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Monday, January 21, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies -8 A Nation of Bastards?

By Anna Von Reitz

I have briefly and simply explained the three basic jurisdictions of law many times before and it was outlined in our book, "You Know Something Is Wrong When..... An American Affidavit of Probable Cause", too.

We live our lives in the Jurisdiction of the Air, before returning whence we came, to the Jurisdiction of the Land and Soil (Earth).  In between, our feet tread upon either the land or the sea, which is our choice.  It is that choice that concerns us when we are talking about the secular government  and the forms of law we encounter day to day--- but in order to clear the air:

The law of the Jurisdiction of the Air is divided into ecclesiastical law and canon law, which can loosely be defined as the law for the people who make up the body of the Church (ecclesiastical)  and the law for the churchmen and clergy (canon).  This in turn relatively reflects the same kind of formula difference as one finds between the Public Law which everyone is supposed to obey and the Private law of the Federal Code, for example  

Ecclesiastical Law is formed of doctrines that are spelled out in the form of Accords and Concords and Creeds and all sorts of Writs and Edicts, while Canon Law is neatly numbered (though voluminous like the Federal Code) and stipulates all the do's and don'ts and rights and obligations and duties of priests and lesser clerics and administrators.

Thus there is a Third Jurisdiction and two more mighty sets of laws and a Christian Assembly that has nothing to do with a secular State Jural Assembly; and, there is a "Divine Government" established by "Assemblies of Believers" known as "Congregations" within a church, but that is not the kind of assembly that we are talking about when we are discussing the American Government (Land) vs. U.S. Government (Sea) and State Jural Assemblies.

Some people are getting this all balled up and confused and someone has to take the initiative to say-- whoa! 

If you want to argue how many angels can sit on the head of a pin this is not the forum to do that and the State Jural Assemblies are no place to have those kinds of religious discussions.  We all have cause to know that although most of our Forefathers were Christian they did not create a Theocracy, nor, for that matter, did they create a Democracy.  They instead negotiated for each state to enjoy a "republican form of government" where the power remained solidly based on unincorporated institutions and the free will of the people living on the land and soil of each geographically defined "State". 

So the job of the State Jural Assemblies is to organize and re-populate the land and soil jurisdiction of each of the American States, and then, to finish the "reconstruction" the Federal States of States, so that our Government is restored to its intended form and fully functional.

That is a big enough job without any religious controversies blurring the lines and making a difficult job even more complex and dragging in issues that have nothing to do with our Secular Government then or now.

Unfortunately, the Roman Catholic Church did poke its nose in and get involved in the Great Fraud in 1925, when it incorporated a non-profit corporation doing business as "the" United States of America (Inc.) in the State of Delaware and continued the same basic scheme as the Scottish Government promoted in 1868 when it created "The United States of America" Incorporated---- naming a corporation after our unincorporated Federation of States and letting confusion and deceitfully similar names promote identity theft, hypothecation of debt, and all the rest of it.

This created a situation where the Holy See had a Territorial Corporation dba "the" United States of America, Inc., and various  Municipal Corporations doing business as the MUNICIPAL CORPORATION OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA and the MUNICIPALITY OF WASHINGTON, DC, and the UNITED STATES and so on --- and the Holy See and its Secular Administration run by the Office of the Roman Pontiff -- saw fit to bring along many antiquated and evil practices that it had practiced in Europe for centuries.

These included the Doctrine of Scarcity, the Doctrine of Bastardy, and the practice of Bono Vacantia among other destructive instruments designed to denigrate and invalidate other Christian denominations as well as all other religious faiths--- and fleece the populace blind in the name of Jesus.

So although our American Government is and always was thoroughly and determinedly secular in nature and though the Separation of Church and State was very well settled and established in this country prior to 1925, the increasing role of the Roman Catholic Church as a "governmental services provider" thoroughly polluted the administration of both Territorial and Municipal Government Services with religious dogma and prejudice that has contributed mightily to the fraud and abuse that has occurred in our country.

The Order of the Templars came back from the Crusades "infected" with a brand of Gnosticism born of exposure to the more ancient cults of Baal from Babylon and Sumeria, and Osiris from Egypt.  The Pope and King Philip of France had also borrowed a great deal of money from the Templars, and were hard up against having to pay them back. So they used the religious differences as an excuse to suppress, murder, and confiscate the property of the Templars. 

That is what ultimately created two portions of our modern dilemma --- the first being the suppression of the Templars and their beliefs, resulting in Freemasonry and other less savory Secret Societies, and the second being the start of a loathsome habit of the Holy See and its Collaborators of borrowing huge amounts of money from people and then killing off their Priority Creditors.

You can see this most grossly in the Second World War wherein the Holy See and Hitler borrowed huge amounts of money from Jews living in Germany and Eastern Europe, and then, when it was time to pay back the debt, exterminated their Priority Creditors instead.  The Municipal corporations under the control of the Holy See and their principal subcontractors --- the Alphabet Soup Agencies --- were being fully prepared and weaponized to carry out exactly this same maneuver in America, complete with FEMA concentration camps.

This behavior cannot be seen as anything related to religious differences or any misunderstood loyalty to the teachings of Yeshuah.  It is criminal behavior --- theft, murder, and piracy---  motivated by greed and blamed on the victims in every instance since the suppression of the Templars.

The Church attempted to excuse this by adopting what can only be described as doctrinal schizophrenia --- preaching the Gospel under the sacred Office of the Pope, and allowing this filthy, violent, horrifying behavior under the Office of the Roman Pontiff.  And selling it all under the Church's storefront.

The recent maneuvers have not stopped the problem.  The Office of the Roman Pontiff was closed down in 2011, but the "new" Holy Roman Empire started up on its heels and took over the same old function --- the Gold, Order, and Dominion function of secretive violence, war-mongering, theft, deceit and criminal brutality.  Gold, Order, and Dominion = GOD, and their KINGDOM OF GOD, which is not our Kingdom of Heaven, and not allied with any teaching of Yeshuah.

It is also clear that after bankrupting and liquidating the Municipal UNITED STATES, INC. and granting the perpetrators undeserved bankruptcy protection, the Holy See and its property managers at the Vatican fully intend to simply boot up another deceitfully named Municipal Corporation and reward the criminal members of the Municipal United States "Congress".

That is, after all this, after all the exposure of their misdeeds and criminality, they have learned nothing.  They have not turned away from their sins.  They have not repented one bit.  They have simply coiled around and shed their skin and think that they are going to go right on with business as usual. 

My Mother had a good answer for snakes.  It's called a garden hoe.

In making these observations it gives me no pleasure to report, nor does the rest of the story, which Kurt Kallenbach explains exhaustively in his publications and on his website,

The research that Kurt and his team have undertaken coincides, underlines, explains additional --- especially theological --- history, that only concerns us in that it explains the origins of the ignorant and superstitious practices that have ultimately been elevated to excuse gross crimes against each and every one of us. 

Very briefly, clerics at the time of Thomas Aquinas could not explain the nature of the afterbirth that accompanied each child into the world.  So they deemed it a live born "human person" that mysteriously died upon entering this world.

We have caught hospital personnel and have hospital records detailing how the afterbirth is seized upon and kept without the knowledge or consent of the Mother or Father, how it is named using our Given Name--purportedly "donated" by the Mother, and how this is used as an excuse to steal and replicate our identity, to create an "infant decedent estate" named after us, and ultimately, to even steal our DNA.

As bizarre as this is, it is true. This has been going on non-stop in Maternity Wards for years and the identity of the Mothers as married women has been being obscured because the Catholic Church refuses to recognize any marriage not given their stamp of approval.  Thus, according to them, we are all "bastards" --- unclaimed waifs, wards of the State of State, unclaimed property.

One wonders whatever excuse these unrepentant Middlemen can make in view of their sins, for standing as Gatekeepers between the True God and his Children, and as Judges over the rest of us, when they cannot observe the least bit of common decency.

I am sure that the vast majority of Catholics reading this short summation will be horrified and disbelieving, but these bizarre claims and practices are fully and exhaustively proven and documented and they all amount to nothing but a very large pile of lies, half-truths, fantasies, superstitions, and most all --- excuses for crime.

As a result, yes, Campers, we find it necessary to even go back and claim our DNA, via a Paramount Claim to our essence from the moment of our conception and the formation of a zygote. 

They stole your Given Name and identity.  They stole your Earthly estate. They even stole your DNA.  All in the "Name of God" and "Jesus Christ", of course. 

Repentance must come to this Church --- true, lasting, and strictly enforced repentance, because until it does, nobody and nothing on Earth will be safe.
It literally is like nursing a nest of vipers, as their confessions and contrition appear to last all of five minutes before they go do the same evils again and indulge themselves in more lies and half-truths and obfuscations.

Even though our State Jural Assemblies have nothing to do with Congregational Assemblies, and our Courts do not address ecclesiastical or canon law, we do address probate of our estates and our property interests and our intellectual property rights and our private assets ---- all of which have been deplorably abused by these hypocrites on a worldwide scale.

Thus it is, that while the British Monarch is responsible for the abuses practiced upon us in the international jurisdiction of the sea, the Pope is responsible for the abuses in the global jurisdiction of the air, and both of them must be held accountable for this state of affairs.

There is a backdoor where religious controversy enters in, though it is not a part of our American Government, and is in fact a source of gross criminal behavior on the part of subcontractors run by the Holy See and its Vatican property managers.

As we wake up and get started with the vast house-cleaning and restoration work set before us, it is only rational that all Catholics worldwide object to these gross criminal practices and refuse to support their continuance, the lies against the Mothers and their rights, the lies against the babies and theft of their DNA, their Good Names, and their estates --- all of this ancient, superstitious evil used to excuse criminal activity must stop and it must stop now. It has no validity in fact and certainly has no place in the modern world.

Our State Jural Assemblies have the power and must demand the repeal of Federal Code Title 37, conscripting our doctors, nurses, dentists and other health care personnel into the "US" military as "Uniformed Officers" and end the extortionate use of professional licensing to compel them to participate in these bizarre practices and clandestine registrations of afterbirths "as" live born Americans festooned with our Given Names and used to substitute "for" us so as to steal our identities almost from the moment of our birth.

We must all, worldwide, expose these evils and those who practice them inside and outside the Roman Catholic Church. 

We must demand that the unrepentant Roman Curia suspend all privileges of incorporation to the members and administrators and Board of Directors of the Municipal United States Congress and not reward these Vermin with any further opportunity to create, organize, operate, direct, share-hold, or benefit from any incorporated entity whatsoever. 

They must not be allowed to come back through the door, unroll a new Municipal Charter, and continue on.  They must be stopped and they must be punished.

Any attempt to just hand-off the nastiness of the Office of the Roman Pontiff and its profits to a new gang of criminals operating as the "Holy Roman Empire" needs to be stopped in its tracks, too. 

We are not a "nation of bastards" and neither are the people of the many other nations of the world which have been denigrated and dis-served in the same way, using the same venal practices, the same archaic and evil excuses.

The State Jural Assemblies are therefore reminded that these are not religious issues from the standpoint of the American Government, but they are issues of property crime, false claims in commerce, fraud, conspiracy, unlawful conversion, identity theft, inland piracy, personage, Breach of Trust, copyright infringement, mis-characterization, credit and insurance fraud, bankruptcy fraud, securities fraud, extortion, racketeering, money laundering, kidnapping, treaty violations, and numerous other kinds of crime.

If the Catholics don't voluntarily and honestly clean up their own Church, monitor its behavior, and control its business affairs,  it is inevitable that the rest of us will have to expose and embarrass them until they do.  It is also apparent that Catholic owned and operated corporations, like British owned and operated corporations, have embezzled vast amounts of money and resources out of the American States and People and as a reward, have prepared to murder us, their Priority Creditors.

This continued lunatic behavior cannot be tolerated in the modern world, and should rightfully be known and addressed by the State Jural Assemblies going forward----but not as a religious issue--- as a criminal and economic issue.


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  1. There has to be a way to file a blanket international claim and it be recognized
    We know that their worldwide set up is nothing but fraud too
    What says the Living Law Firm?
    I read in a earlier post that they are charging $600 in some cases to file this paperwork, more pillaging
    And if you look at 5G it is specifically designed to affect our DNA which is a military weapon
    I believe the reason they have the DNA testing kits now is so they can tweek the system, just my opinion
    I will continue to share this information but as for me I have no income and the prospect of working for any organization at this point is not an option as they are all involved in some form or fashion whether they know it or not in the project to eugenics the undesireables off this planet
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  2. Anna, I have read the information regarding the afterbirth before in one of your previous postings. What happens to the afterbirth when midwives perform home births? Are midwives conscripted to taking the afterbirth to hospital or coroner for the documentation?

    This definitely explains why home births are frowned upon.

    1. As to this subject of afterbirth, I personally think its bull5hit. Its right up there with feces; both are just waste material. At best, it serves to show how the world in general has lost its damned mind, lol

    2. 1980 our daughter came forth in hospital delivery and the opportunity to view a procedure of circumcision gave me insight as to not ever wanting that done to any males brought forth to me. Canadian research findings on this after affects of the procedure, that it makes a permanent break in the natural processes of the brain for empathy, etc. and TPTB do not want this information out.

      By 1986 our 3rd son (4th child) came to us in unconscionable hospital delivery. Those circumstances & thoughts as to hospital programing brought about questions re: infant baptismal, then the choice to not go along with the baptism program erupted.

      Then 1998 our 4th son came to be delivered at home and the choice was made to keep his afterbirth and has been frozen since that date and not planted under a rose bush. So, many years later, the wisdom of the choices have been made manifest through the findings of research and have granted to us not just the "hard won freedom of conscious" with acceptance/peace, but now validation.

      There have been a lot of programs as family, religious, schooling, medical, psychological, governmental, media and mankind's history that have commingled with deceit into every aspect of each life. To stand, bear witness and share our own struggles along with fellow travelers who all are struggling, have struggled and one's that are coming forth to become, with patience & love.

      No matter what stage or state any of us are in this moment of our learning--we all are of the greatest value, more precious than gold or minerals--and new awareness each moment we are present. This comment section is bearing witness to this and what we do not know today, at some point it will be revealed.

      This is my synopsis in those particular arenas.
      Peace. ra

    3. Abby,
      Was looking in to Mount Carmel hospital
      Advertised as (faith based)
      Headquarters: Ohio
      Founded: 1995
      Parent organization: Sylvania Franciscan Health
      Subsidiary: Trinity Medical Center West
      Which led me here:Trinity Health System
      Headquarters: Ohio
      Founded: 1995
      Parent organization: Sylvania Franciscan Health
      Subsidiary: Trinity Medical Center West
      which led me here:
      Sylvania Franciscan Health
      Headquarters: Maumee, OH
      Founded: 1984
      Parent organization: Catholic Health Initiatives
      Subsidiary: Trinity Health System
      Catholic Health Initiatives!!!
      Now that is interesting.

  3. Unrelated, but is there a posting for Jural Assemblies 6 & 7? We went from 5 to now 8.

    Paul if you would like some assistance posting these to Anna's site, let me know. The last posted was Jural Assembly 3. It would be a way for me to honour the work and donate my time to the cause.

  4. Hi Dan,
    All the articles are on

    The numbers for this series for the Jural Assemblies are as follows.

    1501, 1502, 1503, 1506, 1507, 1509, 1510, 1511

    If I need some help I will let you know.

    1. Thanks Paul, new post notices didn't come through yet for 1509 & 1510 but did for 1511. I checked my junk and trash, but not there so I was curious.

  5. Tell lie vision and Hollywood the enemies of all mankind
    Might want to see who oathkeepers founder really is - in the same link left above
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  6. So not only do we have them spraying the earth and all living things on it like bugs
    This is all done in advance of incoming moisture to cap the atmosphere and prevent lift necessary for precipitation process. Goes back to 1997 when they started trading weather derivatives on CME. Betting on the weather is big business. Here is the definition:
    Weather Derivative
    An instrument used by companies to hedge against the risk of weather-related losses. The investor who sells a weather derivative agrees to bear this risk for a premium. If nothing happens, the investor makes a profit. However, if the weather turns bad, then the company who buys the derivative claims the agreed amount.
    They have also set up the Chicago Climate Exchange to go along with the greenhouse gases scam they have going to bilk the nations of out everything
    And how convenient that this all plays right in with the UN Agenda 21 sustainable development
    And while they block out the sun they sell solar panels
    And while they block out the sun they kill us, the animals and our crops
    All of this is beyond provabale and yet we file paperwork?
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Well, u find alot time to post now & then interesting & then🙄

  7. Shame, got kicked out of the Washington State Jural Assembly for saying the same thing about being murdered because we're priority creditors, guess they'll have to learn the hard way, should be a major agenda, it's happening in every state and people don't connect the dots. HASTENING

  8. U will ♡ this ra ~from my old friend named Babe [this is so interesting. watch. there's no audio. only music. great info and imagery. ]

    Ps one crazy video😂

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