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Monday, January 21, 2019

Why I Use the Description, "Our Father"

By Anna Von Reitz

Why I Use the Description, "Our Father"

---instead of "God" or "Jehovah" or "Yahavah" or "Anisoph" or "Source" or all the other 72 descriptive names in the Bible:

It's because the entire message of Jesus was about being part of the One Life that is the source of all life, including ours --- and being part of the family.

He tried his best to explain it as being like a grapevine, with his Father being the root, and him being a fruitful branch, and we being the grapes, all part of the same plant, all sustained by the same sap, all inter-related and part of each other.

Like your parents are forever a part of you.

And that's why I use the phrase "Our Father" --- because the True and Living God is part of us and we are part of him, in exactly the same sense.


  1. And that vine grows in the republic of Texas, as does the fig tree. If you live in Texas, you are a part of that vine and that fig tree. Come see us at
    Thank you Anna, for your faith, hope and love.

  2. Matt 7:15 beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves
    16 ye shall know THEM by their fruits; do men gather grapes from thorns; or figs from thistles?
    17 even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit
    18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit
    19 every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit,is hewn down and cast into the fire
    20 wherefore, ye shall know THEM by their fruit
    21 not everyone that saith unto me, Lord,Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that DOETH the will of My Father which is in heaven
    22 many will say to me in that day Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
    23 and then will I profess to them I never knew you, depart from me ye that work iniquity
    24 therefore, whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and DO them, I will liken him to a wise man....
    26 and every man that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them NOT, shall be likened unto a foolish man...

  3. Greetings; that is so very true, thank you for that.

    dennis, fort collins, Co.

  4. I still get GREAT lucid dreams with my formerly atheists parents fairly regularly, though, both translated decades ago🎶💥

    See...u don't even have to be a believer of even of God Almighty to go to HEAVEN🛐

    1. My brother Hayes & my second house in Edina, Minnesota (which we moved into 1965) (& has been seriously renovated by current owners 💰👀) (now SOLD💰$) though, seller kept the earth colors my parents favored ...


    2. Famous Catholic Lou Nanne – former NHL defenseman and general manager was ^ our across the street neighbor @ 5801 Hidden Lane ...still alive & does Minnesota State hockey tournament announcing on tv

      Behind his house back then was another famous Catholic
      Carl Pohlad – former owner, Minnesota Twins ~ his son Jim is currently Twins owner🎶💰💥,_Minnesota

    3. Leland, you were not in heaven but on earth and any spirits you may be entertaining are familiar spirits roaming the earth imitating the souls of the departed. Not good. It is God's heaven and Jesus says: "I am the way the truth and the light. No man comes to the Father but through me." There is no other name under heaven by which we must saved.

    4. *correction...the truth and the life.

    5. Thank 1Freeman for exposing yourself to another narrow minded Christian fraud especially in religious matters in general. U really should stick with what u know...and u do know quite alot in rhose definite 'legal' areas👣, but in regards to onlybegottenism bs, dreams, obes, nde, auras, Biblical, what actually constitutes sin, ect...u r quite ignorant in general when cones understanding exactly what Jesus as human being serving mankind & womankind...animalkind was ALL about...imho, of course😉🎶💥

  5. John 15:5

    “I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.” John 15:5

    1. And JC & countless other so called onlybegottens r the branches😉🎶💥

      The 'vine' is the holy spirit, the light & sound of God or what Jesus called 'the word'.

    2. Ps Every Soul goes to heaven...even if it is a reformatory location for a spell💛

    3. Then those now possibly 'reformed' Souls get another chance to eventually set things right😉as taught by Jesus, too🔥

    4. Leland, My Bible says the soul that sins dies. Spirit (breath) returns to God. Unless you can quote a verse that proves me wrong.

    5. It is appointed unto men once to die and then the judgement. Let me know if you would like the scripture references so you can look them up.

    6. Fortunately as u should well know by now the current Bible isn't my reference point whatsoever when it comes to the veracity of reincarnation facts because anyone who remotely choses to research the subject matter seriously would quickly imho find out rather quickly Christians in general have been programmed since birth usually to be blind to the so obvious flaws of single life nonsensical belief system😉🎶💥

      "His research investigated multiple hundreds of children who claimed to recall past lives and there are many examples. These children are able to give remarkable details about their past lives, and in some cases include describing how they died, locating past family members of who they used to be that are still living, and more details that would otherwise be impossible to describe."

    7. LOL, poor delusional Leland sits there gloating and running his mouth thinking he can be as crude and ungodly and deny Christ the ONLY begotten Son of God the Father, be the slob that he is, because 'he will get as many chances as he wants'' LOL. Oh I gotta say I am gonna thoroughly enjoy seeing the look on your face when you land in outer darkness and then in the Lake of Fire. Then I hope ALL of your smart alec words will come back and haunt you where there will be no remedy.

      'No ONE comes to the Father Except thru ME, Jesus the ONLY Begotten said.'' So see Leland? You aren't getting anywhere near Heaven. Time for you to give up your own self made fantasy.

      (And before any one thinks Im outta line here: Remember God himself said He is going to laugh at their calamity when it comes upon them. I will go hunt it up for ya if you dont believe it.)

    8. The word of God is the only reference point available to man. In the beginning was the word and the word was with God. The word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld the glory of the only begotten of God (Jesus). No one else fits that description or any of the other thousands of prophecies in the OT now fulfilled in Jesus in the NT to a T. Chances of that are 1 in trillions. Your hundreds of experiences and testimonies that you read about are all demonically influenced or simply lies. Demons are thousands of years old and masters at deception and fooling gullible people and know how to seduce people with reincarnation, birthing, yoga, TM etc even religion. As long as people can hold in to their sins, they are willing prey for anything that comes along as long as they don't have to face the Creator. That's the whole point, if you will just let go and open up to God then He will forgive you and cleanse you of all your unrighteousness and make you white as snow. Either listen to Jesus and be saved or listed to demons and be lost forever. "The thief comes to kill, to steal and to destroy, but I (Jesus) came that you may have life and that abundantly."

    9. I♡u2^, but to me u both r usually writing usualy ABSOLUTE NONSENSE when it come to onlybegottenism & one life is ALL Soul ever has in this particular reality.

      And that is that😉☻🔥🌍🎶💥

    10. 1 FreeMan, the actual passage you are quoting from John 1:1 is as follows.

      [1]In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. [2] The same was in the beginning with God. [3] All things were made by him: and without him was made nothing that was made. [4] In him was life, and the life was the light of men. [5] And the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.

      [6] There was a man sent from God, whose name was John. [7] This man came for a witness, to give testimony of the light, that all men might believe through him. [8] He was not the light, but was to give testimony of the light. [9] That was the true light, which enlighteneth every man that cometh into this world. [10] He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.

      [11] He came unto his own, and his own received him not. [12] But as many as received him, he gave them power to be made the sons of God, to them that believe in his name. [13] Who are born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. [14] And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we saw his glory, the glory as it were of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth. [15] John beareth witness of him, and crieth out, saying: This was he of whom I spoke: He that shall come after me, is preferred before me: because he was before me......

      Notice it says the Word was God. Jesus is one of the three Divine persons in the Blessed Trinity, and those three persons are One God. He also said "I and the Father are One"

    11. Ps...Paul 'the word' is the voice of God, but carry on...your blog😉🎶💥

    12. Leland, the Word of God made man is the second person of the Blessed Trinity, The Christ of the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son, and One with the Father, therefore God.

      You will never understand this until you humble yourself before Him and ask Him for the Grace to understand at least that much.

      There, I gave you the whole of the truth about the Trinity and the incarnation. You have no excuse and will not be able to defend your error before Him.

  6. Found this comment to be very interesting
    Genesis = Gene of Isis: Gender Isis: Gene Races of Isis: Gene Rations of Isis: Generations of Isis:
    Plain to see not only in words but in reality [if you can deprogram the brainwash of your mind]
    Red Cross = Red Shield [Templars Shield coveted by Rothschild]
    Red Cross = SwiSS Flag hidden in plain sight: The most untouched `NEUTRAL` place on Earth:
    So much so even Hitler declared them publicly as Neutral [Cause he was working with them]
    People think Switzerland is a Country when Officially it is the Confederation of Switzerland:
    SwiSS Bankers are the Templars who run almost all of the world on the Maxim
    "There is no Land without a Lord":
    Seven-Headed Switzerland Celebrates Europe's Strangest System of Government
    The Money System = The Biblical Beast with 7 heads and 10 horns: 7 Heads of State Govern their 10 Ministerieux
    The Lion [Beast] A Lions = Alliance [Centralized Banking no Laws] called Switzerland which enslaves Man using the Beast System of Ox and Eagle [Land and Overseer]
    Again Feudal Law where `There is no Land without a Lord` [Ox and Eagle]
    But neither will work without the other Beast [Enslaved Man] Lion Ox Eagle Man: Sphinx:
    SwiSS Aristocracy / Nobility Are the bloodlines of the ones who invaded/out bred Egypt through Genes and coveted their riches: Took them abroad leaving Egypt in ruins and today they use Egyptian Symbols as though they own them:
    [Covet means ~ JFK] Where a Templar is Buried a Lion is at rest:
    I have seen many things as it relates tot his country and you have to admit it is where the BIS is, so why is everything always the Pope the Queen when you look at all the countries flocking to Switzerland for the G20 or G7 summits?
    What about the Law of Nations and the UN just where does their so called authority come from
    We can see that over and over and over complete countries are destroyed for a new one to emerge from the ashes just like they resurrected I s r a e l and S a u d i A r a b i a
    They just play ring around the rosies building up countries and then destorying them when they're finished with them all the while they looking to reach their end goal of total enslavement of everything and everyone on this freakin planet
    It is a know fact that they have shipped all our jobs and technology out of this country and now they ready to pounce on us all the while trying to take away our guns while they're at it
    And think about this not one man of honor has done a thing to stop any of this in decades military or otherwise
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. watch this video by law johnston

    2. Shelby, first of all I would suggest you not let yourself fall into playing that ''word game' dissecting frogs in biology class. Its like a bad disease going around the Net lately.
      Just how many letters do we have in the alphabet, so of course they can be turned into such bull5shitt as many are doing these days.
      But Genesis means the beginning of a thing; thats why the first book of the bible is named Genesis .....'in the beginning''. Now we know it has nothing at all to do with isis or any thing other than The Beginning. Period.
      P.S. You did not give any reference as to where such information came from.

    3. Interesting post Shelly..far more interesting than anything Abby usually posts here anyway💛

      "Genesis = Gene of Isis: Gender Isis: Gene Races of Isis: Gene Rations of Isis: Generations of Isis:
      Plain to see not only in words but in reality [if you can deprogram the brainwash of your mind]
      Red Cross = Red Shield [Templars Shield coveted by Rothschild]
      Red Cross = SwiSS Flag hidden in plain sight: The most untouched `NEUTRAL` place on Earth: " Shelly

  7. Anna, I have never heard the father being referred to as the root. The passage form which you quote very clearly states in the first verse: "I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman." What scripture are you referring to that would indicate that the Father is the root? Rather Jesus is called the root of Jesse and the root of David. Instead it is Jesus who is the root as He Himself states in Revelation 22:16: "I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star." This makes sense because if Jesus is the vine then he is also the root of that vine. Do you agree?

  8. Anna, why would you even find a need to explain anything about 'The Father'. I think everyone already knows who that is, since almost everyone past the age of 30 has heard the Lords

    However, since you did, it should be clarified that He is not everybody's Father, as in ''Our''. There seems to be a Condition placed before gaining that position: 2 Cor 6:11-18 God tells the church at Corinth to not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers, as they had some unsavory/ungodly associations. So he mandates them to come out from among them and to be separate and (then) he will be a Father to them, and (then) they would be his sons and daughters.

    (just notice how Paul preached that back in his day, but today NO pastor will EVER tell you this. I suggest reading the passages Ive noted,and see it for yourself, cause Im sure almost nobody knew/knows thats even in the bible.)

    1. Abby,
      i see this as good, Speaking of the Father.
      Many balk at the male usage. They are wrong or do not see the whole picture.
      Also is good to see others such as 1Freeman asking her questions and pointing out discrepancies, as there are so many.
      Is she yet willing to listen?

  9. The best thing about bible freaks is they never ever give up pushing their bs on EVEYONE until usually they die & THEN finally once truly dead to the flesh ~ they realise JC isn't the onlybegotten, but Jesus will do his very best to help them get it right possibly in another eventual physical life...maybe in another religion possibly...burt of course religious fanatics r in every religion 😂


  10. Jan.19,2019 For Targeted Individuals
    Anna- "Witches and warlocks have been aware of the aura since ancient times and have used that knowledge both to attack and defend using electromagnetic forces."
    Your own aura is much stronger than their EM weapons.
    So we should become more like the witches and the warlocks? We should seek to be like those we have been warned of? We should once again seek forbidden knowledge?
    She uses the very same Bible that we do, and in it we can look and see the following warnings. From Galatians 5 .
    Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are fornication, uncleanness, immodesty, luxury, Idolatry, witchcrafts, enmities, contentions, emulations, wraths, quarrels, dissensions, sects,

    Do you not remember how Anna, complained for weeks of being "targeted?" Non stop asking for money to aid in replacing the things that were lost etc....Computers, dishes Basement cleanup..
    Then we have the UH- Duh moment.
    Sunday Jan. 20, 2019
    And She tells us:
    Anna- "But the fact is that kind of torture began for us in 2007 and by 2011 we had learned enough about our own energy resources and the internal operations of the aura system we were born with ---- that not only can't they touch us individually, they can't mess with our animals, our cars, our homes ---- nothing.
    We just deflect or reflect it all, all the time.
    So if we can do it, and have been doing it for what? Eight years now? Please tell me the reason that all of you are running around bleating like sheep and so "terrified" and not doing what I suggest? It's free. It's available on the internet.
    It took about four years for me to become adept, but it took less than two weeks to learn enough to be able to block the rats. Make the effort."
    a follower- Will you not see what is directly in your face? Will you not see the hypocrisy, the deception the contradiction?
    Living by the Spirit
    …18But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the Law. 19The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity, and debauchery; 20idolatry and sorcery; hatred, discord, jealousy, and rage; rivalries, divisions, factions,…