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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Do I Miss Them Yet? Do You?

By Anna Von Reitz

I sure haven't missed those 800,000 employees yet.... and don't expect to.  Why?  Because they weren't serving me.  They were serving themselves and their fellow British Territorial "U.S. Citizens" and Municipal "CITIZENS".   So their absence has no affect on the actual employers, because they are doing nothing whatsoever of value for their employers and are instead busily helping themselves --- literally --- and other foreign corporation employees and their dependents. 

It didn't have any affect on us in 2000 when the "Government" shut down for ninety days, either.  We didn't even know about that one.  They just vacated Washington, DC, and entertained us all with their Florida Chads Election scandal.

The actual people of this country are being grossly dis-served and both the Territorial and Municipal Governments are operating in Gross Breach of Trust. Why? Because all these 800,000 "Non-Essential Employees" are on our backs, together with their dependents, doing nothing but to service their own bureaucracy and portion out all their benefits and insurances and pensions and all the rest of it. 

This is the predictable result of leaving the foxes to run the hen house.  Nobody has been holding these subcontractors to any reasonable performance or efficiency standard.  They have been working an international commercial enslavement and racketeering scheme on our shores without our knowledge, and instead of protecting us from this --- which is their  purported most important job and "the" reason for these organizations to exist --- they have been profiting themselves and racketeering instead.

Thank God and Donald Trump that some measure of accountability and discipline is being introduced.  I sincerely hope that all the rumors about Gitmo and military tribunals are true and that the worst of the crimes are being addressed, but that still leaves us with a "Municipal" Government running out of control on our shores, almost a million employees that not only don't serve us, but serve themselves to our detriment, and a population that only now beginning to wake up to reality.

You know, I have had some people who have been indoctrinated into the mind-control of "political correctness" criticize me for referring to criminally self-serving bankers, bureaucrats, politicians, and clergymen as a "Vermin" --- like rats in a grain storage facility, eating up the grain, or locusts stripping every kernel --- but what else am I to liken this situation to?  What other description or label applies?  These people have been in here "acting" as in "acting on stage" as our "elected representatives" and all based on private corporate elections that have nothing to do with us, the actual American States and People. 

They have been running a Sting.  A Flim-Flam operation on an international scale for over a hundred years.  Not just here.  Worldwide.

They come in, they "confer" a "gift membership" (citizenship) on us, hold private corporate elections for private corporate "offices" that are deceitfully and similarly named like our actual Public Offices, and then pretend that we have knowingly, willingly, and "voluntarily" given them authority to own us as chattel, charge against our credit, rule over us, subject us to their foreign "statutory laws" and they call that "serving us".  If so, it's the "service" that bulls give cows.

No, I don't miss those 800,000 "non-essential" employees. If there has been any mistake about who is "essential" and who is not, that should be apparent after 30 days, and Mr. Trump is invited to RIF all the rest of them with my good graces and a heart-felt "good riddance".  Start over with a clean slate and hire back as needed.  Shift the pension burden and debt and all the rest of it back where it belongs --- on the Holy See and the British Government. Lord knows, they stole enough from us to be able to afford it.

I do believe that a larger and larger percentage of the American Public and people all around the world, are finally examining what is "passing-for" their own government, and they are seeing through the Great Fraud perpetuated by these so-called "governmental service" corporations operating "as" governments.  The news is passing by word-of-mouth and by people thinking for themselves and researching things and looking around and finding out --- "By Golly! Those Tin Hats were right!"

The American State Jural Assemblies are booted up in every State of the Union now.  The Public and Organic Law is back in effect.  Americans are sorting themselves out and every day, more Jural Assembly Members show up for duty.  It's all perfectly lawful --- a matter of peacefully restoring and reconstructing the government we are owed.


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  1. i believe they are back, are they not or soon to be.
    The ones i do not understand would be the air traffic controllers. Are they not essential.
    i had wondered about a setting up of a false flag do to the exhausted and tired ATC. without pay, and of course it would have all been Trumps fault.
    Some of you may see the Truth within this quote and article.
    "The demands for retribution are simply another naked money grab."

    1. I understood that 58 ATC towers are controlled by Serco and those would not likely have been shutdown but I could be wrong. Don't know how many there are, but that should cover the majors in most states I would imagine.

    2. i will look into.
      The story "they" present is The ATC is not being paid, yet they must show up and work. We were not told any shut down, just the added stress etc. and how this may affect the quality. Scare tactics?

    3. Good find Dan, NWO , It's all about World Gov. The more you see.
      Serco Group plc
      Public limited company
      Traded as LSE: SRP
      Industry Government Services
      Founded 1929; 90 years ago (as RCA)
      1987; 32 years ago (as Serco)
      Headquarters Hook, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom
      Key people
      Sir Roy Gardner (Chairman)
      Rupert Soames (CEO)
      Revenue £2,953.6 million (2017)[1]
      Operating income
      £30.0 million (2017)[1]
      Net income
      £0.1 million (2017)[1]
      Number of employees
      50,000 (2017)[2]
      Serco Group plc is a British provider of public services with headquarters based in Hook, Hampshire.[3] Serco operates in six sectors of public service provision: Health, Transport, Justice, Immigration, Defence, and Citizens Services.

      It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index. The majority of Serco's turnover is generated from UK operations, but the company also operates in Continental Europe, the Middle East, the Asia Pacific region and North America.

    4. The number of ATC towers has been upgraded to 63. Americans for Innovation along with American Intelligence Media and Leader Technologies has a massive research team. They have a global network uncovering the very foundation of a NWO going back to the 1700's.

      You can't make this stuff up.

    5. i agree the Truth is right in front of us if we just do a little homework.
      Most are afraid the NWO is coming, i contend it has been here a while. How low will it go?
      That remains to be seen.

  2. if we are booted up where are all the people booting? where are the leaders leading the boot? I have tried for months to find out by contacting Michigan Jural assembly- still No response. Where can we find other like minds in our state/nation? thanks

    1. Try here:
      Put your state in the Subject line.

    2. Did you check the forums on the National Assembly for your state?

  3. Honestly, IMO this is just another delay, thats all. Back for 3 weeks, till Feb 15, and nancy the great will still think she is president, Lol, and we will be back to where we were yesterday morning and then I suspect trump will finally muster up enough ''inner fortitude' to stop letting this wicked woman run him.
    Im gonna ask again; is there anyone in FL who has a drone they can go take a look at gitmo for us and tell us whats going on over there? Inquiring minds really do want to know, and we all deserve to know. Im tired of hearing about military tribunals and not seeing any real action - cause Im not convinced there is any.
    (But hey, its a good day here, calm, sunny, freezing out there, my son fell on the icy but only his little finger got dinged up a little; found a little hidden gem pkg. of vacuum sealed apples from months ago; the pie just came out of the oven, and its all good here on a cold winters night in Oh-ho.)

    1. How old is your son Abby? If you do not mind the question.Sorry if this is to personnel.
      Our youngest turned twenty yesterday. And Thankfully he works and has become a fine young man.
      Have also wondered about Anna's sons, have read some confusing articles. The last one she said "my three grown sons. Yet back around "christmas" i was led to think of a child playing under a christmas tree?

  4. Well just as a matter of fact , If Trump was really going against those in power he would be dead I mean ceased.
    Well we are all ceased since birth.
    De ceased would me we came back to life
    just resting underground. Kinda wicked
    How words are used.

    1. What I have learned is that there are 9 Dragon and 5 Tiger Families at the the very top of the wealth chain calling the shots. 13 of those want the corruption cleaned up and are holding up any kind of reset or revaluation. The one holdout will steal all the goodness that the 13 are willing to provide. Trump's job is to clear out the corrupted component or at least bring it to its knees and while there have been attempts he is being protected by the "White Hats" if you will.

      That is the story as I know it. It may be all bunk, but I await for this to all settle. Anna's work is acknowledged and acceptable and the American people correcting their status can only help turn this thing around.

      It is said that 5-10% of the population will create enough critical mass to turn this, so the sooner the better. I am Canadian and waiting on my neighbours before we can have any impact here in Canada. Different rules under the Commonwealth.

    2. Dan, Ive never heard of tiger families; may be somebody is pulling legs.? But dragon families are not all united, not all on a Board that must vote unanimously on things. The DF is as split as dems and repubs. are. Some of them are white hats, and some of them are black hats. They can each do their own thing, and they are located all over the world. Some of them support the cabal, and some are opposed to the cabal, like most of us are.

  5. Tell lie vison and the media family have really screwed the people of the world
    Trump is not going to do anything to help the people
    It's all scripted
    They have all kinds of stuff set up behind the scenes and they have been training the kids in schools for years to accept the socialist agenda they have planned for the masses
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  6. Was George Washington really King George, you decide, lying to all of us for decades these media families
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Here is what i believe. There has been a pretty focused attack on George Washington. Some of it is clearly false 'revisionist' history.
      George Washington is the One who turned down being King!
      i am always aggravated, when Anna, herself seems to be replacing Belcher for George Washington.
      i believe the very illuminati infiltrators that George Washington warned us about are responsible for the attempts to tarnish his image. If George washington was to see how they portrayed him as an idol upon the ceiling of the capital, i believe he would be sick. If he Knew what his monument or even that a monument was built in his honor and what it represents he would be sick.

  7. Kennedy Jr and his magazine George throwing it in out faces that George Washington was actually King George?
    Kennedy clan all part of this deception
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  8. Well, I for one haven't seen or impacted in the least by the shutdown...!! So let's get rid of the rest of them and live happily everafter...!! And NO WAY do we still want DC (10mile sq), to even exsist anymore..just absorb it into another state and be done with it...!! We, the people have to be in control of the military, because if we are to lazy to oversee them, then we are headed straight back to where we are now...the only purpose they should serve is for them to arrest anyone in govt we deem is a threat to our freedoms...and usually their favorite answer is "NO", whenever we ask for something...!! No should equate with prison time....period..!!

  9. Whoo it's all just a pre planned theater event. Keep the masses guessing
    Distraction is a mind tool used often by the cabal. Puppets have those who pull the strings. president is and always will be a puppet.