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Saturday, January 26, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies - 14 Sheriffs, State Militias, and Marshals

By Anna Von Reitz

In our earlier discussion about "Committees of Safety" we discussed the issue of Sheriffs and the fact that there are two different kinds of Sheriffs --- those who are public Peacekeeping Officials and those who are private Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs)----hired guns to go with Hired Jurists, though most LEO's don't realize this and are working in the dark.

Notice the difference in terminology? Officials versus Officers?

The actual public officials who are Sheriffs occupy the land and soil jurisdiction of the States.

The corporate "Sheriffs" naturally occupy offices in the "County" Corporations, all operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea--- and all being entities of the same kind and status as Dairy Queen, howbeit in the business of providing "governmental services".

A land jurisdiction Sheriff functioning in actual Public Office in say, Clayton County, Ohio, is the highest ranking law official in the County, bar none. Nobody outranks them. Not the District Attorney. Not even the Governor of the State outranks an actual County Sheriff on his home turf, and certainly, neither does the Governor of any "State of State" outrank a County Sheriff. Anyone working as a "Sheriff" for any incorporated entity is a lot farther down the totem pole, too.

Peacekeeping Officials of the actual land and soil jurisdiction (unincorporated) Counties outrank Law Enforcement Officers hired by incorporated "Counties" by many orders of magnitude.

The actual County Sheriff is responsible for the enforcement of the Public and Organic Law,  including the actual Constitution owed to our States and the protection of the property, persons, and guaranteed rights of the people living within the borders of his County.

He only acquires his god-like powers when there is an active, qualified State Jural Assembly present in the State, and at least a few qualifying Jurors in his County to elect him. There is no exact quorum required for these County Sheriff elections, but the more people who realize the importance of joining the State Jural Assembly and thereby also "re-populating" their County, the better.

I look forward to a day when all Americans fully realize how close we have come to losing our country. I also look forward to the day when the People put aside the shackles they have been living under and realize the blessings of being free again. There won't be any arguments anymore about political status. There will be a stampede of those leaving the "US" and coming home to America.

So those County Sheriffs who are Peacekeeping Officials serving the unincorporated land and soil jurisdiction Counties, are the embodiment of the Public Law and the executors of the Law of the Land and the Law of the Soil within their County's borders.

All "Sheriffs" serving incorporated "Counties" as Law Enforcement Officers are obligated to come to the aid and assistance of the actual Sheriff and to obey the directions of the actual County Sheriff.

People sometimes try to make sense of this by characterizing one or the other of these different kinds of "Sheriff" in terms of being "elected" or not, but in fact, both are elected.

The actual County Sheriff is elected by County Jural Assembly Members, who are also automatically State Jural Assembly Members and vice versa.

The Corporate Sheriff is also "elected" but he is elected by corporation shareholders and employees who are registered to vote in the private elections of the foreign [Territorial] State of State, Inc. or even the Municipal STATE OF STATE, INC.

These are two completely different kinds of "Sheriff" acting in two separate jurisdictions and two completely different capacities. One is a Public Peacekeeping Official and one is a private corporate employee working as a "Law Enforcement Officer".

Some LEO Sheriffs try their best to uphold both the Public and Organic Law of the actual County and the private "statutory law" that rules the Public Policies of the foreign corporations they work for. 

Sheriff Richard Mack is a good example of a LEO faithfully struggling to also fulfill the "vacated" Public Peacekeeping duty of the actual County Sheriff. His epic battle, Mack and Prinz v. USA, Inc. is a testament to two Americans who did their best with a bad situation.

That said, it has been a hard paddle swimming against the tide, as millions of unwary Americans were conscripted and "converted" without their knowledge or consent from being State Jural Assembly Members and State Electors, into functioning as mere private Shareholders in a bankrupt foreign corporation.

Fortunately for us, all these non-disclosed attempts to give away our inheritance and sovereignty "for" us by our disloyal and often clueless employees have been tainted by fraud and fraud knows no statute of limitations.

Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) as employees of private, for-profit, foreign corporations are allowed to be here and to function under what are known as "Private Security" or "Pinkerton" Laws and have the same exact authority as a Floorwalker at Wallmart, except when their activities involve directly protecting the U.S. Mail, infrastructure related to the U.S. Mail (Post Offices, Post Boxes, etc.) or the Railroads and their infrastructure--- tracks, stations, crossing lights, etc. Then they take on the character, but not the office, of Federal Marshals, and employ the same kind of "armed authority" as Federal Agents working for BATF, FBI, etc.

Actual State Militias are not the same as State of State Militias.

State Militias are manned by State Citizens who are members of the State Jural Assembly. Similar to the system of the Swiss Cantons, their focus is community safety and preparedness on a statewide basis. Members are taught firearms safety, marksmanship, first aid, and train in one or more specialties. In the event of attack or natural disaster, the State Militia Commanders can call upon one or more County Militias for assistance. They can also call upon the "State of State" Militias, the State of State "National Guard" and the local U.S. Military Commanders for assistance.

State of State Militias including the State of State "National Guard" are quasi-military or paramilitary organizations manned by State of State (Territorial) U.S. Citizens who are corporate shareholders and enfranchised voters.

The actual State may employ additional peacekeeping Public Safety Officers, whose duty is to uphold the Public and Organic Law in places and in situations where the people of the State (State Nationals) need protection or assistance. These local State peacekeeping forces have traditionally gone by a variety of names --- Troopers and Rangers, for example.

Like their counterparts, these men and women derive their authority directly from the State Jural Assembly and while on State land, they traditionally have absolute peacekeeping authority over everyone but the County Sheriff and in some States, the State Militia Commander.

The Authority Pyramid in the actual American States goes like this:

County Sheriff (Peacekeeper- Public)
State Marshal-at-Arms (Peacekeeper - Public)
State Militia Commander (Peacekeeper- Public)
State Troopers or Rangers (Peacekeeper - Public)
LEO's - Private Pinkertons, "Sheriffs" (Law Enforcement - Private)
Private Detectives, Bailiffs, etc. (Can be State or State of State)
And on the Federal (International) side:
Federal, also known as Continental, Marshals (Peacekeeper- Public)
U.S. Marshals (Law Enforcement - Private)
Agency Personnel (Law Enforcement- Private)
Provost Marshal (Should be a Peacekeeping Officer, but isn't currently.)

It must be understood that the authority these officials and officers have depends upon "where they stand". On the land and soil of the States, actual County Sheriffs and State Troopers and Federal Continental Marshals outrank all LEO's and Agency Personnel.

Federal Marshals serve in "Districts" defined by Postal Service Districts, sometimes called "Postal Service Areas" in an attempt to avoid confusion with other kinds of Federal Government "Districts" such as "Judicial Districts" and "Military Districts". These Postal Districts often overlap several States and create one "Service District" ruled over by one Federal Marshal and as many Deputies as needed.

Actual Federal Marshals are International Land Jurisdiction Officials who are supposed to be operating under the auspices of the unincorporated Federation of States, dba, The United States of America. Their job is to coordinate efforts to intercept, prevent, and prosecute crimes peculiar to interstate/international land jurisdiction venues, including the trafficking of people and contraband, kidnapping, bank robberies, train robberies, mail fraud, consumer crimes, securitization scams, and much more.

Federal Marshals work with counterparts operating in the International Jurisdiction of the Sea who are corporate employees known as "United States Marshals" or "U.S. Marshals". These sea-going Marshals then also interface with the Coast Guard, INS, Border Patrol, FBI, etc. to coordinate efforts to detect, prevent, and prosecute crimes of inland piracy, false conversion, smuggling, international mail fraud, human trafficking across national boundaries, kidnapping, bank securities transfer schemes, drug running, and so on.

The designation "Federal" goes back to the "Federation of States" that the "Federal Marshals" work for, but without our State Jural Assemblies and people knowledgeably functioning as State Citizens, the Federation has also been "de-populated" and forced to exist on fumes and volunteers. This has meant that half of our protection in international jurisdiction has been undermined for lack of our State Jural Assemblies being in full and competent operation, and that empty spot in our law enforcement shield has invited many abuses and a proliferation of crimes in specifically these grossly understaffed positions.

To add to the confusion, the U.S. Marshals have started calling themselves "Federal Marshals" -- which they are not.

Similar to the case of the actual County Sheriff vs. the Corporate LEO Sheriffs, the actual Federal Marshals are Peacekeeping Officials, not Law Enforcement Officers. They work for the Federation of States, not "federal" Territorial or Municipal corporation subcontractors.

Here, too, is a lot of confusion. The Federal Government is supposed to be composed of three (3) branches --- (1) the actual Federal States of States (which have been mothballed since 1868), (2) the Territorial United States Government, and (3) the Municipal United States Government. All of these entities operate exclusively in the International Jurisdiction of the Sea, but there is another "Federal" Government, that which operates the International Jurisdiction of the Land owed to this country.

The adjective "Federal" actually refers to the "Federation of States" --- the same States that are operated by the State Jural Assemblies. Our States formed their unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America, on September 9, 1776. This is the Holding Company called a "Union" that operates the mutual International Land Jurisdiction functions of the States, so where more than one State is concerned, Federal Marshals are hired by The United States of America to act as Peacekeeping Officers.

Notice that while actual elected County Sheriffs are called "Peacekeeping Officials", Federal Marshals are hired -- not elected -- and serve as "Peacekeeping Officers" employed by the Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.

As Americans have awakened and "returned" to the land and soil jurisdiction States of the Union, and our State Jural Assemblies have booted up, so has The United States of America been revived.

In 2015, we organized a new group of Federal Marshals, and in hopes of avoiding any more confusion between the sea-going "Federal Government" and the U.S. Marshals and the land-retaining Federation of States, we renamed the service: The Continental Marshals Service.

Almost immediately, more confusion arose.

The Continental Marshals Service is unincorporated, and these Federation of States Peacekeeping Officers outrank all U.S. Marshals and Agency Agents when standing on the land and soil of the States. Like the actual County Sheriffs, these men and women derive their authority from the Jural Assemblies of the States acting as a Federation of States and from the Public and Organic Law, not from any incorporated entity and not from any statutory law.

The Continental Marshals, like the old Federal Marshals, are Peacekeeping Officers of the Land and Soil, not Law Enforcement Officers of the Sea.

Another kind of Marshal is important to the proper functioning of the Land and Soil Government owed to the American States and People: the Provost Marshal.

This Office, too, has been grossly undermined and misconstrued by long abuse by corporate interests. Today, Provost Marshals are basically US Military Attorneys, operating as "liaison" officers and public affairs duty officers for the U.S. military. They come out of their hide-holes when a soldier goes off base and harms a local person, but largely ignore their actual and original duty as International Land Jurisdiction Peacekeeping Officers meant to act as Coordinators between the Federation of States and the U.S. Military.

Our American Government has always been supportive of the U.S. Military, but the two are not one-and-the-same. When in place on military bases located on our land and soil jurisdiction States, the U.S. Military is here as a guest, not as an Army of Occupation, as has too often been misconstrued and assumed by foreign interests.

There are occasions when the Provost Marshal, who is supposed to be acting as a Peacekeeping Officer for The United States of America, needs to run interference or coordinate activities between local State Officials, County Sheriffs, State Militia leaders and so on. The usurpation and mis-management of this position by foreign corporate military interests is a bone of contention to be resolved with the Territorial Government.

We must make it very clear that our States are the ultimate Employers of the U.S. Military and have never been anything else. The "States of States" that fought the Civil War on our soil were business entities operated by the States of America (Confederation), not The United States of America (Federation).

We had no dog in the fight and by no stretch of the imagination can our States or People be considered rebels, insurrectionists, enemies, or terrorists.

Finally, each State has a Marshal-at-Arms, who is responsible for the security of the State Jural Assembly, its records, its Officers, and its Membership during meetings, also for securing the Meeting Place prior to and immediately after meetings, and for Coordination of the County Militias with the State Militia. This is a very busy and important job. The Marshals-at-Arms for each State, like the leaders of the actual County and State Militias, are responsible for outreach and education of their counterparts in the U.S. Military, U.S. Marshals Service and LEO/law enforcement communities.

The Sheriffs are the key Peacekeeping Officials in each County and are among the first State Citizens elected to Public Office. As this brief overview shows, the actual People have been very poorly informed and even more poorly served regarding the differences between "peacekeeping" and "law enforcement" services.

As State Jural Assemblies have ceased to operate properly, more and more jobs have been taken over by incorporated foreign entities which have not been held to any solid standards of performance. In some cases, we have mob-linked corporations providing us with law enforcement services. It doesn't take rocket science to figure out the consequences of this situation.

The promulgation of private often foreign controlled "security services" corporations has left the situation not only confused, but in some cases, the absence or scarcity of the public peacekeeping forces has left whole sectors of our international jurisdiction unprotected or grossly undermanned. This has resulted in very significant increase of crime.

Human trafficking, drug smuggling, mail and telephone fraud, counterfeiting, patent theft, identity theft, credit fraud, securities fraud, interstate bank fraud and numerous other crimes that are peculiar to international jurisdiction have skyrocketed because the International Land Jurisdiction turf of the old Federal Marshals has been vacated and neglected. U.S. Marshals have been underfunded and misdirected and understaffed so that they have not covered --or been able to cover -- the international land jurisdiction as well as their own responsibilities.

This may be a matter of misplaced oversight, or another example of "accidentally on purpose" neglect being practiced by criminal elements that have had a much freer hand to operate since the old Federal Marshals program was phased out.

With the State Jural Assemblies coming back online and being brought up to speed, we can once again enforce the Public and Organic Law that the American States and People are owed. With your help, as observers and researchers, and with your participation in the State Jural Assemblies and Militias, we can enforce the actual Public Law, fill the gaps by hiring new Continental Marshals to cover our International Land Jurisdiction , and greatly improve the security and peace of our local communities.

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  1. CM Cote' here... getting to the job of status correction and putting a group together for mutual help with the process. I am reaching out to anyone interested. We have people who can handle IT and are setting up a chat room or encrypted messaging . I would like some feedback on the best evening to set up a call.
    This will be for support and help in getting the process done no matter what stage you are at.


  2. At some point in the confusion of who's jurisdiction has "paramount " authority, it doesn't take a genius that the whole thing will wind up in Corporate Courts of Law....And who do you think they will rule for....?? won t be "jural assembles"..!! Also, if the Sherriff really has that much power , can't you see how dangerous that can be...He absouluty cannot have immunity from prosecution like they do now...!! He can be removed at any time by the will of the people or it won't work..!! You can't have all these different jurisdictions on one land mass...we have been studying this for 30 years and still don't completely understand it...!! Anna, there can't be any laws or jurisdictions other than LAND jurisdictions so it can be simply understood by no more SEA jurisdiction anymore...!! Sometimes I just don't get you judge Anna....why do you even entertain any Federal Regulation at all...either everyone is on the LAND (even when on the high seas), or everyone is always on the WATER...!! Make your choice and live with it if you insist on any SEA jurisdictions..But as for me I am always on the LAND no matter were I am...!! So let it be written, so let it be done...!!

    1. EXACTLY what i've been saying as well;;;;;SIMPLIFICATION !!!

  3. The sea is it's own Corporation that can operate within itself. How do u get rid of that? Filing your paperwork won't end up in any of their court rooms. The affidavit of truth stands first in time is first in line. It would be suicide for the quasau government to pick up a case filed first in time. Just saying. (Liquidation) scares the s out them. It's their biggest fear.

  4. [LEO's - Private Pinkertons, "Sheriffs" (Law Enforcement - Private)]

  5. "(1) ...(which have been mothballed since 1868), (2) ...".
    Shouldn't this read, (which were mothballed in 1868 and revived in 1999 {by Anna, James and team})?