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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Something new in the field of health I am looking at.

I am always interested in the new discoveries in health and this is causing quite a stir in medical science right now.  Watch the movie and see if you don't agree, and please comment below on this information.



  1. My wife uses it. It does work. It seems that the more you use it the more volume you need. I personally think, and I'm no MD, that this CBD currently in the market is not up to grade. In time medical grade will be available. Non-psycho-active, non-adictive, no side-effects, very expensive, it works to a degree, better than taking harmful pharma-drugs.

    1. Jonpol, there IS pharma grade CBD available. Check my post below, call them and ask questions. Get verification, always.

  2. First thing that must be understood: Marijuana contains CBD which is the healing agent in marijuana. If you are like me, you do not want to smoke marijuana, yet would like the healing properties.

    CBD is found in Hemp/hemp oil. That is the healing agent people are after . It must be understood CBD is in NO way a drug; it is merely the healing agent.
    As with everything else, the devil gets into everything going on these days; so I highly suggest researching any company you might purchase CBD from. Make sure it is made in America, and in a super clean mfg. environment. Do NOT just purchase willy nilly.

    CBD is something that IMO should be started at low dosage, say 5 mg. and work up TO whatever strength is needed.
    I have NO affiliation with any company, but one that meets my requirements of safety, purity and cleanliness is
    Medici Quest, Manteno Illinois called Canna XL CBD Hemp Oil softgels. Can call them and ask questions and for printed info, or ? 800-292-0649
    However, I believe their products are made in Utah usa.

    This is in no way medical advice, but merely for information. Do your own research. This is for the purpose of warning people to be careful of what you buy, who you buy it from, do not get duped into products containing unknown fillers from foreign countries, such as china is known to do, even with Gerbers baby food.
    CBD is not cheap if it is a quality product. If you find cheap CBD, be aware of the contents.
    This is the only purpose of my posting this information. Many products are now available that are made in filthy factories. Know what you are ingesting. Research research research first.

    Hemp oil was again approved by the gov. as it was added into the Farm Bill that was passed in 2014. Always follow directions and warnings on labels or for any product you ingest. I can tell you that CBD tends to make you feel sleepy / tired.

    1. To be sure Abby. The criteria you mentioned are important.

    2. And it's time to look into electromagnetic frequency devices, that kill parasites, bacteria and viruses, plus initialize your cells with the proper frequencies that combat all the "dirty electrical frequencies....

      Here's a good one and you can even buy a tester for it to know you frequency and energy has increased after you use it...

    3. I also would like to impress upon all these Veterans with PTSD/anxiety issues. You do not need drugs and pharma and habit forming anxiety and antidepressants. CBD is a great replacement for all those things, and will not make you drug addicted....because against, CBD is in no way a drug, not addictive, but is just plain healing.

      It's sad to see so many people 'obeying' their doctors by accepting their drug prescriptions for anxiety and depression. WAKE UP and stop being so stupid. That is at least half of what began this drug OD epidemic we are having. Last year in ohio, we had 5000 deaths from drug overdose. And the other half has been due to ingesting shit off the street you have no idea what it contains.
      It would be good if president Trump would approve CBD payment for Vets with PTSD. I took CBD per my above posting, from that company, but had to stop due to the price being above my small SS income. Took it for about 3 months or so, it works, very calming, and I never noticed when I stopped taking it. Proof it is not addictive,stop whenever you like.
      I will not list the things it is good for, but if you investigate/research you might be surprised, lol.

    4. james, yes there are now available several different 'frequency type healing mechanisms'. They are non-invasive. I very recently had the AO Scan which is a computer type scan derived from Tesla technology. AO stands for Analysis/Optimization which means it first analyzes the entire body and then the second part involves choosing 10 of your most vital problems and optimizing them.

      This procedure took about one minute and is so complete, and found to be more accurate than CAT Scan........which does no optimizing at all. The AO will even tell you if you have, say, something like lice, lol. How's that for 'complete'.

      The optimizing continues even after the Session. So the results a week after the Session will likely be improved from the day of the session.
      This is all done thru a computer type mechanism, and a headset is placed at the temples; cannot be felt, is painless, but you can slightly hear the optimizing going on thru the headset.

      After the session, the results are sent to you to your email, so that you can easily print them out. And the 10 most important items for you, at your choosing, are printed out in color picture with arrows pointing to the various veins or parts, such as the heart, along with numbers of before (which is the Analysis) and the after which is the results after Optimizing at that point in time.

      Several treatments are likely needed. The number system consists of 1 - 10. The desired results are to bring everything to a 5 which is everything at the optimal level. Anything that is below a 5 is treated to try to bring it Up to a 5. Anything that is above the 5, the goal is to bring it down to a 5.

      So 4,5,6 are good. From the Results sheet, which is 25 pages, you can see exactly what your problems are, and what needs to be optimized at future sessions.

      So you wanna know the downside to this? It is the pocketbook! Initially, to get set up and initial session can be around $300-400. Then further sessions are less, depends on how money hungry the Practitioner is.
      Doctors are now beginning to take a big interest in the AO Scan...likely because MRI's have not been totally reliable or give sufficient results. The AO is said to be more accurate.

  3. CBD oil functions best with a little THC in it, which is why there is resistance in many states, but that "little" bit is not significant for a "high"...

    1. i found that to be the case as well. i tried three no thc, 2:1 and one that had more thc which really was too strong, the synergy 50mg/50mg thc 2:1 worked for my respiratory and asthma issues very well.

    2. mr. penny4, L-Cysteine (an amino acid) is great for clearing out the lungs and thus, breathing. That was a recommendation from a doctor and it works well.

  4. There are numerous benefits to cannabinoids including the ability to enhance the regrowth of nerve tissue, so should be part of any protocol for stroke, ALS etc. Cannabinoids occur naturally in the body anyway. Of course the newest and best healthcare remedies are still the oldest common sense remedies.

    You body's natural state and mandate is health. If you are ailing then you have a compromised immune system. The primary problem with the immune system is the ingestion of foreign, unnatural synthetic chemicals which are invariably toxic to the body, and lack of proper nutrition. There are almost 90,000 man made chemicals licensed for use. In any given month you are exposed to approximately 10,000 of these. The body cannot metabolize, assimilate and in most cases adequately eliminate inorganic chemicals, so they are toxic. The only thing worse than environmental chemicals to the body are the large direct doses of chemicals doctors prescribe to remedy the ailments caused by those toxins.

    The logical path to health then and the only "magic bullet" is to rebuild the immune system by cleaning your body out, at least once in your life. Doctors should only specialize in rebuilding the immune system as that is the only thing that heals your body. Additionally, only good wholesome natural "living" foods and pure clean water as provided by nature is what your body is designed to ingest to maintain optimal health/immune function.

    You begin rebuilding the immune system by cleansing it. Download Dr Hulda Clark's "The Cure For All Diseases" PDF for the best and most inexpensive DIY cleanses and don't use or accept any cleansing system that does not cause the direct elimination of thousands of kidney and liver stones everyone has and that are disrupting the body's ability to filter and eliminate toxins.

    You can't live in today's environment and not need to cleanse your body. You can't. Cleanse the body to restore the immune system, eat and drink pure natural products and maximally limit the exposure and ingestion of more toxins. It's all just common sense. Everything else is a band-aid. Though CBD's, frequency medicine, collodial silver etc. etc. etc. is all great, workable and beneficial, all address symptoms and none of them directly address the root cause of disease, which is a failing/failed immune system due to poisoning. There is no magic bullet except common sense.

    Cleanse your body. Eat naturally. Drink lot's of pure clean water. Think and act positively. Everything everywhere can be distilled down to those things.

    1. Amy, thanks for the information. Maybe all this dialogue will remind people to focus on health issues and try to do the best they can do for themselves. I've studied these issues for at least 40 years, and there has been much progress made with more and improved information, over the years.
      I will check out Dr. Clark's information you referenced here.
      We never stop learning. Just as I initially thought organic food must be bland and tasteless; but I tried the carrots,now we will not eat anything else but organic because they are sooo much sweeter than non-organic.

  5. The office of reformer of the superstitions of a nation is ever dangerous.

    THOMAS JEFFERSON, letter to William Short, Aug. 4, 1820

    Can't find the quote right now but Jefferson also said, Paraphrased, Hemp is one of the prime commodities of this country and all should grow it.

    Surprise surprise folks, you've been lied to by your gummint. When prohibition ended, the gummint agency which was in charge of alcohol back then,Could have been called Alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, or drug enforcement,( I forget) feared their own demise bc without the enemy of alcohol to battle they would be unnecessary, so they needed a new enemy of the people. the mexican slang for the cannabis plant, which had been used in many cultures for thousands of years, was marijuana. They used that slang word made it out to be like public enemy #1. They made the movie Reefer Madness and began showing that to school kids back in the 40's or 50's. Plus you know Big Pharma can't make millions of dollars if people were allowed to grow their own medicine.
    I personally know a guy, whose doctors told get your house in order, you have about 3 months to live. He started eating brownies with cannabis extracts that a friend gave him for pain. He would eat half of one before dinner and the other half before bed every day. It's been over a year now, and about a month ago his doctor said to him, I don't know what happened , but you are cancer free. He had it all in his pancreas, liver, colon....GONE.
    So definitely, do your research before you take control of your own health care. Find good reliable source as Abby said. But IMHO I have chosen to not take anything made of chemicals that is created by big pharma, when there are myriads of plants that have medicinal properties, and treat nearly any affliction known to man, just perhaps none better than those in the cannabis family.

    A side note: did you know that hemp can remediate nuclear waste. Psilocybin mushrooms which I believe Robert Allen was speaking about the other day on here, are even better remediators. You could plant hemp or mushrooms on land with high levels of radioactivity, and they will pull the radioactive material from the soil. Just don't ingest them afterwards.LOL
    And for those who may because of their beliefs don't condone it, I would refer you to Ezekial 34:29 And I will raise up for them a PLANT of RENOWN, and they shall no more be consumed with hunger in the land, neither bear the shame of the heathen anymore. And as always read that verse in context...sounds eerily familiar.

    1. "PLANT of REKNOWN!" 💙 LOVE IT! Learn something new here every day!♩

    2. true and spiritually it has nothing to do with organized religion and their fairy tales myths. i know MANY people who beat cases due to their religious beliefs and conscience that take the organic, plant made by our Creator...

  6. This is not the place for this comment but since it’s brought up on this website I’m going to say it here.

    Thank back to the 70s, 80s, or even the 90s. Do you remember seeing people walking around with a bottle of water in their hands everywhere they went? I don’t. Drinking plenty of water only taxes one’s kidneys. If people would eat what they are supposed to, such as all natural fruit and some vegetables, you would have all the water you need. Watermelon is full of water, grapes are full of water, oranges, etc.
    The only reason a person needs extra water is because they have food that is burning up their insides and they need to cool down. Hydration occurs at the cellular level. What do your cells operate on? They don’t run on water. It was not the job of your kidneys to filter the water out of your system.

    if people quit ingesting all the poisons and toxins from everything they take, eat, and use, and try going to all natural products, they will be better off.
    In reality, medical doctors know very little about healing a body naturally.. The first thing they want to do to us is throw man-made poisons at us. Just a few months before my last wife took her own life by drinking and driving, her doctor had her on 13 different medications to try and stop her anxiety and depression. I think the interaction of all of those combined with her underlying problem is what led to her eventual drinking and driving.

    Everybody needs to remember this one simple fact; if it touches your skin or goes in your mouth, it gets in your bloodstream! You better read what is in the ingredients list of every single product that you use in or on your body. From shampoo to toothpaste to deodorant, they are all full of toxic substances that man has put in these formulas.

    Used to be that we treated the problem that was making us sick and causing us issues, but now all we do is give pills for the symptoms. Not very smart....

    1. Fruit Inspector....its about time someone finally told the truth about drinking a lot of water.....its because the water should be supplied by the foods we eat right in them....which means basically fruits and vegetables, and hardly any meat...!! Meat when it's mentioned in the bible referred to eating fruits and vegetables which was understood back then...!!

    2. Fruit Inspector, You are mostly correct, however, water is necessary for the kidneys to keep them from becoming dehydrated - that is the issue. That is what killed my brother just recently, which I spoke about.
      He never but never drank any water, nor did he eat many food that contained water. Consequently his kidneys became so bad that his feet and legs swelled up to twice normal size. He even ignored that for too long, till he destroyed the nerves in his legs, and he could never walk again, unaided. Finally falling all the time.
      Ultimately he died of kidney failure, as they were just too far gone.
      I am sure not a medical expert, but I know that water is for flushing the body and the kidneys and to keep them from dehydrating. Very very important.
      I live in a city where all medical professions have to be top notch or they will not make it in their career; there is too much competition for top notch. So I myself have seen a nephrologist (kidney doctor) specialist and was already on top of my tests that were sent to him well before my appt. with him.
      I pay close attention to kidneys since I found I was only born with one kidney.
      (The high point to my brother though, is that God so arranged it so I could bury him at a cemetery near the famous Malabar Farm. It is so serene and beautiful among the rolling hills of northeast Ohio, directly next to a beautiful little country church and among many from the civil war. They had no plots for sale, but somehow they made room for just one more, as its a very small little cemetery.

    3. There are meats that are listed in the Bible that were made to be received.

      But not all meats were created to be eaten. Quite a few of them are created to be scavengers and clean the rest of the filth. Then some of us knuckleheads go and eat those scavengers and make ourselves sick. The health laws are very much in effect as it applies to the health of one’s own flesh body.

    4. That being said however, as filthy as everything is today and the amount of antibiotics that are pumped into everything that is grown to be eaten, if it all possible it is best to stay away from meat of every kind.

    5. Sorry to hear about your wife's sad story. Fruit inspector. Thru dreams over the years - I have reconnected with most of those people in my life who for whatever reasons have moved on from our physical realities as we know it.

      My mother was a alcoholic ; cigarette addict before leaving this world @ 77. Surprisingly awhile ago I had this vivid dream with Mel Gibson & my mother being buddies....& I was the guy who had to stop judging my mother🎶

      So I told this above dream to our 7 foot tall 26 year old new Sou Chef @ work recently & how Mel would do 5 pints of beer before punctuality arriving on time to work for his hit early movie "Lethal Weapon" (Wikipedia) - and I then meet the Sou Chef's tall very humble cousin.

      Days later I get this healing dream with Mel Gibson & this cousin of my sou chef doing a hysterical play waking me up laughing 🎶

      Loving one's body is a helpful key in letting any of these VOLUMINOUS healing remedies work imo💖

  7. I don't agree with allopathic medicine either, but they do have one extremely important advantage.....they work quick..!! There are no homeopathic medicines that work within minutes.....NONE..!! So as a strictly preventative disaster...there are very important pharmaceuticals that you should have until your body is incomplete health....Example...if I have a panic or anxiety attack, there is nothing that will compare to valium to stop it within minutes...try that with homeopathic methods....!!

    1. Breathe deeply and repeatedly with eyes closed until the attack subsides. It works, no medication needed. Try it. Even better than valium.

  8. I have used this and my sister who is severe arthritic is using it too but it is not the "cure all" that so many people state as it works for some and it doesn't for others, like any other chemical, we are all different and are affected in different ways or not at all. For those that are using this and swear by it, good for you, glad to know that it worked for you, but I have not experienced any benefits and know too many others that it did nothing for either. won't know if it works for you if you do not try it.

    1. Unknown, that is true. But for those that it did not work, it may be that the dosage was insufficient. Generally one should begin with just 5 mg. gelcap and work up from there to maybe 20 mg. I don't think dosage has been really established yet.
      I would think body size would make a difference; a large person can handle more than one such as 'this hundred pounds of clay' lol.
      With just the 5 mg. I was taking, I noticed some effects, but with that small dosage and only 3 months taking it, I cannot give a solid report.
      I think we have all sorts of comprehensive health issues, so there is no one thing that is a cure-all IMO. Like Amy has stated, internal body cleansing, a once a yr. liver cleansing, and other things like blood cleansing etc, and also there is the Inflammation factor which is at the root of many diseases/infirmities....IMO (from my studies). I seem to believe that inflammation goes hand in hand with pain.

      I have yet to conquer the inflammation problem. At my house we have talked a lot about health issues, and came to the conclusion that it takes money to take care of all of our health issues. It also requires a LOT of time and focus to them; planning,reminding ourselves, and staying attentive to various regimens.

    2. 🎶 I could go on & on about inflammation issues, too...Some days I win with a new remedy or an old re-discovered one...some days nothing works but fasting with ionic silver water...Good point Abby🎤

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I agree. But at least valium you get the benefit without your body becoming so addidicted to it, that if you stop cold turkey, you do not experience "withdrawals" like the drugs they prescribe today like xanxe, or the opioids...!! And one very important thing about valium (diazepam is the actual drug), it is more than just a muscle relaxant, it is the only muscle relaxer that works through the brain on not just on the muscle itself, which means it's the only drug that works on the biggest muscle in the body....the other drug can claim that position....!! And I had been taken them for 20 years before the FDA decided to make all opioids (vicodine, norcos, etc) and valiums almost impossible to get and was cut off cold from getting them at one point...But unlike opioid I had no "come down"..
    Yes my fat ass roommate never could use valium because he was a junkie on options. Valium was like candy to him. He could take 10 at a time (of the 10mg) without feeling any affects...Thats why I am so glad to be away from him....!!

    1. My daily valium usually comes from reading ALL these posts after work before yawning myself to obe land😅

    2. james, I've never taken any of those drugs, such as valium, just so happens that I never did. But as for non-prescription remedies, I have found that L-Carnitine (an amino acid) really settles the heart down and it does it fast. My son said the same thing, which he noticed. Also, the heart requires magnesium, and I know it when I have not yet taken my chelated magnesium in the day, yet. As soon as I take it, I notice the difference in a very short time.
      Magnesium is one thing everybody has a deficiency in. Need as much as 400 + mg. per day. Mandatory for the heart. I have pretty much learned from my studies over time, that heart doctors immediately tell patience to cut out the salt. I say NO that is not true.
      Heart issues are derived from insufficient amounts of magnesium not from salt. So I always say, 'its not too much salt - its too little of magnesium'.
      Insufficient magnesium is now realized as being a reason for so many heart attacks and heart issues.

      Back when I had hypoglycemia, I prayed to God asking him to heal me I was so so sick. Then out of the blue I suddenly received an unrequested nutritional newspaper which talked about various research studies done by such places as harvard medical school, columbia, and others.
      My eye caught a short article about all the symptoms I was having, and it said that is hypoglycemia, gave the research on it that they had done, and found that it was a matter of a lack of chromium (in the form of picolinate).
      So I jumped up, went to the health food store, bought some for like $6, took one, and within an HOUR all my symptoms disappeared and have been gone ever since, and that was at least 3 decades ago.
      So CP works very very fast. It causes the body's own insulin to balance and level out. Now how simple is that. And how quaint.
      When you pray for healing, you cannot be picky; you must stay open to let God do it whatever way He wants to.

      But I must say this is not medical advice for folks with sugar problems. You MUST follow directions and warnings on all containers Before you ingest anything. There are generally warnings for pregnant women and other situations. READ FIRST.

      A WARNING about PC: If you are taking ANY kind of medication or treatment for sugar ailments, diabetes, or etc. you CANNOT mix them with PC unless you are under doctors supervision, if you should decide to ween off of medication and on to Chromium.

      In my case I did not take any medication, and it worked beautifully for me. Again, what Chromium does is level out our own sugar level. Use common sense, and you will see why you cannot mix meds with Chromium.
      Best Chromium dosage should be in the 200 mg. caps and should be in the form of Picolinate, according to the harvard study.

    3. Correction: Chromium levels out our own body Insulin.


  12. Everyone looking for the magic solution or pill that they always push, there is NOTHING new as far as health in the mainstream there is only what they figure they can profit heavy on then promote as a new health miracle.
    The bottom line for overall health is not what you take as some miracle solution, its what you dont consume to begin with, like SAD the Standard American Diet, Want health cut out all the processed genetically modified chemical ridden garbage from the diet. Primarily all GEMO's, most all whole grains Corn, processed sugars corn syrup and vegetable oils (hydrogenated, rancid) corn soy canola etc. Eat organic as much as possible and boost your healthy fat content. Processed Carbs are the primary problem, Everyone is aware of "inflammation" great but nobody explains the mechanism behind it, its all the waste built up from trying to process carbs as an energy source AKA lactic acid AKA lactic acidosis AKA inflammation. Wanna research look at high fat KETO diet and a great little documentary called "The Magic Pill" (ironically). LOL and for the most part ATKINS had it correct almost 50 years ago just wasn't aware of all the current issues with GMOS and organic and how all commercial farming is basically toxic junk food.
    Buy local organic produce, eggs meat etc, farmers markets and support the local community farmers, and ORGANIC proper grass fed free range meats ARE NOT a problem it is the toxic sick GMO fed commercially produced meats that are the health problem.
    BUT hey SH!Ts cheaper at Super Walmart and everyone wonders why the whole country and their health is going to SH!T!
    Everyone wants a solution for NWO biggest start is spending your money local on what you eat supporting local organic food producers, and even local mom and pop style restaurants.
    I'm in NYC and get a weekly delivery of all local farm raised organic food eggs, beef, any type dairy milk yogurt etc, even get raw beef tripe fat and bones for the dogs at about $1.25lb.
    Another factor to research is healthy mitochondria the foundation of cell energy....big hint eating less and intermittent fasting, healthy cells = HEALTH!
    Healthy cells require 1 main ingredient OXYGEN and this is through clean proper diet and healthy cell walls which transfer oxygen in and out your cell walls are balanced ratio of fats and protein.
    Main cause of cancer is cell death through lack of Oxygen!
    Fats = clean burning energy, Carbs = dirty burning energy AND full circle back to inflammation the root cause of most dysfunction and disease LOL and how the Health Care Industry makes all its money with symptom suppressing chemicals until your a chemical dependent zombie.
    Your not livestock on a farm but on a Pharm, raised by the FDA eat this, get sick and now take this, and if all goes as planned we get all the productive labor value out by around 65 and now your ready to be passed off to the Healthcare system to tap the rest of your stored insurance value and whatever bond value is cashed in at death.

    1. Mike, you bring up a good point, very important one. Oxygen. That is one of the reasons for drinking water thruout the day IMO. We get oxygen from water,that is why water tends to revive us.

      But since so much of our water is iffy, we use a Pur water purifier attached right on our kitchen faucet, use it for all drinking water and cooking. Have used it for decades and since then I get ''hungry'' for water, whereas before, I did not like water.
      Years ago I got some water additive packets called Coral Cal Daily, a natural coral mineral supplement which balances water pH, hydrates the body, and is high absorption.
      Comes in foil zip lock seal bags of 30 sachets, 1 gram each. You drop one in a container of water, a relatively large container; we got our container with the sachets. case anyone is interested. Again, I have no affiliation with that company either. (its ionic natural marine minerals. I mention this because filtered water tends to have minerals zapped out along with the bad stuff.)

    2. Mike, absolutely agree. There is so much talk of sovereignty on this site. To me being sovereign means you are the ruler of your own life, and affairs. Your health is the most important thing you have if you value the quality of your life. Everything they are trying to feed us and all the soaps, shampoos, deodorants, cleaning supplies are all tainted and affect our health.
      One of the biggest causes of health issues IMO is acidity. If you drink soda, STOP immediately. Processed foods, sugars, alcohol, prescription drugs, all cause acidity in the body. If you drink just 1 soda, you would have to eat 10 watermelons(natural alkalinity) to counteract the acid from that 1 soda. Anyone who has ever owned a swimming pool knows if your PH is acidic, your water will turn green from bacteria and algae growth. Well since the human body is like 90 percent water, why would it be any different in our bodies than in a pool? I have heard many doctors who treat cancer patients through natural means say that cancer can not live in an alkaline base. Oxygen is the other key ingredient. Alkalization and oxygenation are the 2 main keys in for support of your immune system for fighting off disease. Inflammation is another another cause of high acidity. Turmeric (curcumin) is best natural inflammation relief, but it's tricky. It does not dissolve in water, so here's what you do to achieve best bio-availability from turmeric. Get some high quality organic turmeric. It tastes absolutely horrible. But if you mix it with coconut or MCT oil along with some black pepper and ginger, ( highest quality you can find) and take it that way, it masks the taste of the turmeric, and increases the bio-availabiltity dramatically. The black pepper is key as it kick starts the turmeric, and ginger is also extremely anti-inflammatory, and will help with arthritis.
      Abby you mentioned salt. Keltic salt contains the highest concentration of minerals and nutrients the body needs. We used to use Himalayan pink salt, but Keltic salt is way higher in concentration.

    3. ETT, Ive never heard of keltic salt. What is that and where is it available? We also use kosher salt at times, but it is rather course and not suitable in cold foods imo.
      I think we just need to be sensible with salt, but we should never eliminate it from our diets altogether.

      P,S. For taking turmeric, you can purchase it in capsule form just like any other vitamin/mineral/nutrient.

    4. I can talk health for days, its actually not the acid you consume its the lactic acidosis condition created by overall diet and waist build up in blood and system, mostly from Sugars/Carbs this creates inflammation.
      Your stomach is supposed to be extremely acidic to break down and digest food if your neutralizing your natural stomach acid you are creating digestive issues and a snowball effect.
      Fresh lemon and organic apple cider vinegar are essentials!
      Number 1 supplement is a good colloidal mineral Dr Wallach's basic one is about the best and with a 25+ year track record, not too mention about the top nutritionist on the planet.
      Worried about water "Distilled" it is pure add some minerals to it and your solid. And a natural detoxifier it is negatively charged and attracts all the positively charged garbage out.
      Dont be fooled by supplements that suppress inflammation and all the "antioxidant" hype, this is basically like covering up symptoms just because you reduced the symptoms you did not remove the underlying problems causing them.
      Cancer was cured almost 100 years ago by a German Dr , testing cells and Oxygen uptake as soon the levels hit a certain % cell death begins and cancer can follow. Healthy fats is what produces a healthy cell wall to regulate Oxygen, all the rancid hydrogenated commercial oils, and then sick cells using Carbs as an anaerobic (non-oxygen) fuel source producing waste build up in the blood and then potential cancer, this is one of the primary mechanisms causing most illness.
      2 great channels on Youtube I highly recommend:
      "Dr. Darren Schmidt" and "Dr. Eric Berg DC"

    5. Mike, I used to get Dr. Whitaker's health newsletter and in it he once spoke about vinegar, saying that acid reflux is NOT having too much stomach acid, but its about having too little acid.
      So he recommended taking a tsp. or so of vinegar in a little water (to stop the vinegar from burning your throat). And it really does work. I've had a sour stomach (ache) at times, took the vinegar/water drank it, and within a short time, the tummy gets back to normal.
      IMO its a bad idea to take the prescriptions being given for acid reflux issues, or those ant-acids...since you sure don't want to get rid of even more acid. Vinegar does the trick, and yes, organic apple cider vinegar is the best IMO. Also IMO its best to only take the vinegar remedy if and when needed.

    6. Mike, many have the wrong opinion of Walmart. They have been changing regularly and have kept up. They purchase produce locally as much as possible, carry many organic foods, and we have found many of those things at Walmart that are not carried by our other large grocery stores, such as Krogers.
      Walmart is the only place around here where we have found organic frozen corn and other excellent products. We save a lot of money at Walmart, and all name brands; Thomas' English Muffins at reg. stores are $4.50 for half doz. pkg. Walmart price is just $2. I also found Libby's organic canned pumpkin at walmart, unavailable at any other store. Its a great product and makes a much better pumpkin pie than any non-organic pumpkin. But we never buy meat from walmart, except brand name smoked bacon once in awhile.
      (so as to not waste food, once I have all ingredients for a meal or dish, I write them down on a list so I make sure to use it up in a timely manner in a Menu form. Also, write down what leftovers we put in the refrigerator; you know how they can get pushed to the back, and forgotten, lol.)

  13. I was in a very bad accident from this guy driving a SUV at a high rate of speed. It took rescue 45 minutes to get me out. This happened on December 18, 2016. My lower right leg was crushed. I had three broken ribs and one of them punchered my lung. I had three vertebra cracked, many fractures to my face and a concussion. This guy had drugs and a loaded pistol in his SUV. I was airlifted to a trama hospital where I had four surgeries, three to my leg. Every since then I have been on Oxycodine, mussel relaxers, nausea and heartburn medication. Now since I was introduced to CTFO that Paul is talking about in just one month I am off all my medicine except for the Oxycodine. I don't need the Oxycodine, I'm now to my surprise only take 1/2 dose only because my body after two years of taking Oxycodine is addictive to it like a drug addict. I plan on reducing my intake from 5ml, which is half my prescription amount, to 4ml this week and see how I'm doing then to 3 ml till I don't take any. I really believe that I can get away from the Oxycodine all together. Thanks to CTFO, I'm now pain free and I'm not taking any other drugs. I'm feeling great. I researched CTFO. Yes it's made in the USA. Lab results are available. I tried other companies with no improvement. CTFO worked with the first bottle. They also have a 60 day no questions asked full refund. That's how good there product is. I will buy no other CBD products from anywhere else. Get back to Paul and find out how you can sign up for free as a customer or an associate. Get the product and share your story. God Bless CBD oil and you.

    1. Jon, wow what a horrible accident. Glad you have found a working remedy. Are you saying that CTFO is CBD? And if so, what mg. have you been taking? Great to hear your experience and good report.

    2. CTFO is the company that I bought the CBD oil. Since I was on 10mg of Oxycodine 4 times a day to help with the pain it still was not enough. I was also taking over the counter stuff. Now only after a month of taking the CBD oil I'm basically pain free. I still have a drop foot and I have to use crutches or wheelchair to get around, I feel no pain. I am slowly weaning myself off of the Oxycodine. It's funny, my wife asked me why am I doing this? The insurance pays for the prescription of Oxycodine but you have to pay for the CBD oil. I told her that CBD oil can't kill me. I rest my case.

    3. This CBD oil really works for pain and other things. Please get back to Paul and he will tell you how to get your own CBD oil through this company. Just in case you doubt my story, here is the news clip on my accident. While watching this clip remember that I was in the (red) car. I was airlifted to the trama hospital 45 minutes from my home.

    4. Jon, I meant what mg. of the CBD were you taking?

    5. I just put a bid in ebay for this amazing e-power machine for my Palestine/Persian girlfriend. I can't say enough about this incredible machine over the 8 years I have used it when ALL body parts r seemly doing a Deadpool spiral😂 Jeff K. is owner of ttis website & is a personal friend, too, Jon if u just want a chat on it. I get no residuals fees whatsoever on any sales here.

    6. Leland, is that the Ebay post for $262 you mentioned to me at one point, that you made a bid on. If you still have that link would you post it or send it to me at/ thank you, I can't seem to find the links you originally shared with me. So many Anna emails to look through....

    7. No...I own that now & am giving it to my friend...It was for sale @ $299...I made an offer of $240 & it was accepted. It works fine, too.

    8. The above link to ebay is a different e power unit listing (& am tempted to make the same offer for it, too, if someone else doesn't soon😎)

  14. As long as this is on natural health options, I would like to add to the story regarding Plasma Energy GANS Water. This couple, a scientist and his wife, in Red Lodge, Montana have what I have been searching for quite a while now and happy to share the information.

    You can start reading here:

    This is a pdf file for you to read which gives the overall picture:

    This is how they learned how to make Plasma Energy GANS (Gas in Atomic Nano Solid State) water and how You can too:

    There is a whole lot more on their website, but those are the basic three links to perk your interest.

    Sarah Westall had a video on this info and that's when I found that there is a sale going on and the sale is running till Sept 4th, so there is still time to order, as long as you use the July in the coupon section to receive $47 of the normal price of $197.

    I set up my station last night and will be starting my water this evening.

  15. Sorry: $47 off of the normal price, so your price is $150 for the Plasma Energy Station Vials (16 total) and they stay in their state forever, you do not need to re-purchase ever. So they will out last our lifetimes.

  16. Paul Stramer, since we are talking about health issues, do you care to give us an update on how your wife is doing after her hip surgery?

    1. She is doing fine. She is doing all her normal activities without any pain. If she does too much running around in stores she might have a little muscle soreness but even that is getting better.
      So all in all we have a lot to thank God for in that whole experience.

    2. Paul, thanks for the update. Glad to hear success stories, always.

      (I too get muscle aches especially when walking around on hard surfaces such as pavement or concrete floors of stores. But as I will not take aspirin which is very bad for the stomach, I have come to rely on MSM (Methysulfylmethane) which is considered to be the Alternative med to aspirin....and I love it. Works great and has no effect on the stomach. 1 - 1000 mg. per day. I get mine from

  17. My two cents from Central Humboldt County, California;

    Jonpol says the CBD currently in the market is not up to grade. Here in the Emerald Triangle the County Supervisors/Order Followers, are Only about the ‘bottom line.’ Permit$ from an imaginary external authority go to greenhouses. This greedy method pushes out five harvests a year of facsimile flowers heavily dosed with toxic pesticides. Fast dry, no cure time (thus the ‘cough’ if you smoke it), machine trimmed, packaged, stamped and shipped. Lemmie tell ya, back in “the day” the hippies who located here knew how to farm with care and positive thoughts when in the presence of the sacred sacrament plant, asking harvest permission of each plant, early morning after a full moon. Handled them gently. Drying in the correct temp and humidity. Cure time –turning and checking. "Profit" no matter the cost, was and is, Not the main object. Our land is being stolen – NO ARRESTS, just daily caravans and a chipper in-tow -for the last 8 weeks, of up to seven agencies; Hazmat, Fish and Wildlife, Planning Dept., Water Board and an unelected Sheriff. BIG difference between the ‘manipulate nature’ persons who flocked here two years ago when The County TAXED nature, w/out the consent of the governed, and zeroed-in on growers who have been here since the 60s and 70s. The powers-that-were call it ‘Abatement,’ w/a 10-day time frame to remove everything, based on “Nucience.” Per day TAX/fines are over the rainbow crazy. About 65% of the buildings in Humboldt are not permit approved. So, if the caravan shows up and there’s nothing growing – you get fined for not having a permit for your home, septic, and any other buildings. Btw, drones were active in February, snapping pictures, and, many who were coerced into applying for an outdoor permit -that never got processed are on the soon-to-be-terrorist-raid list. The vigilantes w/a badge have had the properties locations for some time. So – in my Humboldt opinion – STAY CLEAR of the Deep State dispensaries selling phony who-knows-what, dosed w/man-made chemicals. Sacrilege or what?

    THC is psychoactive only if heat is applied. I’ve been buying CBD oil with peppermint oil added for taste, from Hempland USA. Yes, it is pricey. Not knowingly, I take on other’s pain. When I ‘got’ arthritis, I gave the oil a try. It worked right away.

  18. @Abby September 1 at 9:24 AM,

    First thing that must be overstood; marijuana is a mongrel word. Only the female Hemp plant produces ‘marijuana’ –the plant’s destination. There is no such thing as medical marijuana. Cannabis is any of the preparations (as marijuana or hashish) or chemicals (as THC) that are derived from the hemp and are psychoactive.

    Forget starting with low dosage – this is why some people say it doesn’t work. I’m not just referring to CBD oil. Any of nature’s unmolested gifts/supplements taken for medicinal purposes, should begin with a kick-start of twice, or triple the amount. Begin w/the maximum dose and taper to a base amount. My experience in taking initial mega doses was for ulcers. One or two weeks (been many years ago), and they were gone.

    1. Forest, I believe the marijuana plant and hemp plant are two different plants, but are both in the same Family. Therein may be the confusion, and the arguments we hear going on now.

      THC + CBD = the marijuana plant, IMO. I don't do marijuana, never have, have no interest in it. I just know that CBD does not have a drug effect. I also know that just a 5 mg. cbd oil capsule makes you rather sleepy until you grow accustomed to it.
      BEWARE advising taking those very large mg's listed here in this venue.
      In fact, if a person simply has some anxiety and can't calm down, I would think a simple 5 mg. cbd would take care of that problem, easily.
      But none of it is of any value to me anyhow, because CBD is way too expensive.
      Nobody should just readily accept dosages suggested by strangers on the Net. Know your source and do your own research first.

    2. P.S. After the 'federal govt' again made Hemp growing legal, now Ohio is trying to make it illegal; not passed yet, but in the works.

    3. Abby,

      I think we're making this harder than it is. Webster's definitions:

      hemp - a tall widely cultivated Asian herb (cannabis sativa) of the mulberry family.

      marijuana - hemp. The dried leaves and FLOWERING tops of the pistillate(female) HEMP PLANT that yield cannabin and are sometimes smoked in cigarettes for their intoxicating effect.

      cannabis - any of the preparations (as mj or hash)or chemicals (as THC) that are derived from the hemp and are psychoactive.

      Hemp is the plant. MJ/cannabis are the plant's destination - flowers.

      I wouldn't post anything without research and experience - my experience was posted yesterday.

      To kickstart these processes in our bodies, and to get the maximum effect of CBD, we must do a load dose.

      This means taking 4-5 times the normal dose (or maintenance dose) of CBD for the first few days, and then going to a lower maintenance dose after that.

      CBD will build up in the body, jump start the endocannabinoid system that already exists in your body, and you'll start to feel relief faster and for longer periods of time.

      That's why we suggest all our clients start with the load dose bottle and then going to a maintenance dose after that is done.Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 9.07.29 AM.png

      If you took 10mg a day after a load dose it would be far more effective than just taking 10mg the entire time

      Here’s the link

  19. @countyguard September 1 at 11:00 AM,

    Yes, a CBD and THC combination is more better. 250 mg., 500 mg., 750mg., and 1500mg is for chronic disease. Pretty much, anything under 250 mg is a waste of time and doll hairs.

    Having said the above. . . as we embrace our divinity within, and have disciplined into a healthy eating habit and let go of the madness that’s seething . . . it comes down to mind over matter. Placebos can produce the same results as the prescribed -or researched medicine we ingest.

    Aside - the clear-cut logging, and rock and gravel mining grew and sped up last year -and continues 24/7/365. The gravel is not being used to repair roads –just huge stacks of it –some there for so long that plants and grasses are covering them. There are soulless men whose hand and brain tear down what time will never give again. . . the Ambassadors from another time –the mighty redwoods- are shipped to countries that grow hemp. One acre of hemp will provide as much paper, building materials and pulp as four acres of forest.

  20. Abby,

    Being picky - no one is ever on the "Net" - Internet. Browsers search the web - www.

    More picky - do we, as sovereigns and American state nationals, put much weight on what the federal gubbernut does? 19 enumerated services. The idea is Not to recognize the throne. There is no external authority in nature.

    Don't confuse the fraudulent commercial system with lawful government.

    Law. Law. Law - as in the land jurisdiction.

    Legal. Legal. Legal - as in the Wonderful World of Oz. We can't drink the word water. So how does 'legal' apply to the living?

    Judge Anna covered the difference between 'law' and 'legal' (or illegal) some time ago.


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