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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Give Us This Day Our Oxymoron?

By Anna Von Reitz

If someone starts talking to you about "Catholic pedophiles" or "Christian paderists" --- what do you know? 

You are being lied to. Satan is trying to trick you. Why? Because no such thing exists. 

Like "sovereign citizen" and "civilian military", "Christian pedophile" is an oxymoron-- two words joined together that are mutually exclusive in meaning. 

No true Follower of Jesus in the history of the world has continued to be a pedophile after their conversion.  Why?  Because actual Christians don't rape children, don't lie, cheat, steal, kill, fornicate, or do other things that Jesus taught us not to do. 

And all these people who give Christians bad names while they continue to do all these things?  They are not Christians at all. I have told you what they are. They are Satanists. 

And we do nothing but harm the victims when we stupidly fail to recognize the problem for what it is and the perpetrators for who they are.  

The First Step in curing a problem is to recognize that it exists.  The Second Step is to keep your wits about you and define what the problem is. 

In this case we have Satanists lurking in some offices of the Church.  That should not surprise anyone.  Naturally the Church would be targeted.  And this is what Satanists ALWAYS do: pretend to BE their Enemy. 

So the Satanists pretend to be Jews and then they pretend to be Muslims and then they pretend to be Catholics just like they pretend to be Americans and pretend to be Russians and pretend to be Chinese. 

They pretend to be their enemies and they do terrible things, knowing that when and if they are caught, their enemy will be blamed by all those people who don't catch on to the game they are playing.

Don't be one of those people spreading gossip and twisting logic with the use of oxymorons as Satanists do.. Use your head and look sharp and be wise so that you do not fall into sin yourself. 

Satan is gone, but his son, Lucifer still prowls the Earth seeking our destruction.  Do not fall prey to him who would separate you from your faith in Jesus because of the failings and deceits of men and institutions. 

Indeed, men and institutions failed Him, so why should we expect anything different or better?  Do we not suffer with Him, to be raised up -- literally lifted-- above our own limitations? 

Feel His glory within you.  Hear His words echoing in your heart and mind--- not the deceptive screeds of the Satanists and the blathering of the New York Times. 

The Time has indeed come that so many have looked forward to and never seen.  The Table is set and waiting for you.  Lucifer is pulling out all the stops, making one last push to keep you from entering The Kingdom of Heaven--- one last throw to keep you enmeshed in lies and War and suffering. 

Resist all impulse to gossip and judge.  Stand fast on the principles He taught you. Many will fall victim to Lucifer and mistake good for evil and evil for good.  Be on your guard and try your best to guard everyone else against this plague and remain strong in your faith no matter if the Church wobbles and falls, no matter if Francis comes or goes. 

It was not men or their institutions which have been the light of your days and the comfort of your nights.  The glories of Rome saved no one.  The Sanhedrin saved no one.  You cannot put your faith in things like these, for their strength is ashes and their wisdom is not worth your breath, much less the risk of your condemnation. 

Our Shepherd is faithful and true.  No storm can dismay Him.  So must you be faithful and remain centered in Eternal Truth despite whatever is said in the world of men. 

When someone who is either ignorant or evil comes to you wanting to gossip-- guard yourselves and hold your counsel. Rebuke them as I have done and set them on the right path again. 

Don't be. absorbed in the media circus, but keep alert and watchful and ready to recognize when children are being harmed and trafficked. Do your best to deal with the actual problem wherever and whenever it rears its ugly head.

This, too, is part of the "waking up" we are called upon to do. 


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  1. good job Anna!, you are truth-. Thk You.

  2. I have a question, how and where is your evidence that Satan is gone? By your comment you acknowledge that both Satan and Lucifer exist. Where are you obtain this info? You shown in past posts that you have info that can only be obtained from certain sources in the know, showing me that you nonce from one side to the other(which I find confusing) yet you claim you are for the people. You yourself state it is one or the other. Yet you promote NASA(satan)agenda. This to me is a double standard. Basis part of the beast you claim to be against,as they were the first CIA. These little details deserve explanation Anna. Who are you?

    1. robert, my thoughts exactly. I have found so many holes in so many of Anna's Articles that I came to not recognize exactly who she is. I would call that double mindedness.
      On the one hand speaking rejection of rome/vatican, then out of the other side of her mouth referring it to 'the church'. I came to find such two-faced references to be absolutely disgusting - - AND an insult to The Body of Christ, the true Believers, which is The Church, and there is NO other.

      Anna, here you even give francis credence; why is he even worthy of mention when he is not even a christian and has nothing to do with the True Body of Christ/Church.

      Anna, you cannot have it both ways; we are not all easily fooled out here. You make so many statements with NO backup whatsoever, like you pull it out of thin air - - that to me is heresay.

      Satan / lucifer are just different names for the evil doer, destroyer, liar, hater of Christ and true christians. There is NO documentation of satan's departure. Furthermore, satan is invisible, just as his counterpart, the Holy Spirit is. So I agree with Robert, where is your proof of such a statement.

      You refer to ''even if the church wobbles and falls''...that statement proves you still refuse to acknowledge that ONLY the saved People are The Church, and still insist on promoting the vatican as ''the church'' - - because The True Church which consists ONLY of The saved People are very grounded and Standing and in good health, is in no way wobbling and impossible to Fall.

      Lastly, you speak against Christ, who insists that we expose the wicked and those that hide the sins of people are just as guilty as the sinner. You would call that gossip, of course. Well too bad, I never cover up for people.
      Worse, you are contrary to the mandate of Jesus, who tells his true Children to ''judge ALL things, using Righteous Judgement''.

      There is a huge difference between expressing biased opinions and Righteous Judgement. Biased Opinion is persuasion of personal opinions and preferences without Facts for questionable purposes.

      Righteous Judgement is for the purpose of straightening and correction for the actual good of the one being judged.

      Just the Facts mam, just the Facts.

    2. From my reading I get that once you cross over into pedophilia that you are not a Christian.

      It's not really hard to comprehend that.

      Satan and Lucifer are two different beings. Lucifer still walks on earth.

      I can't see where you say Anna speaks against Christ.

    3. Abby, you are annoying but I forgive you . Your glass is always 1/2 empty.

    4. Mark, the reason I said Anna speaks against Christ - - is because she said 'resist all impulse to gossip and judge'. That is the opposite of the mandate of Jesus himself.

      The born again Children of God are mandated TO Judge all things, judging righteously in line with the Word. We are also to Expose the works of darkness; the works of deceit and evil, etc. We are NOT to hide those bad deeds for them, but shine light on them for all to see.
      The purpose in that is to stop them from continuing which harms people, stop them from harming anyone else. It is NOT gossip, but is an act of Good and for the Good of all.

      Lets suppose you have a child molester in your neighborhood, and you have little children who like to play outdoors. And suppose your neighbors knew of this danger and 'for the sake of resisting the urge to gossip'' they kept their mouths shut.

      Do you get the picture? And WHY God tells us to expose the works of darkness? And why Anna's statement is opposed to Christ?

      This 'dont gossip' crap came from the pulpits of america and is so so pleasing to satan himself - so his little workers can get away with whatever and 'good little churchgoers' will never tell.

    5. Patriot58, how exactly am I annoying? Are you annoyed by my speaking of Judgement? If that bothers you, then perhaps you should ask yourself why that is so annoying to you.

      Of all the zillions of wrong things going on in this world, you are annoyed by my little ole harmless comment? Hmmm.

    6. "But since they didn't do that, we are now having to allow freedom of islam which has been flooding into our country - - even though islam is not a religion; it is a political party" Abby wrote elsewhere🎤

      Well, thankfully our Christian bombs on ALL thos Muslim countries are taking them satanist/Muslins to hell quicker since they didn't find Jesus in time💣

  3. Mr. Smith, the truth will always escape those with a concluded mind. Do you not think we know what you are really attempting to achieve here. Please, your arrogance/ego reveals your true character... don’t you have anything better to do? CNN is still on the air perhaps your time would be better spent downloading some comfortable BS.
    BTW Is YouTube Your source of education...? it would seem your fond of this corrupt entity.

    It is paradoxical, yet true, to say, that the more we know, the more ignorant we become in the absolute sense, for it is only through enlightenment that we become conscious of our limitations. Precisely one of the most gratifying results of intellectual evolution is the continuous opening up of new and greater prospects. Nikola Tesla

    1. Nicely articulated, but more words than he(unknown)is worth wasting on.

    2. Paul,

      Here's hoping you will find it in your heart to "ban" the following gaslighting "ghoul" from your blog. Unknown is the cowardly Jesuit troll Rev. Kerubale G. Abegaz who claims that you need to be redeemed by joining his Jesuit UCADIA fraud organization,

      Gaslighting: Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, it attempts to destabilize the target and delegitimize the target's belief.

      God Bless,

    3. Keep jumping up and down while the glass you stand on is cracking.

    4. Unknown...have you ever seen the true movies like "THE PATRIOT" or "BRAVEHEART"...!! No matter what you try , eventually you will fail because someone always thinks they have the right or "authority" to govern others by force....and it always winds up the same way at the end to break free.....war and death...peace through force or overthrow....even the early founding fathers approapproved of this in order to keep govt honest...they used to say a country needs a civil revolution every 10 years to keep it honest..!! Well we are over 8 years of separate civil wars now...!! And this time if we don't do it, God will....believe it..!! Who cares if your method it protecting "child trafficing" or human trafficking, not to mention all the other tragedies around the world that everyone here tends to forget or just lives in "denial" so they don't have to think about it....!!

      And not one law enforcement officer could even tell you what a Soverign Citizen is...hes never heard the word before and wouldn't understand it anyway...!! It's the courts that pass along that illegal "characteration" amongst themselves..!! Remember...we aren't sovereign or stop characterizing us such...we are American Nations and proud of it...!! I have no idea where you got that term, but you are buying into govt lies too...PATRIOTS does not equate with "Soverign Citizens". So quit with that soap opera, get a gun to "open carry" and join the good movement so we never have to hide ever again...!! In other words, grow a pair...!!!

  4. Anna you are a goldmine of information and i thank you for that BUT Satan gone and Lucifer on the lose still.

    Lets look at this infamous fellow lucifer and throw him into the chem-trails where he belongs.

    "All they shall speak and say unto thee [king of Babylon], Art thou [king of Babylon] also become weak as we? Art thou [king of Babylon] become like unto us [mere mortals and not gods from heaven]. Thy [king of Babylon] pomp is brought down to the grave, and the noise of thy [king of Babylon] viols: the worm is spread under thee [king of Babylon], and the worms cover thee[king of Babylon]. How art thou [king of Babylon] fallen from heaven, O Lucifer..."?!?

    Eight times the King of Babylon is refer to here than POOF out of nowhere jumps in Lucifer. And what is this lucifer??

    From the American Heritage College Dictionary, Lucifer n. 1. The archangel cast from heaven for leading the revolt of the angels; Satan. < OE, morning star, Lucifer < Latin Lucifer < lucifer, light-bringer: lux, luc-, light" (page 821).
    Here is where it starts to get interesting. The next word under "Lucifer" is, luciferase n.

    And what does this word mean? Remember we are supposed divide the word of God ourselves, not just let somone else do the thinking for us.

    The word lucifer is a n enzyme that catalyzes the oxidation of luciferin." "Lucifer + in."

    Lucifering is a chemical substance present in the cells of bioluminescent organisms, such as fireflies that produce a bluish-green light when oxidized. [Latin Lucifer, light-bringing; see LUCIFER + -IN.]" (page. 821).

    Yes fireflies!! This word has no place in the bible.

    The word here is (heilel), which was translated to Lucifer, and comes from (yalal), yell, howl, or shriek, and should therefore be translated, "Howl, son of the morning;"

    Luk 10:15  And thou, Capernaum, which art exalted to heaven, shalt be thrust down to hell. 

    Dan 4:34  And at the end of the days I Nebuchadnezzar lifted up mine eyes unto heaven, and mine understanding returned unto me, and I blessed the most High, and I praised and honoured him that liveth for ever, whose dominion is an everlasting dominion, and his kingdom is from generation to generation: 

    The King like Capernaum were cast out of the heaven of their heads and the King was told he would HOWL once God got thru with him. So will the nations HOWL and hopefully sooner than ever.


  5. Keep your day job Anna, A pastor you are not.

    1. I had an uncle / first cousin that you must be related to.

  6. Please help me understand the statment Satan is gone, but his son, Lucifer still prowls the Earth I want understanding.Thanks

    1. In our 3D dimension it has absouluty no meaning...!! And it doesn't matter if it's true or not, because we all know and recoginize evil when we see it...the problem is not doing anything about it...!!

    2. james, according to scripture our obligation is stated - - 'resist the devil, and he will flee from you'. So when we stop and ponder that, IF everyone on earth would do just that, that would eliminate his success. But we know such is not the case as there are probably way more people doing the bidding of satan and participating in his ''things' rather than resisting .

      But that is what we could do about it, but as a whole, are not. So here we are drenched in evil.

    3. Abby, it all starts with the corruption of one thing....MONEY..!! This subject is sadly ignored by both the secular and the religious worlds, so as to keep the masses in perpetual darkness , climbing over one another just to get "paper instraments" of no value...!! This is going to make a hilarious movie one day in the distance future....!!!!

  7. "Because actual Christians don't rape children, don't lie, cheat, steal, KILL, fornicate, or do other things that Jesus taught us not to do."

    I agree. No one who kills anyone or anything is an "actual Christian". So how about the millions of people who claim to be such who also call themselves hunters and kill innocent animals by the millions? And how about the millions who have dead animal bodies on their plates for virtually every meal that they are responsible for killing by proxy even though they call themselves "Christians"? And how about the organized religions who tell their flock that it's "normal" and "necessary" to eat meat? And how about the ones who have been told that the Commandment "Thou shalt not kill" doesn't apply to non-human species? I could go on...

    There's something seriously wrong with ALL ORGANIZED RELIGION that needs to be addressed. Stay tuned. It's coming....

    Recommended reading: "The World Peace Diet" by Dr. Will Tuttle PhD and "The Lost Religion of Jesus" by Keith Akers. Both available on Amazon.

    1. What are you saying here? That animals have souls? Are you saying that hunters are guilty of murder. If you are then you don't have the slightest understanding of theology or morality.

    2. jewellsmom, you know not of what you speak. First of all it is not 'thou shalt not kill''. It is thou shalt not murder. Quite different in meaning.
      And God says he gave us animals for food. If you choose not to eat meat, then that is your own business.
      God tells us 'he is the same yesterday, today and forever; I changeth not'. So mr. akers is sadly amiss to even suggest that anything about Jesus is 'lost'.

      Personally I would highly recommend reading The Bible and putting away such books from your 'recommended reading list' which seem to be leading you astray.

    3. Jewellsmom- you complain about hunters killing animals, unless you are a vegan, do you not have meat on your plate everyday? Is one animal more innocent than another? I know the bible talks of unclean and clean animals, which unclean would be the scavengers, pork is a scavenger,any fish that does not have scales is unclean, we eat a lot of catfish which does not have scales. Also if you noticed after God created man he said that all the fruit bearing trees and herbs or plants these are to be your meat. I believe it was after the flood of Noah when man started eating meat. Also there is no commandment that says thou shall not kill, it was changed to that over different translations. The commandment was thou shall commit no Murder.

    4. The only Biblical commands concerning the consumption of animals are that strangulation of animals is forbidden, and we are not to eat blood or meat that has blood in it. These commands were given to Noah after the flood. They were reiterated to "gentile" converts in Acts 15:28-29.The reason food sacrificed to idols was included in in the latter instance was because the pagan religious practices often involved strangulation of the animal being sacrificed, so if you ate meat that had been sacrificed to an idol, you risked consuming a strangled animal.

    5. jewellsmom, 'there is something very wrong with organized religion'' If you have been reading my comments, by now you would have picked up on what is wrong with - what I have referred to as 'churches'.
      They have watered down the bible to make it more appealing to people, have left out sin and the necessity of repentance, refuse to tell the real Truth just because people don't like it, and how they have been catering to the world, and ended up being nothing but social clubs.
      These 'churches' do not represent what Jesus is all about. The bible even warns us about this, saying that 'in the last day people will turn to Fables'. That doesn't happen on the streets, but He means it is what happens in what is called 'churches' - organized religion.

      If the masses never understand anything else, they ought to at least realize that Jesus or the bible is NOT about 'religion'. But are about the history of our world, past, present and Future - from its very beginning when God spoke it into existence - TO its very end. Does that not tell anti-religionists and mockers, that the bible is a history book?
      IMO it is satan and evil doers who have presented God as 'religion' and turned it into a hot potato, as a way to prevent People from the very knowledge and understanding that every human being needs. The bible is also a moral compass so Man knows what is acceptable for a good life, and what is not acceptable. It is not for the sake of Control over people, but to show the Reward of living a moral life and the destruction that Immorality causes.

      If anyone cannot look all around and SEE for themselves what Destruction that Immorality causes, then you are just beyond help.

    6. Paul Stramer....yes Animals r Souls, too...Sorry to burst your bubble❣

      Awesome website, though ☇

    7. The whole reason eating meat has become so pravelant is because it is slautered, cut up and packaged neatly in grocery stores so people never have to really see what is involved in the processing of it...!! If people had to actually kill the animal themselves and processes it , there would be a lot less meat eaters......!!!
      But let's face it, we all like a good burger sometimes....!!!

  8. I kill a lot of plants and am sorry for it. I have to so give thanks for such things. It does not mean I would kill my friends. There is no one I know of who thinks it reasonable not to shoot a lion, bear, couger or other animal when it is killing people and doing is in self defense. As far as no "evidence" there is a God being used as "evidence" there is not one I have never under stood. Like playing Russian roulette with two chambers giving you a 50/50 chance.Just because you do not know who make butterflys, trees, creatures mountains and all of it when do you ever show me a new tree you created or a new seed of any kind you came up with and put it to life? Just to be on the safe side of maybe there is maybe there isn't why presume the negative. If you have met God even if your books got burned up you still will not lose connection. Peace Love Kindness not making up stories designed to harm others, these things do make sense so why attack them or disbeleive the truth of such things?

    1. It's funny you should mention plants, because they actually do have feelings and like interaction with nature as long as they don't eat the leaves...!! Not only does the tree send signals to the roots to extract poisons from the ground and send them to the top of the trees so girraffs won't eat them, but they also send signals to other trees downwind to prepare for an attack, which is why the girraffs always eat from the trees upwind ....even they know the trees talk to one another....!!

  9. Are those who wish to hide the lies and deceit True followers? That is to say after being reborn they consciously choose to 'hide' the Truth to protect the "church."
    "offices of the "church."
    Institutions have offices.
    In this case we have Satanists lurking in some offices of the Church. That should not surprise anyone. Naturally the Church would be targeted. And this is what Satanists ALWAYS do: pretend to BE their Enemy.

    is good to see many of you here with the same questions and misgivings, after reading this article.
    Also remember satan (lucifer) not only plays the enemy to evil, satan also feigns the friend the light etc.
    Understanding this is Primarily a spiritual war can greatly aid all of us. Ephesians.
    This book Ephesians also goes a long way in describing the Real and True Church.
    Seek for yourselves, do not Trust any one person, even a brother.
    Witnessing so much turmoil in the "church" and man's government world wide. Have you noticed the increase? Do you also see an increase in Natural disasters?
    There are no coincidences.

    1. The Dragon also represents satan. We are warned. And yet the world has how many children's movies depicting a dragon as a loving beast?
      How many "churches show these movies full of magic and sorcery, on movie night?
      How many dragons are you seeing in commercials? How many choose apples with a bite taken out of, for computers and never stop to think, what times are these?
      Look at the music, read the lyrics, Church music and otherwise.
      See the warnings, hear them. History repeats.

    2. For those that do not know what Jesus warned the Ephesians, its in Rev. 2:2-7 I know thy works and thy labor, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them evil; and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars
      3 And has borne, and hast patience, and for my name's sake hast laboured, and hast not fainted
      4 Nevertheless, I have somewhat against you, because thou has left thy first love
      5 Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and Repent and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent
      6 But this thou hast, that thou hatests the deeds of the Nicolaitanes, which I also hate
      7 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the Tree of Life which is in the midst of the paradise of God.

      P.S. Along with that I wish to also point out Rev.3:10 Because thou have kept the Word of my patience I will also keep thee FROM the hour of temptation, which shall come upon ALL the world to try them that dwell upon the earth.

      I post that scripture to dispel those xtians that insist that ''God is going to protect them and get them THROUGH the great tribulation that is coming upon the whole earth.' I post this for those anti-rapture folks who just go and listen to what others say, instead of reading for themselves.

    3. a follower, yup. Most churches,church organizations have caved in to pleasing the world. Then along came rick warren with his ''seeker friendly' crap instructing and persuading these churchES to be worldly so that the worldly will want to come and socialize with them..........Warren was a wolf in sheeps clothing pretending to be christian when he was and is actually a worker for satan himself.

      Today,christian music is also very worldly and contrary to scripture just like their watered down sleepy sermons are; full of heresy and totally ineffective, but for the sake of 'come and let us entertain you; you will like our church because we will make it fun for you. We have lots of activities (just like any other social club)
      A good example of how we got so many fake 'christians' is their so-called message of 'salvation' which provides NO Salvation at all,but has fooled people to believe they have salvation:

      This is their false message to worldly people: "Jesus loves you and wants to save you, just ACCEPT Jesus and you will be saved.
      Come next sunday and we will baptize you and that is all there is to it '
      Liars, liars, pants on fire! Not a lick of truth in that, not one word of it. Its the biggest deception going on in these false churchES today. There are going to be whole churchES full of very surprised folks when they get left behind at the Rapture.
      God's word is plain: Repent and BE Converted. Repent, or perish.
      There HAS to be a huge CHANGE in a person upon True Salvation. This silly 'just accept Jesus' is laughable. There is NO such scripture or indication that alludes to 'just accept Jesus'.

      In fact, its not even about us accepting Jesus; its about us being convicted that we are all born as a sinner and in NEED to conversion! Its about Him accepting US, not us accepting Him. But these wimpy social clubs are afraid to mention the S-I-N word lol, so they decided to make up their own 'just accept jesus' ............and all fall into the ditch together.

    4. Well, lo and behold after I posted my above comment on Rev.2, I went to listen to pastor John Kilpatrick and he preached on the same Rev. 2 except that he went into v.20 and rake the churchES of america over, for their having allowed the jezebel spirit to invade their churchES. Oh how true that is, and as he said 'as the pulpits of america go, so goes america'.
      And so we see what we are seeing today. He also said that america is on its last chance, and has very little time to turn around. This all lines up with what I have been saying.
      For a big turnaround would require a huge repentance, which I would faint if that happened, lol.
      Point is, it is strange that I refer to Rev. 2 and then hear it in a sermon just hours later.


  11. Oxymorons, yes, like "military intelligence" or "philanthropic industrialist". There are many in our's time for razor-sharp discernment and wits in these times of black-is-white, white-is-black "order out of chaos".

  12. Lots of GREAT thinking COMMENTS ^ here based on whatever belief systems one currently hold dear😅

    Years ago when I was living in UFO-land Sedona, Arizona during the mid 70's - Yes, I saw quite a few ufos then, too - I met this interesting former military Staff Sergeant & driver of George MacArthur during the Korean War days who then lived in Prescott nearby.

    We didn't become friends then because to be honest...he look then way too angry to deal with♩

    10 years years later I ran into him again here in Minnesota & was ABSOLUTELY stunned by his personality shift! And we became GREAT friends.

    Maybe I was just seeing my actual reflection way back then in Sedona days of lore when I was happier married to a now ex-love ~ who knows? But I started to find out more & more about the man's AMAZING life story.

    One of them was about him becoming fairly new soldier by age 19 & then one nite picking up this prostitute on the base he was @ who spent the evening with him.

    When he awoke the next morning he noticed she had a cord from her inner leg plugged into the electrical socket by the bed!

    Years later when my finances had been destroyed by some then nefarious influences in my life & I was then about to lose my $300k house, too, in Delano, Minnesota - I was watching the "12 Monkeys" on tv on my birthday in rather depressing solitude - I heard the doorbell ring & there was my old Prescott friend!

    I hadn't seen him in years & yet there he was! How did find me? Well, he had me look @ his vehicle's ownership tags...DOD...Department of Defense.

    Before my friend translated in his 80's - I was able to share a dream about a pastlife with hkm where I once knew my old friend well.

    He had been Pope Leo the Great! And had then protected me because of my rhen physical flying abilities from adversaries.

    Recently I looked @ Pope Leo the Great picture in Wikipedia & was stunned by how much my friend looked like him.

    As for flying monks...I wasn't this guy, but here is a famous example of one📯

    1. Well there we share something in common.
      12 monkeys a great show.Lots of parallels etc. insight? Also liked the original movie back in the day.

    2. I met Al Bielek for an evening back
      in 1996...Fascinating fellow😃

    3. "On a final note this week, while we generally leave the off-world disclosure and UFO-type stuff to others, we felt compelled to send this link sent to us by the CIA containing a link to a UFO allegedly filmed by a Japanese airline passenger on August 2nd.

      These sources say an off-world alliance will soon reveal itself to the world’s public.

      Our stance, however, remains that even if there are UFOs (and this writer has personally seen and photographed some), for now they are not interfering in any visible way in human affairs. We must liberate the planet by ourselves, and if we attain world peace, then hopefully the quarantine on this planet will be lifted." Ben Fulford 's latest report

    4. In no way do I believe there are any ufo's from some other world or place 'out there'. Seeing ufo's means nothing, simply because there is no proof of where they came from.
      I am quite convinced myself, that they are created by our own government and ''are made in the usa'. The only other possibility IMO is that they may be holograms or of some demonic deception.

    5. And that is ok Abby....I already know, though, u r quite mistaken imo☻

      But to give u some info backing your current p.o.v Abby...Here's an old ufo book I have downstairs in my quite extensive library that is available in Amazon - unlike some orher Nazi-era stuff currently😃

      The very best part when I first read it - was in the prologue on Admiral Byrd's little invasion force to Antarctic - getting whipped🎤

    6. From my understanding the purpose of the new space program by President Trump is to deal with protection from the hostile ufo's, that we have been battling since WW1. Anyone every listen to Emory Smith on you tube, he talks about his experience working, I believe it was area 51 as a scientist and all the technology that could solve all earths problems, but is being held back by (they think the masses could not handle the knowledge,that some would not be comprehend without going crazy)being able to deal with the truth. He even mentions in one of his interviews about knowing where the ark of the covenant is. Mentions items inside the ark began a substance called white gold that has amazing powers, claims to have worked there for about 20 yrs or longer. Interesting to listen to.

    7. Actually Trump getting control of above his original 17th grade clearance so he can end the human/child/alien trafficking that Obama identified also a priority imo.

      So much fiat Rothchild created monies disappeared in that as well...Area 51, moon bases & so forth.

      “Good side” of Rothschild family says Trump will stage financial reset
      By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports 98 Comments
      The deadlock has ended in the undeclared U.S. civil war that lasted all summer, and the good guys have already begun a series of stunning moves against the cabal, including shooting down their secret satellites, multiple sources confirm. Also, a complete reset of the global financial system has already begun, assert CIA sources connected to the self-described “good side” of the Rothschild family. And this is just a prelude to what promises to be a very eventful month of September, the sources agree.

      The satellite shoot-down was first reported by the mysterious blogger “Q” and has been independently confirmed by three separate sources. “On August 30, CIA satellites and supercomputers were taken down and likely seized by [U.S. President Donald] Trump’s new space force, and GCHQ [British Intelligence] was removed from the NSA database to also render cabal elements in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, France, Germany, and Israel deaf and blind,” Pentagon sources explained.

      A CIA source in Asia who was involved in setting up the secret satellite network that was taken down last week issued the following warning to colleagues: “We are in potential danger. I hope your vehicles have fuel and you have emergency food and water on hand. There’s no telling who did this or why… and now that some of our satellites are down, God only knows what may be coming at us.”

      Meanwhile, a third source says Nathaniel Rothschild’s faction was involved in the shoot-down, saying, “Nat is back in play. He is with us. We are dismantling the Nazi/Antarctica global grid of communications. This includes several orbiting satellites, one of which has already been eliminated.”

      The communications takedown is a prelude to both a military and financial offensive against the cabal, Pentagon and CIA sources agree. For reasons of operational security, the Pentagon sources cannot say much about the military action other than “a U.S. military offensive is under way to terminate the defenseless and disoriented cabal.” ben's latest labor day report

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Does everyone know where the 501c (3) status came was initiated by the Johnson Act (after Lynden Johnson) to silence the political views of churches, which has made churches weak and puppets to the Corp State...but Trump finally repelled it and gave the churches back the right for their political views...lets see if they take the bone and run with it...!!

    10. james, I heard a little about trump repealing that, but I never heard where he actually did it. That is great, because church goers are still americans with free speech regardless of their personal activities and affiliations.
      I never understood 501c3 because the constitution forbids government making any laws against or regarding 'religion'.
      In reality, 501c3 is a form of tyranny, or shall we say dictatorship. It violates freedom of religion.

      However, I think they should never have used the word 'religion'. They should have used the word 'christianity'. But since they didn't do that, we are now having to allow freedom of islam which has been flooding into our country - - even though islam is not a religion; it is a political party.

    11. Leland, what you just posted from ben fulford's report, is what I posted here early over the weekend, as it just happened this past friday night. Now it makes sense why Trump did not seem to be alarmed about it. I hope what fulford says here IS what is up.

      I just have seen way too much of dealing with symptoms and never going after the actual problem and nipping it at the root. But I'm still waiting to actually SEE some final results.

      An additional Note for an FYI to all: I was just reading that we have 50 Million americans who do not have enough to pay rent and buy food. In my City there is also a huge drive on to Note the same problem, and this is the Capitol of my State! Where jobs are said to be plentiful.

    12. U missed super duper Abby bright @ times the fact u TOTALLY trashes Q recently....Something Ben...whom u have TOTALLY trashed here before as well Abby...well, Ben has acknowledge Q put out the info about those satelites going down before Hal Turner afterwards confirmed it.

      Meanwhile NeonRevolt ~ a Christian ~ help explain why Trump is still Syria....via Q drops here.


    For Anna's perusal....

    1. Oh,''just file yer papers while Trump gets the GDP up and the stock market roaring and 'america will be great again'; never mind all that corruption and unspeakable criminality.''

    2. ":never mind all that corruption and unspeakable criminality.''


      Hence the timeless value of reincarnation to balance the scales of such evils📯

    3. Leland, there are NO second chances. God's word says 'it is appointed unto man ONCE to die, and then the Judgement'.

    4. Abby...u once wrote u would never again acknowledge me here - which I was quite happy about😂

      Now u r utterING via words super duper stupidity aga in spiritual matters which u r TOTALLY ignorant about☇

      May Jesus help u wake up before u find out in the afterlife🎶

      "Then three times, that we know of, Jesus assured his disciples that John the Baptist really was Elijah returned:

      "But I tell you, Elijah has come, and they have done to him everything they wished, just as it is written about him."
      (Mark 9:13)

      "For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John. And if you are willing to accept it, he is the Elijah who was to come." (Matt 11:13-14)

      "But I tell you, Elijah has already come, and they did not recognize him…" Then the disciples understood that he was talking to them about John the Baptist.
      (Matt 17:12-13)"

    5. Leland, if you would study to see the very purpose in the second coming of Christ, you would know that He is coming to bring true Justice, and Justice will be served; it will be far far above 'balancing the scales' and He will not need our help at all.
      There will be no trials, no delays, no appeals, no years to conclude; he has kept track and the evidence is already in. All that is left to do is the Judgement and sentencing. And done !

    6. I get it ABBY...u r so damn special that ONLY U know God's word, the bible & who God's son is.

      Everyone has to agree with your p.o.v. on the TRUTH or they aren't welcome in God's only one true kingdom😅

    7. which bible is she referring to, there are so many versions. Well even King James has his version, I forget where I read it at in a history book that one of the King's had and artist to paint a poltriat of his son and that is the painting that we call the painting of Yeshua. The Bible is also referred to as history of Jesus. Most of the time just in our last 200 years when a book is written of history it usually written in the point of view of who is in charge at the time. A thing I wonder about, out of all the disciples that was around Jesus and listen to his teachings, there is not really to much written of their version of what happen in Jesus day. Then there is this other guy who never knew or met Jesus or heard any of his teachings from Jesus own mouth, and he has been given credence to writing the biggest portion of the bible and he goes by the name of Paul. Is that not a little strange to anyone?

    8. "Then there is this other guy who never knew or met Jesus or heard any of his teachings from Jesus own mouth, and he has been given credence to writing the biggest portion of the bible and he goes by the name of Paul. Is that not a little strange to anyone?" MK

      I love that part, too😂♩

      The so called first pope may have had sex after hanging out with JC😶

  14. A interesting video

    1. I haven't eaten anything from a MacDonald's for over a decade.

      Did u see this expose on MacDonald's lottery giveaway that was totally buried in the news after 911😃

  15. I just had a spiritual awakening...I come here to read Anna's articles.... not you dummies !.... damn !


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