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Friday, January 25, 2019

Pernicious Ignorance -- For Richard

By Anna Von Reitz

Just trying to come up with a male equivalent to the epithet your pal Deegan threw at me, so you could have a better appreciation of how that feels and what it means and just how "low-life" your buddy is.  Feel free to take the message for what it is and edit as you like.  I have had to deal with a lot of stupid people on this journey and even some truly wrong-headed fools who are incapable of learning, but I draw the line on trying to work with those that advocate violence and can't keep a civil tongue in their heads.

I never implied that "everyone's family was Christian", but those that are, came from only two major sources: Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholicism.  Since my family came from Western Europe, their familiarity with the teachings of Yeshuah came via the Roman Catholic Church and for quite a number of centuries in that part of the world, virtually everyone who was Christian was Roman Catholic.   These are facts so obvious and so widely known that it never occurred to me that I would have to explain the context of my comment to any adult. Nor that there is a profound difference between a Lutheran and a Jesuit.

The "documented proof" is right there in front of your face---and everyone else's.  Look up the Great Seal of either the United States or the United States of America.  What is the shield being used?  The Belcher shield Coat of Arms.  They are part of our array, not the Queen's.  In the world of international government and politics, there is absolutely no doubt whose "recognized sovereignty" was used to represent the sovereignty of this country.  In the realm of Monarchs and other Grand Poobahs, only those with "standing" are allowed to play on their chess board.  As I have explained many times, in order to engage in international trade and commerce back in the 1700's, America needed to be represented by someone with the credentials the rest of the world would accept, and so William Belcher became that person and his Coat of Arms was extended to cover the American fleets.  I also explained the source of his "recognized sovereignty" ---- the Norman Conquest ---- and the fact that he extended similar "recognized sovereignty" to all Americans.

The problem for you and your buddies is that you don't understand the complexities of the verbiage you are using, so you are confusing things.  You are confusing the basic issue of the "sovereignty" of individual living men with the "recognized sovereignty" of Monarchs and nations and Heads of State. And also failing to appreciate all the attendant history and what it means.  So when an ape-man like Deegan goes and beats his chest and says, "I am sovereign!  I am king of me!"  ---- nobody is contesting that, and frankly, nobody cares.  William Belcher even made it possible for a low-life idiot scum like Deegan to claim "sovereignty in his own right" and exercise the other kind of "sovereignty" I am talking about.  But certain people are so ignorant that they don't even follow the gist of the conversation and so miss the message entirely. Americans were given a great gift by William Belcher who did not seek to rule over them, but who --- much to the consternation of the other players --- set Americans free, even as William the Conqueror set his own ancestors free of feudal bondage. 

The struggle that we are engaged in is basically a struggle between those who want a system of feudalism under a king and those who want a system that honors the "Natural and Unalienable Rights"  of every man, woman, and child.   The Belchers already and long ago came down on the side of "Natural and Unalienable Rights" -- and paid with their blood for it. 

I not only understand the concept of "Persons" I have been teaching that concept and all the rest that goes with that concept for many years to many people.  If you had bothered to read what I have written on the topic you would know that. 

So it is time for you to get a lesson --- there are in fact three kinds of legal fiction "persons --- unincorporated, corporate, and incorporated.  There are indeed "States" and I invite you to deny that the conceptualization of "England", "Scotland" and "Ireland" is necessary prior to the conceptualization of "Great Britain" and the further conceptualization of the "United Kingdom".  You and your friends are like school kids who just "discovered" the concept of "Great Britain" and want to deny the existence of  everything that went before and everything that came after. Even worse, you want to deny the logical sequence of the developments just described. You want to put the UK in front of Scotland, for example, and it just doesn't work that way.  I am not the "ignorant" one on the page, Richard.  I am the one who directed your attention to The Definitive Treaty of Peace in the first place, remember?  Uh-duh? 


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  1. OMG, she never learns does she, lol. Nope Christians did NOT comes from ANY other source than Christ himself. Gee, Anna, how you do soooo disregard Christ, as the very source of CHRISTianity.

    NO 'church' is the source of any christian. And most assuredly NOT the roman catholic religion, which has its origins in Babylon and is a pagan cult.
    Where do you get your crap from, anna. Are you really this stubborn or suddenly 'hard of learning' or 'hard of understanding simple things'?

    So here it is: Jesus told his followers 'I must go so that I can send you the Holy Spirit' and up he went to his father and sits at his right hand.
    Told his followers, go to Jerusalem and wait in the Upper Room. And they did, and in the book of Acts, sure enough the Holy Spirit arrived and THAT is when and where the First Christians became Christians. And they had NO name, and there was no pope-wanna-be-god there, and the Apostles went out and preached the Gospel, the Doctrine OF CHRIST to many cities, to NO Church Names, just plain ole Brethren; saints, beloved, and other such addresses/greetings that the Apostles used.

    Earth to anna, earth to anna, get a grip lady. Keep it simple. Better yet, ''leave the driving to those who stay out of the ditch'.

    1. Reply is address to "Abby" --

      Speaking of "pernicious ignorance" and ingratitude, too, for your information, you probably would not know a thing about Yeshuah or his teachings without the sacrifices and labors of the Roman Catholic Church. If your ancestors came from Western Europe or your Church came from Western European roots, either, that is the fact of the matter. So as the saying goes, pay your debts and admit the facts.

      This idea that Catholic bashing is okay because the Church was misled and victimized by Satanists is wrong-headed. The Church was, in addition to being polluted by Constantine, always the obvious target for the Satanists to infiltrate and commandeer.

      They weren't interested in trying to take over, for example, the Southern Baptists. Too small a group and too unimportant in the Great Scheme of things.

      Let those who were not targeted by these fiends be grateful that they weren't put through such temptations and ordeals because the Catholics were taking that abuse instead.

      Let those who were not targeted by Satan give thanks and feel relieved and assist and encourage the sincere followers of Jesus to overcome in spite of everything.

    2. Anna, since Jesus came and was only on earth to age 33, which would be considered in the year approx. 33 A.D., and obviously He established His Church with His Doctrines OF CHRIST before he rose again, and the Upper Room incident happened shortly thereafter, within days, THEN that tells sane people that Jesus established His Church at THAT time. This was in the early part of the FIRST CENTURY; and why it is called the First Century Church, as being the origination of The Gospel and His Doctrines. That would be during 100 A.D. Right?
      Yet we have brainwashed folks in here, hard of learning, that are so diehard catholic, they want to diss all that, and try to tell Christians that constantine and the 'catholic church, rome' gave us the bible LOL. And that what Christ came and did back in approx. 33 A.D. just got put on the shelf, waiting around for the catholic constantine 300 years later, in 325 A.D. to ''give us the bible and we should bend over and kiss his ass and embrace the catholic church for it, or we wouldn't even have the bible'' LOL

      Do you not find this a laughing guffaw moment? And anna, it is suspicious that you try to defend the catholic church/religion after you deny you are catholic; why would you even do that?

      And how do you ever expect to try to tell us that rome/vatican is not the catholic church, but yet ''call themselves catholic'? And....'oh, but we arent related to rome, they are dogs, but we are real catholics, and yada yada yada. Like what is so important about being catholic or methodist, or baptist or lutheran, or anything???
      Wake up. God doesnt give a 5hitt about ANY of your denoms. All 'churches' are nothing but social clubs. They are not God, and they are not our teachers; God already left us the Word, His Word, and so I think it is rather funny for all these man made churches to be wrangling over their own self importance, when none of them even matter.
      I should feel sorry for catholics 'who were taking abuse'? Really, Lol. Sheesh, why is it nobody minds true christians getting abused 24/7 and have for at least the past few decades, including today right in here. Why is it you are not bothered by that, and never come to our defense? Is it because we are the genuine Church? Of course.
      And FYI, sane people do not inherit their christianity. It must be obtained from a one on one with God who brings us into the body of Christ. Therefore, where ones family comes from has nothing to do with it.
      And oh,but I have been targeted by satan plenty of times; it happens in here every day, Lol. But 'greater is he that is in me, than he that is in the world'. And so I have weapons and know how to use them and I kick his ass, and out he goes. If he hangs around much, then I remind him of his very 'glowing future' LOL.

  2. Abby, u must be some block head that has nothing better to do than be retarded. I don't know why Paul allows u too be on his site. For one u obviously know nothing about we're Christianity came from! Any debate with you would make me an oxymoron. I usually don't entertain idiots but say something and give me your address. I'm one them guys that knock on your door trust me. Go away stay away chump. I can be anywhere don't forget it.

    1. Gee, Sean, sounds like a threat to me. Should I give the FBI a call perhaps?
      Aside from that, why are you so easily rattled over something you dont even believe is real anyhow. Hmmm, lol.

      And in case you didn't know oxymoron is ''two words with opposite meanings'. It is not a person. But if you mean to use the word moron to describe yourself, I would have to agree with you.

  3. Anna has it right about where the Catholic Church was and is the biggest target of Satan and his minions throughout the History of Christianity.
    If it were not for the Catholic monks copying the Bible by hand throughout many centuries nobody would have it.
    Private interpretation of that text has brought many people to the brink of Hell, and contrary to popular belief in protestant circles the Bible is NOT the sole rule of Faith.

    I wonder how many of you have actually read this document that I have linked to many times in these comments.

    1. Pt1.
      " That injunction was reserved for the Sixteenth Century, and we have seen the result of it. Ever since the Sixteenth Century there have been springing up religion upon religion, and churches upon churches, all fighting and quarreling with one another. And all because of the private interpretation of the Bible. "
      Paul, i have read the document and responded to this several times, in regards to :
      So please let me know if you see my response.
      Anyone who has been blessed and baptized by the Holy spirit is not "privately interpreting" the Bible.
      Granted some who say they have repented, have not truly repented. Also, some who say they have the indwelling Holy Spirit, do not, or they have back slid, and returned to the vomit.
      Does it not seem ironic that in one breath you wish all credit to go to the catholic monks for the existence of said Bible, then post articles
      The Bible is made up of these very apostles and disciples of Christ, letters and history. Physical letters to the various assemblies of that time. There existed Temples and assemblies before Christ was born.
      Paul "The first word written was by Saint Matthew" From your link.
      Who wrote the old testament? Who recorded the Books of Moses?Is not the old as well as the New relevant?
      The problem is not only the Jews but also the Romans wanted and still do desire full control over the people and Christs Mashiak's very church, it still irks them to this day that the Truth and the Word is made available to all those who want it and accept it!

      The problem as i see it in and with this article. "Fr. Arnold Damen, S.J. (1815 - 1890)
      Does not seem to acknowledge that the Holy Spirit returned to the people, not just the disciples, but returned as an indwelling Holy Spirit. Not just to or for those of the Roman catholic church)nor just to the jews, of which there is no mention of directly in Rev. 3 to the churches the assemblies)

    2. Pt2.
      If you closely read about the eras and types of the church (Assemblies) many elements of each still exist today, and repentance is the number one recommendation for these types of churches.
      Also there seems to be a very false argument being made here within this article, is he saying not one protestant, not one LDS, would answer i rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance? The Bible is a reference,along with the Holy Spirit , and what is contained within the Bible, there can be many new revelations and more understanding of scripture, the veil is opened, New understanding within this one scripture (The Bible.)
      Not man made 54 miles of new additions and subtractions of the True Word! i can see many elements of Truth throughout history within the catholic church yet i can also see and discern many false hoods and false miracles. (Because of Yahusha) within me.
      a little history of me.
      i have studied the prayers, i have prayed the same prayers and was told to do so with discernment. And i followed). i can see amazing Truths revealed by certain popes, and yet can discern where they went wrong. i visited and attended a catholic church and a couple of others, just to see.
      The Original St. Michael's Prayer and how it came about, very amazing, and also those who chose to shorten it.
      One Prayer i learned and think of often is one of a vision of God looking to earth through the wounds of His only begotten son. Yes i think of this often when i see our behaviour.
      Yahusha weeps!
      The Bible was supposed to be written and spread, does not satan do the same? As we were warned! Of course the divisions happen, as the prophets told us would. Prophecy does not lie. False prophets do. False prophets offer false hope, false work and false results.
      my personal gain from performing these prayers was 'discipline', when through discernment i recognised problems within these prayers i correctly adjusted them. The Bible warns of those who repeat and chant the same words repeatedly in the assemblies. Now does this not sound familure am also thinking of the muslims in this.
      Beads? we have no need of beads, now within the Rosary there are good elements to study.
      There needs to be common ground,(High Ground) with Mashiak we can find this if we and He is willing.

  4. Paul, I have know a few people who were saved christians, who could not even read, and could not read the bible at all, yet they could speak truth of God.
    The bible was completed by the year 100 A.D. And at that time, it was warned nothing was to be added to it, nor anything subtracted from it.
    Your defense is always of the catholic church. And IMO that is where your heart lies. But mine is with the savior.

    Let it be.

  5. Interesting discussion here as usual. how one expects us to unify 350 million people and yet we cant even get a few alleged enlightened people to agree, sheesh.

    One, I take abby's side on this argument and say that christianity existed before organized, roman catholicism existed in the west. obviously, the biblical cannon was chosen by the western, roman catholic church but does not include the dead sea scrolls, other gnostic teachings (book of thomas etc) and essene travels/learnings/teachings that were removed from any formal biblical inclusions, is itself obvious and glaring.

    The timelines have been changed to fit pope gregory's illusion of time and its takeover by the society of jesus.

    And lastly, which fits the other erroneous conclusion of annas that to believe that some belcher, fred flintstone or barney rubble, or so forth, western indentured, afrikan servants shipped here have a superior, allodial claim to anything AT ALL over any aboriginal, higher or prior claim is frivolous and vacuous AT best...C'mon people we have to do better than this.

    good luck with that argument.

  6. Well thank goodness American Republican form of government has nothing to do with God or Jesus. Government is a cration of the people and the creation does not tell the Creator how to believe, Hence Freedom oF Man made religions.

    So, isn't it time to get past individual beliefs so we can govern ourselves?

    1. Nothing to do with God?
      Have you read none of the founding documents?

    2. Governing ourselves without God is why we are here today in the predicament that we are.
      Seeing the (spiritual advisors) and their roles in the last few presidential terms have been eye opening.
      Reminds one of Babylon, did they also not have these same advisors and did not listen? And some perhaps they should not listen???
      Just remember what group is largely credited with the success and voting in of Trump. Yeh, i question this daily.
      Dang woman look at the influence of the Jesuits and catholics and others to be sure on the supreme court, on the speaker of the House. What schools, hint ( Jesuit) were connected to Speaker of the house John cry baby Boehner, Remember when the pope came????
      So much could be witnessed in these days.
      And yes pope antipope is also an oxymoron.
      Please do not see my response as a personal attack to you Annie.

  7. Mostly at Abby, but also Christians. I could fill a book with details, suffice to say- Syncretism. ALL the major religions share the same basic theology. How it gets "painted" or style of clothes enrobed is irrelevant. Astro-theology is the base religion that precedes currently known religions. For insight see "" or Hermes-Thoth works, or Jordan Maxwell. You can argue all you want but the facts are available if you choose to look. Peace.

    1. Astro-theology
      Astro, yes and many some here are still doing this,and we (followers of Christ)were and are warned of this. If and just because it seems true does not mean that it is a correct path. How did those peoples fair?
      How would you like to have lived as a slave under those people?

  8. Anna states: "Nor that there is a profound difference between a Lutheran and a Jesuit."
    Now i thought the Jesuits were the militant side of the catholic church?
    Now i do not expect an answer since we have now again been flooded with new and exciting articles. Busy,busy, busy.

  9. The Scots hold that the teachings of Yahshua (not Yeshua - he came in the name of his Father Yahuah) came to them from Andrew (an apostle and brother of Peter) when he preached to them when they were inhabiting Iberia. Nicetas of Paphlagonia wrote that Andrew preached to the Iberians, Sauromatians, Taurians, and Scythians, and to every region and city on the Black Sea, both north and south.