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Saturday, January 26, 2019

To All the Jural Assemblies - 15 Coroners

By Anna Von Reitz

The Office of County Coroner, like the Office of County Sheriff, has to be filled and is in fact one of the Primary Offices of the American Government. Why?

The Coroner is the only Public Official who can remove a sitting Governor from office.  Strange, but true.

The logic of this is too convoluted and ancient to go into, but there is a long history confirming that of all the Public Offices, the Office of the Coroner is "the office of greatest trust".

This has in part to do with certification of whether or not people are "alive" or "dead", and this is why when Britain and the Pope colluded to defraud our Government in Breach of Trust, they conscripted and licensed all our doctors and nurses as "Uniformed Officers" (Territorial Federal Code Title 37).

They then imposed upon the medical professionals with coercive force to participate in the infamous Dead Baby Scheme. Our doctors are forced to "certify" the birth and death of "Human Persons"-- what we call "afterbirths" ---and to seize upon the expelled tissues and DNA, which the collaborators in the for-hire "government" register as "unclaimed" chattel property.  In this way, the perpetrators lay a secretive and unconscionable commercial claim to our unique DNA.

We are somewhat hampered in our efforts to put an end to these schemes and an end to these absurd and abusive commercial claim activities by the simple fact that all the doctors and nurses are being coerced to participate in this fraud under pain of losing their licenses and ability to earn a living.

It becomes a "chicken and egg" proposition -- in order to fully function, the actual land and soil jurisdiction government requires a Coroner, who must be a competently trained medical professional, but almost all the medical professionals have been trapped into accepting a license and subjecting themselves to the British Territorial United States Government instead of retaining their private status and functioning as State Nationals.

Thus, they wind up having to support a system they hate and which enslaves them, and most do not know that they have a choice and aren't actually required to have a license.  All the "licensing" is being done by foreign, for-profit corporations and applies only to their subcontractors --- contractors they have to actually hire or induct formally into the military before they can demand any licensing.

Once again, we are being entrapped by our own ignorance and willingness to "go along to get along".  The doctors and nurses and dentists are actually being hoodwinked into complying with "laws" that do not and cannot apply to them, and they tie the proverbial noose around their own necks by applying for and accepting a license in the first place.

The situation is irritating on all sides, but there are ways to get around the need for a competent Coroner.  Retired Medical Doctors and Nurses who no longer use their license can return it and serve as County Coroners. Men and women trained as Physician's Assistants in the course of their military training who, for whatever reasons, did not choose to make use of that training in private life can serve as Coroners.

Realistically, all that is needed is someone who has reasonable training and experience to be able to certify that a man is dead and to give an educated opinion of the cause of death.  At first, anyway, the actual County Coroner serves only cases involving members of the State Jural Assembly (State Citizens) and those who have recorded their State National political status with the State Jural Assembly Recorder.

This makes for light duty at the present time, but as more Americans wake up and "return home" to the land and soil jurisdiction of their birth, the work load for the actual County Coroners will increase.

As well as recording deaths, County Coroners have an even more important function from the standpoint of the Jural Assembly: recording births. As new babies are born into the families of State Jural Assembly members and also into the families of State Nationals, the event and the details need to be recorded on the land and soil jurisdiction of the actual States. 

The actual County Coroner's Office certifies both births and deaths and has them recorded by the State Jural Assembly Recorder's Office prior to serving Notice to the Territorial Government by providing a copy of the public record.

In all these functions, the State Jural Assembly and its members are the actual "Public" and the for-hire Territorial "State of State" corporations are "private" enterprises under contract to provide services to us--- it is in fact the exact opposite from what most people assume. 

Most people assume that the for-hire corporations are the actual government, because they have been unknowingly conscripted into the foreign jurisdiction of these corporations, and subjected to their private "law", so that these corporations which are merely providing "governmental services" appear to be the only actual government and their "statutory law" appears to be the only form of law.    

However, once your State Jural Assembly rears its head and its Members are properly documented, the actual Public and Organic Law comes back into view and into play and the cobwebs and deceits fade away.


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  1. I was a California state commissioned Notary Public for 20 years. Having seen the Notary Commission rules and regulations drastically change over that time, I chose not to renew the Notary commission.

    After correcting my status and standing, and joining the State's Jural Assembly, am I able to participate in the State Jural Assembly Recorder's Office as a public Notary?

    1. I too am a notary in the state of Wisconsin and I wonder whether or not I am able to participate in the State Jural Assemble Recorder's Office as a public Notary?

  2. Oh just when I thought it cant get any more looney, with 'human person is afterbirth'' LOLOL. I will try to stop laughing; no I wont. Im thinking maybe the reason God is gonna do his 'armageddon' on this ball of dirt, is because it has gone off the deep end, such as in this case.

    But finally, I am for Coroners. Coroners could come in handy for an idea I have; round up the indicted folks, skip the non-existent tribunals, and just autopsy them all and at that point all that is needed is one large crematory.

    1. Abby I agree. It's crazy to call afterbirth a human person, but it works for them in their world. Look up "Born Alive" (black law 5th Ed)or to save time go to

      Crazy stuff in their world.

    2. Is there anything that Wall Street doesn t bet on...??

    3. Kiwi, yup! They have lost their minds, and just look at how many people just believe everything that comes along, LOL. These peeps need to wake up and realize that the same culprits that have robbed us, used us, and lied to us, and railroad us - done all this stuff to The People, that is discussed in here - THEY are the culprits who went and wrote their OWN definitions calling it Blacks Law Dictionary, and, and look at how many suckers are playing their word game, LOL.
      Instead, these culprits should be ridiculed by all of us, instead of blindly accepting stuff like ''afterbirth is a human person' LOL. Really? Does it have a heartbeat, and show evidence of being alive and living? GET REAL, folks.
      Excuse me, but I am not stupid enough to buy into such BS.

  3. Until the restraints are put on the actual nation state that is responsible for the world wide sad state of affairs and the 5G death technology they are unleashing on the world, not sure any of us stand a chance
    All of this killer technology is being produces and tested in this nation state and billions of dollars a year are being funneled there through AIPAC and the CFR
    It is no coincidence either that this corporation was created by the same crooks that are stealing everything right out from under us right now only to make this rogue nation state of 'Gods' chosen the epicenter of the NWO
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. The thought of the Doctors knowingly or unknowingly stealing the afterbirth of my children and their DNA is horrifying. I hope this is something we can take up as we get peoples status corrected, form our Jural Assemblies and start indicting these criminals.

  5. The only reason people do anything is because of are we going to fix that Anna...!!
    Is there a status for us that Nationals do not need money...their signature will act as money for anything and everything...!! Transaction completed...!!

    1. james, all this pushing to set up jural assemblies, and hiring 'their own sheriff, their own coroners, etc'' and did you notice not one word of how they are going to be paid?

  6. Though the terms are used interchangeably, there is a considerable difference between Coroners and Medical Examiners. Most notably, Coroners are not usually required to have any medical training. Often, the Coroner is an elected position with no special requirements other than reaching legal age and not having been convicted of any felonies. As a result, some of the Coroner's medical duties, such as performing autopsies, may be delegated to medical professionals within the Coroner's office or outsourced to other entities.
    reference from: