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Friday, January 25, 2019

Payseurs Revisited

By Anna Von Reitz

I have been bombarded with people all alarmed about the "Payseurs" -- the legendary 'family of' supposedly; but, as I already explained, "Payseurs" is not a name, it is a title: Purser, or Paymaster. And in this case, the Pursers in question are the Paymasters of the French Army. A Hereditary Office under the system of Bastardy within the "Holy" "Roman" "Empire".

So, get on your thinking caps. 
How did the "Payseurs" aka "Pursers" become so rich? By using the "French" Army in America, aka, "United States" Army, which Britain obligingly subcontracted to France because the French Territorial Government actually owns the British Territorial Government.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave....

Essentially, what they did, was they horned in our international land jurisdiction functions after the Civil War and claimed (falsely) to own the Railroads and all things connected to the Railroads. They set up and profited from vast railroad monopolies and consolidated this "protected industry" as a trust plus holding companies, similar to the way the modern day scions of these same entities use the epithet, "National Security Interest" to protect their interests and keep their nasty activities secret.

My point to you is that the interlocking trust directorate that "owns" and controls all this is not the private property of the Spring (aka Springstein) family, nor any family with the surname "Payseur". 

Its being operated by the (French) United States Army, which shouldn't even be here in any such capacity at all and all that nasty business taking place down in North Carolina via the officers of the the old DOD/NSA lash-up, is ultimately controlled through Benelux, through Switzerland, and finally, Rome.
There it is again, the Great Spider, the Municipal Government Polyglot, spinning the aforementioned tangled web.

All we really need to do is finish our State Jural Assemblies, call a Continental Congress, officially nationalize all the railroads and banks, break up the interlocking trust directorates for vast international crimes and as products of monopoly interest, and return the credit and profit where it is due, to the States and the People, who have been harmed by their own employees and by Trustees and Governments obligated to serve in Good Faith.

Of course, those who have profited from all this fraud --- and there are many --- are loath to give it up and don't know how the world turn without them. In some part, some of them are truly alarmed, and not just for their own skins.
After all, the British Territorial Government subcontracted French/Benelux/Swiss/Rome "United States Army" has been operating this way for a long time without any oversight, and certainly without the knowledge of the Americans.

This particular "United States Army" which seized control of all the Railroads and Banks in this country and created this monster, which cheated us and the Arab nations, is now shut down for 90 days awaiting receipt of a new French Territorial Charter. 
It all needs to be busted, and those responsible need to be prohibited from creating, operating, shareholding, managing, or profiting from any corporation ever again. 
When a country grants a charter to incorporate a business, it is granting a privilege. That privilege must be revoked when an incorporated entity is caught red-handed in criminal activity, and those responsible must not be allowed to abuse the privilege.

As you will note, France and Germany are suddenly all chummy and "taking a stand" against "nationalism" in Britain and the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, and wherever else people wish to have control of their own names, labor, bodies, and public and private assets again.

I suppose that they are hoping that the German People have been sufficiently beaten down and psychologically damaged and "guilted" until they are afraid to say, "Tschuss!" to the EU, and that the rank and file French will be bought off by a few extra EUs, too. (So far they have been offered the equivalent of one decent bicycle per year, per family, to go along with this crazy criminal scheme.)

One is reminded of the Borg of Star Trek fame, as the leaders of certain countries --- Merkel, Macron, and Trudeau --- hypnotically repeat their mantras:
"Cow farts damage the environment. We must diaper the cows of Germany and France. Farmers must pay. Everyone must pay to breathe. Don't you all feel guilty for living? Give us all your land and your names and your time and your money and your children and live in eternal bogus debt as slaves for us, resistance is futile....resistance is futile...."

When is everyone going to wake up and realize that all of this is nothing but a gigantic criminal usurpation of power by crooks and dishonest employees?

We hired them. We can fire them. 
We don't have to wait for new elections. We can point to the 50,000 ways they have betrayed our National Trusts, embezzled our money, lied to us, proposed to give away our national sovereignty "for" us with the "Paris Accords", counterfeited our money, stolen our identities, bilked friendly nations in our names for their profit, and the list goes on---so, arrest the filthy crooks as they did in Iceland. 
And not just the bankers--- the "payseurs"--- the paymasters who are keeping all this fraud rolling.


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  1. Hi Family I am so excited and feel very very very grateful to you Anna for teaching me through your writings and I just sent off my FISA documents to be recorded. I now have to work on the authenticated BC. Thanks to the Washington Jural assembly people giving me the help also. I praise Almighty God for the strength to keep keeping on. Peace to you all sherry elizabeth

    1. Awesome Skully!!! Keep up the Great Work and Always keep learning!!

  2. Have a question about my birth certificate. My bc has 4 dates on it. 1-day born, 2-date signed 25 days after date born, 3-date received by registrar, 29 days after born, 4-date RE'CD by state, 33 days after born, does #4 stand for received or recorded? Would #4 by date use as date corporation was started?

    1. Received. Our Living births were never recorded, that's a big part of the problem. I'm not sure about your last question re: corporation start date, sorry

  3. oh, yeah, anna isn't "part of the control system", she is just a genius grandma up in alaska who knows everything, writes letters to the satanic pope, and just knows all this from being a good little girl who read a lot, and didn't waste her time watching tv. yeah, people, she puts out some good info, and
    she is really with us--- of course she is, that is why nothing bad, like finding her dead, will ever happen to her, unlike all the dead bankers, and dead natural health doctors. anna is for real, she has all the answers!

  4. Are you a member of your State Assembly Anna?

  5. It may be possible that Dave Janda started the Payseur family fad recently during one of his interviews that I saw. He was asked to speculate on who might be pulling the strings at the highest levels of European Aristocracy running the show. That was the first time that I have ever seen that name arise, but there others being thrown about too from the Italian connection.

  6. Years ago I remember seeing or reading about the "great octopus "...the railroads...having its arms wrapped around America like a Korgon, controlling all commerce in the STATES...!! It still does in a way. But their power has been replaced by ships, and planes for international commerce...!!One more word we have to properly define...!!

  7. To me it seems that there isn't one country that knows it's true history either...!! True history was lost during the "Dark Ages"...!! If I could only get my hands on those books from that age before they burned all the books, I bet there would be a whole different story to be told today....!!

    1. james, I am persuaded that those books were burned. What you should wish is to get to the basement of the vatican and take a look at all the stuff that is stashed down there. I bet it would knock your sox off.

    2. james, I meant to say I am NOT persuaded..........geesh, typo

    3. sure it would, if I knew where to look in the Vatican's 54 miles of library....!!!

    4. Yes that sounds about right James, an occupying invader typically always seeks to eliminate the paperwork of the country being invaded to make it much tougher to piece together the real historical record when the invader seeks to rewrite the history in their favor. No surprise then that the White House was torched in the War of 1812 by the very same people that Anna has been correctly ranting about, as well as other researchers. Much easier to slip in the new fraudulent paperwork to obfuscate around the truth. We see that now with what Anna has been publishing. Good point also regarding the Vatican Abby, they seem to be the only guilty party who gets to keep THEIR paperwork intact. BTW I have to disagree with Anna's published support for Unum Sanctum, she has previously defended it. As much as I appreciate the work she does, that kind of support for the Vatican is very rare compared to many other investigators. Not saying she is wrong she may have her reasons that we aren't aware of but I was quite skeptical when she expressed support for it. The whole notion of papal bulls is creepy if you look at what is claimed. Later bulls were a further nail in the coffin for "the rest of us" by establishing express trusts and leading to the now infamous Cesti Qui trust formation. Throw the Jesuits and their despicable oath into the mix and you've got a real tossed salad of drama and intrigue going on there. None of it good.

  8. Again I ask where is the living law firm in all of this? Anna states arrest them, abolish them, kick them out.
    So for decades Anna and the living law form have been fighting this fight and to date no arrest of anyone on their part?
    Something not adding up here
    If the living law firm has standing then why are they not arresting anyone?
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  9. Found a very interesting site that you may find interesting that relates to Anna's subject and ties together what Anna has been talking about here and on other posts. Connections to the players, groups and the tentacles and so forth.

    As with anything posted here or elsewhere, it will be up to you to read, research and make a decision whether it is relevant, truthful or just a bunch of hype.

    Warning this is a very long read and contains a lot of information.

    Please go here and take a look.

  10. IT IS NO GREAT SURPRIZE THAT ANNA IS BEING ATTACKED! Anyone trying to make the world a better place and do good, will be! That is how the world is! C'est la vie...

    1. Marcus, I dont attack anna for her 'trying to make the world a better place'. I attack her for spreading her new age religion, and for her tying it in with her false painting of her false view of the future, and for her sad attempt at throwing in a few words from the bible - just enough to try to persuade folks that she is coming from a ''God view'' when clearly she is not.

      As for her politics/law/history she is merely speaking of what ''should be'' and that is probably fairly correct; But what 'should be' and what 'will be'' are two vastly different animals.
      She presents it as though it Will be, or like she is 'going to bring it about' when in fact, she is not able to do that.
      Yet she has enticed many of you folks to believe that. But it is obvious that most in here have never stopped to wonder just How does anyone logically believe her perceived Plan will ever be able to get off the ground.

      What you try to call attacking anna, is actually just trying to jerk some of you peeps out of your fantasy, and into reality. So answer the question then: Just how do you really think 7.4 billion people on this earth, or even the 340 million in the usa, are ever going to get the tyrannical government to abide by anything that is Lawful, take your paperwork seriously, stop railroading people, give you fairness in anything, and start being honest; quit stealing from The People, and do a single thing to respect and consider the gross injustices done to The People? Do you really think they are just going to wake up one morning and turn from being tyrants, into being Angels from above? Do you really think they will EVER give a crap about you, just because you discover all their ''sins'?

      I am listening. Here's your chance to tell us all just how you all are gonna make this world a 'better place'. Be logical and realistic in your response. Story telling time is over with; this is time for Reality now.

      (I dont ask because I need your answer, or because I want to know, but I ask so all you complainers can give your workable and realistic solution, since you are so smart and always attacking those who dont readily join your kissy face parties, lol.)

    2. Abby, there are many times when Anna can be confusing with regard to her delivery of material. You mentioned times when she presents certain pieces of information as though she either knows the outcome or she can influence the outcome when the reality is different. She has tried to lure President Trump over from the dark side of the empire, because where he sits now he is the CEO of a bankrupt corporation illegally posing as a dejure government, wherein the corporation has only defacto power that it appointed itself with. The insanity we see right now is the result of a power vacuum with members of criminal orgs desperate to maintain the status quo and prevent the world from waking up. They will use violence to achieve their objective just like any gang would do. They try to hide their criminal intentions by obfuscation of their identities, but the bread crumbs invariably lead to the Vatican, an organization that has expressed its desire to lord over mankind by any means possible and if deception and violence is required than so be it. Anna is just one voice crying in the wilderness along with the Manna World Holding Trust which looks creepier all time by trying to present themselves with Kim actually in the position of releasing funds from the trust to support government funding requirements as recent as December. That being the case, where are the accounts located? The Fed? The US Treasury both of which are franchisees of the mothership corporations that Anna describes. It is further implied that President Trump is talking to Kim as the trustee. Do we have any evidence that this is the case? What does Anna think about THAT I wonder? These are dangerous times for many reasons but mainly for the fact that the gloves are off, everything is on the table and if hotheads and psychopaths prevail, them it could all end in a big kaboom unless people sit the hell down and relax and think about what their foolish pride is collectively about to present to the world.

    3. Abby you just said what many people here are thinking in a very straight-up way. And I think it is fair to say that this has been the history of mankind for a very long time. It's like the movie Groundhog day, we keep having the same day over and over again metaphorically speaking. More to the point we are stuck in a loop of violent behavior from bad actors who just want what they want. They only represent a small percentage of the population but the lust for power and control is palpable. With all the war drums that have been beating for centuries, millennia...where does that instinct come from? I have never once talked to anybody that has said to me "you know we just haven't had a good war lately" and I am sure you understand. So where does it come from? The lust for blood and violence and control. Where?

    4. actually big will, anna has some very good information but if 20% is off/incorrect due to willful intent or blissful ignorance, that is huge; if you were navigating a vessel, which we are, we would be pretty far OFF course and many things she propounds are off and dangerous to ones vessel.

    5. So what exactly is it that makes me "big will" may I ask? I don't suppose you ordered a drone sporting a hi-res camera to get a look under my skirt now did you :-)

  11. Did Ghandi help India come out from under the thumb of England? That's how...

  12. Holland once had to make a law to stop the rulers from using the poor. They fashioned a patch that was worn on the shoulder with I think a large red P. Then they circulated new "legislation" that said anyone making less than so much money was poor and had to wear one of the patches. Anyone poor was also subject to other poor "laws". Finally it became so sick an end was put to the practice. Sound familiar. Strange, I was born in Kansas and only have a Certificate of Live Birth and even ordering new ones copies etc, have not been sent any Birth Certificate. One is DC and the other Territorial. Military and certain things on the territorial side are now still functioning, VA and one can see what is under DC and what is under territorial organization called United States. Coast Guard was put under DC so is not acting military like Air Force for instance. There are a lot of mixed jobs in military, active duty and contractor like union employees who work different hours even. Active duty we would always have to stay late if needed since the contractor employees, who wear the same uniform had special union benefits like can't work over certain number of hours while active duty is on 24/7 most often, totally different employers in some way and quite obvious as well as not to cool some workers getting benefits over others in the same job.

    1. Dad was born in Russell in 1922.

      Thanks for your ALWAYS interesting posts 💙

  13. least we are starting to know how govt works, how Congress works, and who is federal and who isnt..!!
    Appearantly, those people in Congress have never known what the Real business world is like...Trump has been in the trenches with theives, murderers, and crooks running multibillion comp all their lives and he's still here....congress is mild by comparison...!! He is schooling everyone...!!