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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Good Guys With Guns - How an Armed Citizenry Deters Tyranny & Atrocities

This video, the latest production of Matrix Entertainment, is critical to the future of America.

You really need to watch this entire video ASAP

This video was found here:

There are 9 videos on that page on YouTube that you should watch.


  1. We just had a very weird event happen a couple days ago.
    After having the weirdest forest fire event in 2017, we just had a Huge event.
    We heard a huge helicopter over our houses. I went out on my deck to observe.NO LIGHTS!

    1. I'm going to put my binoculars near the door to see WHAT is piloting these black helicopters...which come flying over every time I make a comment they don't like. Some people are saying they are not human. The latest comment that brought them overhead was that I discovered another depop method. The serial mass murderers are putting radioactive waste material from the 1950s and 1960s nuclear bomb blasts into smoke/fire detectors. If it says "ionizing" anywhere on the package, it is that nuclear waste. The race of psychopaths have THEIR network of "regulatory" agencies say it is safe. It is not. Scientist, Reich, found alpha and gamma rays causing cancer in humans. Get the 100% photoelectric kind that does not warn you about "ionizing radiation"...does not say hybrid. The hazardous ones do not work 25% of the time. There is ZERO need for them...except the serial mass murderers want you and your family dead.

  2. An armed society is a polite society.

  3. When you buy a gun from any store, the govt should subsidise the use of it at gun ranges just like cops.....for free..!!
    That way they can't say people don't know how to use them...they should teach the buyer proper handling and shooting procedures as well as how to clean and keep it safe from children....that part would be easy if they would just incorporate the grip or handle to recoginize only the owners hand (hand recoginition)....they have that technology...!@

    1. No James. Get the government the hell OUT of the gun market.

      ID tech is INFRINGEMENT. About the time you really need it, it will fail and you will die.

      Not only that but you won't be able to give it to your son or daughter in a fight, to help defend themselves. What if you get wounded and can't fight any longer?

      I agree there should be good training. I went to Front Sight in Nevada and I am a Lifetime Ambassador Member of their school.
      The first thing they teach you, is how much you don't know about firearms.
      Governemnt is NOT the answer. Yes the state should finance the "well organized Militia of the several states" for formal training on tactics and defense, but only to people who are actually IN the Militia.

      Read the words of Dr. Edwin Vieira on the Militia.


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  5. G.Edward Griffin is correct soviet union would use mental illness as a
    Way to eliminate .It's used in court room , now red flag laws you can be swat raided if deemed unstable .
    And it's all based on opinion exclusively .

  6. A little too rah rah ,USA ,USA. I am not in agreement with the " Oathkeepers" . They are oathbreakers with few exceptions( Richard Mack comes to mind, whom I have met)I think they should all be reading Anna's work to get a better grasp on the problems.. My grade C+ .

  7. I am all about the second amendment, but it appears too many of us are not properly armed with knowledge... Those guns can't protect our rights if we don't 'know' our rights to start with!


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