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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Comment On Pope's Agreement With Imam

By Anna Von Reitz

The Pope isn't polluting Christianity with Islam, he is polluting Islam with Christianity, which is what the Popes have traditionally done since 325 A.D.

The Church Leaders colluding with Constantine just balled up every nasty pagan religion in Rome at the time and guaranteed it amnesty as long as the adherents claimed to be "Christian".  That's still the quid pro quo.

Just look at Nancy Pelosi, star "Christian" and "Catholic" adamantly in favor of murdering babies both before and after they are born. 

The same Church Elders adopted pagan customs and beliefs by the wagonload and just dubbed those "Christian" as well.  

Christmas is pagan in origin. Easter is pagan in origin. Most of the mythos of "Christianity" is borrowed from the religion of Ancient Egypt.  It's all cobbled together and polluted from one end to the other, and whatever it is that is politically expedient, the Church Leaders continue to call it "Christian". 

They've even made pedophilia into a "Man-Boy Sacrament". 

They might as well call it what it has become --- "Garbage du Jour Religion".

It has little or nothing to do with the teachings of a certain Jewish rabbi, who they secretly despise and use as window dressing.  It has even less to do with Islam.

So now, they are moving on to capture and ingest Islam as well.  Just imagine a giant amoeba closing in on a morsel of food.

Soon, they will have renamed the Fast of Ramadan and will claim that it honors something or someone else.  Oh, the Season of Lent.... I forgot for a moment.  We already have our Fast of Ramadan, don't we? 

We'll just call it something else, hang a new label on it, the sheep will continue to do what we tell them to do.

If I were a Muslim, I'd denounce the Imam for this and go on about my business.  At the end of the day, I might be wrong, but at least I'd be honest about my beliefs and they would remain unpolluted by the con artists wearing funny clothes.   

As a Follower of Yeshuah and someone who has Faith in Divine Grace, I think I shall no longer call myself a "Christian";  the Popes have seen fit to disgrace that name and redefine it into something unrecognizable and unworthy of my support.


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  1. Thank you Anna! That's hitting the nail on it's head. Bingo.

  2. And I keep telling everyone that you are not talking here about Catholics.
    Francis in not a Catholic, and certainly is NOT the Pope.

    The part about pagan beliefs being adopted in patently false. Some pagan customs were adapted with a different and clear christian meaning which was clearly explained at the time, and the old pagan meanings of the customs was severely forbidden with clear edicts by the bishops.

    See this page about Easter as just one example of many.

    And this one about the origins of Christmas.

    And look at this one about Paganism

    Someone has to give the other side of these ideas, and I guess that falls to me. I don't make this stuff up. It comes mostly from what is in Catholic history written centuries ago.

    1. hey Paul, so, you are ok with the pope claiming the world and everything in 1302?

    2. Show me the actual document, and I will comment.

    3. Well, here Paul....
      Watch this video...

      Read these words that came out of the mouths of devout Bishops, Priests, Clergy, and out of the mouth of the Pope himself and tell me if they serve God or the church. They certainly do not serve the people.

      Their intention Paul is to lead the people straight into hell.

      Do you know that the vatican controls Jerusalem itself? That they intend to sit in place of Jesus? They do. You follow a demonic church that serves the devil himself.

      Contracts do not lie....else they are void ab initio....

      Everything is contracts Paul, everything

    4. You are picking and choosing websites that are all recent and mostly written by people who hate the Church.

      Instead you need to show me actual documents from the Popes and hierarchy of the Catholic Church prior to the death of the last true Pope, Eugenio Pacelli (Piux XII) who died October 9th, 1958.

      Anything can be taken out of context to "prove" anything these vicious people want to say, and all of what you rely on is after the Vatican was already taken over by the modernists after the Vatican Counsel II in 1963-64.
      Those people are part of a new and false religion known as the Novus Ordo. They are NOT Catholics. They are impostors, who don't believe what Christ taught, and don't live like Christ lived, or at least the way he taught us to live.
      Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. In the mean time make sure you don't fulfill Christ's prophecy, "The time will come when those who kill you will think they are doing a service to God."
      The Novus Ordo is an imposter religion claiming to be Catholic, that has stolen the buildings, and the offices, and money, and power of the Vatican, and the biggest lie, when they say they are Catholic. They have stolen the name.

      They are to religion what Obama was to the presidency of the United States.

      We are living in the time of the world wide Great Apostasy. All your arguments against the Church are as old as the Church itself and have been refuted throughout history.
      The danger is that this new and false religion is doing horrendous things that are so far from what Christ taught that they tend to make people HATE THE CHURCH when what they should be hating is the errors themselves. I don't trust anything they say or do since 1959.

  3. Dogmatic, hierarchical religion with a sledgehammer is the opiate of the masses.

  4. Absolute power corrupts absolutely

    Without a strict moral code and a carefully calibrated shinola sensor most " religion " seems harmless...look down at that moral compass and check the shinola sensor and see the truth.
    Lets look at how many living souls the Christians, Jews and Moslems have murdered in the name of their god( satan) God as I know Him does not murder . Something is asque with the treddle

  5. Bankers creating WWIII is what they're doing and they know it too
    This is a planned world wide attack on every nation and everything on this planet and if the people do not agree then they have the solution for that, depopulation just like their UN Agenda calls for through war and then the rise of their phoenix out of the ashes
    Just my opinion
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    Centuries they have been planning this
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  7. For everyone to read and wise up. Read what the catholic church itself claims is their role in everything you do, every job you take, every government official you vote for, every decision made by their roman catholic supreme court. They pretend they work for the people. Instead they undermine the people. Understand this one thing and remember this more than anything I have ever said. They are about to set you up. Wealth more than you have ever known is coming. It's a ruse. It will come through the hands of politicians and corporations. In the end you will owe them your soul. The devil promised Jesus the world and he said no. Will he promise you anything less? He has nothing else to offer. It will lead to your destruction if you accept what this world has to offer. Don't do it. In the end you will accept the mark if you want to keep what the devil himself has so generously given you. Don't fall for it! The vatican works for the devil. They are not, nor have they ever been christian! They are and have always been the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE! The same ones who had the last word in hanging your savior on the cross!

    READ IT!

    1. Are those the same as Ashkenazi Jews? Because that is w hat I am understanding President Trump to be, as well as most of his huge campaign donors, including Wilbur Ross. Who turned out to be commerce Secretary. Unfortunately gotta connect the dots where they seem to connect.

  8. See my comments above about the Catholic Church.