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Monday, January 21, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies - 9 Grand Theories and "Responses" Debunked

By Anna Von Reitz

There are many people out there milling around, most of them are well-intentioned and some think they have "the" answer.  Some are Disinformation Agents as described in "7 Discipline".  

I started life as a mathematician and for me, the numbers have to add up and the logic has to follow through and each quantity has to --- at least eventually --- be known.

The simple facts are these: (1) our actual government ---which we are owed--- is not fully operational; (2) it is not functioning as it should because it was never fully restored after the Civil War; (3) we have not restored it, because we were not informed that it needed to be restored---certain parties profited themselves by keeping that obscured; (4) now that we have a grasp of the actual situation, we have the means to restore the government we are owed in our hands and all we need to do, is do it.

Nobody can complain about us taking care of our own business, and there are a great many people worldwide who will feel relieved and reassured that the people of this country finally woke up and are taking control again.

Thomas Deegan and those trying to organize the Oregon State Assembly have gone off the trolley and are advocating a "tear it down to the ground and start over" idea---an insurrectionist anarchist answer---at the same time they are trying to present themselves as the Oregon State Assembly. 

Think about this. 

How can you pretend to be a member of a State that you are bent on destroying?

Do the words, "shoot yourself in the foot" come to mind?  They should.

Thomas Deegan spent two years in jail for trespassing against the Territorial State of West Virginia.  He is lucky he didn't get 38 years like Bruce Doucette in Colorado, who basically did the same thing ---- all of them against my advice.

Thomas's theories have been tested -- repeatedly -- and they always have the same result.  The patriots espousing these ideas go to jail and the government putting them in jail is not one bit affected or changed for the better.   

So. Use your common sense.  If you want to change the way things are run around here, you have to do the work of self-governance and assemble your State Jural Assemblies.  Act in your unincorporated capacity, take care of business, and tell your employees what you want them to do.

In a similar vein, there are all sorts of Petitions and Arbitrations and other actions being pursued by well-meaning people and groups who are attempting to "move" Congress and/or use principles of law to ensure their immunity. 

The Territorial Congress already agreed that you are immune by passing the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act in 1976.  And the Municipal Congress has nothing to say about your immunity, because you are already the "authorized person" associated with all your ACCOUNTS.

Again --- think about this.

When you petition a foreign court or a foreign government, you are handing your authority over to them and subjecting yourself to their jurisdiction. 

If you are acting as an American, why would you petition the British Monarch about issues that you yourself are supposed to control?

We don't petition their government, which is merely under contract to provide services to our own.  We operate our own government and tell them how we want the service they provide to be run.

Do you petition your groundskeeper to mow your lawn, or do you tell him how to mow it? 

Get your heads screwed on, organize your State Jural Assembly, and tell your Territorial employees what you want done and how you want it done. 

Then restore your Federal State of State and use it to direct the course of your State's international business affairs --- as the Founders intended, instead of abdicating that responsibility and letting the British Monarch and their Territorial Officers act "for" you.

Arbitration of these matters is bound to more or less fail, because the first default is on our side, not the side of either the Territorial or Municipal Governments. We haven't done our part.  We haven't assembled our State Jural Assemblies in 150 years. We haven't reconstructed our Federal States of States.

They, the Territorial and Municipal Governments have been left without instructions---hence the claim of a perpetual "State of Emergency". 

We have to get busy and give them instructions or the "State of Emergency" continues.

As an additional point on their side of the issue---we already have remedy.

There is nothing stopping us from assembling our State Jural Assemblies, restoring the Federal States of States, and going forward-----nothing but our own ignorance about our own government.  And sloth, of course.

On an individual basis there is nothing stopping us from moving our Names and ACCOUNTS back to the land and soil jurisdiction of the States, either. Doing so instantly provides immunity from further presumption against us by either the Territorial or Municipal Governments.

As irritating as it may be in view of the abuses that have gone on, we have always had remedy in our hands and under our control.

This does not mean that we have not been defrauded and suffered Breach of Trust and been the victims of many crimes, because we have, but we must exercise our remedies first before addressing all of that.

Which means --- record your decision as the rightful "Authorized Person" to leave Territorial and Municipal Jurisdiction and to return your Good Name and ESTATE back to the land and soil jurisdiction of your State. 

Sign the Act of Expatriation from these "presumed" foreign political statuses, re-convey your Trade Name back to permanent domicile on the land and soil of your State, then move all the derivative NAMES back to permanent domicile on the land and soil of your State, too.   This process is like re-flagging a ship and moves your "vessels" back to America and back under American Common Law.

Instant immunity, no questions asked.

This is necessary because your Mother was deceived and coerced and mistakenly identified you as a British Territorial Citizen when you were a baby.  That is the fact.

Now, as an adult, you have been told about this circumstance. 

It is your responsibility to correct the records and declare yourself an American, if, as is to be supposed in most cases, you would rather enjoy your assets and freedom and benefit from the guarantees provided by all the treaties and constitutional agreements---than be counted as a pauper and treated as a debt slave of a British Territorial corporation.

The same is true of the State Jural Assemblies --- the States own and are supposed to control all the Federal "State of State" organizations for their benefit, but as we didn't step forward and reorganize and "reconstruct" the Federal States of States after the Civil War, that part and function of our actual government ran amok.

Neither the Territorial nor the Municipal Governments are supposed to be running "State of State" organizations at all.

There is nothing stopping us from finishing the reconstruction of our Federal States of States, taking them out of mothballs, and returning them to full operation --- nothing but our own ignorance.  Again.

So, no Petitions to members of the Territorial or Municipal Congresses are appropriate (it would be appropriate if we had an actual Federal Continental Congress present to address, but we do not at this time) and no Arbitration of these matters is advised because the default is on our side of the line.  

Any knowledgeable Arbitration expert is going to look at this and say--- "Well, this appears to be a situation in which you were identified as a British Territorial United States Citizen as a baby, and you have voluntarily remained in that status ever since, so what are you complaining about?"

You can be anywhere you want to be.  You can live in Scotland or you can live in France.  You can live on the sea or in a houseboat on the Mississippi or you can choose to live on land. 

FDR arbitrarily declared that all Americans were to be "presumed" to be out on the sea on holiday, acting in the capacity of British Territorial United States Citizens, and donating all their assets as chattel backing the debts of  the local Territorial State of State franchise of the bankrupt Roman Catholic Church non-profit corporation known as the "United States of America, Inc."

It's up to you to declare it bunko and make your other choices known. If you don't want to live on a wrecked boat drifting around out in the middle of the ocean, by all means, forget the Roman holiday and come back home. Ditto the "offer" of British Territorial Citizenship.

It is also up to you to operate your own government and to do so according to the rules your ancestors established until this entire country is awake and organized and educated enough to make other choices.

Finally, there is confusion about what "states" we are talking about.  Some people have erroneously identified the Municipal STATE as one and the same as the PEOPLE without realizing that neither have anything to do with us.

The Municipal United States Government runs on the basis of accounts, as in bank accounts. All the various NAMES you see are bank accounts belonging to either incorporated or unincorporated entities.

For example:

"JAMES ALLEN JOHNSON" is a Municipal ESTATE trust bank account belonging to the British Territorial United States Citizen "James Allen Johnson", a franchise of the British Territorial State of Ohio,  or, depending on your choice of political status, it can also be interpreted as an ESTATE bank account belonging to the American Tradesman "James Allen Johnson".

"JAMES A. JOHNSON" is a Municipal PUBLIC TRANSMITTING UTILITY bank account that belongs to British Territorial United States Citizen "James A. Johnson" or, depending on your choice of political status, it can also be interpreted as an ACCOUNT belonging to the American "James A. Johnson".

These ACCOUNTS are all "under your name" and you are supposed to know how to operate them, but the Trustees and perpetrators of this whole identity theft and credit fraud scheme neglected to tell you a word about it, much less how to operate these ACCOUNTS. 

Nonetheless, bank accounts are what they are, and obviously, a bank ACCOUNT cannot actually own land and PEOPLE cannot actually represent people, either.

So "PEOPLE owns STATE owns LAND" means "Account # 1092-79991-1 owns Account # 51-456902-001 owns Account # 57757779-1-8985030." And there is absolutely no indication in any of that about who owns "PEOPLE"---or at least, pretends to.

These are issues that Donald Trump needs to sort out. 

The rest of us have our own hash to settle --- beginning with declaring our political status as American State Nationals and explicitly moving our Name and our ACCOUNTS back home to the land and soil jurisdiction of our State, and following up with joining our State Jural Assembly.


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  1. Hi dear Sister Anna and Brother Paul
    I am in the process of recording my documents. I m right now working on the FISA documents I had a few questions about the cover sheet and the lower part of it where it says Extension of Yavapai 2019 ___________blank line after. What goes in there?

    Then on the FISA document itself where it starts not knowingly or willingly ...since day if nativity Month day birth year.
    I was thinking it should be the date that it was recorded with the registrar? April 13th 1964 vs my actual day of April 4th 1964? Can someone please help so I can get this done.

    I placed the date of registration on the Certificate of assumed name notice of transfer of reserved name.

    Really grateful Anna and Paul and many others for all you have done.
    Praise Almighty God I am now feeling much stronger.
    sherry elizabeth


  2. I'm passing the following along in hopes it may be helpful. I found the following web site listing all the states and their respective county document recording fees. Click on any state and all the counties for that state will appear. Then click on any of that state's counties and it will give you the recording requirements and fees for that county. I am aware that many people have had success filing with Lamar County Georgia. Thank you Annie for the Lamar County information, Susan.

  3. ''all these accounts are under your name and you are supposed to know how to operate them'.(starting with filing all yer papers)

    So Anna, if that is true, then why is it you havent been ''operating all your accounts'' but are still asking for donations?

    And Anna, why is it you have never openly told your followers that Mnuchin is now found to be part of the 'deep state'' and trump has been trying to fire him, so he has 'lawyered up' trying to keep his job? Especially, after you told your followers to return their BC's to Mnuchin? Where do you show a lick of transparency and trustworthiness?

    1. Abby...why don't u ask Jesus/God for surefireπŸ”₯ answers to your usually snotty questions in general instead of relentlessly haranguing Anna day & nite over trival pursuits?πŸ›

  4. Thanks Susan I appreciate your response. I was sent the same info from a Jural member earlier so I can move ahead. I wish the negative souls would just shove off and slip back in to the depths of the sea and be lost. When we win and we will they are the ones who have lost. By thumping on their keyboards instead of standing up with the rest of us.

  5. I knew he was deep state from day one.....Anna never had to say a word...Can you find somewhere else to post? You as are the one who is the problem.

    1. The "Problem" are those who refuse to see what is directly in front of them.
      Jan.19,2019 For Targeted Individuals
      Anna- "Witches and warlocks have been aware of the aura since ancient times and have used that knowledge both to attack and defend using electromagnetic forces."
      Your own aura is much stronger than their EM weapons.
      a follower- So we should become more like the witches and the warlocks? We should seek to be like those we have been warned of? We should once again seek forbidden knowledge?
      Anna uses and quotes from the very same Bible that we do, and in it we can look and see the following warnings. From Galatians 5 .
      Douay-Rheims Bible
      Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are fornication, uncleanness, immodesty, luxury, Idolatry, witchcrafts, enmities, contentions, emulations, wraths, quarrels, dissensions, sects,

      Do you not remember how Anna, complained for weeks of being "targeted?" Non stop asking for money to aid in replacing the things that were lost etc....Computers, dishes Basement cleanup..
      Then we have the UH- Duh moment.
      Sunday Jan. 20, 2019
      And She tells us:
      "But the fact is that kind of torture began for us in 2007 and by 2011 we had learned enough about our own energy resources and the internal operations of the aura system we were born with ---- that not only can't they touch us individually, they can't mess with our animals, our cars, our homes ---- nothing.
      We just deflect or reflect it all, all the time.
      So if we can do it, and have been doing it for what? Eight years now? Please tell me the reason that all of you are running around bleating like sheep and so "terrified" and not doing what I suggest? It's free. It's available on the internet.
      It took about four years for me to become adept, but it took less than two weeks to learn enough to be able to block the rats. Make the effort."
      a follower- Will you not see what is directly in your face? Will you not see the hypocrisy, the deception the many contradictions?
      Living by the Spirit
      …18But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the Law. 19The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity, and debauchery; 20idolatry and sorcery; hatred, discord, jealousy, and rage; rivalries, divisions, factions,…

    2. So THERE Ms. Skully! aFollower just handed you a big GOTTCHA proving your Skull is lacking memory, either willfully or due to actual physical defect, but either way you prove YOU are your own worst problem.
      Instead of sitting there acting like you 'already know what is what' - which I know you dont - perhaps its about Time for you to stop being so Selfish wanting your OWN way and wishful thinking - and instead, opening up your Skull and considering all the stuff in here that you have so narrow-mindedly shut out?

  6. Hey Notice I am not here to bicker with any of you who try to talk against the only real soulution to this wicked prison Satan and the other fallen have us all in. You people who come here to nag and bite should just shut the heck up and move on in your own realm and leave here Now. I am here in the name of Truth that is Jesus Christ and nothing more. So please shut it and do not reply to me here. This is Malum in se for you all to keep going on.

    1. Skully, No, you are NOT 'here in the name of truth of Jesus Christ'. Christ does not tell people to lie and to shut their eyes from whatever does not tickle your ears.

      I must question just which 'jesus' you think you have? Keep talking in here and I will soon know. And while you are at it, you need to pray from God to give you some real genuine Godly Discernment (which you obviously still lack)

  7. "And while you are at it, you need to pray from God to give you some real genuine Godly Discernment (which you obviously still lack)"