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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The "War" You Haven't Known About

By Anna Von Reitz

Every two years the Territorial United States Congress does something inexplicable.  They declare a "state of emergency" and they set aside the actual Constitution.  Then the President comes along and also declares states of emergency and declarations of "war" against this and against that --- poverty, terrorism, drugs, just to name a few.

This is all specious, almost tongue-in-cheek, done to secure a "legal" basis for unlawful acts and presumptions against us, including the misidentification and mis-characterization of millions of Americans, falsification of public records, and other crimes too numerous to mention. 

This constant state of perpetual "war" is not actually declared, because it is an illegal mercenary conflict being played out on our shores by foreign interests.

Please note that the so-called American Civil War was exactly the same thing--- an illegal mercenary conflict passed off as a "war".  This has been the stock-in-trade of the British Crown for over a hundred years and they have been using us as their "base" of operations all this while.

There are in fact no "emergency powers" granted to the Territorial Government by our Government and any such declaration of "war" on their part can only apply to them and their employees and dependents. 

This is why they have endeavored to mis-identify all American babies as belonging to the Territorial United States--- to involve us and our assets in their perpetual phony wars and "states of emergency" when in fact we are owed The Law of Peace and Good Faith Service from them.

That their false claims and falsifications of our public records are evidence of Gross Breach of Trust hardly needs to be said.  That they have continued to prosecute us and persecute us under these known false presumptions is nothing less than despicable.

A couple weeks ago we issued Notice to Westminster regarding these activities by their Bar Association members on our shores.  We have a perpetual Treaty of Peace and Amity which they have been disregarding via the convenient pretense that Americans are all "United States Citizens" and dissembling over which "United States" we are part of. 

Let's make it clear that we are part of "The United States" and so are our Armed Forces---- not "the United States" in any form.  See the difference?  "The United States" was formed under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence, but "the United States" could be any spin-off or Pretender and could refer to the Federal United States, Territorial United States, Municipal United States or maybe the United Nations United States or the South American United States.

We must be explicit and clear about which "United States" and which "United States of America" --- because there has been no end of semantic deceit and trickery and legal chicanery attached to these names.

We have recent proof that Americans who have recorded their Deeds of Re-Conveyance and who claim their American National (or more explicitly still) their National of The United States of America [Unincorporated] status, are being passed over and left alone --- as we should be. 

The best recommendation for the moment while new instructions trickle down is to clearly identify yourself as a non-combatant National of The United States of America [Unincorporated], pending the issuance of new National and State identification cards. 

If the Queen and the Pope want to engage in mercenary conflicts, they need to find new staging grounds for their games.  China has already told them --fine, so long as you remain under Chinese Law. 

And if you screw around like you did in America, that means Firing Squads in the morning. 

At last report, the Internal Revenue Service (Inquisition) has decamped from Puerto Rico after destroying as much evidence as possible of their decades of defrauding Americans, and have set up new offices in the American Marianas--clearly intending to continue their piracy from a new location.   

Mr. Trump already knows that this is not acceptable and that all traces of both the IRS and the Internal Revenue Service and any would-be Successors must be gone from our shores including our territories and municipalities, and they must stop addressing our people and must remove all liens against American-held assets. 

We are innocent Third Parties who have been embroiled in merchant "wars" that have nothing whatsoever to do with us.  We have been used as gun fodder in these phony "wars" and our assets have been used as collateral by these foreign gangs of criminals without our knowledge or consent. Those who have profited must pay for this circumstance and those who have engaged in these crimes must be set to rights.

There are a great many people who have committed crimes unaware that they were doing anything wrong -- and they must be forgiven.  Those who promoted this circumstance, who benefited themselves from it, and who knowingly participated in harming the States and People of this country while taking their paychecks from our pockets deserve our universal disgust.


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  1. So with what Judge Anna said I guess the RUMOR that this state of emergency that is about to happen today has nothing to do with the "arrest round up" How disappointing and they say "the beat goes on" More of their friggen theater while we are constantly on the edge of our seats seeing all the bs and crimanality and no one goes down. Only us.

  2. I was sent a POTUS Schedule for Wed Oct 3rd and supposedly there is a text alert going out at 2:18PM that day, today. No time zone given but if it's Wash DC that would be EST right? Also possible that Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed Oct 3rd putting Trump/White Hats one step closer to major arrests and Military Tribunals. Yet have also heard that arrests are allowed to begin Jan 2019 per Trump's EO dated 12/21/17. So that info seems contradictory. Have heard count of 'sealed indictments' is now above 55,000. Hope that's true.

    1. I think that number of sealed indictments includes all sorts of 'crimes'. They are not all these culprits that are our focus here.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Great article but with regards to the last paragraph.."deserve our universal disgust". That and prosecution, asset strip, Assets returned to the People, public announcement of crimes and executions. For-give-ness can take place after.

  5. "we are innocent"
    This is how we know Anna is off. We are not innocent,we are not without sin.
    so we are not innocent.
    Thinking that you are completely innocent is what leads one to destruction.
    Anna baits almost every article with Bible verses and or Bible innuendo, so lets actually look to the Bible for answers.
    Is there a reason that Yahuah (God) would allow such a government power to rise in the world? (hint: it is not because we are all so innocent.)
    What is it?
    And what is the only True course?

    1. There is no orginal sin either....a get off your high horse of pushing biblical nonsense & set yourself free๐ŸŽถ

    2. PUHLEEEEZ! We ARE innocent of the fraud of having our STATUS presumed to be that of US citizens, THAT is what this article is about! Now that we know, it is up to us to do something about it, rather than cite the Bible to criticize someone else!

    3. ๐Ÿ˜‚♩๐ŸŽท๐ŸŽบ๐ŸŽป๐ŸŽน๐ŸŽค๐Ÿ’‹

    4. For Jack-an old holohaux online acquaintance from St. Elsewhere☻

      Leland Roth
      October 3, 2018 at 5:14 am | Reply
      I don’t really know how long Red Cross has been ‘bad’ & cabal controlled. I know my dad’s childhood buddy’s wife ran it for awhile…

      I will ALWAYS give Red Cross respect during WW2 for NOT lying or changing their historical records to suit the fake gas chambers mythologies & ectera – ALL of us were brainwashed by the Zionists to believe (or else )

      Have fun Q fans.              

    5. The only thing we are guilty of is allowing ourselves to be plundered.

    6. Leland my E machine arrives in four days! Very excited. I asked Jeff what he thought about wrapping the belt around your head, he didn't think it was a good idea. Didn't tell him it was you...☺

    7. Actually I wrap the soft belt around my neck usually. Probably because I was hung a few times too many in past lives♩๐ŸŽถ

  6. What the hell...check this out...what do you think about this???

    1. Bohdi, its probably true, but I didn't see any links he was pointing to ''below'' the video. Did you see it....or the detailed info about it?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I looked it up. Here is the link you saw in the vid but not below it like he stated it would be.

      Here is the form link.

    4. Plus this tide bit;
      Why did Trump pay so little tax? Here's one possible explanation.

    5. you go to and you put in your info and takes you to a site that he is trying to sell you the info and to join his site.

    6. Maybe that why he take advantage fast before it closes. Selling tactics.

  7. The Alert today is nothing more than testing Wireless communications to make sure folks with cell phones can receive an Alert in case of disaster. No need to make such a suspicious deal out of it.

    As for innocence, yes we are all innocent OF being defrauded. But IMO fraud is not for US to fix: why should it call upon US to file a bunch of stupid papers which simply put on Record that WE are refuting their fraud?
    Why is our Head of State Belcher not making an Official declaration ''since the United States of America, Uninc. is the only true government and is in Operation and located in Philadelphia'?
    I don't say that is some crass way, but either it IS, or else it is NOT.

    A true government can make such a Declaration; all this individual agony and pain and Expense is doing it the hard way, and feeding the $$ coffers of the stinking Recorders Offices.

    Honestly, I see nothing wrong with being called a u.s. citizen. A citizen is simply a way of saying we were born here in this country. Or you were born in xxx country. Nothing more. Except that some people made up this nonsensical play on words. The Word Game. And shysters using our names to play ''monopoly'' with.
    Just sayin'

    1. you should "file a bunch of stupid papers" because acquiescence is accecptance.
      the reluctant acceptance of something without protest.

    2. Abby, miss stick in the mud , no one can do for you what you must do for yourself , legally or lawfully without consent..dummy !

    3. Damn I was hoping for criminals to be swooped up for Gitmo! Oh well.

    4. Patriot, you are such a funny dude. Hilarious, actually, lol.

    5. BAR Attorney's created Legalese. Legalese is not our English. What we believe the word Citizen is, is not their definition.
      "Citizen" is a slave, a subject with no rights, a government employee dealt summary judgment. Summary Judgment is only for government employees. Private Courts, Private Attorneys, administering their employees, our estates. The mess was created by paperwork, it has to be fixed with paperwork. Attorneys have authority over the paperworld, Dead entities. The term "SOVEREIGN-CITIZEN" was created by BAR Attorney's to label so called trouble makers.

      So are we the Master or the Slave??

      Definitions for words is absolutely critical.

  8. It's never going to change until we either get rid of the BAR or everyone has to use only one dictionary to define words....and citizen, resident, adress, etc....have completely different and logical meanings in Natuaral Law...!! And the doctrine of "silent judicial notice " has to be abandoned and replaced with actual "clean hands and good faith" with actual bonds backing it if violated, so we can collect immediately on them....!!!

  9. Like any thug respect power no honor in criminals .
    State of Texas old original is not stupid neither is the national assembly .
    Get your non U.S. citizen self fed judge says only ppl ignorant of how to claim status is in prison.
    anti corruption society page down load pdf.on judge dale free.! three books for price of paper.

    1. There is a man on you tube that reads the whole book on his site, he has a pretty big audience.

  10. I am an American National, family here on the land since 1754 long before United States Citizens. I had my name taken of the voting list. Now I cannot vote unless checking a box that says I am a United States Citizen. I know by law a citizen is the same as a subject. I am neither, my contract with United States Military Completed as required. I have seen jobs offered only for United States Citizens who are those who once worked for them and willing to check a box saying they are a United States Citizen. The country was created by the Declaration, the union later for a number of reasons the other papers were created and no place in them is there any doing away with or any ending of The United States of America only deceit, lies, presumptions, loophole shell game tricks and the oppression of those still standing as Americans vs US Citizens. There is only a union of 50 states. The land mass country exists due to the federal and greedy opportunists creating mass mind beliefs and continuing largely on the side of the King due to imagining things that do not exist except largely in belief of the masses. Fortunate in some ways since their are a lot of people waking up that feel connected like one big family. It isn't that people do not have power, it is that the government people/business do all they can to keep people from exercising that power.

    1. So all the Right-minded folks obey Anna and disengage from voting, then only the idiots can vote, will vote in their like-minded liberal communists, who will KEEP the BAR in business....who will then make sure that everybody STAYS in their clutches, LOL.

      Meanwhile, you paper filers no longer get to vote, and just take your fist full of Papers in front of the communist BAR folks who will still throw your ass in prison or jail or just fine you big bucks.
      Let us know how that works out for you paper filers. Be sure to let us know the first Judge that tells you ...'oh you got papers? Oh then you are free to go''.

    2. Many "People" running for so called Public Office are BAR Attorney's. Not Allowed!!!!

      THe whole voting process is a Scam.

      They pretend to run for a "Public Office" when they are well aware they are actually filling a CORPORATE OFFICE. Full disclosure issue.

      CORPORATE OFFICIALS aren't under any obligation to the People! Why participate in voting for them. We are each supposed shareholders but get no consideration/compensation. Even our County Sheriff is a corporate flunky for tge foreign corporations. They should not be allowed to use that title!

      What have these CORPORATE OFFICIALS done for the people? I have gotten no benefit from this bogus Corporate Government except raped financially.

      What we have gained is out of control corporations pretending to be government, telling us how to live our lives with their private corporate charters that have no authority over any man except their own employees. Read the Clearfield Doctrine! I've had enough.

      The so called elections are rigged and if any of "YOU" CORPORATE FRANCHISES think "YOUR" VOTE counts well keep on with the illusion.

      We have the right to have actual Public Officials with an OATH OF OFFICE and full accountability to the people, not Corporations!

      TOWN OF MILTON INC, claiming to be the government running our so called town, is created in the 70's and owned and operated by BAR ATTORNEY'S. IT has a Private Corporation FEDERAL EIN NUMBER and a DUNS NUMBER. When asked for a representation letter via a FOIA request, from the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, along with the W-9, they sent an 8 year old document that did not clarify the corporation as Government at all. When asked what authority granted them authority over man, the responce is "PrivaTestimony Corporate charter, statutes and codes! They made up the Charter and told people they have authority because they said so!

      Stand up or bend over!


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