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Monday, November 5, 2018

What Elections?

By Anna Von Reitz

There are "Body Sovereign Electors" in this country, and there are "Voters". Which one are you? The answer determines your political status and Government I.Q.

Political Parties are lobbyist organizations, just like the Tobacco Lobby or the Peanut Lobby or the LGBT Lobby. 
That's right.

"Republican" and "Democrat" are both just lobbyist groups. In a sane world, they should be pleading with our Congress to spend money on their causes, not running their "Congress" to benefit a smorgasbord of special interests at our expense.

Their "Party Platforms" are supposed to tell you what perks they will seek in your behalf if you elect them to represent you. More often, they just feed you a pack of lies and do whatever they please with no accountability whatsoever.

All of which means that these things called elections are actually not elections in the sense our Forefather's meant and intended.

These events usurping upon our actual Public Elections are private Shareholder Elections in which people choose proxy voters to cast ballots for them, the purpose of which is to choose new employees to run now-bankrupt federal corporations like the "United States of America, Incorporated" and the "UNITED STATES, INC."

When you "vote" in these Private Shareholder Elections you are actually giving up your right and responsibility to cast your own ballots, and handing off your proxy to a lobbyist, who, you hope, will go to Washington, DC, and bring back a share of the federal corporation bacon.

And by doing this, you lose control of everything, including the actual government owed to this country. 
Most of the people reading this are familiar with the concept of proxies and proxy voting. You have the right to cast ballots yourself, but you are too busy and can't be bothered. Your Aunt offered you her beach cabin for the weekend. Your dog needs his toenails clipped. So you hand your "proxy" to Joe Blow and he promises to "vote the way you would" without actually knowing (or caring) how you would vote.

Usually, when we knowingly give someone our proxy the issues are nothing terribly important -- things like how often do the rain gutters get cleaned? --- or we really, truly have no other choice but to trust someone with our vote.

But since the Civil War people have been willy-nilly giving their proxy to run this country to any passing dandy with a nice smile and a political party platform--- a platform that he doesn't have to honor, once he has your proxy.

In this way the entire country gets turned into a roller derby.

And your checkbook is left open to the Four Winds.

And the Creditors of Joe Blow gain a rationale for holding you accountable for his spending.

Why would anyone in their right mind participate in this?

Once you realize what is going on you should run to the Voter Registration Office and annul any record that you were ever a "Voter". 
Is it possible to "register" (remember that when you register anything you are giving up an ownership interest in it) to "vote" and give your proxy to someone else ----and still retain your status as a Body Sovereign Elector? No.

You have passed on your rights and your responsibilities to someone else, handed him your checkbook and your future and not even held him accountable for how he votes "in your behalf".

This is not the kind of "representative government" your Forefathers practiced and handed on to you. It's just another usurpation and deceit-- this time by two powerful lobbyist organizations, one funded by the Brits and Barons, one funded by the Roman Catholic Church, both nearly equally bad.

Your representatives in Congress are supposed to be Fiduciary Officers -- Deputies -- held fully accountable to the people of your State of the Union. In the actual government, these Deputies can be recalled and held to account by the State Legislature. And the State Legislatures are accountable to you.

But since you handed your proxy off to Joe Blow by voting in the Shareholder elections instead of holding onto your ballot and sponsoring your own Public Elections, you no longer have a voice or a choice. You gave away your own actual power as a Body Sovereign Elector to a Flim-Flam Man, a lobbyist who isn't even obligated to be honest about what he is lobbying for.

Thus we get RINOS and DINOS and a perennial choice between chocolate feces or vanilla feces and everyone stands around like great dumb brutes, dimly wondering: "What's wrong with this country?"

Now, you know. 
And perhaps you also realize the urgent need to organize and restore your actual, factual government and exercise your position as a Body Sovereign Elector and sponsor Public Elections for your State Legislature and fill the long-vacant Deputy offices to serve in your actual Congress.

Those of you who have exercised your reversionary trust rights and re-conveyed your Good Name and assets to the land and soil jurisdiction have the responsibility, right, and power to function as Body Sovereign Electors. 
Why would you ever choose to be mere "Voters" and leave your pocketbook and your country to the mercy of thieves and lobbyists?


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  1. Assuming the 'blue wave' is corralled tomorrow 😂

  2. I am still adamant and on track with my voting plan. I recall the faceless poster that listed all the things that I would get and none of them are favorable so I have always voted for nobody. Young then I like the hippies, the spoke of peace, ate natural good food from the garden, had ideas to turn the place in to a paradise for everyone. They did not like corporations and the system was exposed as also pretty stupid, even ridiculous and at the root of all the killing a wars. These same folks came up with the poster that unfortunately spoke the truth about voting and still is valid today. Now electing someone you did know and could trust, who would do their job instead of what they are doing, that would make sense, an unincorporated man or woman. I wrote a letter according to the congressional law and told them that I was forced to sign up for voting in order to get a drivers license ID Card years ago. I sent to the head voting agent in the State of Washington or perhaps they are the STATE OF WASHINGTON exposing the crime and told them to take me off the list. It was Secretary of State and they did not reply. A county commisioner told me with an embarrassed look trying to defend the fact that the county had a DUNNS number ( and thus was not serving me anymore)
    Why would I vote for a Walmart rep or any other corporate officer? Obviously not my government. So if there ever gets to be enough actual people appearing in my government then it makes sense to participate. Otherwise WTF??? Think I am crazy? Since I have been around voting has not made things better only worse and a bigger mess. Leave the job to drunk, coked out slimes calling themselves politicians and bankers and look what you get? Might as well vote for a car dealer like the guy at the car lot who told me he was really a banker and only acted as a car sales man when he comes to town to liquidate the cars for the banks.

  3. THe fraud indoctrination did not happen over night. I've spent 9 years getting un-indoctrinated and my son's and daughter still believe I'm a "ward of the STATE", while my only purpose as I type the next letter is to find a way to free them from all the paper evidence out there. These Pirates don't have to collect evidence it's already on the record? Why is it so damn hard for people to get.

    I met a man last week. I know in my heart he would protect me at the cost of his own life. Real Men protect! But could I converse with this self proclaimed American about what's going on? Well sadly, No!

  4. Voting...the suggestion box for slaves

  5. Absolutely!!
    I learned all of this from yourself just last year anna, I will Never! place myself in that position again as long as i have breath in me

  6. We do not have a Federal or State Government as per the meaning of a real government. We have governments that are one or the other political party governments. We do not have govenment we the people, by the people, for the people, we have government by political party, all for the party, nothing but the party.

  7. How can i restore my name & assets to this land?

  8. Seems to me that if it wasnt for all the voters, y'all would now have hill ary who would have us all in camps by now.

    1. If they had wanted Hillary in as President she would be President right now.
      I was reading about our signature giving them ability to monetize the promissory note, and the man was reading the law or statute on what construed a negotiable instrument.

      In the discussion they said an application could be an negotiable instrument, such as an application to rent an apartment or application for a job.

      They said that all that had to be done was assign a cuspid number to that application and it could be traded or sold as a negotiable instrument as collateral for credit.

      The debate was is that what some of the companies that had several employees were doing and even these large apartments owners (assuming that know how) and using even just the applications that you field out to see if you could rent the apt. or even the app. applying for a job.

      To find out they were talking about going back to the place they had field out the app. and asking for the app. that they have on file, they said not the original but the one that they had on file now (they are assuming there would be another app. on file besides the original they filled out when they first applied a few weeks earlier) and getting the file and if it had a cuspid number on it that they would have discovered something that was going on.

      That the business or apartment complexes were assigning a cuspid number and using the application as collateral to borrow money or whatever, and that they could get the app. and do the same thing. Anyone know of this?

      If it is possible these big companies with hundreds of employees could be gaining access to a lot of money.

    2. Michael I would not put anything past these people. I believe there are certain people who are ''let into the loop' and are the ones who have a lot of business property in 'your town or city'. Their names are on those buildings. So we do have to question just how is it that they are the same Generational Names and even towns are named after them.
      It does make you wonder just how they can make so much money that those family are consistently wealthy.

      Now, one thing I do know for a Fact, is how bank mortgages work: I learned this from my friend of years ago, Mr. Schauf, who was an Expert Witness in such matters and wrote books, namely, 'America's Hope: (to cancel bank loans without going to court).

      In it he explained that ...when you want to buy a house, go to a bank, fill out an application, SIGN a Promissory Note, the banker gets up and takes YOUR NOTE, walks away with it, you sit there like a dumbass, he goes and turns it into a bank Instrument exactly like he would do with a Check, he treats it exactly like a check.....

      by stamping it ON THE BACK SIDE, something like ''For Deposit'' (like you would if someone wrote you a check and you wanted to deposit it into Your Account...

      And then that Banker Deposits Your Promissory Note into the BANK's own Account, and it becomes theirs, and it becomes cash in THEIR Bank.

      So at that point, it is Your Signature that CREATED that money, and it is instantly Money......BUT instead of putting it in Your Account, they put it in their own Bank. Your signature created that money, but the bank kept the money for themselves, and..

      Then they give You a payment book, and the banker comes back with the payment book of stubs and tells you You must make Payments to THEM on a monthly basis !

      Do you see how that works? Do you see why Your signature already created the money, which should have gone to You, and why You do not really owe the bank anything?

      I mean it is the biggest white collar crime of all time.

      Note: As soon as the bank added the 'For Deposit' on the back f it and deposited it for themselves.......because they added this AFTER you signed it, it immediately became a Fraudulent document because nothing is to be added After you signed it.

      Then they made a copy before they stamped the back of it, or else just made a copy of the front of it, and then they shuffled off the ORIGINAL that shows the Stamp on the Back, and it is hidden forever from your prying eyes.

      This is why in foreclosure court, if you ask for the Original, so you can see that Fraud they did on the back of it without your consent....they will always refuse to bring it out as evidence for you. It would negate the foreclosure instantly.

      I did not make any of this up out of my own Self; it is Fact as My friend Tom clearly outlined in his book. Much of the information he gave in his book, is quoted directly from the Central Banking System itself. One of their booklets is called ''money mechanics'' as I recall. And so this information comes DIRECTLY from the banking system.

      It was so unbelievable to me at the time, that I had to read it numerous, numerous times to wrap my mind around it, which I finally did.
      (I dont know about rental apps. or any other apps. but I would not put anything past these crooks. I tend to believe that there are certain moneyed families who are favored and that there is some sort of system by which money gets shuffled to them in some nefarious way. How else is it that every city or
      town seems to have at least one wealthy family who seems to outdo everyone else? Hmmm.)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Conversation with ex illuminati Ronald Bernard and Sacha Stone

    2. OUR VOTES DON'T COUNT. We are declared dead in a trust. So our votes don't count. Hi slaves. The B.I.S. owns your ass. Ooooo that's the Bank of international settlement. Here, it explained all in a nutshell. PLEASE EVERYONE WATCH THIS.

  10. Thank you Anna. I don't know where you get the energy to keep this up.

  11. Oh we are not stupid; we know very well what a sham voting is, but its the only game in town. Just like You all know what a sham Banks are, but You still have an Account there, and use them. In fact I love my Debit card and the ATM machine, how else does a gal 'let her fingers do the shopping'?

    1. Abby- could this be the reason why it is so hard to get a large number of people together doing this at same time so that the government could not intimidate and scare everyone so easy--because like you just said you are love the way it is so why change it, even though you know it is wrong-does that not go against your biblical beliefs and Jesus teachings?

      Does Jesus not teach by going along with something you know is wrong a sin will keep you out ot the pearly gates and instead on the shish kabob grill?

    2. Michael, to clarify a bit, no I didn't say I love the way it is.
      What I said was that I love my debit card and the ATM. In other words, I am saying there is no way we can change the banking system or the rottenness of the World System,

      and my point is there are people who profess to be off the grid, and put down certain parts of it, and condemn people who have done likewise.......but THEY themselves are being ''hypocritical' because they still use the banks. So they are not really off the grid, completely; not at all.

      Ive known the banking system is pure white collar crime, ever since about the late 80's or so, but even if I had tried to skirt using banks back then, can you see how that would not have changed anything, even if I had?

      So no, I in no way ''go along to get along' nor do I approve of anything that is going on, not the voting system, not the banking system, not the money system, not government, not statutes and codes, not even the so-called 'churches' of today.
      But, we live in this world, and we only have one choice of The System, and so we get out of it what serves our purpose.

      So, bottom line, my point was that folks who loudly brag that they have removed themselves from the Grid, really have not - because they most likely still use the banks.
      And so, no, I am not going to be put on the shish kabob grill, lol.

      P.S. there are people who are actively working to change the banking system; I just don't have any details about that, but the central bank system is purely tyrannical and needs to 'go'.

  12. Here is a little history as early as 1954

  13. voting is an interesting process. I did vote in this system twice, once for Goldwater and the next time for the only man that can possibly represent me, ever - myself. It is the primary failing of voting for a 'representitive' man/woman/lizard/et whatever.

    Also, rather naively I once believed, many years ago, that there was little of consequence to vote for, not totally because politicians (perhaps except Ron Paul) were a fraudulent lot. Also because I believed that it was unnecessary because the constitution was the control that would not be broken (without realizing that it was broken the moment that Washington used the army to suppress Shay and his rebellion) and being unaware of the dictator Lincoln ruling militarily and pretty much trashing the constitution forever. Everything after that was 'made up' stuff and still is. Now it is a matter of seeking out temporary measures to mark myself as either of no consequence or protected by paperwork rather than a few good rifles and a lot of ammunition.

    There is an issue that has long bothered me about any kind of voting for anything where numbers of people are invovled. I was surprised to discover that the Articles of Confederation operated on 100% agreement. Now that was a dose of real cooperation at work. So, even at best picking a number of say 80%, that would be reasonable. 80% of all people want this or that. But 50%? 50% is insane. I have a great sense of humor and I find 51% a winner to be hilarious, truly cartoonish (I'm working to improve my cartoon skills). Even where multiple candidates collaborate to get that 80% it would be better than 51% takes all. Yet truly - no one can ever represent me. Period.

    1. LSkyblue, hey I like that words you coined, ''cartoonish''. Cracked me up because as far as Im concerned this whole world has been turned into a Cartoon. Cartoons are funny, a joke, and thats what we have now. A big stupid joke, and the joke is the elitists have played it on us.
      So it is now Time that they get dealt with.......and they WILL. It is going to be quite a 'party' full of fireworks and other excitement of sorts.

      And then there were None.....

  14. Well, I was extremely happy to see the Trump finally fired AG Session. It was late in coming IMO. But good riddance to the phoney; he needs to ship himself back to Ala where he can go retire as far as Im concerned.


      #Sessions job is complete, now we have an AG that isn't recused.