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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Ah, So Now I Am a "Filthy C--t"?

By Anna Von Reitz

Quote the Filthy Liar Thomas Deegan. 

Not sure what I did to deserve that appellation? Was it the forty years of unpaid dangerous labor in the trenches I've put into researching these issues and studying scripture and history and law? Or my generosity in sharing the information for free for everyone's benefit--- including Thomas Deegan's? 

In any case, both Thomas and Arnie Rosner are proven willful Liars. 

I gave them the information at least two years ago that I am a Lutheran and part of the Universal "Catholic" Church--- not a Roman Catholic, and certainly not a "Jesuit". 

I told them both that I have been a Lutheran since I was seven years old, confirmed in that Church, and attended a Lutheran College-- St. Olaf, in Northfield, Minnesota. 

If they wanted corroboration of the Truth, I suggested that they call the Pastor at Evangelical Lutheran in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, to check my Bona Fides. 

Instead, they have KNOWINGLY spread false rumors and gossip, so, one must conclude that they are willful liars and dishonorable men and the Truth is not in either one of them. 

And now this name-calling, 

I must be over the target. 

The rats and their running dogs are reduced to calling me a "dirty c--t" because they can't disprove a thing that I have told everyone and because they are doing what such evil men always do--- accusing me of being what they are and doing what they do. 

I am not sure what the male equivalent of "dirty c--t" would be? 

No matter. The Truth is the Truth. 

Anyone who thinks Thomas Deegan is any hero needs to rethink their premises.  

He spent two years in jail because he is a hot-headed fool, not because he is a man of honor, not because his scholarship is worth squat. 

The very fact that I offered both him and Arnie hard evidence that their gossip was wrong --and offer the same to everyone else, too-- and they didn't CARE enough about the truth or their own accountability to call the church where I was confirmed -- proves what they are:

Willful Liars. Gossip Mongers. Willful Purveyors of FALSE information. False leaders. Disinformation Agents. Co-option Provocateurs. Men who don't care about the Truth and don't care about the damage they cause with their irresponsible blather, name calling, labeling, and slander. 

They should be ashamed of themselves but they won't be, because such men have no shame, no standards, no ethics. 

I warned Bruce Doucette and the others about Michael R. Hamilton. I fingered him as a Disinformation Agent. I begged everyone involved not to do what he was egging them on to do.  I tried my best to warn them and now I am warning all of you against Thomas Deegan and Arnie Rosner. 

If you are still dumb enough to think I am a "Vatican Agent" instead of a fierce critic of the Church's sins-- read my book Disclosure 101. 

If you understand that a Lutheran is NOT a Roman Catholic and not a Jesuit-- good for you. There's hope. 

Now use your web browsers and look up "Evangelical Lutheran Church" in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, dial them up and ask whether or not Anna Maria Riezinger was baptized and confirmed there? 

Call St.Olaf (a Lutheran not a Catholic College) and ask if I was enrolled there? 

Stare up my skirt until you see Jesus because I am what I am for better or worse and I never bother to lie about anything at all. 


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  1. Not Roman guaranteed. Romans usurped catholic ( universal ) God knows Anna , when the name calling starts , it is a sure sign .....lots of signs including the unscheduled blood moon. They should be quivering. love you dear lady. We are near, very near.....the Eagle has landed.Dec 25 2018.....I have pics.

    1. Bluecoller....where are your pics...!!

    2. James I do not know first cousin sent them 2 me via messenger and I photocopies and had hard copies made a Staples. The Eagle was in his backyard when they were having christmas dinner. Can you be found on facebook....if i friend you, I can send from him.

    3. james if you are in california, i sent a friend request...see polythane...i will send pics 2 morrow as I am in the canadian East and going zzzzz

  2. A catholic is a catholic is a catholic. Doesn't matter if you call yourself a roman catholic or an italian catholic or a minnesota catholic or a lutheran're a catholic then.

    But to God, there is no such thing as any ''universal CATHolic' or 'universal anything'. Nowhere did God or the Son say that stupid word, universal. What He calls his true believers, is The Bride of Christ, the body of Christ, Brethren, Saints, and the like.

    There are NO catholics, lutherans, methodists, baptists, etc. in The Bride of Christ. All those are Labels, man-made, each drifting away from the true Word of God because each of them found something they didnt like about it. What is too hard to understand about this??

    And 'universal'? All of outer-space? That very word insinuates inclusion of anything that is out there floating around, when in Fact, God only talks about 'the world' meaning this earth, which is ALL that he ever gave to Man in the first place.
    So Im sick of hearing that damned universal word; flush it, it has No place in christianity.
    (sometimes I wonder how long a sane born again true christian can stand this place which is so full of insanity)

    1. wanna know something Abby, if not for Constantine in 325 ad, you never eve would have heard of Jesus. You are an elderly angry know it all. Read rev 3:12 last 3 words again...Jesus said "my new name" Get a grip and get raised up from your carnal bliss. Try going direct to the IAM wHY NOT ?? SCARED ?? Just so happens king james was a pedophile and KJV Freemasonic Bible ur pissed. Jesus did not raise himself up as the only mediator, Francis Bacon freemason did aka shakespeare. If you would just once go direct, you would come out of your stupor. BTW James is distant kin and was Protestant and changed name to Stuart before that the Royals were catholic and Stewart like me.

    2. Well, bluecollar, you are FOS. Ive told you before, King James had NOTHING to do with writing the bible, all that he did was give his permission for it to be translated from other languages, TO English.
      Why are you so forgetful? Remember, back in that Time of history, the King had to give permission for everything, and he did, and language scholars did the translating of languages. THAT is the ONLY reason King James' name is on the bible.
      Time for you (who claims to no longer be catholic) to go get all that old brainwashing washed out of your system....and maybe then you could actually learn something.

      You are also off the wall in saying that constantine gave us Jesus. You numbskull, your ignorance is showing, because TheSon of God was spoken of by the Apostles who went around teaching the Doctrines of Christ, and during that KJ translating work, His name was translated as Jesus.

      If you got such a problem with that Name, then you are in deep doo doo, and either way, you are in NO position to be teaching what you do not even Know.

      Now go back to your 'regular scheduled Programming' of listening to all kinds of shit that comes down the pike, and all those 'extra books' written by your fellow worldly Jesus haters. Thats why you remain so messed up, still not knowing which came first, the chicken or the egg. Or shall we say, ''Jesus 2000 yrs ago, or the copy cat Bacon who wrote FROM the bible, his shakespeare.''
      But the Apostle Paul goes back to the first century A.D. When did Bacon write shakespeare?

    3. Your private interpretation of the Bible and what it means are what is getting all of you in trouble.

      Get this little book written by Paul Whitcomb, a former protestant minister and you will have lots of answers.

  3. Here's something we all have wanted to hear. Looks like there is finally activity to Repeal United Nations Participation Act of 1945 within the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2019. Too much to explain, so go look here:

  4. First of all anna i just wanna say i love you. im a new comer can you please put the essay numbers together in one email to set us free im confused about the bc getting authenticated or not.peace to the real god.

    1. Hi Tony, welcome! Anna's editable docs are #928 on
      I have compiled many instructional docs from Anna on this subject and included them in a category to make it simpler for newcomers as well@
      Look along right-side of website under "Breaking Away as Living Souls Vital Documents"
      Happy Learning!!

    2. tony, travel at your own risk. Beware of the dogs. 'And the wolves in sheeps clothing, who are inwardly, ravenous wolves'.

  5. We support you Anna. If you called we would be their. Good old boys from pennsyltuckey. These people that got allot ignorant things to say pray I don't run into ya. U can say what you want freedom of speech. Doesn't mean anything when u run into a guy like me. Remember that. Don't ever forget it. Every dog has his day. Amen.

  6. These are Luciferian tactics to attack Anna's character but can't debate the information.If you watch CNN that's exactly what these scumbags do when facts are given them and they can't handle the truth.When they start this BS we know right away they are from Zion.

  7. When i finally recorded my documents for the first time in my life i knew truly what the words give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and give to God what belongs to God meant. Thank you Anna and Paul our Childrens children depend on hearing the Truth

  8. So it is said that a man named Adam, obviously seems to indicate named that by God. So just wondering where did all the downstream family names come from? Adam named the animals but what of the other names? Lots of them as though written in a organized writing format symbols and the like. Perhaps moms and dads named the little ones off the top of their head. That seems to be first then other words concerning the names as it attaches to the named thing. Truth often is behind words, secondary and other languages, thus the more aware we are the sensitive to radiated areas around people and things, vibratory frequency. Just more words, perhaps keep it real simple like minimum use of words, paper work and stuff with a long term need for jural assembly and various meet ups falling off to near none. If there is no harm, no theft, no murder, no controversy of legal parties, a kind of everyday harmony outside government falls to a minimum. Violence is violation, opens up a crack and more violence slips in if it can, gotta watch every place a leak could be stay on the good side where no law is needed.