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Friday, January 25, 2019

For the Texians:

By Anna Von Reitz

There are three (3) kinds of legal fictions and three (3) categories of legal fiction "persons" and you had all better learn them: unincorporated, corporate, and incorporated. 

The only ones exercising true sovereignty (freewill) are unincorporated --- like your own Given Name at the moment of your birth.  "John Lyle Dullard" starts out as an unincorporated "person" belonging as private property to a man living on the soil jurisdiction of his birth.  This is the level of the republics --- all of them. 

At his birth, little "John" also inherits an identity as a "Texan" or if you prefer, a "Texian".  This is a corporate "Person" meaning only that he was born on the land and within the defined borders of "Texas" ---which is a "corporate" but unincorporated legal fiction existing in the international land jurisdiction. This is the level of the States --- all of them.

A business, organization, or enterprise is unavoidably "corporate" the moment it takes a name, but not necessarily "incorporated". 

The land and soil taken together define one's nationality: John Lyle Dullard is a Texian.   He can stop right there and live peaceably as a State National and never have any duty to serve any government whatsoever.  Or, he can choose to join the Texas Jural Assembly, serve as a Juror, and act as a State Citizen.   It's an individual choice, but unless enough people volunteer to serve as Jurors, "Texas" ceases to exist.  The Public and Organic Law and Constitutional guarantees owed to Texas then cease to exist, also.

Lack of a functioning Texas State Jural Assembly is why people are routinely denied their constitutional rights and guarantees.  It's the fundamental reason that these foreign Territorial and Municipal Corporations have been able to come in and wag the dog.

If "John Lyle Dullard" wants to travel or do business outside of Texas he will have to deal with other people living in other States.  Remember that in America, every State is a Nation, so for us, the words "interstate" and "international" are synonymous. For our purposes, it doesn't matter if we are conducting business in Oregon or France, because both are "international" venues.

In order to conduct business in Oregon, little "John" also has a "Capacity" that looks just the same as his unincorporated Name: "John Lyle Dullard"--- but this version "resides" temporarily in "The State of Texas", (international sea jurisdiction).  The State of Texas is supposed to be created by the People of Texas (Texas Jural Assembly Members are The People of Texas) and supposed to belong to the people who live in Texas, but is instead being operated by foreign governments as an incorporated "Person" "representing" Texas in the same way an actor can "represent" someone else in a play.

The corporate version, "The State of Texas" applies for a charter and constitution from the Texas Jural Assembly , has a CEO called a "Governor", a Secretary, and a Treasurer. Also, like any other corporate entity, "The State of Texas" is bound by the laws and customs of the entity granting it a charter.  If it is chartered by Texas and the People living there, it functions under Texas Public Law and the State Constitution, but if not.... it functions under the foreign law of whatever other "Body Politic" is granting it a charter to exist.

The big question is--- where is the interloping "State of Texas" that is representing "The State of Texas" being chartered?

In our American Government, this entity is supposed to be set up directly by Texas under Texas Public Law (including the Constitution that applies), and is supposed to be operating as "The State of Texas".   Please note: The State of Texas is "corporate" but not "incorporated". 

Instead, since the Civil War, foreign incorporated entities deceptively calling themselves "the State of Texas" but actually being incorporated in places like Scotland or France or in one of the other States, like Delaware, have been "representing" "The State of Texas" while operating under their own "private" corporate law which is in fact foreign to Texas and Texians.  Please note -- these foreign entities are all "incorporated" by foreign governments and have their own kind of "Governor", "Secretary of State of State" and so on, that people mistake as their own officials. 

Finally, there is another layer of incorporated "personhood" that enables "John" to operate in the global jurisdiction of the air: JOHN LYLE DULLARD, JOHN L. DULLARD, JOHN DULLARD.  These are ACCOUNTS belonging to various kinds of foreign incorporated entities run by the STATE OF TEXAS, which is part of the hegemony run by the Pope/Pontiff/HRE. 

These Municipal Franchises are also incorporated entities that are supposed to be chartered by The State of Texas created by Texas Jural Assembly ---- but as you can see, "The State of Texas" that Texas is owed is Missing in Action, and the foreign-chartered interlopers doing business as "the State of Texas" are chartering all those Municipal corporations, instead.  

So it goes like this:

"John Lyle Dullard" = unincorporated man of the soil, one of the living "people" of Texas, a State National, who may or may not join the Texas Jural Assembly, and therefore may or may not act as a State Citizen, too.

"John Lyle Dullard" = corporate man of the land, a temporary "resident" of The State of Texas, one of the People of Texas, engaged in international trade (this is the way it is supposed to work).

"John Lyle Dullard" = corporate man of the sea, a temporary "resident" of the (foreign) incorporated "State of Texas", claiming foreign "domicile" as an "expatriot" of Texas engaged in international trade (This is the way it has in fact been working since the Civil War, and exclusively this way since the 1930's---unless you rebut this "presumption" and make explicit record of your claim otherwise.).

"JOHN LYLE DULLARD" = incorporated man of the air, a temporary "resident" of the (foreign) State of Texas and incorporated under "State of Texas" rather than "The State of Texas" (as it all should be), operating in international commerce --- business between two incorporated entities.  


Correcting this Mess all hinges on people voluntarily acting as Texas State Assembly Jurors, and re-chartering "The State of Texas" under Texas Public Law.  Then all the ownerships get straightened out and the people living in Texas not only own the land and soil, but also get control of this crazy-making fraud mis-characterizing everyone as "expatriots" ---- all the assets of Texas come home, the Public and Organic Law is again enforceable, and the people who live in Texas are in control of their lives and property again.

Please note that the same or similar names can be applied to many "persons" and that "persons" result from the "capacities" in which one is acting: you can act as an unincorporated man (called a "Natural Person"), a corporate Person (State National or State Citizen), an incorporated Person (State of State Citizen) or as an incorporated PERSON (STATE OF STATE CITIZEN), all under the same basic name.  

Please note the three kinds of "persons" -- unincorporated, corporate, and incorporated -- and try not to get confused.  Some former prison inmates discovered a small part of the fraud and thanks to our work reviving the Public Law, were able to secure their freedom under it.  They are now rampaging around giving everyone a totally skewed and incorrect theory of how and why this works. It isn't because "incorporated Persons" are "invalid".  It's because once the State Jural Assemblies start to operate, the actual Public Law reappears, and men can function a smen again and can access their guarantees under the Public and Organic Law-- including the proper Constitution--- again. 

There is no "Public Law" without a "Public" and no "We, the People of The United States of America", either, without State Jural Assemblies.  And if we don't construct and operate our "corporate" State of State businesses dba "The State of Georgia" and "The State of Iowa", etc., then we have no established means other than our State itself to conduct business and exercise the powers that were delegated to our own corporate businesses "The States of States" under the Federal Constitution.  

All of these functions, all these international treaties, all our foundational rights and prerogatives as a country depend on the existence and functioning of our State Jural Assemblies.  The power to straighten this unholy mess out and to re-charter the State's own State of State also lies with the State Jural Assemblies and nowhere else. 

Nobody can "do it for us" and there are a lot of foreign governments trying to keep us from waking up and attending to our own business, so that they can continue to operate the foreign "State of State" fraud and profit themselves at our expense.

No doubt this is confusing. That's how they have kept us disoriented and chasing our tails for so long---similar names deceits, false assumptions, impostors, stolen identities.  Nonetheless, we can all read, and with diligence can apply the information to our own situation.  Those of us who are willing to claim back our rightful and natural identities can function either as State Nationals and walk away from any further duty, or we can function as State Citizens and join our State Jural Assembly and help straighten this mess up.


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  1. This is gold...thank you Anna..
    Its confusing and when I am confused my defenses become acute. Men are more prone to the " fight " and women are more prone to the "flight". Thank God, the defensive mechanisms have kept us both alive and gotten us to this point in our history. It took both the "fight" and the "flight".
    Please dont condemn men for being men. We are different. It requires both the masculine and feminen , warriors and negotiators , paperwork , recordings and notices and a group of trained and determined men to act as a bulkwart against the other group of trained( brainwashed) and determined( wrongly) men so that the gifts of the cooler more intellectually minded can work out the things that are not so apparent to those of us who are born with the gift ( and curse ) of protection.
    There are a multitude of us who have followed this path and absorbed the info and displaced the lies we were taught. Think of how far we have come with the truth of what has gone on . It consumes me . I am one to " blade myself" when my subconcsious detects the slightest possible threat because of the years of " fight "..Now truth has begun to set os free and displace the darkness...also thank God.

  2. I understand men pretty well after a husband and three grown sons, but you are correct--- the responses men have to any perceived danger are different than women. I don't blame people for being angry. I don't blame them for being confused. I just want this settled with as little damage to America and Americans as possible. Seems like we have all already suffered enough without giving our enemies any excuse to foment any other trouble.

  3. nothing extreme is beneficial - balance is...we are both here in our dual forms to put each other in check and balance the duality to become ONE again with the creator.

    1. No one can become ever be 'one' with the creator. One as Soul can become a co-worker with our Creator ~ thruout eternity, however...♬💥

  4. Patriot58January 26, 2019 at 4:28 AM
    "This is gold...thank you Anna."

    Fool's gold is more like it. Once again, Anna manages to fill cyberspace with bullshit disguised as wisdom and knowledge. I actually started to write another rebuttal to her nonsense, but stopped after two whole pages. What's the point? Paul has removed some of my most salient offerings from the comments section. Besides it would take another four pages to counter all the foolishness she publishes. By now, you're either a sycophant or you've already awakened to her game. Beware the jabberwock, my son.