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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Letter of Notice and Demand to the Pope and Elizabeth II

By Anna Von Reitz

Fourth November 2018

Your Holiness, Your Majesty:

We all start to read with the letter "A"..... and in the same way, we all start our understanding with certain key concepts.  If the key concepts are flawed, incomplete, deceptive, or untrue, then all that follows afterward is similarly flawed, incomplete, deceptive, or untrue.

This is why the crime of fraud knows no statute of limitations. This is why contracts all fail upon the first defect. 

In this case, people have been taught to think of that THING in Washington, DC as their beloved "government of the people, for the people and by the people", but in fact, "the federal government" is an interlocking trust directorate of foreign corporate interests merely in the business of providing "governmental services" for profit.  And since 1860, there has been no counter-balance to provide the intended checks-and-balances on their power.

This is the first defect. 

The contract between the American States and People and the "federal government" was broken in 1860, but they were left uninformed by their remaining Territorial and Municipal partners.  In fact, those same partners who owed them Good Faith and Good Service deliberately hid the situation and profited themselves from the circumstance instead.

It's the same situation as if Ma Bell and Verizon knocked off their competitors and formed a cooperative venture to bilk the public silly and then split the monopoly profits.  The British Territorial United States and the Holy Roman Municipal Government have secretively colluded to the same ends.

We have no greater enemies than our supposed friends and trustees. 

This is why London and Rome are on the top of the list for demolition, if we cannot secure a right and proper understanding of what their leadership's obligations with respect to The United States of America (Unincorporated) always were and still are.

Once FDR's Inaugural Speech is "decoded" from Federal-speak to actual unimpaired English, all his malice and deceit and his true intentions are revealed and can be matched up against the results we have in fact experienced.

What he actually said was that he would take our lives and property as gifts ---voluntary donations --- to his holy cause. 

Conveniently, since none of the actual Americans understood what he said, nobody stepped forward to shoot him and forthrightly counter his offer. 

It is exactly the same situation as an armed bandit "offering" to take your purse.  If you meekly comply with his demand and don't object, what is intrinsically a crime and an armed robbery is converted by "implication" and "interpreted as" a consensual act under commercial law.

And that is what the Men in Black have been doing.  Just "interpreting" themselves into fatter and fatter paychecks and retirement pensions and shipping all the rest of the ill-gotten gains home to Rome and London.

But we, the living people of this country, don't operate under commercial law.  We were all clearly standing as men and women in 1860 and in 1933 and not operating under commercial law then, either.   So all claims and cobbled together evidence to the contrary are simply self-interested crime.

It isn't until we object that it becomes a crime?  We have objected both individually and en masse.  Our lawful government objects. Our States object. Our People object.  And as our Will in these matters has been clearly published and on the public record for over 200 years, there is no plausible excuse for any of what has gone on here.

So, Whitehall and Rome, here is our objection: not only do we object, we repudiate in all respects all of your presumptions from 1860 onward, including all the Birth Certificates that you have issued to profit yourselves.  

The profits of all this infamy must be returned to the rightful government and for the benefit of the rightful owners  --our States and our People-- and absolutely no presumption of ownership of these vessels by any foreign commercial corporation is allowed.

Release every single American from these repugnant presumptions or else. 

In this case, the people of this country were not even provided with the nicety of a clearly stated "demand" and had no realistic opportunity to respond to FDR's deliberately concealed gibberish.

We trust that this Notice and Demand is clearly stated.

FDR  simply "converted" the court system to begin collecting on his "New Deal" ---- which was in the barest sense, "I am requiring you to give me all that you are and all that you have as a gift for my holy cause", with both the nature of the "holiness" and the "cause" left hanging. 

It was on this basis that he confiscated privately held gold from the American People.  It was on this basis that he required everyone to sign "Birth Certificates" donating our children (though we were not told this) to his corporation as chattel backing his corporate debts.  It was on this basis that he exercised the "Trading With the Enemy Act" against his employers. 

And all of this now has to end.

All of it, without exception. 

The entire Public Charitable Trust must be returned, along with the Puerto Rican Public Transmitting Utilities, the Donor Trusts, the Life Force Value Annuities--- all of it.  Now.  The pretense that you are not really trafficking people with all your nonsense of incorporating and copyrighting their names has to end, too. 

The American States and People did not voluntarily and knowingly acquiesce to FDR's veiled offer.  No valid contract exists.  No excuse for it can be made.  No claim that FDR met the Standard of Law in his communications during the First Inaugural Address nor at any other time can stand. 

His very memory should be erased and all his words and actions damned. 

He was not our President and did not serve this country nor its people in "Good Faith".  Death and destruction on those who wait to deliver the relief and the remedy owed to this country and its people and to all the other countries and peoples around the world who have suffered and been robbed by their own employees bent on criminal deceit.

We have our "A" and we know our "B", our "C", and all the rest of it. 

The Trading With the Enemy Act does not apply to us, the American States and People, nor to our lawful Federation of States, The United States of America (Unincorporated) and never did. 

It is well-past time that the Holy See and the Queen and the British Crown and the Lords of the Admiralty, all heard the legitimate government of this country tell you --- bugger off.  And it is time for Donald J. Trump to act as our actual Commander-in-Chief to make sure that you do so. 

Take your New Deal and FDR's corpse with you. 

As for the "Democratic Party" in this country, the record of its actions as a seedbed of sedition, criminality, and deceit speaks for itself.  It is an outlaw political lobby and is on trial for its crimes against humanity even as we speak. 

We highly suggest that people examine the actual facts surrounding the Democratic Party --- its activities and voting records ---and you will see for yourselves that this is literally the Party of Deceit, a political lobbying organization that has preached one set of values and delivered exactly the opposite for over a hundred years. 

Your Majesty, you are under demand to remove the present "court system"  and re-convert it to its lawful purposes or we will remove it permanently ourselves and never pay another penny for such "services".

Your Holiness, return all the Birth Certificates and Baptismal Certificates you have collected under conditions of fraud and non-disclosure, together with all profit from the rents, leases, insurances, mortgages, etc., etc.   

You all must give up the pretenses of the TWEA and consider your "offer" of March 4, 1933 as finally received and firmly rejected; and may the crime of it be upon your heads if you should fail in your duty to comply with this demand  to return all the citizenry of our federal states together with their assets and also all the innocent American State natives and their assets. They are all to be safely re-conveyed to our shores and replaced under the protection of our lawful government.

In the meantime, do not talk to us about the "Rule of Law" which you have yourselves breached in finality, but instead talk about the "Rule of Mankind" and the dominion that we are all owed.

The Bills of Lading for the Estate of Yeshuah have been delivered.  We expect payment on normal terms.

The Fiduciary,
Anna Maria Riezinger
The United States of America
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

cc: President Donald J. Trump


  1. Hmmpf. Looks like this was sent to them and Trump, cc:President Donald J. Trump.Key word "looks". Not buying it. Now if we had seen copies of letters and responses back with official that I would believe. But that was asked for months ago and suprise no answer.
    You really don't know what is coming for you do you Anna?

    Pity. I am not making a threat to be clear. It is just a question I am posing. Not really expecting an answer though, nothing new there.But I am aware of something you don't have privy to.

    Tick Tock.... just a metaphore...

    1. We know trump listens because he will use word for word what one of our best minds puts out publicly .
      They know it we know debate needed.

    2. robert allen >
      I have read your comments on this thread and appreciate your patience and perseverance to provide some useful information to others who are willing and able to listen and understand.
      Legal Maxim: “When the foundation fails, all fails.” Bouvier’s Law Dictionary 163.
      The foundation of "An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" by Anna Maria Riezinger alias Anna von Reitz, is found on page 14: "The Global Estate Trust is Born!"
      The Global Estate Trust is predicated on the Unam Sanctum (1302), the Romanus Pontifex (1455), the Aeterni Regis (1481) and the Convocation (1537). Thorough, time consuming, robust Due diligence reveals that Unam Sanctum is a fraudulent document, not a forgery, but an intentional fraud.
      Anybody who gives credence to the Unam Sanctum is dancing with magick, black magick (conjuring self-service), and anything built on the foundation of the Unam Sanctum is fraudulent and fails like any castle in the air or other illusion.
      Your diagnosis of the ego-mind is perceptive. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.
      Peace and Namaste.

    3. Unam Sanctum (1302) Source of Authority
      Bible Book of Genesis 1:26-28. Elohim Most High(“gods” plural, male and female) gave the Earth and the living animals to them, male and female (Adam and Eve), for all future generations.
      Thus, multiple gods gave the populated Earth to Adam, Eve and other humans.

      Point 1. The authorities cited by megalomaniacal Boniface VIII in his 1302 Unam Sanctam trust are faith, belief, Elohim, Yahweh, lord, Jesus, texts of the Gospels, Apostle Paul, Dionysius, Jeremiah, divine law and the universal order.
      Within the minority subset of worldwide humans that identify as Christians of some kind, can be found multiple canons, translations and interpretations, and the King James 1611 Authorized Version for Church and State (law courts), edited by Robert Fludd and Francis Bacon, has multiple contradictory interpretations.
      Thus, Boniface VIII has no authority to claim his exclusive right to rule the Earth. The trust was not signed by Elohim (plural, male and female), the alleged Donor, and it does not conform to the eight elements of a valid trust, including the rule against perpetuities.

      Who or What Is "God" (Elohim Most High, YHWH, et cetera)

      https ://www .youtube .com/watch?v=31WdaBusl2Q
      OSHO: There Is No Creator [4m36s]
      From the series, The Last Testament, Volume 2 #2, 1985.
      OSHO International | Mar 8, 2010
      Interviewer: Some of your quotes are in the press. Where you say there is no god – are you saying that there is no god outside of creation, per se?
      Osho: Certainly, I am saying that there is no creator. Creation itself is enough unto itself; it needs no outside agency to create it. The moment you accept an outside agency to create it, you fall into a vicious circle. Because the reasoning is that how existence can be there without being created by someone? That is the reasoning of all the religions. If you accept their reasoning, then the question arises, who created the gods? And if God can be there without being created, then what is the problem? Then existence can be there without being created. You accept principally that something can be there without being created. So why unnecessarily go from A to B, from B to C, and those are all hypotheses. God A creates God B, God B creates God C, unnecessary. The whole theology is simply nonsense. It begins with God – pure means God. And logic means logic about God. That is a contradiction in terms. … Better to drop that word [god]. That word is dangerous. …
      Interviewer: I guess the force that gives us life, or whatever it is, the energy?
      Osho: I would like to call it pure consciousness, just consciousness. If you are too much attached to the word “god,” call it godliness, but don’t make it a noun. Make it a quality. Godliness is perfectly okay. … The moment you make it a noun, you kill it. The moment you make it a noun, you stop its growth. Nouns don’t grow. Only verbs grow.
      *principally: above all, chiefly, especially, first and foremost, for the most part, in the main, largely, mainly, mostly, particularly, predominantly, primarily.
      *principle | Definition of principle in English by Oxford
      Principle is normally used as a noun meaning 'a fundamental basis of a system of thought or belief', as in this is one of the basic principles of democracy. Principal, on the other hand, is normally an adjective meaning 'main or most important', as in one of the country's principal cities. https ://en .oxforddictionaries .com/definition/principle

      The absence of critical thinking skills and logical reasoning can lead to nonsense.
      Think for yourself. Do your own research. Draw your own conclusions. Share your findings. Peace.

    4. Not good to talk about a document that you don't at least link to so people can see it for themselves.

    5. Sukhino Bhava: Robert

      High frequency radio on youtube has a copy of a cia paper showing how that come in and take control of a formun and either distract from topic or lead it in the direction they want it to go to make everyone lose interest in the forum. Very Interesting and they have a hell of a lot of ways to do this, It surprise me that all the detail they went into on controlling social media.

    6. Can you please post a link to that report. I couldn't find it.

  2. You are like the "Great Oz"
    behind the curtain.....Boo!

    1. Boo! To you. I sense not a calm but a fear emanating from your writings. You know you are out gunned and trying to be strong while shaking in your boots. Its hard to want to move forward when you know you have to look back because of your deeds. Boo! Every time you look forward, might be the last.

    2. Oh my here we go with another one making the 'fear accusation' again. Everytime I hear this I have to LOL. Oh yeah,'' people will go to hell for having fear. Fear is a big no no. If you have fear of anything, then there is surely something wrong with you. Fear has got to be the worst thing in the world that anyone can have. Oh you can be stupid, or whacky, or believe you have to attain some 'higher level of consciousness'' or ''look for guidance by looking in your own belly'' and pretend you can 'answer yourself'' and call it some kind of spiritual guidance you find in to a diseased liver or colon, or bloated tum tum, or maybe around the corner of yer aorta, oops, no behind it. On come on now, where is my guidance hiding today, come out come out wherever you are. I know my little emotional opinion has a higher elevated consciousness hiding somewhere in the midst of all that blood and guts and will tell me all I think I know that is way above my fellow man, so they can all see how wonderful I am. See? I don't need any 'only begotten'. I am all seeing, all knowing and SELF sufficient.''

      Now you can go around targeting who ever you have convinced yourself you have all 'outgunned''.

      Me thinks some peeps need to go ........Get A Life.

  3. See folks, while you all have been dudious, so have I....

    1. Robert Allen please look up the motu proprio of Pope Francis.

  4. I loved it is off to see the Wizard....

  5. Robert Allen do you take drugs? The reason is is how warped can one person's reality be from what is plain to see when it's all been laid on the table for you to see.

    1. Anton.
      Well no. And not so simple.
      See it depends on who exactly is on the opposite end that is putting it plain out on the table.

      A good question worth pondering on. But I got my answer.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Anna....that was a great letter, and one we all agree with...However, every "NOTICE AND DEMAND" has to come with a demand for "performance" within a certain timeline to be meet , otherwise it becomes a DEFAULT judgement...!! Typically it is around 30 to 90 days....!! After that it has to be enforced by "FORCE", as any inmate can tell you....!!

      And both their crimes (the Pope and QE2) are "crimes against humanity" which really calls for the death penalty...!!
      If I write letters to the "White House" addressed to the President like that, I guarantee you they would illicid a "response", if for no other reason than "liability"...!!
      It's despicable to call FRAUD a "civil matter"....!! It is not CIVIL...!! In fact , in my deepest opinion it should be a class 1 felony, even over and above "MURDER"....These so called fraudsters are getting away with murder, because they know that law enforcement, the courts, and our govt just don't give a damn about fraud, unless it's against the FED, like Winston Strout was doing with commercial instraments...God forbid should you compete with them when he is actually following the law.....!!!

      Everyone has been brainwashed to believe fraud is a "nothing crime" because there are no blood splattering for forensics to determine who was killed....but make no mistake, so e one took a bullet, even if it was only on paper, or a handshake...its called a "CIVIL DEATH" but it generally ends in a real death of the victim....!!
      Maybe a case should be made that all these bad actors be charged with "child abuse" and forced to work in child labor camps called CORPORATIONS and therefore the Death penalty....Because everyone is a "CHILD" of God and that sets the rule of law in place that no one can steal even if it looks like the person has merely handed her purse to you willing because of a good con....!!

      Your notice failed to give the consequences of not should have ended it with "I have been in touch with the President and his "Chiefs of Staff" and after 90 days if you haven't complied, you have been authorized to engage the military to wipe out the Vatican and further letters or warning will be given...only annihilation...!!
      You haven't learned the ART of the CON or you simply don't think it's ok to LIE to a pack of LIERS...!!

      Go back and rewrite the ending of that letter and add that "caveat"....!! Maybe then someone will take NOTICE of your NOTICE...!! Haven't you ever players poker Anna.....its called the ART of the BLUFF....!!

  6. Robert, each and every man woman and child is caught up in slavery. Anna has documents on her site with certified mail receipts. The Pope did respond as I have gone on the Vatican site and printed it out.

    So if Anna will not answer you directly you seem to get some joy out of saying to all of us " Ha Ha I know something you don't and I ain't gonna tell you"????

    I spend every damn waking moment researching. I fall asleep to it, wake up with bad dreams and can't focus on things during the day for thinking about this BS. So I hope your childish spat with Anna satisfies you. I know if I found something that would help my brothers and sisters I'd be shouting it from the rooftop. I looked at the link you left the other day and it did not lead to any more research able links.

    I worked my ass off for years to pay for my home. Nobody else has a dime in it but because I can't pay the taxes I might end up in the street. They of course will have to shoot my body dead first but that is the predicament I'm facing and your coments are cruel.

    If you don't like Anna or her articles and certainly don't seem to want to help the rest of us, who are trying to have some semblance of a life why the hell are you here?

    I'm writing a correspondence to the pope right now. Am I lying because I don't post the damn mail receipts? I wish I had the credit back for the amount I spent on certified and registered mail the last two years.

    If anything, Anna posts history I can look up elsewhere which allows me to trudge through trying to figure this out. I have a grand daughter I would love to see free of this mess so if there is other information contrary to what Anna and Many others are posting don't you have a duty to let people know instead of making childish taunts about going to see the Wizard?

    1. Annie, I am not familiar with how tax depts. work but have you tried making payment arrangements with them? A friend of ours did that in his town, recently.
      Worth a try.

    2. Annie is isn't all about you.
      I am not here to spoon feed you besides you would just throw it up. With no resource(facts)to build a your own foundation on other than the regurgitation you get here, you wouldn't be worth arguing with. Sorry. You already feel in your heart you are right. You have decided it. So your EGO MIND has to lash out to defend anything that opposes it. Even if my comment wasn't directed at you. Do I care whether you understand me no. Why because I have facts you don't to back it up, that you wouldn't accept, having no facts of your own to argue. I honor your efforts. However, my comments were directed to it's target as a warning to her.

      She will either know or she won't but that will be for us to see.

      I have no hate here. I don't attack people in this forum I don't get emotional. I know who I AM. I don't spout out other people's belief's, I have my own. I don't feel the need to be right about what I believe and shove it down someone or everyone's throat.I choose my words carefully. I can't help it if people research and can't get the answers I do. I long for when people start speaking with their own mind and not the programs they have been manipulated with.

      It will be a more creative and free expressive world...coming soon. Whether you believe or not. Deal with it or figure it out yourself but keep your issues to yourself. I have already done the work to free myself from that program.

      So as Joan River's would say God rest her soul."Oh,just grow up!" Or calm the hell down. Be patient....all will be revealed in Divine timing.

      I have done my very best to give everyone the chance to go look for themselves what I research....learning is the choice of the individual, not mine to spoon feed. If you are not on the same page I am then just skip over it. I have not hidden that I think Anna is a con artist and have set out to get my answers as to such and have. And she is. Now if all you children want to hide under big bad grandma apron suit you self I don't care. And I make a and it isn't at you step the hell down if your pedestal until you got something valid to shut me up.comment Done.

      In the words of great master and teachers.


      Hint if you do not understand the meaning look it up. Then you will. It is a great place to start.

    3. ...comment The missing word for above.

    4. Thank you so much for the childish name calling. Hope that makes your day!

      Abby, the Town Inc. Has put in writing that no contract exists and the only authority they proclaim to have is a private corporate charter. I required a w-9. They have an EIN number the same as my s-corp had years ago, starts with the same two numbers. The town inc. is owned by a law firm. They also submitted a very vague IRS letter of status which also did not give them authority to tax and was almost 7 years old. They told me my Deed gives them the power to tax, while there is no other party of interest on my Deed but me. They added their stamp after closing, a day later.

      The town also sells the water meter readings to a third party and as a result I pay sewer charges to run my boiler. I'm having larger issues than making a payment arrangement. They have created a situation where I can not enjoy my land while their fees go up whenever they feel like raising them, but there is no contract.

      In Power Movement has out a new video

      Contracts, Courts, Notice of Liability, the Bible

    5. Annie I only read half of your writings and give you the big thumbs up !!!

    6. Annie.

      Have you ever been in a situation where you knew your friend was gonna get hurt? And as much as you would like to help prevent it, you knew if you told them the wouldn't be belived and you turned out to be the crazy.

      Well this is no different. I know that alllll this effort you guys have been working on is nothing but a con. And when Anna falls taking everyone that thinks they have been doing the right thing with her because of what she really has been doing,the shock is going to be devistating.

      That is my only reason for being here. Not to say that her info is wrong or that it hasn't heled you in some way.

      But that doesn't work because all of you have invested yourself so deeply that it would make me if I laid it out plainly the CRAZY. So I have brought up the logical questions that should be answered. If you all don't get it then you don't, plain and simple.

      Now. I have been in this forum for... maybe not quite a year ( most if not all of you have been here longer). When I first came in I thought she had great purpose. I even started to do the work. But then her actions and statements alerted me to her game.

      So knock yourself out and do what you believe. There is nothing I can say to each person in this forum to change their minds. I wish I could but it ain't worth my time.

      However you all had the chance to figure it out on your own, with a little push from me.

      Now I am gonna sit back and watch you all learn a valuable lesson that I had to learn the hard way in my life twice..

      I don't believe I called you anything. I did tell you to grow up. I did tell you that my comments were not directed at you. I did tell you that your Ego Mind won't let you accept anything except what you now believe. I did tell you that you don't have a foundation to be able to discuss what I know.

      If you did I would tell you.

      But you are not ready. Sorry if that doesn't resonate well with you. The post link you went to has all the info you need to get started.

      I cannot help it if you don't know how to use is very user friendly. All their posts are there but you have to know what "you" are there looking for. So that is gonna take you time to put it together but reading and getting an idea of how to connect the dots. Is not easy.

      I have been doning this for a year. I am not going to spoon feed you what I have worked hard to attain.

      Now. As far as your house is concerned I am terribly sorry for the situation you are in no fault of your own.

      I never fell into that trap because at a young age I saw it. I saw the game that was being built around us. So there's nothing they can take from me after working all my life. They got to slow me down over 1500 dollars. The IRS turned that into 75,000 dollars.
      I was lucky to have a friend who turned out to be a lawyer who researched a pro bono for me. If it hadn't been for him finding me a loop hole in the system I would still be tied to that ridiculous constantly growing debt. It knocked the wind out of me for years. One of the reason's I don't own anything like a home.Not that I need to share this detail.

      I "realize" your frustration of wanting to be free of this nightmare and all that is connected with it.

      So....go get it done.

      But the harder you try the less likely you will succeed because that is not the way the universe works. Now I am not going to explain to you how it does, but maybe you need to start finding that. You can start in China they have over 5000 years of info on the topic. We have about 400 years as a country. My first clue. But no matter how much you research that doesn't mean you will understand it.

      You have to have some experience inside you to be able to relate to it. Obviously you do not or you would be using that now.

      So I have said this to, without attacking you,given you my whole perspective as simple and plainly as an adult can.

      Use it or lose it.
      Nuff said. I wish you the best!

    7. Annie, email me. I have a possible solution for you.

    8. Annie McShane: I faced the same predicament of not being able to pay the taxes on my home. I started to claim Matthew 18:19 and 2 Cor 1:20; John 15:7; John 11:22; Isaiah 41:9-18; Deut 28:1-14 and I have seen miracle after miracle happen because of it. I have received the money to pay my taxes TWICE! You can call the collectors office in my local county and BOTH times I told them that god in the name of his son had sent me "money from Heaven"!!! This past year the collector said "you said that last year too"!

      The first time I had claimed The coin in the fish's mouth promise found in Matthew 17:24–27. It is one of the miracles of Jesus, recounted in the Gospel of Matthew 17:24–27. In the Gospel account, in Capernaum the collectors of the two-drachma temple tax ask Peter whether Jesus pays the tax, and he replies that he does. ... Take it and give it to them for my tax and yours."

      I do understand that to be able to claim these promises and expect results we must be keeping ALL Ten Commandments found in Exodus 20:1-17. Because Jesus has GIVEN US all authority like his father gave him when he sent his only begotten son into this wicked world to die for guilty mankind.

      god answered my prayers folks! I am here to tell you! I am shouting it from the rooftops that MY god IS REAL and he keeps his WORDS! Scripture cannot be broken (John 10:35) and God WATCHES over HIS WORD to PERFORM IT!!! (Jeremiah 1:12). God is not a man that he should lie! Numbers 23:19.

      God sent a flood to flood my home to get FEMA the GOVERNMENT to give me money to pay my real estate taxes! YES, now I am seeing the flood gave me an even greater blessing! if you want more details please email me @ But i am here to tell you that claiming gods promises works! Pray, believe and receive. Pray, doubt and do without. Repent, zealously repent of your sins and keep the commandments of god and have the faith of Jesus, the living, risen Son of God and you can claim all of the Bible's glorious promises for whatever you need! (2 Peter 1:4). It WORKS! over and over and over I have prayed and have glorious answers to my prayers. You have not because you ask not. or we ask amiss...holding grudges - not forgiving our enemies, or breaking the Ten Commandments etc... God told me over a year ago to get off of the currency of this world and onto the currency of Heaven... and I asked "HOW?" he told me by "claiming Bible verse promises" - and I am here to report that IT IS WORKING MARVELOUSLY! Here is a website I am making to obey the command of God telling me to get off of the currency of this world and onto the currency of heaven (HIS WORD) Rev 19:13...His NAME is the WORD OF GOD, Jesus Christ the Son of the living god. 573-996-6401 - text me anytime.

    9. Annie.....have you been to a court yet or served papers by the Banks attorneys that were filed with the court....!! If you have and you accepted it, then the only way you stand a chance of winning is to make a "counterclaim " naming the Bank or Servicing Company as the "Defendant"/Libelee and you as the Plantiff/Libelant, because you have already been damaged psychologically and emotionally because of the FRAUD they are trying to get away with...!!

      Just ask them one question...."Who is the "REAL PARTY of INTEREST in this case...FRCP17 (a)....!! With first hand knowledge of the Original Contract and in possession of the Original Promissary NOTE, with your "wet ink " signature and all endorsements front and back...

      And if they still want to play, then tell the court you are requesting an " Forensic Audit of the Equities" to see who owes who...!!
      And then "BOND " the case yourself using a "Subrogation BOND", naming the judge as surety on the bond (of $10 million....!!
      But a counterclaim is mandatory to win...!!

      Anyway, I just learned that Trump just fired Steven Munchun, but it wont be advertised to the public until after the elections or maybe the end of Nov....!! In other words, Annie, your problem may be already solved by the coming "RESET"...!!

    10. Annie McShane:
      If you are delinquent on your taxes, someone could come in and pay those taxes and they are given a tax certificate that pays a very good interest on the amount. (Every state is different on the amount) after a set time period if you do not pay the person that bought the certificate.

      They can foreclose on your property, and if you do not owe any mortgages or liens on the property, if you don not pay them they can become owners of the home. Some time periods are around years, which is earning the set interest amount for that state for the period of redemption of certificate.

      If you look at it one way it is a good investment because the interest is guaranteed by the gov, or they get the property.

      A solution is if you have a friend that would pay those taxes ad get the certificate, that would allowed you what ever the time period is to come up with money to pay the person who bought the certificate, assuming they are a trusted friend they would just allow you to pay just the tax amount back without paying interest. (Trusted friends are hard to find) but either way it would give you a year or son to come up with a solution to coming up with the funds to pay the one that bought the tax certificate.

      They are quite a few people that are using this as a very profitable business. You can not lose your money because you either get paid back your investment plus the interest or you wind up owning the property.

    11. Annie McShane:
      If your home is completely paid for and you have the paper work proving it (although all someone has to do is run a title search to see if it is paid completely) you can always use the home as collateral to get a small loan to pay the taxes, and you can stretch that small loan off over a long period of time where you would be able to manage it.

      Below I gave a another example of how you could do it, because if you don't they can sell the tax certificate to an investor( or how ever your state handles tax delinquencies)and when that time limit is up on where the investor acquired the tax certificate.

      He can either be paid his investment plus what ever the interest rate for you state is, or foreclose on the property, and own your home just for the price of paying the taxes that you are behind on. All the state does is they want the tax money, they don't care how it gets paid as long as it is paid.

      Assuming you tax bill is a relatively small amount say for example ($200 to $2,500 or even higher, depending on the value of your property) it would be worth using the paid for property to get a loan enough to pay the taxes, compared to the other alternative of losing your property for that small amount.Swallow your pride and do what you have to do to save your home, because the taxes will get paid, either through the tax certificate or foreclosing on property.

      Now if you had done the paper work described by Anna, reclaiming your status and renaming your property, you should not be going through this.

      If you want to get an ideal on how buying property through tax liens or certificates to see how it works, just google buying property through tax certificates or liens. I know after learning how everything is fraud, but doing this process is a good way to earn high interest on your money guaranteed by gov. Some states pay as high as 50% and it is only for 6 months, meaning you could use that money 2x's in a year, only a couple of state pay that high of interest rate.

      Also you have to be careful about letting your taxes getting behind and property paid for, because that is exactly the type of properties those dealing in this business are watching for. They had rather buy the tax certificate on a property paid for than on that has a lot of dept on it, because they have a good chance of owning the property.

  7. Hey everyone ROBERT ALLEN (all caps because he's a willing USA citizen) likes to see his words on the computer. Notice how many times admin has to remove his comments? And as many times he has been told that his comments are not welcome here. Who except a moron would stay in someone's home knowing that he is not welcomed? Only ROBERT ALLEN AND HIS SUPPORTERS.

    1. Jon. gather yourself up and learn to pay attention. As Ive seen Roberts posts removed, they were removed by the author, which means he removed them himself. And I also have NEVER seen the admin tell him his comments are not welcome here. And as for fellow commenters, none of us has to read any comments we dont ''welcome here'. This doesn't happen to be our/Your Blog.

      So stop stretching words here, as they are lies. Learn to be more careful about what you say and make sure you are reporting correctly before you blurt out. You may very well end up eating your own words.
      And it is none of our business if anyone decides to be a willing US Citizen. Why should we believe a bunch of con artists in power who just decided that is a bad thing?

      Jon, grow up.

    2. Jon....Ego Mind go off much?
      First of all those deleted comments were my doing. Usually because I try to take great pains to be sure everything is done correctly and or has purpose or intent.

      Help yourself go back as far as June a look and read the comment made then get the picture. Otherwise....

    3. Nicely said Abby, although I think I covered it with less words. Well at least the Jon part. Lol. But then that's how I roll. One of the things I appreciate about you is your common sense, all else put aside. But unlike the Ego Mind followers I don't attack for the things you say that are true. Thanks for making you view point.

    4. Oh yeah, prove my point trying to invoke a mob mentality here. You would be a great assistance to the Demacratic Party!🀣πŸ’₯πŸ’–

    5. I never bother to read his posts, he is a troll. Just skip over them, he should be banned for good but I guess Paul likes the tension.

  8. .since Lincoln it's been pure corruption .Jefferson up in till Lincoln this nation was the most free most prosperous ever .then war and poverty and slavery .

  9. “It should not be forgotten that the most powerful financial syndicate in the Western World is that of the European Rothschilds.

    The Rothschilds, because of their power base inside the City of London Corporation, have a controlling membership of the London Crown Temple syndicate,

    and they also have executive control of the 'VATICAN' and the Mafia through the P2 Masonic Lodge in Italy.

    Anna, If this is true are you not talking to the wrong people?

    1. Micheal, now that is good thought.

    2. I have already talked to the Rothschild's and every other banker syndicate family. They all know who I am and what I have come here for. They just have a hard time sucking it up and doing the right thing. At the end of the day it is necessary to pit the politicians and the generals and the lawyers (who stand to lose everything under the confiscation laws) against the bankers, who simply need to be hung upside down for a few rounds until they regain some semblance of common decency and sense.

  10. This letter will probably go no further than the page we are reading in front of us.

    1. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘☺

    2. Fools you are and fools you will stay, who comment without knowledge of what is plainly posted on my website and in my published hard cover books. I have tens of thousands of letters sent under registered mail and all the receipts. The correspondence I maintain is decades old and all of it is recorded as these letters, too, shall be.

    3. Tell them why you tried to claim 1/3 of the inground assets and for who,from Kim and then went sooo far to slander her and make people believe she was CRAZY not to be trusted.

      I already know this and it is VERY telling out of your own mouth.

      "I have already talked to the "Rothschild's and every other banker syndicate"family. They all know "who I am" and "what I have come here for"

    4. Thou doth protest too much!

      Hey block me just prove my point

      I have already made it!

    5. Ucaidia you really are not any help!

    6. Great replies AnnaπŸ’˜ ArmusπŸ’£

    7. I for one of many on this blog am tired, bored with and looking forward to not seeing the photo of a fear monger without substance who posts a facetious image of a smiling face but whose thoughts are entirely self serving. I count it a waste of my time to read the rants he elbows his way to the front of the line to try to dominate the educational posts Anna offers. If he had anything to offer he would not be distracting readers with fear mongering and discrediting Anna's work. I say to you r.a. you are a nuisance and waste of anyone's reading your comments because they are predictably empty of anything edifying, are vision less fear mongering. They are in my opinion attempts at grand standing on Anna's platform with empty and shrill calls to listen to you and to say nothing but to ignore Anna. The predictability of your content warrants one sensible treatment by readers: Ignore r.a., he's a waste of time and mental focus. He poses as someone with something to say but never says it. Why not move on r.a.? Your presence degrades the blog to a "lets find something to worry about" level. I think several other readers agree... your pseudo content is wasting valuable readers time.

      May I suggest to other readers that anyone sharing what progress you are personally making in lodging your claim of birthright, in re-conveyance of soil and land to the sovereign state, or any progress in organizing or participating in a jural assembly would be very appropriate for the blog.

    8. Anna, then why have you ignored our many requests to show us the responses you have received from your mailings? You see, it would seem that if you really sent all those letters you have posted in here as Articles, you would be more than happy to show us photo's of their responses.
      Why do your protest and think you can call us fools when all we've ever asked is to show us proof of their replies and what they said in response?
      Fools would just take your word for your ability to write letters and hike them over to the post office and never expect a response.


    The Elites Passtime

  12. Now after all that long post
    I hear the donation lid starting to squeek.πŸ€”πŸ’–

  13. lol, he sounds like he came home and found someone in bed with his wife, lol, all that anger, and what has it accomplished, keeps popping in every 15 to 20 minutes, screaming and cussing

  14. Paul, would you please block the two stooges from posting? Thanks. :) Seriously, robert allen and UCADIA whatever. It is a chore to sift through their noise.

    1. Am I that much a threat to your certainly give me to much credit.

    2. Ucaidia and I are not the same birds of a feather.

    3. Mcgrumm.

      You might want to ask yourself why little old me threatens you could it be you are starting to see?

    4. I will quiet down for a few days so you can get back to your study.Hope that helps.
      See I am a reasonable person.

    5. MrGumm...thats not what Sun SU would say....he keeps his friends close but his enemies closer...!!
      Trump seems to be doing the same thing....I always thought why hire an ex Goldman Sacks CEO for our made no sense...!! Now he has been fired and has been wearing an angle bracket, since before he decided to fire him for going behind his back and trying to work out a deal with the Saudies, which benefits the Corp U.S and not America....!! That was the last draw for Trump...!!

    6. James,hip hip horray the backstabber is gone. Now next I hope he fires the 'liberal dept. of Ed. lady in a republican overpriced suit'' and throws her in a dumpster where she belongs.

      Betsy Devos was ordered by the court months ago to implement the student loan forgiveness and she failed to do so. Now about 14 State Attorney Generals have filed suit against her for that Neglect of Duty and blatant disregard of court order (my words) and as I understand it their case was in court a few days ago.

      Awaiting outcome of that hearing. Now I will tell you Ms. Devos has NO caring about right education, and why she refused to implement that court order which stated ''immediately'' and I believe it was last July.......nearly 4 months ago.

      Her family has gotten much of their wealth from running a Student Loan Collection Firm and they charge at least 20% of the entire debt, as a collection fee. So you see where her black Heart really is, dont you all?

      So many of these peeps think they are above the Law, and its a good thing to see them in 'the latest ankle jewelry fashion'.

    7. I agree Robert, a lot is not being answered or purposely kept from everyone.

      Sukhino Bhava:

  15. Mr. UCAIDA, This entire planet has been weaponized against humanity, by the same demonic criminals Anna speaks of. Agendas are out in the open... our air, food, and water are being poisoned intentionally. Do you not read the ingredients in what you eat? Do you not see or know why they really put fluoride in our water? Do you not see the aircraft spraying toxic chemicals over our heads? Regardless of your 3rd dimensional belief system you are not here for the highest good, you should just go back to trolling Twitter or whatever.
    We see through you... as well as your attempts to undermine Anna’s work.

    You act as though Anna is the only one on Earth revealing these lies. What escapes those of you here spewing negativity is simply this.
    You have not risen in consciousness to a level necessary to see, feel, or even comprehend what has transpired in human history to this day.
    Certainly not on a multi dimensional level for only fear and ignorance guide your thoughts.

    Have your opinions, speak your mind but being disrespectful on any level is unnecessary as well as counterproductive. Free will dictates we can live our lives how we want but know this.
    Read the fine print on your deal with the devil for one day you may regret your actions. Archive away for your words reflect your true character.

    Accurately reflecting the truth within~

    1. Even Cruz 1

      I agree with absolutely everything you said About the cabal and their deeds.

      I have not done anything but state facts...hoping people will stop blindly accepting and use common sense.

      I have not told them to stop doing what they believe.

      I have stated my points. And what my goal was here. I believe it for the most part is now been made aware. Once aware the mind will find answers.

      It is kind of like putting a virus on a computer. The seed activates once seen.and the work gets done by the mind.

      Effortlessly because it is in there and can never be removed
      always cropping up till clarity is reached. And the more you push it down, like a bobber it will come up.

      So. Good luck with that.

  16. If you block me you prove me right. I have already copied this whole forum and have no problem sharing it with anyone I discuss the topic with.

    Now my questions have been asked. And all of you should get the answers. If you don" then you had your chance.

  17. PLus the fact that most outsiders are already aware of this, but not the people in this forum save a few. SO I won't be telling anyone outside anything knew, but they will be glad to hear that some here will be getting it now.

  18. You all will be happy to know I have now lost interest here.
    I will not be coming back. ((((Big applause))))

  19. robert allen:

    Aren't you a piece of work? I have been following this forum for much longer than a year. What rock did you just crawl out from under? The sun's been up for hours now. Look around, everywhere.

    Suddenly you pop up? It all sounds like desperation to me.

  20. Hey Robert Allen, if you really believe Anna is running a CON, please tell us exactly how this CON works, starting with what does she get out of it?


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Now, we are getting nowhere..This whole site has been wasted on just one person without addressing the problem she just explained in her response was just to let her know that just because your a grandma, doesn't mean you always have to be "CIVIL" to all these vermin....!! Once in awhile you have to go for the "BLUFF" just to shake things up a bit and install the psychology of FEAR there way for a change...!! Even if it's a LIE..!! They know your a judge, so take advantage of it...!! You don't really think they will charge a grandma with terrorism , do you...!!

    3. Paul, I know you do a lot of work to keep this site going, but can I make one very important suggestion which I have learned by posting on other sites.....when we are finished with our post and press publish, all other sites immediately post the comment, but they a Leo give us the option of "Editing" our comment for only one word and then reposting it immediately again in its newly edited version...The way you have it set up now, we have to copy our entire text, then delete it, then repost it using the "paste" method, just so we can change one word.....that is not efficient and extremely frustrating...!! I wish I could tell you who to do it, but you know way more about computers than I do....much appriatiated if you can...I don't have a clue how complicated this can be or not, but if it does involve to much time than at least tell us so I know...thank you again...!!

    4. As you can see Paul I made two more mistakes again. I meant to say that other sites at least give us the option....
      The later on I say I wish I could tell you"how"(NOT who) to do it...
      See my frustration...!!

    5. james, that may be because you use your phone. If you used a computer (as I do) then I can simply read my entire comment before I publish it........and I can make corrections and I can even use spellcheck just wherever needed. It eliminates the problem you are having.
      In fact, I wore out my last computer, and my son got me this one refurbished several years ago, for just $85 and I love it. Then he gave me his LG monitor and bought himself a new one as they are really cheap these days.
      Its really hard to read thru some of the errors that always seem to occur from phones. Just sayin'

    6. Yea, I know Abby...But the phone is always around me and convient..!! The IMac laptop I have is as old as Paul's older computer, and will not allow me to upgrade it, and it's only real use now is for "WORD"...!!

      I could use the "speech to text" app, but if someone, especially my brother here's what im.saying he always butts in and says causes to many arguments between each other....!! And I really can afford another computer....I would rather have a bigger phone that a computer...!!

  21. Deep-State-Totalitarianism

    For a totalitarian-government is with a single-government-policy
    with a matching-single-political-party-policy.
    For the totalitarianism is with the hidden-government-rule
    with the one-political-party-rule.

    For the two-American-527-non-profit-corporate-political-parties
    with the red with the blue
    are with the void-public-knowledge
    of the hidden-private-membership-(as)sociation-
    by the common-two-party-corporate-control-hold
    of the PMA-hidden-government.
    For a single-PMA is with the total-control of the both-red-blue-political-parties.

    :So.., what?:
    For the PMA-government-two-party-controllers
    are with an American-hidden-void-term-limit-PMA-government
    with a void-public-knowledge-control.
    For the same-PMA-government
    is with the corporate-control-hold of the both-red-blue-corporate-political-parties.
    For the hidden-one-government-rule with the hidden-one-political-party-rule
    is with a totalitarian-rule.
    For the trust of the trump is with the good-cop-bad-cop-merry-go-round.

    For the truth is with the facts.
    What private-membership-association owns the red-party? (bar-lawyers, ABA?)
    Who-what charters that PMA? (London, Vatican, D.C.)
    What private-membership-association owns the blue-party? (bar-lawyers, ABA?)
    Who-what charters that PMA? (London, Vatican, D.C.)
    Does the same PMA own both-527-non-profit-red-blue-corporations?
    Who-what charters that PMA? (London, Vatican, D.C.)
    If so, we have a single-political-party, appearing as two-parties.
    If so, we have a hidden-PMA-government (of bar-lawyers?)
    with a single-political-party (looking-as-two).
    If so, we have a totalitarian-government. (of bar-lawyers?) (chartered by London, Vatican, D.C.?)

    For a corporation with the total-private-wealth-control-hording
    is with the violation of the creation-natural-law.

    For a public-utility is with the total-wealth-shared-public
    with the creation-natural-law.

    1. always factors down to the protectors of fraud...the redefining of words as the new wizards and sorrerores of the new age...!!
      I've said it so.many times, but I'll say it again, if we don't get rid of the BAR along with the banks, we have accomplished nothing....because they will always return as long as they control the law....!!

  22. For what it's worth Anna, there are those of us who appreciate what you are doing. It is people like you who have kept us from falling into total despotism a long time ago, and those of us who understand that are eternally grateful. Unfortunately there are always some who only ridicule those who are studying any problem and attempting to educate others about what caused the problem. Perhaps these people are on the Soros payroll. Why else would they be so opposed to someone exposing darkness.

    1. John, we've had way more than enough of the 'how we got here' nauseum. What the problem is, there has never been one bit of Remedy and nobody has gotten anywhere. And there is no funding ever going to come thru Anna, but she has kept that all hidden. She is probably still hoping that it will just miraculously fall from the sky; meanwhile she is dog paddling us with repetitive insignificant articles.
      John, how long will you go on being content with mere endless wordy words, and no tangible results and no fulfillment of promises made in the beginning here?

  23. No one, who has the Holy Spirit would (should) address these deceivers as Holiness nor Majesty in any shape form or manner.

    1. a follower, Amen to that ! Made me wanna throw up as soon as I saw such words being attached to two of the worst beings on this Earth.

  24. "In the meantime, do not talk to us about the "Rule of Law" which you have yourselves breached in finality, but instead talk about the "Rule of Mankind" and the dominion that we are all owed."

    "The Bills of Lading for the Estate of Yeshuah have been delivered. We expect payment on normal terms."
    What kind of payment do you all expect in the name of Yahusha?
    The Rule of Mankind? Is that right? Well who is at the Head?

    1. Both of those rules fall short of giving people REMEDY...!! The Rule of Law is anything their agenda calls for at any one time..!! Besides , who ever created judges, consisting only of men with no conscious to rule over and judge people who are less evil than them most of the time....!! I am not in favor of courts anymore....period..!! I would rather make a law, making it mandatory to "open carry" in full site, a gun like the wild west, and m a me it a felony not to carry....!! How's that for justice....!!

  25. Paul,

    With due respect, I personally believe it is time to consider doing away with this comment section following Anna's public notifications. Sadly, it's dominated by a few who wish to cause disruption and confusion with their personal opinions. Most of the comments are in the nature of vomit. Nothing is gained from it except feeling you want to throw up after reading it. With kindest regard...

    1. My two cents: Keep the comment section and block the time-wasters. But as long as they're allowed to post, simply skip over what they've written. I've learned important info from some of the other posters and appreciate their contributions and hope that Paul will not close the comments. (Pretty please, Paul.)

    2. Tim, I understand your opinion,however, Ive seen so many other Forums where the Admin only allows mushy comments full of sugar and spice and everything........FAKE. And the result is that folks get brainwashed to thinking they are The Truth.

      Its much like what we are experiencing today with our Fake News Media because they never inform the Public of the News they ought to be told. Consequently, the masses all across america are deliberately put away into ignorance........and that is one of america's biggest problems.

      So my suggestion is that we all ought to grow up and realize that the truth is not always pretty, and many folks express themselves in some very inappropriate ways, but we must learn to
      handle it in whatever way we deem necessary.

      But to stifle free speech is not the way to overcome. Get out of the Forum what may be beneficial, and what is not of any value, just pass it on by. When it gets on our nerves, we are free to get up and go for a walk if we choose to.

      Bottom line: When speech is controlled then we get brainwashing with one top heavy view that is the most popular. Sometimes what may sound ''negative' to people at first, may get them to thinking that just maybe that negative sounding stuff just might be true.

      Just as in the two party voting: The Republicans have gotten their message out thru bypassing the Media. And the result has been that tons of former democrats are seeing the Truth, switching sides, coming out of their harmful allegiance to a very hateful and dangerous party-ism. This has been especially true among the black community and now they finally see their Dem party has done nothing for them and have come out of that darkness.

      So there can be much good that comes out of Freedom of Speech.

      ''sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can never harm me''.

    3. Thank you Genevieve for your I do try..!! But seriously, there are some people who do give good in site to the problems we face.....but most people are afraid to ask for help with law and there cases if Anna isn't involved....But there are some of us that have gained experience by dealing with the courts first hand and know what to expect from them.....and when it comes to the Banks and foreclosures, you need help from people like me or 1FreeMan that have at least some knowledge of what it's like in the trenches....just ask and you will receive....!!

  26. And while everyone is running around trying to do this paperwork this is what they are doing behind the scenes
    Think 5G is for your convenience?
    What about ID2020?

  27. To Anonymous KP: I've done as you asked many times, but lately Paul has removed my comments.

    To a follower: Right on! There is NOTHING holy about that filthy pervert!

    "Anonymous November 5, 2018 at 2:28 AM
    Hey Robert Allen, if you really believe Anna is running a CON, please tell us exactly how this CON works, starting with what does she get out of it?

    "a follower November 5, 2018 at 5:01 AM
    No one, who has the Holy Spirit would (should) address these deceivers as Holiness nor Majesty in any shape form or manner."

  28. Oh, and for the record: Anna von Rippemoff is not now, has not ever been and will never be my fiduciary!

  29. President Trump knows exactly what is going on.

  30. It's amazing to me that people love to have freedom of speech & then turn around & wish to censor others because they don't like what they have to say. I don't care for Robert Allen's comments, but by God I'll fight for his right to make them. Shame on all of the People that wish him censored, Shame.

    1. Robert is a paid troll like many others here.

    2. You don't know that for sure, a nd even if he is it still gives us in site to how other people react to this knowledge or unintentional deception....!!!

    3. Kirk,
      Yes, very good point.
      As far as i can see robert has not broken any of the rules here at Pauls site. i do not believe from what i have seen that Paul would even remove his comments.
      People sure get overly excited at times.

    4. BB, give us your don't have any. Therefore you are trying to stir up sxxx. We know very well he is no troll, but then some of us are a little more astute that yew.

  31. To all who commented on my posting:
    Unfortunately for the thousands who receive Anna's public postings on this forum, there are mainly three to four individuals on this blog that sit in wait to immediately begin bashing any information that Anna provides, even bashing her character when all she is trying to do is provide help to those who respect her efforts. Yet, you have those who have made their self well known and their position well known that they do not respect anything she provides. It would seem sensible if one does not like the information that they are receiving in this forum that they would find another place with someone they agree with. Its that simple! --- I do not desire to sensor free speech but when it becomes a purposed disruption and continued stomping ground for negativity and dissatisfaction then its time for party who is disgruntled to make change of venue so the rest of us can communicate without having a 100 postings of vomit to wade through.

    1. Tim, no we don't sit in wait ready to bash anna. She simply makes a lot of errors and there is 'more than meets the eye' just havent seen it yet, apparently. But if you read my response to you, above, you would know where I am coming from. It is our responsibility to point out things that are just not right, when we know for a fact, they are errors.......rather than let others get misled.
      We have also gotten disgusted with her refusal to answer even a single question. Now if that 'disrupts your cozy place' then maybe your discomfort with some of the posts in here, is something that you need to consider.
      I didnt see where this Blog was meant to be a 'love fest' but more of an exchange of information or debate of sorts. I surely hope you aren't trying to develop us into a pack of ''go alongs to get along''. ?

    2. I have to agree....If I've learned anything in this movement for 35 years, it's that you can't just take everyone's word as "gospel"...I don't think Anna is intentionally trying to mislead us, but then neither was Winston Strout...What do you think his followers think now....!! Every one has studied different things for different reasons...So instead of totally relying on Anna completely, why don't people just post the problem they are having so we can all give them advice from personal experiances....that kind of info can help all of us reading it...!!

      We certainly don't want people making the mistakes we we...??? It's also important to post all questions about their problems they are having and then post all the advice for REMEDY for them on this site so we can all learn something....!!!

  32. While it may not be credible evidence, I noticed while looking at the pictures of all the presidents hanging on a court house wall in state official building, many black and white that there is a very strange kind of fearful look on their faces starting with Abraham Lincoln and continuing until some of the more recent ones. Like something terrible they knew and the earlier ones did not appear concerned that way.

  33. A very big Thanks Anna!!! For the tireless effort you have and are making to provide a perspective that allows less informed people to...

    1. Recognize their rightful Birthright- from God, not from "a Congress of the United States"(See Article 1 of the U.S Constitution of 1787); 2. Gain insights in to the history of the International usurpers like the Vatican, the descendants of King George whom American patriots drove from our shores for his tyrannical claims of being a "Sovereign King", calling for "no King but Jesus!"; 3. The attempted Corpor-tization of everything "in the United States" to bring everyone to the lowest political common denominator for the purpose of dominating common people and their children, property, businesses and minds; 4. For making it clear that the IRS has knowingly with malice caused Americans to be regarded as "Non Resident Aliens"; 5. for illuminating the key part the Birth Certificate plays in the deceptions of people, using mere paper fictional Certificates issued by incorporated States of States - not by our Organic un-incorporated States - to lay covert claims that living people are just dead entities with no recognition in the international commercial courts that infest our land; Thanks Anna for pointing out 6. there are rational reasonable steps that can be taken by anyone wanting to make the effort (and have the guts) to establish a countervailing set of records of facts and to get them entered in to the public records; 7. thanks for reminding us of the American people’s true origins and identity as a sovereign independent people; 8. That our own corrected records can be invaluable in defending our claim of unalienable Birthright to own and control our soil, land, families and privacy in perpetuity; 9. Thanks for providing templates, Notices and Claims in behalf of the American people to make it plain we do not accept or recognize the government service providers (the Alphabet agencies) whose fingers are in every detail of our private lives and property; 10. for your methods to utilize in making our case and defending our Rights; 11. and for your efforts to keep in our view the Sovereignty over all - of our Lord and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

    It is His work to redeem the world through his pure Word of Truth and At-One-ment by paying the infinite price of taking on Himself the pains and sufferings of sinners by His perfect soul he freely sacrificed to bring repentant sinners (all who “repent” i.e. make, with real intent, the departure from sin i.e. error) in favor of the never ending commitment to follow Christ back to His Father, to glorify Him by making undeviating efforts to emulate His Son. I am very grateful for 12. your super-woman (not hu-man) efforts to not only uncover the facts, 13. but to provide reasonable remedies and personal leadership in your tireless efforts to guide people from political/economic darkness in to a lighter freer, better day. Thank you, Anna, Thank you! We who have learned from your efforts and years of study are truly grateful! We are inspired by your example and acknowledge your excellent work and gifts!

    1. TP, except that He never said he will redeem the world; he said he will redeem the repentant church body of Christ; those that are his true Children. Even so, He will do that by 'rapturing' them up and out of the way, and then the Great Trib. to rid the earth of all that is wrong with it, and those that have done it.
      And then he will Return, bringing his true redeemed Children back with Him, and we will reign together with him and together be the Real New Government, which will be a Theocracy, since Jesus will Rule as King.
      But before he does Return, the AntiChrist gets his 7 years as his last hurrah. Thats just how it is. This way those who love evil doing with no rules, get what they asked for........and then the Christ rules for 1000 yrs with no more satanic activity. Now how cool is that.

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