to sound the alarm. I have had to explain this particular point of law and history more than once.  And far from it being an issue of pride, it is an issue of grief.

Each time I raise my hand and spell it out, there is some bonehead in the crowd who thinks he knows it all --- and he says, "Oh, she's just a woman!  Come on, boys! We'll do it our way!  This is our country! Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah..."

And every time people get off track and led into the woods by these Pied Pipers, good men and women suffer, they get hauled into federal prisons, they get attacked by IRS agents, they get ambushed by their own employees.

Ask Bruce Doucette.  Ask Cliven Bundy.  Ask LaVoy Finicum.  Ask Randy Weaver.

If you think that you don't have to listen to what I am telling you and don't have to declare your political status and don't have to expatriate from Federal citizenship to be part of your State Jural Assembly -- think again.


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  1. There is another Government, that has and will continue on with or without the two you point too.

  2. Okay so you're giving all this explanation and so what's the remedy? So what's the answer, in your opinion is there a process to get back to being an American state citizen

    1. Anonymous: First you didn't read the instructions for posting comments here. NO Anonymous or Unknown handles.

      Second, you are late to the party. The remedy and process is here from Anna's website post #928

      read carefully

    2. To whom it may concern
      I to ask that question in the detail there has to be a first part and the last part and always Parts in the middle you have to send documents to certain governments both the state probably the county and the federal government I've looked at Anna's 928 and it does sort of tell and I'm smarter than most people on this subject being I have studied it for 15 years and I'm not like a dumb down American and like me we need it in detail what's exactly first what's exactly second what's exactly third and so forth and so on once that document is brought out there will be thousands that will sign it and start the process of getting out of the UNITED STATES Incorporated government which is fraud. Many people don't know as much as I know about what's going on in this country I just want to simplify things so people don't have to study it to the depths as I have. Either they want to be an American Citizen or a fraudulent United States incorporated citizens set up by the Vatican England the Crooked bankers please explain and detail! Please Anna I know that you're doing right A lot of people in this country still can't read right or even spell they need it simplified

    3. No one should be doing any process until it is clear all the ramifications of which this process helps one to accomplish. It is purely your decision, as are all the ramifications of whichever decisions you reach. If you do not understand it? Don't do it until you know it completely.

      You will be at some point, in this life or the next, asked to give a reason for the hope that is within you, or maybe by a cop or governmental official who violates your personal rights, by exceeding theirs, in your space.

      Please be aware that this information has not been written and published by the government. The authors have had to tirelessly operate their journalistic traits, searching for the truth until it is found. The information is there for you to take complete advantage of. Have at it if you so choose!

      It takes years to displace despotic power groups (DPG) and the United States is one. The US current color of law is called public policy, which in 1939, give or take, became entrenched at all levels of federal dealings taking place between the United States Corporation and their trading partners in every state of America.

      Thanks for joining us.

  3. Anna, and Paul and all who are paying attn.
    How many of you have seen this? i wish every one would read this and consider what time it is, or may be?
    We are seeing the government of this world before us, it is time to return to the government that is not so easily seen!
    This story seems to go along with pompeos speech in Saudi arabia, i believe it is all connected.

  4. Francis here proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is not a Catholic, let alone a true Pope.

    No real Catholic would ever put false religions on an equal footing with the one true Faith, which is exactly what he is doing here.

    1. All the more proof that a pope is the False Prophet, and we can see he is already preparing his one world religion, gathering up all religions and 'mixing them altogether' making up the One World Religion of the End Times. Another very strong sign of the Times we are in.
      Tic Tock Tic Tock........Gong.

    2. Amazing times. Two Governments:
      One world earthly government, or the Government of the Gospel of Mashiak (Christ), this is our true choice.
      i see several saying Francis is not a catholic. He is not the Pope, i do not even comprehend what this means at this point. he is the picture boy of lukewarm Universalism in so many ways. The Peace " i have been watching in recent years is the one between the vatican and the Lutherans and the protestants, baptist the list goes on. etc. etc.
      The Vatican- How can so many remain so sure of this earth based church and all the harlot daughters it has produced and claim it to be infallible? Some claim to be the "Real Church" "hiding in the catacombs" etc. And yet why should they hide?
      Almost every Calefactory link you post Paul, i find issue with. They all still cling to this Pope business.
      In John 10:16, we are told that Christ will bring other folds into the Flock, yet we know He will not compromise the Truth.
      So i do believe we as followers should try to discuss and sort through this mess with patience and a good will towards all.

    3. Paul S. What does it take for you to get yourself unglued and into reality? None of these 'churches' are 'The Church'. And especially NOT your catholic church. Jesus established The CHRISTian church in the Upper Room at Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost which right after his death payment For The Church on the Cross. And in case you didn't notice, it was NOT 'catholic'.

      The Church IS nothing more and nothing less that THE PEOPLE who are born again folks. Christ and The Father (not your father Leonard) gave us God's Word as the Guide Book for the born again folks to abide by, which we call the bible, and IT was Completed BY the year 100 A.D. Your catholic 'church' was not even heard of till sometime in the 3rd century, a good 200 YEARS later.

      God's Word is all that we need. We do not need any of these so-called 'churches'. The born again folks can and some do, meet in homes. Almost any home will be plenty of room for them, since there are so few born agains.
      Catholic is catholic. You cannot try to divorce yourself from the vatican/rome as soon as one of us exposes the truth about it, such as your shutting down comments as soon as that happened.
      By your weekly sunday posting by leonard, he clearly posts much of the same old vatican/rome/rcc teachings - - such as ''sin is cleansed in baptism' and he means baptism with water. Same thing as was taught in old catholic families a hundred years ago and handed down thru the ages. But my KJV tells me that ''john baptized with water, but NOW there is one who baptizes us from on high''. Meaning that ever since the day of Pentecost, God changed baptism, and now it is the Holy Spirit Himself that baptizes us ''into the One Body''.

      Oh, but of course my old old KJV bible is 'tainted and incorrect and has me on the wrong track because it is not a CATHolic bible, lol''
      So alas, what am I to do, I have been baptized BY the Holy Spirit of God Himself, and now its too late to sprinkle me and remain a wet sinner. I do not truly mean to be sarcastic, but it is just astounding to me that we are now in the 21st century and people are still stuck in ''watering'' thinking water can wash sin out of mans heart (since thats where sin resides).

      Paul, I believe you are what is termed ''a good man''. But your greatest downfall is you're stuck in the mud of the catholic church and it is disturbing to me to see you so hopelessly ingrained with your false thinking. There is no salvation in ANY of these churches; it must be a sincere relationship between just You and God. Our obedience must be to God, NOT to ANY of these so called 'churches'. So I suggest you earnestly ask yourself - Who do you really look TO? It seems to me you are most adamant in defending your ''catholic church'' - not God and His Truths.
      And when we try to defend Gods Truths, His Word, you try to tell us that His Word is tainted, and that ''Your Church' knows better, and has written Better Word that we should all be following after.

      Paul, that is quite telling of who your 'God' really is and who you really obey and follow after.

    4. You obviously have not read the history and truth contained in the many links I have sent regarding Christianity.

      I categorically state here that you are dead wrong about what the Church is, what Christianity is, how it started, who started it, and what it contains as a deposit of Faith from Christ. You have in essence read the Bible according to your own mind, not the mind of Christ. You have privately interpreted what it says, and you have not even studied the history of where that Bible came from. If you had done all that with a sincere mind wanting to obey Christ and His teachings, YOU WOULD BE A CATHOLIC NOW, instead of being lost in the sea of error.
      You have missed out on 2000 plus years of truth, and you don't at all know what Christians believe, and not only that but you reject principles that have been held by all Christians for centuries, like Papal Infalibility, which you don't understand at all. Yet you ridicule what you don't understand, probably because you don't want to be bound by what those principles would require of you. I have said and here restate that it will be impossible for you to refute anything about what I have linked to here, if you won't even read it. And I don't believe at this point that you have read a thing. I don't think you have read even one link.
      But others have, and I am getting some very good letters privately thanking me for taking this stand for Christ and His true Church.


      On the Visibility of the Christian Church:

      "God's Word is all that we need."

      You don't know what the Bible is or where it came from if you think it's the sole rule of Faith.

      And you completely ignore the history of the rule of Faith.

      " salvation in any of these Churches"

    5. Continued:

      His Word ? What authority do you have to prove your version of the Bible, which to you is the sole rule of Faith, is the correct version, because most of the versions are at variance with each other. What Bible are you calling the real Bible? And who decided that it is?

      On the King James Bible. Where it came from.

      Where is it indicated in the Bible that the Bible is the sole rule of Faith?

      Abby, you have thrown the baby (true Christian Faith) out with the bathwater, because you have never read the Catholic view. You just continue to bash the Church because of what you hear others say about it, and because of your own erroneous interpretation of the Bible, and your lack of knowledge of Church history, except perhaps what haters have to say who are in the same sinking ship of Protestantism.

      All these questions are hundreds of years old and have been answered by the Church many times.


      Of course you won't read any of this, and you will just keep spouting your errors at me, so is it any wonder after all the proof I have given in my answers that I will get tired of saying it and in order to get any rest at all will shut off the comments from time to time?

    6. In short, the Church is in no way 'catholic'
      and in no way would I ever be a catholic.
      I will stick with my 'born again' which was
      a literal change in my life.

      I do not do 'private interpretation' on anything.
      And most assuredly I would never resort to any
      self appointed 'church'to tell me what God says
      when He already gave it to be written way back
      before 'catholic' was ever dreamed up by Man.

      Paul you will just have to keep what you got, and
      understand that I find the catholic church to be
      detestable in the worst degree possible. And you
      can stop with shoving catholicism down our throats.
      Its absolutely disgusting to me.
      I know what I have, and I have a ton of proof OF it
      and I know genuine from fake. And you ought to know
      that water can not ever wash away sin. Right there ought
      to give you a lot to think about.
      (I will be so happy when the word catholic is never heard
      of again.)
      No, I pay no heed to any of your websites, as they are
      probably just mere interpretations from some catholics.

    7. If you don't want to hear what I have to say stop spouting off about the Church, or get your own blog.
      If you attack the true Church Jesus Christ founded I will defend it with everything I can muster for proof against your heresies.

  5. If you are serious about correcting your status , join us. We are nkt the only little group. Others havd reached out to us over the past week or so. There is abundant help. Please take advantage of it and get off your butts. You only have to gain freedom and lose slavery...and it doesnt hurt.

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  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. This is much simpler than people are making it. You have been misidentified as a "Federal" --- meaning Territorial and/or Municipal United States Citizen. That is a political status foreign to the one you are born into. In order to function as part of your original Body Politic and do the work of an American Citizen, you have to "expatriate" from the presumed status of Federal Citizenship. That's the facts, Ma'am, and this is all that this is about.

    Do you want to be classified and labeled as being in the same political status as someone born in Puerto Rico, which is an American Territory? Without the full rights and guarantees owed to an American?

    Do you want to be classified the same as someone born in Washington, DC to foreign parents --- as a "dependent" of the Municipal Washington, DC Government? And have no rights or guarantees at all, and simply be a slave obligated to perform whatever the whims of the Territorial Congress may dictate?

    Or do you want to live your life as an independent American?

    You have a choice.

    You can choose to rebut their "presumptions" about you and your political status. You can choose to "come home" and act as one of the people of this country, instead of acting (unknowingly) as a "person" belonging to a foreign corporation.

    But first you have to know and accept that you are being misidentified as a "person" instead of one of the "people" ---

    And then you have to rebut that presumption by baldly expatriating yourself from any such "citizenship" obligation....

    And then, if you will, you need to bulwark your own American Government, because it has been undermined. You can, of course, just stop at the level of expatriation and function as a State National. But if you take up the real challenge set before us, you are also enabled (after expatriating from Federal Citizenship) to function as a member of your State Jural Assembly and as a State Citizen.

    The word "Citizen" implies a duty to serve a government --- in this case, it would be and is a voluntary service to your own American State Government, to serve as a member of the State Jural Assembly.

    Yes, this means some work. Yes, this means taking action.

    But this is the means that we have of upholding the Public and Organic Law of this country, including the Constitutional provisions and guarantees. So if you want your Constitutional guarantees to be honored and you don't want to be harassed and robbed by your own employees --- better get busy and boot up your State Jural Assembly.

    1. Anna, no Im afraid not until you get it down to One Page and notify ONE Office, then it is way too much to Refute FRAUD done by others, not me. Thats just my own personal viewpoint. If others want to spend their life fighting, then thats up to them.

    2. If everyone had your attitude we would never have had freedom in this country in the first place. You add nothing constructive. The only thing you know is how to tear down others.

  8. All high US high technology being sent to I s r a e l
    Just wow
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  9. Here's my notice
    I rebut the presumption that I am operating as a government official; performing any act of government; and that I am being paid to do so.
    Being that all communications are captured and the data gathered by the very perpetraters of the original crime in order to presecute the unknowing, this is my official public notice
    I will not pay extortion fees to free something that belongs to me and my creator agrees
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Who is the US citizen, you, or the ens legis? It can only be the latter as a person is never a Man. Show me the contract where I agreed to act in the capacity of any person with full disclosure, consideration and a true meeting of the minds. Adhesion contracts are a ruse as they are unconscionable and voidable, and thus, only binding on the person as you never agreed, with full disclosure, to be surety for the person.

      The BC is merely evidence of equitable use and beneficial interest in an entity you did not create. It cannot be used to identify the holder. If you used it to identify yourself, then correct that. It has no magical power over you.


  10. The remedy is expatriation. Which is a voluntary act which is protected as drawn out in the 1868 "Right of Expatriation" Public Law: 15 United States statutes at large, ch 249 pg 223-224.

    You can read a legal disorientation here for more information;

  11. Paul,
    "Instead you need to show me actual documents from the Popes and hierarchy of the Catholic Church prior to the death of the last true Pope, Eugenio Pacelli (Piux XII) who died October 9th, 1958."

    Paul look at the first two paragraphs of Annas article,
    Anna -
    The Pope isn't polluting Christianity with Islam, he is polluting Islam with Christianity, which is what the Popes have traditionally done since 325 A.D.

    "The Church Leaders colluding with Constantine just balled up every nasty pagan religion in Rome at the time and guaranteed it amnesty as long as the adherents claimed to be "Christian". That's still the quid pro quo."

    1. a follower- Constantine was the first Roman emperor to convert to Christianity. ... He played an influential role in the proclamation of the Edict of Milan in 313, which declared religious tolerance for Christianity in the Roman empire.
      "Religious tolerance?" So what did this mean? Not going to murder followers anymore?
      Constantine, who ruled from a.d. 306 until his death in 337, recognized Catholicism as an ideal partner of the Roman Empire. As a devotee of the sun cult, his religion was already similar to Catholicism. Constantine’s father had also been pro-”Christian.” Constantine claimed that his conversion occurred when God intervened to help him with the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, where he secured his rulership over the Roman Empire. But he held “Christian” sympathies before that. Constantine was a megalomaniac who realized that by accepting “Christianity” he could rule a religion as well as an empire. (Constantine made sure that after his death he would be buried in a monument at the head of 12 other memorials to the apostles. He considered himself the chief.)

    2. aFollower, I would not say that ''christianity contaminated islam''. I would say that paganism contaminated what was already contaminated to begin with. Of course we know that Islam is a totally brainwashing that was made up by Man.

    3. a follower:
      I see no actual documents in those first two paragraphs.

      I have already answered this above.

  12. And now we know thy religion and sex should not become discussions at parties !

    1. Oops, forgot politics. I went back to check cause I thought the post was about 2 governments. So many comments missed the point. No wonder comprehension is at an all time low.