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Thursday, August 23, 2018

There is No Doubt

By Anna Von Reitz

As people wake up they are disoriented like Rip Van Winkle.
Their idea of where they are and what is going on is rooted in the distant past. Of course, they are confused.
And when they get the drift of what has gone on here, they are apt to either be in denial --- oh, no, that couldn't be true! -- or to feel very, very angry and betrayed. Or both.
Often, they lash out at modern day politicians. Some even lash out at me, as if I caused the problem or am suspect because I woke up and took action before they did.
I wish we had some instant fix handy in our hip pockets.
Thanks to the work of researchers---and, ironically, politicians who weighed in over the better part of a hundred years, we know for sure what happened here in America.
For sure. We know how we got here.
We are not confused about who we are.
As each new wave of people wakes up, be prepared to embrace them --- warts, anger, confusion, mistrust, and all. Be kind. Be patient. Take them step-by-step through the history and the logic.
Assure them that although many questions remain, we do know the actual history. We know the motives. We know the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the crimes committed against us.
Assure them that we do have a basic and reliable blueprint for correcting the falsified public records, one American at a time. (See Article 928,
And we have a road map for going forward. We know how our government is supposed to be organized and by whom.
A good portion of the heavy lifting has already been done.


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  1. "For sure. We know how we got here."

    You know nothing, you Delirious hag. You need to be sent to a nursing home.

    1. Me thinks thou doth protest too much! Obviously, you're a troll trying to undermine the revelations of truth! What are you afraid of BAR Rat attorney? The gravy train with biscuit wheels is leaving the station and you aren't on it!

    2. Acknowledge the truth!
      It should learn that its plea’s are first heard and considered, however its lonely, it needs attention, and it feeds on doubt, fear, and probably infant organs!
      It should sit quietly and be thought of as a fool, instead of opening its mouth and removing all doubt!

    3. "It should sit quietly and be thought of as a fool, instead of opening its mouth and removing all doubt!"

      Hire an attorney and do just that. You'll be better off.

    4. A nursing home, what is a nursing home? Sounds like a foreign Master/Slave human trafficking criminal organization.

  2. Desperate useless lier I mean lawyer

  3. Where is the moderator on these posts, someone needs to be bounced!

    1. Someone feels real comfy in their echo chamber haha!

  4. why the hostility/anger? You are venting, but why? Have you been injured by what is being said? Has it changed your life, for the worse? Do you have food in your cupbords, is your rent/mortgage paid, are you and your family healthy? Why not speak well and add to the program/process/mission. Be helpful, and encouraging.

    You vent anger to the wrong person(s), you should let your feelings be know to a Judge, Attorney, Congressman/woman, some of your local leaders, that may do some good. Don't remain in the shadows, come out into the light. Let other people (the multitudes) know who you are, hear what you have to say, i.e. what's bothering you, and maybe they'll join with you.

  5. Ok, people. . .
    It is good that this Unknown character is allowed to post their banter here in this forum. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If we deny them that privilege, we are as bad as the rest of the lot.
    But, in order to silence them, it must be by their choice. Just simply DO NOT ENGAGE! A long as you engage, they will continue to argue. Once they find out that they are utterly wasting their time because no one will engage with them, they will quietly slink away and won't bother us again.
    And, to Unknown, directly. I feel your pain, man! I, like you, was STAUNCHLY against the freedom movements, and learning of the great deceptions in our time and all that has come along in years recent. It, too was of the mindset that surely, our government can't possibly be controlled by a small set of characters in high and lofty places whose only goals are enslavement, control and ultimately the profitable death at any cost, to Mr. and Mrs. America.
    On Anna's work. . . I have been studying and researching this stuff for many years. Learning how it is, how things really work, how they system is stacked 100% NOT in the favor of the people, how we are slaves and don't know it, and how everything the "system" does is for no benefit other than it's own, and how we are robbed of our inheritance, property, and even life itself through the manipulation of everything we think we have control of. And the interesting thing about this is that I had thousands of ours invested before I ever even heard of Anna. When I discovered Anna's work, what is so interesting to me is that just about everything I had learned about how things really worked in those thousands of hours, was nicely wrapped up in a single book, in affidavit form, and presented for rebuttal.
    If you know how an affidavit works, and if you had read that book (affidavit) you would know, without any doubt, that Anna is on the level, truthful and without reproach in that which is being presented.
    Here is how an affidavit works, just in case you don't know.
    Someone writes an affidavit. The affidavit can also be called an "affidavit of truth". So the affidavit is produced. The creator of the affidavit makes claims, accusations, allegations, or whatever you want to call them against another party or group. Then the affidavit is sent to that other party or group for rebuttal. The other party or group has several options. They can acquiesce (ignore it, which by default proves it true), they can rebut, or they can wholly accept it (which also by default proves it true). The only option for it to be brought into question is to be rebutted. Either of the other two options render the affidavit completely true, and it becomes published as being truth.
    Once the other party or group receives the affidavit, they are allowed to rebut any or all of it as being untrue. If any part of it is deemed untrue, the affidavit is returned to the creator for revision, and the untrue items must be stricken from the affidavit. The creator then has the option to re-present the affidavit for further rebuttal. I will stop there as continuance is irrelevant. . .
    Anna created an affidavit, or "Affidavit of Truth" and presented it to the other party for rebuttal. Without fail, every entity that the affidavit was presented to either accepted it or acquiesced (ignored it) which can only mean that everything in that affidavit is 100% true. If it weren't, the other party would have rebutted it. No one rebutted it!
    To be continued. . .

  6. Continued. . .

    So, Unknown, now that you know how an affidavit works, go actually read that affidavit and realize that what Anna says on her site and articles is true, whether we like it or not. Do I agree with everything on there? Absolutely not. Some of it is borderline on the fringe of lunacy! Had I not been doing those thousands of hours of research prior to finding her site and information, you can bet I'd be just like you, here!. Find something you think is "way out there, Anna!" and diligently research it out and you will likely find that it really isn't that far out on the fringe.
    And, if you must comment here, please try to be a positive force for humanity and not a negative force seeing who has the loudest shout. Just simply the fact that you are allowed to banter in this forum, could simply be that it is to show how ignorant and deceived someone can actually be. Go ahead and rebut that statement. Won't hurt my feelings one little bit. I fully believe everyone who posts here has that right as long as they keep it sane and family-friendly! No name calling. This isn't third grade playground, here. We are rational adults and many of us have actually waken up way prior to finding Anna's work.
    To everyone else... Sorry for the long post. I have no doubt that Unknown will have something to say, but I have said my piece and will not engage again.
    Everyone, HAVE A GREAT DAY!


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