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Monday, November 5, 2018

Judge Not, Indeed

By Anna Von Reitz

I was sound asleep when heard my Lord say, "Arise, and go answer them."
So here I am.

To those who have complained that I am "playing God" and that I am usurping the position of Him who comes to judge the quick and the dead because I have in fact pronounced a judgment in these recent days:

The judgment I have spoken was spoken long, long ago. You all have cause to know it.
There is a group of men (and women, if the shoe fits) who are pre-judged and who have been condemned since ancient times. They have been judged by Our Father who knows both the beginning and the end.

Who are these people who have been condemned from afar, even from thousands of years in the past?
The ones who meet in secret. The ones who defile the temple. The ones who look to the East for their deliverance. The ones who worship underground. The ones who worship in buildings without windows. The ones who wait for The Father of All Lies. The ones who think that their deeds are secret and unknown. The ones who hide in darkness. The ones who are misled in all their thinking. The ones who shall inherit the consequences of their reckoning.

I have repeated His Judgment upon them so that the minor felons who waver on the brink of the Abyss might yet repent. I have repeated it so that all you people who hear this may not be taken unaware or frightened or mistake His Judgment for anything but what it is.

Strangely, though His Judgment has been set before you in the scripture for thousands of years, yet you do not recognize it and do not expect it.

I am here to tell you --- expect it. Soon.

I have repeated His words and the words of the Prophets against those who delay the salvation of the poor.

In frustration I cry out to Our Father in Heaven against the Evil which destroys the beauty and meaning of Life. Do you not all see that "Evil" is the opposite of "Live"? Can this be so hard to recognize?

The stench of sin and corruption envelopes the Earth worse than any smog.

The Judgment of the Cedars and the Sycamores also stands against these perpetrators, who raise up their pride and do not repent. They think as they thought in days of old, that they will build towers to Heaven, yet not respect the Earth beneath their feet.

In 9,000 years these sons of Cain have learned nothing.

The Hypocrites, the Annunaki who taught Mankind idolatry and the use of money, who introduced the lures of prostitution and drugs--- have returned. True to form, they have condemned all but 144,000 for succumbing to the evils that they themselves taught and provided. They think its a big joke.

So I pulled back the curtain of the stars and showed them the vastness of the Heavenly Host arrayed against them and suggested that they move on.

Those who wait for Satan shall wait in vain, and those who put their faith in Lucifer will wither, but the Lord of Lords endures forever.

New Guardians have been appointed and the Thousand Years of Peace declared, not from a position of weakness or mere hope, but from a position of overwhelming strength and truth. The Victory of the Lamb is secure.

Turn back and turn away from those who believe in secrets, for there are no secrets. Our Father's Judgment stands against them. Jeremiah said it. John said it. And I have said it.
This is the third and final time.

Let those with ears both hear and listen. I have indeed pronounced a judgment, because the time for it has come, even though the judgment itself is not my own.


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  1. They did indeed receive a judgment that was put into forbearance for 10,000 years or until they crossed the line, else no flesh would be saved alive. So says the Book of Enoch. But the 144,000 are the number of genes in your DNA that are activated during the ascension.

    1. csmith, lol, I see you read way too many of Man's books.

  2. The annaiki.were no angles they appointed the earthlings agent kings however they had a strict code of ethics . Eye for an eye you kill you are condemned to death you rape your punish severely . Even annaiki elite are not immune to thair law the code of become the military UCMJ.
    evil satanism you bet star cults like in babelon idol worship all the top annaiki had thair own priest who fed them cared for them.

  3. Wow...Yahweh declared it.Ive said it..touve repeated it..Listen blind leaders of yhe blind..
    Finally I was stirred in agree ment to maake a comment.
    So be it

  4. 2030 is the Post-2015 UN development agenda for the entirety of UN Agenda 21. Previous, there was the Millennium Development Goals. It's all UN Agenda 21.

    One thing that might be of interest to people is to know which organization is actually putting these itemized goals together. It is an NGO called "World Goodwill", which is a part of the LucisTrust organization (originally called Lucifer Trust). People should really look into the background of LucisTrust... for sure, the first reaction when I point this out is YOU'RE NUTS! You are a conspiracy theorist! Whatever... here is the link, do your own research.

    Then go to and see what that is about. Then research the founding of LucisTrust.... and also, lookup "World Common Core, Robert Mueller"... the way they achieve their goals is mostly through the education systems. This is why you have all this sustainable development stuff in children's books (that publishing sector is owned by the same people pushing the agenda). I could go on for a while, but that is a start. You can call me nuts, or you can do what I did and research the subject and find out for yourself. It's quite fascinating and troubling.

    If you want to go way down the rabbit hole, this is an interesting read:

    1. Shelby, thank you for posting the links. I will check out each one. I've been going deep into the rabbit holes lately, because I am accused of blindly following or I'm nuts. I don't take personally the name calling here but I diligently work to find an answer for my children who believe I have consumed some poison coolaide. I'd love to converse with you if you have time. Peace!

  5. Does Anna realize that the church in Rome, the Vatican, is part of the condemned? If someone follows that religion, chances are they will be condemned as well. The pope is a false prophet leading people astray.

    1. Kirk, there is the Roman Cult then there is the people who claim to be of Catholic faith. Not the same thing. I have many in my family who believe in Jesus and are good people. They do not have evil in their hearts, nor do they wish harm or intend harm to their neighbors. The good people of the catholic faith should not be grouped with the evil doers of the Vatican. All man made religion seek to control in some way. I do not believe in religion except that i religiously leave a shit in the toilet every morning. My mother was of Catholic faith, she was the most unselfish wombman I have ever known. My mother died when I was 14. I can only imagine the wrath that would erupt from my mother if she learned she signed away her children as chattel. The Noise would be heard in places I can't imagine. We are indoctrinated to make judgements. We have all been deceived, even the Ordinary Catholics living on the land on America. Open your mind please. Love and Peace to you.

  6. With all due respect dear Anna, I said it before you yesterday and that was the final time....confirmed Joseph 1962 said it. Here it is and brother Robert Allen fled from the torn curtain just like the Wizard of Oz.

    bluecollarmovementNovember 4, 2018 at 10:33 PM
    Inelegance is innate.... Academics are trained. Other examples of academics are dolphins, horses and pretty faggy dogs. When you hire a "professional lawyer " you admit you are an infant and a ward of the court and the attorney fleeces you and the courts cash the bond against your trust and I have read in the USA it is 160.000 $. Just where did Jesus learn carpentry ? Who were the first trades people ? Professionals are all egotistical phonies. Keep up the good work Anna. FDR did to the USA what Pierre Trudeau did to pseudo Canada in 1974, Robert , if you have info that will help, please share, if not go play with the other loonies who call themselves elites at the top, soon to be the bottom. IMF and looney dems/liberals are going nuts. Urcadia a professional lawyer (liar )maybe. Woe to you and the brothers and especially the de facto judges. The damm is about to burst.Ma ha bone No one will help the widows son. You have been warned this day and age would come and so it is here. Het Abby, read Rev 3:12 last three words. My new name....hmmm 40 years studying and you did not see that. It is in KJV 1611 Revelation 3:12 King James Version (KJV)
    12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.
    Make no mistake Jesus is leading the charge spiritually and will judge the living and the dead. Isaiah 2:19 in effect and he is on the lead horse. Right vs wrong and wrong loses. Not a "religious" thing, a spiritual vs secular thing. 2 dimensional hardened hearted people also called "professionals" will be extinct and the meek shall inherit the Earth/Egypt...last and final call. The big guy is sick of this game.

    1. blue,to what are you responding to me? I have not yet made any Comment till just now. So why are you preaching to me, and what are you speaking to me about?

  7. Sorry Anna, but You are in no position to declare anything, nor can You pronounce Gods Judgement upon anything, either. That is solely The Call by Christ. It has been obvious you have some strange innate desire to be God, but you just are not.
    Neither are New Guardians here yet, nor is the thousand years of Peace yet arrived. As Ive said before, go back and learn the Truth of the bible before you try to teach it to others; getting it wrong, as you always do, can be quite costly.
    In fact, we are facing a 7 years of great tribulation and it cannot be far off, though no one knows the day, but all indications of pre-trib are everywhere; read the signs.

    Rev 20:6 Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection; on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ and shall reign with Him a thousand years.

    (proof right there that the 1000 years has not yet begun because we can all SEE Christ is not here, yet. His reign will be here on earth, and the proof of that is......

    v.7 and when the thousand years are expired, satan shall be loosed out of his prison
    8 and shall go out and deceive the NATIONS which are in the four quarters of the EARTH........

    (during that 1000 yrs of peace, it will contain NO evil, no evil doers, nothing of what we see TODAY. It will be like heaven on earth; that is exactly what the Lords Prayer even tells us. For ANYONE to try to say that the 1000 yrs of Peace is already here, simply has putty for common sense.......anyone who cannot SEE with their own eyes that our world today resembles something more akin to hell than any Peace Time.)

    1. Abby, why can you judge but Anna can not?

    2. Annie, her judgement does not line up with the word of God. And I just pointed out scripture that tells us she is plainly wrong is telling people that we are now in the time of the thousand years of Peace. And because I know that it is Jesus and Jesus only that can bring in that 1000 years.
      It may be hard for some to believe, but Jesus IS going to Return to Earth, bodily and literally. And we know he is not here. What more needs to be said bout that.

      My judgement is correct and proven; hers is wrong and without a bit of substance.

    3. Your judgement is as correct for you as Anna's is for her.
      Who preaches from the heart and who preaches from a copyrighted book?

      I'll take Anna's heart over your for profit book any day.

    4. The 'judgement' which I speak of is NOT my Own judgement, I use the judgements that our Creator set it place. The judgements of People count for nothing. That is why the judgement I speak of is Correct; and that is why Anna's is not correct. Nevertheless, everyone on earth will be Judged by His Judgement, 'for all judgement is left to the Son (of God)'. And He will have the Last Judgement upon all, with or without your approval.

  8. Judge not?? Here is the rule for judging:

    Matt 7:5 thou hypocrite, FIRST cast out the beam out of thine OWN eye
    and THEN shall thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brothers eye

    So if we read beginning in Matt 7, too many are lazy and wish to read the first few words there that begin in v. 1 'judge not that ye be not judged'' and then they stop right there and that is as much bible as they EVER seem to read, lol.

    And so the popular montra from unlearned fake xtians is ''YERRR NOT SUBBOSED TO JUDGE''........Lol.

    So lets learn it correctly right here and now: First of all ONLY a true christian is in true position to judge Righteous Judgement, the kind of judgement that lines up with His Word, his correction, and his ways.
    This is because the worldly base their 'judgments' on their emotions and opinions and are apt to be pure bias.

    But the scripture here which is Jesus' own words, is telling us that we are not to be guilty ourselves and go and judge others. We are to be absolutely sure we are free of such hypocrisy before we are in any position to judge others. (we can still have opinions, but then they must be stated as our Opinion, not set in stone judgement)

    So if one has sin themselves, they ought be very very careful, because ''be sure your sins will find you out'' and then the world will know of ones hypocrisy.

    So since I have clean hands,and do not do these things myself, I am in position to Judge, and I must use righteous godly judgement that lines up with His Word, in doing so. Otherwise, I will just say it is merely my opinion or it is just what I think, and in that case it is not a judgement. But generally I do a lot of judging, Lol. But I LIVE above reproach, as the apostle Paul mentioned.

    1. Abby, I did not receive the same message from the Bible as you did. I guess I'm still pulling the 2x4 out of my eye! I don't judge my brother, neighbor, or enemies. I try to Love having faith each man has the choice to learn and chose a different path. Peace.

    2. Annie, the message is very clear, how could you not get it? In fact there are many other scriptures about judging and they are also just what they say. For example, christians are commanded to judge all things using righteous judgement from the bible itself.
      That is the only way we can know right from wrong vs. opinions or biases.

      ''there is a way that SEEMETH right to man, but is the way of destruction'.

      How else will we know not to go the way that leads to destruction? It just takes a ton of study of the word, actually. But its relatively simple. From study, we also learn what are planks and splinters; they are often not what the world thinks they are.
      James pansini was correct when he said 'our churches have failed miserably' to teach what everyone ought to know, and correctly.

  9. Jesus is definitely a messenger, but not the onlybegotten💥

    But life is good regardless of what our personal perspectives might be on the negative forces daily assaulting our sense of self righteous anger in ITs vain attempts to upset Soul's lower bodies moral indignities💥

    1. My daily life was infinitely happier when I was clueless! Can't go back. 80% of our brothers and sisters will never get it. All lives matter!

    2. Annie...I totally agree with you...that my life was much happier not knowing all this law and LIES we constantly have to contend might not be the smartest thing to be ignorant of everything, but at least I could laugh back then....!! Now I hardly ever laugh, and that is just sad...!!

      Of course we all grew up at a time when family values actually meant something and was always portrayed by Hollywood that way...."leave it to beaver, My three sons, The Dick van Dyke and Mary Tylor More show, and no one will ever forget..
      "LUCY"....!! Nowadays, the family unit is portrayed more like the "SIMPONS".....the head of the household, the man, is now a babbling moron whoes kids are even worse....!! Is it just me or has anyone NOTICED that all of a sudden , Hollywood portrays Women as the Hero's....!! And men as always the ones that need to be defeated....because they represent evil....!!
      I would love to go back to the 50's and 60' was a bowl of cherries....!!

  10. "...divine law is inscribed within all human beings. But very few who have begun an inner work succeed in dissipating the darkness of their psychic lives or are able to read this law every day in their hearts.":

    1. Chef, in many ways you are right, however, upon true repentance, it is God who enters a person by way of the Holy Spirit, and he goes about doing an overhaul, a renovation inside and out; throws out what ought not be in us, and puts in his Godly attributes, cleans us up, gives us a new mind, the mind of Christ so we begin thinking like him, his ways, and our old ways get discarded.

      We become a New Creature in Christ, and no longer what we used to be. We call it ''out with the old you, and in with the new you'.
      And all that we do is let him do his job.

      He is the one who changes us,and thats what makes us Righteous. Otherwise, if ''we strive and struggle and work on ourselves to change ourselves and try to do better'' - then that is our own doing and that makes us SELF-righteous because God has had no part in it. And that is why folks fall, get up, fall, get up try again, over and over and just endure an endless battle.
      But when God goes to work on us, and we let him, it is permanent and becomes a new ''us''. (thats why its called born again)

  11. Be the LIVING Word (made flesh)= Live and Speak your Truth. (No splinter in your eye = not full of c..p)
    The written word is just that, written = no Energy on the move.
    All is consciousness and Energy, moving,or not by your own state of vibration, your thoughts and actions creating all the time.
    As you think/do, so it manifests = creation = the Living Word made flesh.
    Heart Centre = Centre point of own Energy Field = Christ Consciousness = Powerhouse = NO ego, NO me, me, me.
    Hence the expression ..."Command ye Me" = the Higher Self (you are) has taken on the "Christ Consciousness Mantle.
    Anna is spot on.
    Highly recommend this site for those clued in to knowing about consciousness = Energy (moving, or not) and as you "Command" it = Speak your Truth and manifestation is enhanced.
    For Earlier comments on Lucis Trust & RC rubbish...
    J) LUCIS TRUST (which has connections to the United Nations) and was created by Alice Bailey and her husband Foster Bailey (who was a Freemason) is a front, or a cover, for the Luciferian Agenda World Wide! This makes the entire NEW AGE (at the very top levels) LUCIFERIAN.
    K) The Catholic Church has been infiltrated by Luciferians at the very top! This makes the entire Catholic Church (at the very top levels) LUCIFERIAN.

    All references to this “Trust” = Rust = Decay…

    No one comes to me, but by the Father
    The Father in me doeth the works
    Father = Christ consciousness =
    Christ = anointed = connected = I AM electrified, and you WILL to, when you are heart centred.
    No repentance required, just change your ways to that of harmony and LIVE and speak from the heart and it happens (no ego = no forcing = polarity or duality)
    All is Energy, hence the banking/police/court words relating to energy.
    Money = Mon-eye = One Eye = No polarity = Centre Point of own Energy Field = Christ Consciousness.
    You are either the Master, or you are into flotsam and jetsam of others discordant/erroneous thinking/doing = dead in the water.
    Be ye the Master.

    1. I See and Hear your tune clearly Jock!!! Thank you, thank you for sharing!!! 💖 True Music for our living souls🤗

      Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness and Peace Be for All Now?

    2. jock, more bullshit piled on top of anna's bullshit. Thats all you got; more new age BS while you speak against new age, oxymoronic diatribe if Ive ever heard it.

    3. Why is it that everyone only bashes the Catholic you really think that other religions have been forthright with the TRUTH....!! I don't think so..Every single religion has strayed from whatever TRUTH They ever had, and worse lead others to believe thier LIES ...!! The "Sheep" are in desperate need of a "GOOD SHEPERAD", and hopefully soon....!!

    4. james, you are right about that. I used to watch or at least flip thru channels and see various preachers on tv, and within a couple of minutes watered down bullshit was oozing out of their mouth. I could name a lot of names here; and tho that was many years ago, today they are Fallen even further than back then.
      But still, the RCC is the worst IMO. Probably because of their arrogance thinking 'they got it right, and the only ones who got it right'' and ''if yer not catholic you are goin' ta haol' LOL.

    5. This video is a great teacher. Check out Bill’s other videos. Brilliant
      There are many biblical references as to how the RCC and their Situs Trust manipulate you throughout the video, note at the 1.00hr mark a brief summary.
      I Declare I'm Free! Bill Turner (1.54 Hr)

  12. On Topic and fascinating article found here:

    Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness and Peace Be Now for All