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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies - 13 Judges, Justices, and Hired Jurists /Judge Anna Blows the Whistle on the Whistle Blowers

By Anna Von Reitz

Imagine an apple. The apple has a skin, and inside the skin, it has sweet juicy flesh. You can't get to the flesh without piercing the skin.
It is the same way with the land and soil jurisdiction we are heir to.
The "soil" is the top six inches of the land, like the skin on the apple.
All the rest deeper than six inches is "land" --- the flesh of the apple.
By definitions long established, the soil comprises the National Jurisdiction of the States, and is managed by our unincorporated Counties.
The land comprises the International Land Jurisdiction of the States and is managed by our unincorporated State Jural Assemblies.
Land and soil are inextricably bonded together, like the skin and flesh of an apple. That is why we speak of "the land and soil" of Wisconsin or Virginia or Texas.
That is why when you become a State Jural Assembly Member, the County Jural Assembly is also created, and vice-versa.
Our Ancestors were determined that no king or government was going to control their lives again, so they made the County-- the skin of the apple --- the fundamental political unit and supreme political jurisdiction in the American Government.
Strange but true, the County Sheriff elected by the County Jural Assembly Members is the top Public Law Official in the country. Within the physical boundaries of his County, he is the embodiment of the Public Law and its chief enforcer.
Because he works for the soil jurisdiction, the actual County Sheriff is a "Peacekeeping Official" and not a "Law Enforcement Officer". See the difference?
Peacekeepers work for the people, the land and the soil. Law Enforcement Officers work for "persons" --- the corporations and their shareholders operating as incorporated States of State, like the "State of Ohio".
We have been well and thoroughly confused and duped into thinking that their "County Sheriff" is our "County Sheriff", when in fact an unlawful conversion has taken place.
Many of those operating our Counties back in the 1960's took the bait of "Federal Block Grants" and elected to incorporate the unincorporated Counties they were working for.
In doing so, they unwittingly removed and converted the actual County Government into mere commercial corporations operated as franchises --- like Dairy Queen franchises of Territorial and Municipal corporations.
They handed over our sovereignty "for us" in exchange for racketeering kickbacks.
Ironically, we are fortunate that those same people who voted for the unlawful conversion of the Counties were already unwittingly functioning as incorporated "persons", so had no authority to give away our Counties. They were merely employees of ours.
They had already "vacated" their natural capacity as unincorporated Jurors.
Many Counties tried to have it both ways and kept the unincorporated County running and simply set up a corporation calling itself something similar -- like, "The County of Jackson" instead of "Jackson County", so that the offered federal kickbacks could be laundered through "The County of Jackson".
This set up a situation where County Officials were, for a time --- and some still are--- operating in two separate capacities. The Sheriff elected to the unincorporated soil jurisdiction office simply put on a different hat as the occasion demanded, and functioned as the "Sheriff" of the incorporated "County", too.
But our ancestors set it up so that no man can serve two masters.
The problem is that our actual Counties are political subdivisions of our States and they occupy an entirely different jurisdiction --- that of the land and soil -- which does not recognize or tolerate any form of "Dual Citizenship" at all.
The land and soil jurisdiction of this country does not allow us to operate in incorporated and unincorporated capacity at the same time. It's one way or the other.
Either you operate as the actual Sheriff of the unincorporated County and State, or you operate as a "Sheriff" of an incorporated "County" franchise of a State of State. See the difference?
There is a Macon County Sheriff working for Georgia, the actual State, and then, out of the blue, there's suddenly a "County of Macon" and the "Sheriff" of the "County of Macon" is working for the [Territorial] "State of Georgia", instead.
Sleight of hand. Presto-Change-O! One minute you are standing on the land and soil and your County Sheriff is your County Sheriff, and the next he is a patsy working for a foreign corporation. Go figure.
In the years since all that happened, things have gotten even more balled up, and we've added another layer of this incorporation scam. Instead of working for the Territorial State of State, the man who appears to be working as your County Sheriff may be working for a Municipal STATE OF STATE corporation, instead.
These moonlighting "Sheriffs" and other "County" Officials are --for the most part unwittingly -- functioning as impostors -- appearing to be land and soil jurisdiction County Sheriffs and County Officials, when in fact they are being paid by foreign corporations and not standing on the land and soil jurisdiction of this country at all.
And this explanation actually does pertain to the main topic, which is Judges, Justices, and Hired Jurists.
All the people you see inhabiting what appear to be your Courts are Hired Jurists, and they will admit it.
Go ahead and ask them. Walk up to any of the State of State Judges or Municipal STATE OF STATE Judges and ask them the question: "Are you a Hired Jurist?" ---- and they will tell you, why, yes, I am.
They will be surprised that you asked, but the vast majority will answer truthfully.
The same scams and unlawful conversions that I just described with the County Sheriffs apply to the Judges, Justices, and Hired Jurists, too.
99.9% of the members of the Bar Associations are not qualified to act as actual Judges or as Justices, either one.
In the course of the long researches that led up to this moment, we surveyed the "Judges" operating in both the Territorial States of States and the Municipal STATES OF STATES courts, and out of approximately ten thousand of these Hired Jurists, we found one (1) guy in Wisconsin who was actually qualified to act as an actual Judge in a Public Court---- if and when he elects to reclaim his natural and unincorporated status as a Member of the Wisconsin Jural Assembly.
The rest of these people are just Hired Guns, working in private quasi-military and private corporation tribunals.
Instead of being employed by the actual unincorporated State or County as actual Judges and actual Justices,, they were suddenly reduced to the capacity of being Hired Jurists in the employ of foreign corporations doing business as
either Territorial States of States Courts or Municipal STATES OF STATES COURTS.
The California Courts ceased to function and the incorporated Territorial State of California Courts and the incorporated Municipal STATE OF STATE COURTS took over the "Judicial Functions"---- but the actual unincorporated Courts owed to the People of California and the people of each County in California, disappeared. Overnight.
And that is why you can't find justice in this country anymore.
Both the Territorial State of State and the Municipal STATE OF STATE are for-profit organizations in the business of providing governmental services. The service they are providing tends to be racketeering aimed at fleecing the actual living people out of their assets for the benefit of their respective corporations.
And their Hired Jurists, are, after all, working for them, and not occupying any Public Office ---- so what the hey?
They get away with what they can get away with.
I had a moment of supreme irony the other day. One of my supporters was trying to explain why I am not a member of the Bar Association in Alaska and why in fact I couldn't be a member of the Bar and serve in the capacity that I am serving.
He made the error of describing me as a "common law jurist", as if I were a Hired Jurist --- only operating a common law court like counterparts in the State of Alaska are operating commercial corporation courts.
Closer, but still no banana.
The Alaska Statehood Compact created a "National Trust" for Alaska operated as the Alaska State. That National Trust contains the land and soil jurisdiction of Alaska, even if Alaska has not yet been formally enrolled as a State in the Union. Therefore, I, as one of the People of this country, can invoke and fill the empty Public Office of Alaska State Judge or Justice or Justice of the Peace (at the County level).
When we realized the scam being played our research led us to the old Government Land Office and the discovery that although Counties were mapped out and designated in Alaska at the time of Statehood, the land and soil jurisdiction of the State were never occupied. In a sense, our State did not exist, except as a National Trust laid out on paper.
It was up to us to choose to act in our unincorporated capacity as County and State Jural Assembly Members, to occupy our State and our County, to hold our elections and conduct our business as the lawful Inheritors of the National Trust and the land and soil jurisdiction owed to Alaska and Alaskans.
There were only a dozen or so of us up to speed to begin with, so it was a matter of staring at each other in disbelief, going through the motions, and everyone electing each other to different land and soil jurisdiction Public Offices, all of us serving as State Citizens.
Fortunately, it doesn't matter how many or how few qualified State Jural Assembly Members there are for the land and soil jurisdiction to be occupied. Even one (1) qualified Elector operating in their unincorporated capacity prevents the corporations from claiming "exclusive legislative" control --- a condition that would leave us with no land and soil jurisdiction to stand upon and result in the collapse of our country and our States.
I filled the Public Office of Alaska State Superior Court Judge. See the difference? Alaska State Superior Court Judge ---- not "State of Alaska" Superior Court Judge.
"Alaska" and the "Alaska State" National Trust were not "abandoned" and no "exclusive legislative" hegemony was achieved by the usurping commercial corporations as a result.
The actual State and People have survived by the skin of their teeth, much to the consternation and annoyance of the foreign commercial corporations that have labored so long and so hard to take over our country, steal our resources, and enslave our people for their profit.
At the County level, the people are served by "Justices of the Peace". At the State level, the people are also served by "Justices" as in "Justices of the Supreme Court". Also at the State level, because not all of the State's international jurisdiction was ever delegated away, we have "Judges".
All the "persons" are served by Hired Jurists arbitrarily calling themselves "Judges" or "Justices", none of whom are holding any valid Public Office in the American Government at all.
So the additional irony is that I am an actual Judge holding an actual elected Public Office approved by the people of this State, and I am the one being accused of "lying" and being a "fake Judge".
There are some people who are so stupid or so evilly anti-American, that they can't note the difference between "Ohio", "Ohio State", "State of Ohio" and "STATE OF OHIO", even when you point it out and explain the difference to them.
The fact that there are, as a result of these different entities----
both unincorporated and incorporated---- multiple court systems in play, also passes them by.
Obviously, too, those who work for these foreign corporations and whose jobs depend upon them, are motivated to continue this scam and this effort to undermine the people and their government, just as the living people have an interest (once they are alerted to it) to regain their unincorporated status.
I am willfully serving the People of Alaska, instead of the Persons of Alaska.
The reason that I have not been arrested and charged with "impersonating a Judge" is that those who would have to bring the charges are in fact impersonating our Judges --- and as Hired Jurists, they know it.
Strange and incredible as it may seem, I'm not the Fake Judge here. They are. Just as our elected County Sheriffs are the actual Sheriffs and their "Sheriffs" are just stand-ins, calling themselves "Sheriffs" but acting in completely different and foreign capacities.
Now, with all of this in view, listen to this clap-trap from the "Southern Poverty Law Center" ---- which I have famously observed is not "Southern" has nothing to do with "Poverty" and is a "Legal" Center having nothing to do with the actual Public Law --- and you will see what we are up against, both in terms of
bare-faced lies and misrepresentations and in terms of vicious self-interest on the part of these groupies feeding off the corporate court system.
Please also note the deliberate mis-characterization of me as a "Sovereign Citizen"---- which is a meaningless oxymoron. It is impossible to be a "Citizen" and a "Sovereign" at the same time, thus these ignorant people --- who are claiming to be experts in the "Law" while offering "Legal Services", continue to act as Ignoramuses and to mislead people so as to prevent them from knowing and exercising their true power as State Jural Assembly Members.
And thus also prevent us from restoring the government we are owed and keep us from acting in our natural capacities and seek to usurp our Public Offices and replace them with employees of their foreign, for-profit "governmental services corporations" instead.
Wise as serpents and gentle as doves, folks. The ignorance we are surrounded with in the general populace is thick enough to cut with a knife. The guile and evil of the men actually "in the know" who are orchestrating all this is also not to be underestimated.
Once you know who you are and how your actual government is supposed to operate-- and in which jurisdiction your actual government exists, you will realize how we have all been played and what you have to do to correct it.
Reclaim your natural unincorporated political status, re-populate your unincorporated land and soil jurisdiction State, and, as members of the State Jural Assembly, occupy your "vacated" actual Public Offices ---- including the County Justices of the Peace, the State Justices and the State Judges.
I guarantee that the phonies working as Hired Jurists won't have a word to say about it.


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  1. Anna, you are glancing over a very important thing...!! Do you really think anyone in pos tions of authority will remain "unicorporated" with very little pay, if offered a very high paying Corp employee with more power than an actual unincorporated Sherriff....!! Anyone faced with that choice would easily be convinced that being a traitor to America is worth it, as long as they still have power and immunity from prosecution...!! Money will always make the choice for the person every time....!! Your smart enough to know that...!! No honest monitary system can compete with FRAUD...and printing any amount of money they feel necessary to keep control, and keep people happy and ignorant...!!

    Do you know what the cheapest ticket is for the Superbowl is....try $4000, and that's in the nosebleed seats at the very top...!! The seats right in front of the action are going for $62,000...!! And you still think we have a chance at changing this least admit that 90% of Americans are so stupid and controlled even Jesus himself couldn't convince people that you need to stop watching professional sports or you will wind up in the lake of fire...!! I would bet you 10 to 1 that they would choose the lake rather than give up watching sports...they are fanatics...!! Those people are their idols...period..!!
    What happened to using something else than money for a person's wealth...!! I don't care if it is backed by substance...all and every form of value we will be offered will always lead to corruption know, because too many people have already lost their souls...and are very happy about that..!! You give people way to much credit as honest good people....!!! Where are they..I haven't meet one in 65 years...!! No matter what form of govt we wind up with, I will never trust them ever again...NEVER!!

  2. Even unincorporated ones...!! Never again..!!
    And I still haven't gotten an answer to my question as to why we need judges anyway...There isn't a human on earth that can judge another man or woman unless they are completely free of sin themselves...!! They aren t even qualified to judge a murderer, let alone traffic tickets...!! How many times do I have to tell you , no one with two brain cells to rub together, knows that we do not need a constitution...bit you are constantly referring to that piece of "TRASH "
    as if we don't have minds of our own...!! It was a contract...its that simple..!! Get off that high horse of yours and start to see a world without contracts or constitutions because I will never agree to perform to a contract, no matter how good you think it is, unless I choose to ...!! What is your idea of a good govt Anna...!! This is where I really differ with you...!! WHY DO WE NEED GOVT...FOR WHAT EXACTLY...!! NAME IT NOW OR FOREVER KEEP QUIT ABOUT THAT STUPID COM JOB CALLED THE "CONSTITUTION"..!! I'M NOT NOW OR EVER WILL BE UNDER ANY CONSTITUTION..SO THERE..!! GO TELL YOUR "JURAL ASSEMBLES" THAT SOME PEOPLE ARE THERE OWN don't bother them at all or ever or you will be arrested and given jail time...!!

    1. So I am curious James, when you say that no "human on earth can be qualified to judge a murderer let alone traffic tickets", how do you propose to "arrest and put someone in jail if they bother someone" who is not part of the Jural Assembly?

      Now you are being a hypocrite! You can't have it both ways.

    2. And by the way James, no one is forcing you to fill out the papers, it is totally voluntary. You will however be considered a slave to the current regime and have no rights no matter how much babble you give them. Filling out the paperwork might save your ass even if you don't become a jural assembly member!

      Almost every transaction we make written or verbal is a contract. If you buy a loaf of bread you are making a contract whether you like to call it that or not.

    3. Dan....we were only given two laws to follow according to your "Father" with all your heart and mind, and treat people the way you would want to be treated....!! That's the entire law..and he specifically stated to NEVER make any other legislation ever...!!
      Now , was there anything about those two laws that no one would understand...!!
      Or would you rather recognize man's authority using an intentional misleading document (contract), called a "Constitution", which we have been arguing about for over 200yesrs with no end in sight...!!
      And by the way, when I go in a store to buy bread, I am not "TRADING"...with equal weights and measures. It's not my fault our govt changed our lawful form of trading, using "pays" for everything, and not "discharge" it...!!
      As for unruly people and murderers, it's time for everyone to carry a sidearm in plain site, so everyone sees it. And it's been made legal now through two court in Hawaii and one in Calif. which now makes it legal in every state to open carry...!!

      And since everyone is so scared of law enforcement, then our local govt have to demand that everyone has to wear a sidearm, or be charged with a felony...!! You would see murders go down immediately...!! But if not, it's not about being lazy and just calling 911 to take care of that or any other problem..Its time to kill the murderer ourselves...we are the govt....isnt that what "jural assembles " are all about...!!

    4. Trading with the grocery store or bakery whether you use dollars, gold, weeds, rice doesn't matter. You are contracting to exchange A for B. Twist it any way you want it still is a contract.

      Still, as a free independent man on this land and all your virtues of not having to obey any laws other than that which you believe and whether you have a side arm open or concealed matters not when they come with weapons beyond your scope to take you away. You have a better shot at not being caged if you document your expatriation from the US Citizen game. One caveat; it will only work if in fact their courts will honour public law/common law or whatever. You have no chance at relief or remedy without expatriation.

  3. Wow! The author of that post surely is a shill for the government and boldly hides behind the name admin. I posted a comment but when I posted, it took me to a "test my browser" screen then a blank screen. I went to the site again and no comments showing, so I guess you can comment but no one sees them.

    Here are the first few lines of their introductory page:
    "THEWHISTLEBLOWERS was born November 2012 as a “FREE” website at but was deleted April 2013 by WordPress, the website provider + ISP, for alleged terms of service violations which we disputed.

    Then, THEWHISTLEBLOWERS, in May 2013 became an “OWNED” website at but was deleted July 2015 without prior warning or my authorization by internal betrayal for personal financial benefit."

    BTW, the link for the whistleblowers site was gained from a facebook page.

  4. i would like to know what it takes to get the unincorporated travel passport from the Secretary of State ????????

  5. your talking...!!
    Here's a link...!!

  6. And here is the readable one...

  7. Vatican Insider: Palace Coup, Pope Frances to Be Stripped of Power w/ Kevin Annett

    ??? Some interesting thoughts regarding who are boycotting and other ideas.
    Peace. ra

  8. Dan...there are two types of is "implied" and the other is by signing an "agreement", which is almost always "unilateral...!!
    The best way to contract has never changed...a simply hand shake, and one man's word to another that both will do the right thing and not try to con the other into believing that the other will man up on his end of the bargin...!!
    It's only because NO ONE can ever be good on his word to another that paper contracts came into play...!!
    That's the way I would prefer to contract..!!
    But how can we contract "lawfully" if the central foreign banks are stealing from us by using our own credit and none of theirs...!!
    It's FRAUD that is causing this whole mess, and it's fraud that is the least enforced crime of all. The cops won't even take a complaint on it and every criminal knows it now...!! They always tell the victim "it's civil sir"...!! Since when....!!
    Do you really believe "jural assembles" will eliminate fraud from the world...???

    And when I say open carry to protect ourselves, I'm talking about every man and woman who is physically capable of carrying and using a hand gun...Then let's see who is afraid of who...!! I've personally witnessed an incident at Huntigton Beach where things got out of hand when a couple of officers were trying to strongarm someone at a beach festival...all of A sudden a mob turned against them...they were litterally forced back into their building, which the mob followed and were demolishing not only their building but turned over a couple of their squad cars and set them on fire...!! So don't tell me they aren't afraid of us....not in numbers..!! And we will all be equipped with who is afraid...!! Trust me, those cops learned a good lesson that day....!! And were probably reprimanded for even trying something like that in a crowd that was drinking...but they are the ones who started it...!! They are damn lucky to escape with their lives...!!

  9. Dan...and one more thing...paperwork has never saved anyone who won't obey hasnthasn't worked against foreclosures, and it hasn't worked to free us from anything when they control it all...!!

    It's funny , however, that when the govt agencies started during the banks, they all won billions of dollars..!! But none of it wound up in the people's pockets...!!

  10. You all need to run away from Kevin Annett as fast as you can. He is NOT to be trusted.

    1. I mean no disrespect Paul. I learned of Kevin Annett about 9-10 yrs ago when he described the genocide of the Natives in Canada. It intrigued me. Then I found site after site demonizing him. Two years ago, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report on the genocide of the Natives came out. The summary is over 500 pages long.

      It was horrifyingly true of everything that Kevin had said. There was a CNN job done on him to defray the truth, but when the truth came out, Prime Minister Steven Harper gave a 5 minute apology June 2008. It didn't do justice but it was admitted that the Canadian Government through the British Crown was as guilty as sin along with the Catholic Church, the United Church and the Presbyterian Church. Trudeau followed with another apology in 2017 when the report had been finalized.

      The report also stated that every treaty ever made with the First Nations was dishonoured and that the treaties were only ever entered into to steal the resources and it continues today even though the truth is out. I suspect the same has happened in every country in the world. Money over people.

      The TRC reports are here:

      Whatever the reports are on Kevin, he and his work was a major cause for the commission of inquiry. The only reason to stop him is to keep the truth from coming out world wide.