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Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Weapon of Indignation

By Anna Von Reitz

A brief word about all the people running around preaching doom and having morbid fantasies about the "weapon of indignation".
Ever heard of the "Sword of Truth"?
The battles of the Latter Days are wars of the spirit, in which we contend with the Powers of the Air (ideas, idols, patents and copyrights, legal fictions of every kind--our own thoughts gone astray) and Evil in High Places.
The final crisis is clearly a test of our ability to discern and choose the Truth instead of the Lie.
And the Weapon of Indignation is what it says it is.
What destroys Mystery Babylon -- including the Satanist cells in the Roman Catholic Church, the corrupted fraternal organizations, the Hollywood and media "Sex and Death" industry, the poisoners at Monsanto and CDC, the arms dealers, the political lobbies, and the self-seeking commercial corporations that have been instrumental in causing all these problems -- is righteous indignation.
Not some fanciful unknown weapon. Not an EMP.
Our awareness of who they are and what they have been doing ---and our righteous indignation in response-- is what puts an end to Mystery Babylon.


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  1. Trump's righteous indignation has got him this far.

  2. Come on everyone. Let's add some more righteous indignation and tip this scale.

  3. Now this has an abundance of Truth within it.
    i still believe however that the destruction of satanist 'cells' within the vatican is not the complete picture. i also do not believe in the pope vs anti pope narrative.
    i also believe you are correct while an emp or nuclear device is powerfull etc. What is stronger? A creator who controls the universe, The Sun. A look at what the Sun can do will greatly diminish your concept of man and his nukes.
    Suspicious Observers' is a good and reliable site to expand your knowledge. The free access is enough.

    1. Your Righteous Indignation will lead to further eroding of your rights you retard. You all are pawns. So go ahead and react. It will lead to more amendments to the U.S. constitution. Means will justify the ends. Your righteous indignation is the means, erosion of certain rights is the ends.You morons cannot keep your farms, homes, children, etc., much less than win a war against the deep state. You'll never get it. You are sheep being led to slaughter.

    2. By now everyone ought to have learned of the upcoming last days great tribulation, which will be worldwide, and last for 7 years increasing with intensity over that Time, and is WW3. It will be a Time like no man has ever seen before; mens hearts will be failing them for what they see coming upon the earth. Luke 21:26

      Now does that sound like some people's mere 'righteous indignation' is going to cause those heart attacks? Time to stop making light of this; its going to be an atrocity beyond yer wildest imagination and its going to last for 7 years.
      Also keep in mind that during that entire Time, the world will be under the Dictatorship of the Antichrist who is totally demon possessed. It will be a time of lawlessness like you cannot even fathom. (It is written; I do not make this stuff up to try to scare the hell outta people.)

    3. ^ Self fulfilling prophecy. No one can prove which came first. The chicken of the egg.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Come on Abby,
      Revelation 9 says that all the people will be tormented by the Locust Army for five months. The locust Army is controlled by Satan himself. In Revelation 12, when Satan is kicked out of heaven, the Bible says,” he is wroth knowing that he hath but a short time.” A short time to get all the people to follow him. The Bible even says that the tribulation will be shortened to five months, because if it wasn’t, the signs and wonders that the demons are going to use will be strong enough in as much as if it was possible to deceive the very elect, so God has shortened the days.

      There are some YouTube videos that show supposed “magicians” doing things that are physically impossible to do in a human form. You cannot take the watch off somebody’s wrist, put it on a watch display that is set inside the window, behind a glass storefront case, then roll up your sleeve and visibly stick your hand through the plate glass window and get the watch out without any damage to you or the glass. That is impossible.. That is unless you are getting help from a demon and able to manipulate dimensions! This particular program I watched showing demons help magicians do this stuff, is almost 2 hours long. I would say everybody that reads these messages needs to watch part of this program and see how deceptive these people are.
      They show people levitating in the middle of nothing. They show people walking through solid metal gates with only a blanket covering them.

      The evil demonic spirits have been here. Ever since the time of the good spirit, known as the Holy Spirit. You can’t have one without the other.

    6. Hi Fruit Inspecter, sorry but what I said is correct, 7 yrs. What you read in Rev. 9 is just the fifth angel. There are all the Seals that are opened before that, and then more angels after the 5th one in Rev.9. Then there are all the bowls of judgement as well. The entire book of Rev. itemizes each of the judgements, separately.
      I Rev. 11 you see in v. 2 where God gives power to the Two Witnesses for 42 months (3 1/2 yrs, which is the entire first half of the 7 yrs. Trib period) In v. 6 it tells us they will have power to stop the rains for that entire time.
      So if you read all of the Book of Rev, you will see it.

      Yes, demons have always been here, at least for a very long time. He is invisible just as the holy spirit is, but they both function in real life, and in the lives of people. These demons are what puts all the unspeakable atrocious things into the minds of people who do evil, and we can see it.

      I tend to think that these unbelievable magicians are aided by demonic spirits. But they have had to sell their souls to the devil, in exchange for the lucrative living they make.....which will End far sooner than they know. Then they will end up in hell, naked and poor for all eternity. Thats just IMO. I have no facts on any of that stuff.

  4. Acknowledge the truth!

    1. That's right, you filthy monkey. Remain in your little echo chamber till the resonance causes microwaves that will boil you from the inside out.

  5. Whew, this is probably the biggest ''watering down' Ive ever heard; and it comes from one who claims to have some relationship with God. ? Thats almost hard to believe, because if you read and studied the last Book, Revelation, you would clearly see Who wipes out all the wicked and wickedness of the entire earth.......and it sure ain't 'Our righteous indignation'. In fact Man has no righteousness at all; they may just be indignant and selfishly so.

    Here is Who will clean it up: Rev.19:13 and he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood and his name is called the Word of God. (Jesus) v.15 And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations and he shall rule them with a rod of iron and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God

    (Mans focus should be on making sure ya don't get included in that clean up)

    1. Don't underestimate the old hag that sits on her high horse in Alaska. She's likely part of the movement that force feeds "prophecy" into the throats of unsuspecting sheeple.

      Like I've said in previous posts in this formum site, Anna attends her sunday Lutheran and winks at the people who are in the inner sanctum of the sanctum. Their purpose is to fulfill prophecy by any means necessary. Even if it means misleading people and causing chaos. This is why no amount of reasoning will EVER get through to people like ANNA. They are hell bent on creating chaos. Sticking to the script that has been handed down to them. Using their ill gotten social capital to create more destruction instead of construction. Anna is increasingly aging. She knows her time is running out. This further adds to her recalcitrance. At what point do be simply dismiss these OLD FARTS as insane rambling people and completely ignore them? She's likely got 10 - 20 years left in her earthly flesh. That's even if she's lucky. May she spend the rest of her life in a nursing home unable to wipe her own ass.

  6. Abby, truly loving God and your fellow man will take care of your concern
    of "making sure ya don't get included in that clean up."
    And, UNKNOWN, it would truly be a blessing, if you would make yourself 'unknown' to Anna's posts. Nothing you say or can say will affect those who truly discern and know the truth, and those still floundering will eventually know you for the phony you are provided they trust their Creator and keep on keeping on.

  7. Why talk about "indignation" and "Babylon?"
    The time spent on "that" could be put to better use, and talk "to-the-people" about things/subjects that they can use, i.e. put to use, in their everyday lives. Subjects that will educate and improve their lives. Subjects that they can use to "GET-OUT-OF-THEY'RE-EVERYDAY-HELL."


    I'm eighty-one years of age and I've functioned "through" the system for a very long time, so I'm wondering, how will this change my life (actually, I know) but my concern is not about me. How will it change the lives of the young people, i.e. moving about through their commercial lives and raising their children. That is important to me, as I have many children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild. My interest is not only for myself and my family, it is for the millions of Americans that are totally unaware and are being raped by a system that I know, all-to-well.

    1. Getting to know God through the Son is the best path for anyone to follow.
      Being able to overcome the world as he did.
      Getting up and knowing that you can get through anything the world throws at you and be stronger for it.
      Discerning Truth from lies.Becoming and longing to become a better person than we are, than we have been with His Holy Spirit within each of us.
      These are a plus for any one. Ourselves, our children, our grandchildren,
      His family, His governance, that is to be desired.
      Taking an account of our wrongs, our debts (trespasses) of others our hatred our misdeeds our words, is the beginning of an personal relationship with Yahuah.

    2. a follower, I assumed you realized that the holy spirit is only in those who have gotten saved.

    3. a follower, it is Repentance that is the beginning of a relationship with Christ.

  8. Anna. I love when I feel a deep connection with your postings and this is one of those. Like the Two Gods - Which Do You Follow? post which I also loved. I feel it in my bones as truth and whether the troll, unknown, leaves 1 comment or 20 comments doesn't make your post any less awesome. As I rarely read his funk anyways. . Or Abbys, for what its worth. Just so BORING. Something that your posts never are. Appreciate you and your team. Love your books too BTW. Peace and God Bless. P.S. Ban unknown.

    1. Well digel you just read whatever your little ole heart likes to read, and if you want to be deceived, then you just go right ahead and believe that there are suddenly Two Gods, Lol.
      Its people like you that are ripe for your Antichrist guy who will tell you he is God and you're gonna believe that too.


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