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Friday, August 31, 2018

How to Suppress Bad Courts

By Anna Von Reitz\

You can't present "Accepted For Value" offers to bankrupt entities for the simple reason that they have no available credit at their disposal to exchange. 

What people so cavalierly call an "A4V" is actually called a "Mutual Offset Credit Exchange", in which two or more parties exchange credits: for example, you owe me $10 bucks and I owe you $20, so we "trade" these credits (you could just as easily look at them as debts) and I wind up owing you $10 at the end of the day.  

That is what an "A4V" with a government corporation is.  They owe you for leases and rents and payments you made for them above and beyond services you received, and at the same time, you owe them for services you did receive.  Both sides have an obligation to trade the credit they are holding against the other --- my tax bill against your lease payments. Or your service fees against my bond.  

But what happens when one party to this arrangement goes bankrupt? 
Suddenly, all bets are off, their affairs get passed off into the hands of Trustees, who must then decide which creditors get paid and which ones take the loss and in what order and for how much.  

The time to get in line as a Secured Party Creditor was ten years ago. The time to do A4V transactions ended last October, almost a year ago. As the Territorial United States continues to wrestle with its reorganization and the Municipal United States continues its liquidation, the only claim and hope that millions of Americans have rests on the work and claims that The Living Law Firm put in place for years prior to this. 

We are even now wrestling with the Powers That Be to bring forward the Principal Priority Creditor Status and Claim of the American States and People, to own and control their own assets.  

Foreseeing the current situation, we took steps to create and lodge an Indemnity Bond with the U.S. Treasury, which is essentially an insurance policy for the States and People against loss and damage.  This means that when they drag you into court and attempt to seize upon your home or otherwise bill you for public debts owed by the foreign FRANCHISES, you can continue to charge those bills off against their underwriters----but this is not an "Accepted for Value" nor is it an exchange of any kind.  

It's a private insurance claim, which only superficially resembles an "A4V" because it discharges against a pre-existing U.S. Treasury Account and requires your signature.  

When the foreign governmental services corporations that you have mistaken to be your government created all these franchise PERSONS to enrich themselves, they did so under the obligation of causing you no harm.  In far, far too many cases that is precisely what the existence of these PERSONS has done.  They have been used as a means to defraud Americans and steal their property under force --- paid racketeers operating under color of law as "STATE OF COLORADO TROOPERS" for example --- have evicted millions of Americans from their homes under false pretenses, in order to "take title" to the properties and resell them for their own profit. 

These crimes have shocked the world and we have had a hard time gaining traction to prosecute it precisely because what appear to be (but aren't really) law enforcement personnel have been used to carry out the racketeering activities. That is what is meant by "color of law".  

There are no easy answers and confusion still abounds, but for millions of Americans, the worst of the nightmare is over.  

When these fake courts act against you, the Judge who is actually acting as an Executive Administrator, is required to have the Bill in question sitting on the bench in front of him or her.  

You ask to see the Bill in open court.  

If the Judge has no Bill it means that the Prosecutor was just "fishing" and didn't provide the Bill and Bid Bond required.  

If they don't instantly produce the Bill, you say, "I wish for this case contract to be dismissed with prejudice and the proceedings to be eliminated from the record and for the Prosecutor to pay me three times damages for my harm suffered and inconvenience."

They have to dismiss for failure to Show Cause and the Prosecutor has to take out his checkbook and pay the Piper ---- you ---- on the spot.  If he fails to do so, he is in Dishonor and you can ask the Bailiff to arrest him for Gross Negligence and Fraud Upon the Court. 

If they do produce the Bill, you simply write: 

Accepted for Indemnification Value: 
Private Registered Indemnity Bond  AMRI00001
Account Number:  RA 393 427 640 US
by: ____________________________ (Your Normal Signature)
dated: __________________________

And hand it back to the Judge.  Be aware that you are making an insurance claim for the full face value of whatever it is that they have attempted to charge against your bond.  

Which brings up another point that offers another way for average Americans to fend off the "offers" of these courts and their officers.  

They are using your bond to bring their charges, a fact that you can flip on its head and use to your advantage simply by bringing recorded Witness Testimony identifying you in a color photo as the man or woman born in such and such a place to such and such a family--- and your Birth Certificate.  

The BC is your bond and their warehouse receipt showing that one of their franchises is holding your bond.  

"Your Honor, my bond is being used to fund these proceedings. I wish to subrogate the case contract, eliminate the record, and dismiss the charges with prejudice." 

You are basically telling the Judge -- hey, slime bag, you can't use my own money and authority to prosecute me.  

Both of these are commercial remedies owed to you and these are commercial courts you are being forced to deal with.  They are here on your shores as foreign vessels in dry-dock.  The Bar Attorneys are operating as Shipping and Transfer Clerks. And they are all engaged in racketeering and personage under color of law---- shipping your assets "home" to their bosses in Europe.  

This criminality which stems from the courts and the officers of the courts themselves is hard to recognize and once recognized is hard to stop, because these entities and officials are supposed to represent the forces of law and order.  

It is anti-intuitive for people to see them as gangs of racketeers operating under color of law and employing mercenaries under color of law like the "STATE OF COLORADO TROOPERS" to do their dirty work, but such are the facts and the circumstances. 

Trillions of dollars have been looted from our shores by these Bad Actors and we all continue to endure the ravages of the Bar Associations and their members --- crime syndicates that should be internationally suppressed and outlawed. 

Do what you can to protect yourselves.  Get your own paperwork corrected and recorded so that you have admissible evidence ready to go and available to stand in your behalf.  Become familiar with the rationale under which these "courts" are operating and the jurisdiction they are inhabiting. Don't go in there arguing about Law and Fact or the Constitution --- which are all moot points to them. 

These are foreign Bill Collectors seeking to collect money from the franchises of bankrupt commercial corporations: YOU.  


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  1. Hartford vandyke. Says commercial courts pretending to be our actual federal statutory .
    He goes full commerce giving your opponent 3 weeks required to respond attorneys advise not to respond usally.that is a mistake because that's a default loss.

    1. Trump is working on all of this. He is slowly taking control of the Federal Reserve. There are suppose to be 7 members on the board. There are presently only 3, 2 of which Trump appointed. The next 2 are soon to be appointed as well. He has a plan in place as we transition to a national banking system again. Why do you think he hung that picture of President Jackson behind him in the oval office.

  2. The term color of law sticks out in my mind, with credits owed and mounting pressure to pay falls back into a no mans land as more and more is confiscated to further the misrepresentation that prevents are joint security obligations to be enforced.

  3. A license is not required to practice law. Attorneys practice because they want to grow up to be somebody who actually knows it.

  4. As I have stated several times before. I required proof of such a license to practice law from three different states attorneys. It does not exist, because if it did why wouldn't they proudly produce the document? They have to have a B.A.R card to practice provate law in a private court which has nothing to do with a state issued license. By the way when do they get done practicing? Every man and woman has the right to know the Law AND have the benefit of counsel. Anna is a counselor-at-law, a much different critter. There is no Statutory proceedures. Please provide proof of these proceedures. There are civil and criminal proceedures which also identified the court. It's a secret jurisdiction known only to private corporate officials operating under Admialty and has absolutely no authority over a man unless he Consents. Unified Comercial Code is owned by UNIDROIT, International Institute for the Unification of Private Law, located within the Vatican about 100 yards from the "Holy See". It is private Comercial law. So how does that possibly apply to a man? Unkown, Please keep your 14th Amendment privledges to yourself and leave us alone. Happily unregistered!

  5. Unknown there are no authorities and im sure she has a disclaimer for enlightening us to the real crimes. Grow up

  6. Annie, very interesting comment. Thanks. But I have to wonder just how we can actually put it to use.

  7. The surest way to exercise this remedy is to secure the CUSIP number for your case. Every court case has one because every court case is bonded using your exemption and equity whether civil, criminal or traffic court. Some cases have multiple CUSIPS like Family Court. I paid $250 to a copy get mine. If anyone knows how to locate it online or can get it for less, please share. Once you have this you can submit a Notice of Claim of Right of Subrogation with the CUSIP report and number to the clerk with a copy to administrator of courts and have the claim settled.

    1. A number of years ago the CUSIP number was discussed and found people would not reveal the details of how to acquire it. There was a retired Judge on the Net who sort of gave some hints, saying that ''any stock broker could find yours for you''.
      But since I used to work for a stock broker, I called him and he said cusip numbers of his clients were already on their Accounts - which came from his home office. Otherwise he knew no more than that about them.
      I also searched in many other ways and could never find mine. It was said that Fidelity (stock) groups stocks with about a dozen people to each stock and assigns a cusip # to that stock.

      In the end, I found nobody wanted to really tell how or where to find it.

    2. Once you order or find your court case CUSIP, it will look something like this: CC F-123456-17 where I believe that the CC stands for Court Case and the rest is your docket number. For your SSN, just remove the dashes and that is your 9 digit CUSIP number for the bond for your NAME trust. International CUSIP numbers have 12 digits which is why your BC has more than 9 digits (11 preceded or followed by a 0). You are supposed to be able to look this up on the Fidelity website here:
      But there must be a specific way to enter your info to access this data. They moved the cheese because too many people were finding it. So they are hiding it in plain site as usual. If anyone has the current instructions, please share.

    3. "If they do produce the Bill,..." Anna, this is the main problem since they will hardly ever show you anything, even if it is in the judge's file, and certainly not the bill that could dismiss your case and allow you the opportunity to redeem it. That why it would be more effective to go after the bird in hand which is the bond they already have in play on the court case and which they filed in your NAME using your equity. This gives you, as the beneficiary and subrogee of the bond, the right of subrogation. But you must make a formal claim just like you would on your car insurance policy. You could jump high and low that you want them to certify your right to subrogation, but nothing happens until you actually and physically put in a claim on this bond. Bond = Insurance. But just like when you submit a claim on you car insurance policy, you need the policy number. That policy number is the CUSIP number on your bond. You may not be the holder of the bond, since the clerk of the court is the holder of the bond, just like you may not be the holder of your car insurance policy, you only get a copy of your policy, but you are the "holder in due course" according to UCC, the beneficiary and the subrogee who has the right of subrogation on the bond to file a claim and use your bond to set off all claims and charges whether at fault or not (think of no-fault insurance).

    4. If they are not going to give it to you when you request it, then that is clearly a "dishonor" and now you should be able to use a "subrogation bond" on the judge ordering him to dismiss the case or pay on the Bond himself, plus triple damages...!! And file the Bond with the court clerk before your first appearance, just before you go into court so he doesn't have time to think about a way around it...!!Make sure the court clerk stamps it received...!! There is more than one way to use a subrogation bond...!! And since the judge will always be in dishonor, you can sign the subrogation bond with the judges name, not yours...!! Now he's liabile...!!

    5. james, how do you have a hard copy of 'subrogation bond' in your hands to file it with the clerk of court? And what do you use for a dollar amount if you have not been to court yet?
      Im trying to get a sense of this, lol.

    6. Abby, I do have a subrogation bond form, that I got awhile back and never realized what I had...!! It is on like a half page form with 3 carbon copies...It is a fairly simple form ..but I have never used it yet...some people say you should have one on file with the court before you even need it...kind of like insurance...its there when you need it....I would make it for $1 million , which should cover almost any charge.....!! Still working on this...!!

    7. Abby, I believe that broker told you the truth...its because they "bundle" them together, fidelity assigns a new CUSIP # , that is different than yours... so an agent should be able to find it using just your SS#....Tell the agent you are looking for an account but all you have is a SS#....and at least years ago they would find it for you....!!

    8. James, can you post a link to a picture of that subrogation bond form?

    9. 1FreeMan....its not a link..!! I have one form left from meetings in person I used to go to...!! They always had a table of forms and info available that you could purchase at those meetings...I would have to take a picture of it and somehow post it on this can I do it so it is readable in pdf format...any clue..!!!

    10. James, can you scan it? Or take it to staples and have them scan it and send it to you? Then just upload it to Dropbox or other cloud service and share the link.

    11. I'll see if my brother can do it...he has a scanner/fax machine to do it, but he's so hard to deal with...but up try and work on it and see if he will do it for me...!!

  8. Unknown Mr. Kerubale, can we get a restraining order on you to prevent you from ever publishing anything here on this blog again?

  9. Here you go, Chris. Unknown not unknown to us but is an uncouth Jesuit troll who claims that you need to be redeemed by joining his Jesuit non-profit organization. Here is his public information for you to visit him for dinner:
    The Most Rev. Kerubale G. Abegaz
    The Kerubale Abegaz Charitable Foundation, LLC
    1515 York Avenue
    High Point, NC 27265

    1. Armus means the FBI who illegally spied on Trump...& then some 🤗

  10. Anna has really struck a deep nerve with all these BAR attorney trolls, which only goes to underscore the validity and power of her claims. btw Unknown, you do not need a law license to give legal advice on the common law level. American nationals can say whatever they want or need to to a fellow sovereign on any subject (law, health, finance and money, etc.) outside your private (civil law) club. It seems you have a pretty big dog in this desperate (for you) fight to hang on to your racket. Thank you, Judge Anna!

  11. Etymology of the word "License" = Licentious, or debauchery.... This is typical inversion of word meanings found in Legalese double speak. It is Freemason initiated Black Magic, where the crooks invert/reverse words/letters such a understand = stand under.
    Such is the English subject of Spell-ing & Curse-ive writing = Hexes = vibration = Energy
    Origin of the word "Magic" is from the word "Magnetic" = MagNETic = MAGIC net.
    It is all a CON job, like a "Contract" = To shrink, to become less = NOT A SOVEREIGN
    Ahhh, dog latin and forked tongues at play.

  12. Does anyone know how to handle the bankers who don't honor the 1099A process. It's been 4 months and there is no reflection of acceptance. Thanks in advance.

    1. Carla, that depends on how you are applying the process and what you are looking to accomplish. If you can provide some more details that would be helpful..

    2. 1FreeMan, Thank you for replying for my call for help. I followed Anna's process sending in all the requirements to open a pass through treasury account after 30 day's I did get back my green card On or around May 25th I prepared I IRS Forms 1099a,1040-v,1096, on several credit cards and 2 of my elderly friends mortgages and have had no success. It's been 3 months since I sent in my 1st packet of IRS Forms. Thank you for any help you can provide. If you'd like my email it is Carla

    3. Carla, for everyone's benefit, I will respond to your question here and also send you an email for further discussion if you like. DId you acquire your own account first on a 1099-A and send the copy B to the treasury? The green card is proof they have accepted your request and that you now have a private TD account. But the first thing you must do is use that account to acquire your SSN/NAME account on a 1099-A. Also where did you send the coupons? To the creditors or to CID? Creditors will ignore them and even return them. CID will honor them and certainly for IRS payments. But for non IRS debts, you must be persistent and it may take several times submitting your statements before you see any action. You have to become a "regular remitter" of all your bills so they get to know you and see you know what you are doing and can trust you with this process. There are other methods too of dealing with debts such as using Acccord & Satisfaction and running it through using AP (Administrative Process) to Estoppel and then SC (Small Claims) court for enforcement. Mortgage, if current, is better attacked utilizing QWR>AP>SC court to exhaustion so even if they do not release your lien, they must pay you for violations of RESPA and FDCPA which should be more than what your mortgage payments are and could pay your your mortgage payments every month. If you are already in foreclosure, the best solution is filing a Notice of Claim of Right of Subrogation.

    4. Well, Ive become pretty much convinced IRS is going to just ignore 843 forms. Fat chance on that. Been 2 months.

    5. 1FreeMan, how can I discuss w/you your small claims court approach to dealing w/the IRS? I would like to talk/email w/you directly on the concept. Thank you for responding.

    6. 1FreeMan...your last opinion on how to handle a foreclosure is probably the best because I used the QWR>AP>SC process here in Calif..and the judge must have been tipped off by the banks protectors (a huge law firm called "Pite Dungun" who are nothing but big foreclosure mills all over the entire U.S., but when you first receive a letter by them, they portray themselves as the servecer of the account. It isn't until you challenge them, all of a sudden they identify who they really are...a law firm that has the exact same address as the servicing Co. they claim to be). Needless to say , when the judge received my ExParte paperwork ordering only a ministerial hearing and not a judicial one, since it was all handled through the "Administrative Process, ending in a "default judgement" and filed with the County Recorders office already before I sent my paperwork registered mail...the whole packet came back to me "unopened" with only the word in red saying "REFUSED". Not even refused for cause....!! She knew we were all working on very limited finances and would get away with it...!!
      But I already told you guys, I believe the courts had to come to a deal to stop people from sueing the banks because they were sternly warned if there were any more suits brought against them(all by govt. agencies like the comptroller of currency and attorney generals of all states, who by coinincedence all won against the banks and actually received billions of dollars with the public receiving nothing except the court cases to quote)they were just going to declare a "banking holiday " like they did in 1929...!! And they were dead serious back then because Trump wasn't elected yet...this was still under Obama administration...!! Under Trump, it still won't change unless Trump gets control of the Supreme Court....and if you have been watching the Senate confirmation of judge Kavanaugh, it has been a brutal interrogation of his conclusions of Law, with constant interruptions from the peanut gallery in the back just screaming out deorotory comments at the judge until they are removed from the Senate hearings....its a circus...better than Barnem and Baly.....!!! You will never fight a case harder than a "foreclosure" now.....people who have already paid off their mortgages completely years ago still received foreclosure notices and lottery had to hire attorneys for thousands of dollars just to keep a house already paid for in full...!! That's what you are up against fighting a foreclosure now...!! That's why I have been non stop on Trumps site asking him when he is going to stop foreclosures if he still wants our vote....!! Right now he is actually sending me constant emails saying if I contribute any amount right now to stop the DEMS getting in he will triple the amount and give me 3 tickets like a lotto that if I'm locked he would pay for my trip to DC and all expenses to have a personal dinner with him which is also included.....if I thought I had even a slim chance of winning I would gladly donate just to burn his ear off on what people are going through on these foreclosures...Remember guys, this was the best way to divide all families up so they couldn't think about anything else...!!

  13. The problem we still have is that there is no "Rule of Law" in this country anymore....the Rule of Law is anything the judge says it is on any particular day.....!!

  14. Emergency Act makes law a moot point. The breakdown on the SSN where ever you see a letter, C, B, would mean C =3, B =2 etc...........on the back of the card, could be red, black.........

  15. I'm still seeing where 'our spy satellites are off line''. If this is true, as is being said on hal turner radio show dot com, then it is being kept secret from the Public, and we are 'in the dark' having no way of knowing what our 'enemies' are doing.
    And IF this is true, we can count on our media and PTB's to not let us know it. I can't see Hal putting this out as scuttlebut; he used to be in public service and has many contacts for information.

  16. Heard about that satellite stuff, would like more details...

    1. "Hal Turner had a lot to say about all of this, and his article is a really great read (apart from the naive view that the CIA are good guys who need their tech to work, and that we’re all in danger right now because none of it is working):"

      "Amazing times we live in, and this is made all the more amazing by the fact that Hal doesn’t seem to have a clue about Q. He’s independently reporting on this stuff, in real-time. And even now, 24+ hours later, the CIA simply cannot get their supercomputers to restart.

      (P.S. – Don’t read this as an endorsement of Hal Turner, please. Let’s just say he has an interesting history. I’m more concerned with him being someone who independently documented this stuff in real time, as far as I can tell)." NeonRevolt

  17. justinformed and kent dunn and drake bailey are a few you tubers that have some good info on the satellite stuff and another one is Tim Ems. Justinformed is a more of a guy that is a true christian believer that breaks down Q's intel and kent dunn and drake have a radio show that talks about what is going on in the government from the galactic view point, each claim that they are from different worlds and Tim is kind of in between each. Talk about global reset, President Trump being put in by the military to stop the destruction of America etc...

  18. Has anyone here done research with regards to This subsidiary of THE DTCC uses the so called social security number complete with dashes as an LEI, Legal Entity Identifier.

    I found that there are over 2300 national and international companies associated with the SSN related to my name.

    Imagine if just one per cent of the gross profits were paid out to each of us as the true "creditors" of the nation.

    Just a thought as i have been researching this organization. Trying to connect the dots here.

    1. Lee, how did you research it to show your ssn related?

    2. just check site, and evidently I have already signed up and I don't even know what it is.

    3. Lee, I think I checked gmei once awhile back, and found my name listed with one of the companies right here in my own city ! BUT whoever mentioned it before, never went on to tell what the hell you do with it once you locate such a company.

      That is the biggest problem on this Forum; nobody wants to give the Full picture; just mostly surface information. Like the ''how to'' about anything.


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