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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

News for All U.S. Vets -----

By Anna Von Reitz

You have not been discharged from military service. A DD 214 is not what it appears to be and is not sufficient to do the job.

To get completely out and away and to receive the money and credit you are actually owed requires you to "discharge yourself"---- like discharging yourself from the hospital.

The form needed to do this is the DD 2168 which is readily available on the internet as an interactive form you can fill out and then print off and sign.

The instructions about where to send it are with the online form and includes Coast Guard.

For those of you who served in more than one branch of the service, it is necessary to add a brief "itinerary" of service, for example, "I was inducted into the Coast Guard on May 3, 1989 at Long Beach, California and served four years prior to discharge on June 5, 1993. I then joined the U.S. Marine Corps......."

This blow-by-blow is necessary because the bureaucrats need to sequentially process the paperwork releasing you from each branch of service.

The latest information I have from the military is that you should send in DD 2168's to each branch you served in and include a copy of your service itinerary with each one, so that they can coordinate your final discharge.

Upon final discharge you are free to return to private life and to your birthright political status and to receive all service-related perks that you are owed.

Obviously, until you are fully, finally, and absolutely released from all presumptions and obligations of military service, you cannot return to your natural and original political status as an American state national, so for all of those who have followed my instructions to recoup your birthright standing, this is one more hoop for those who have served in the US military.

Letter to Accompany DD 2168

Dear Sirs: 

My intention in submitting this "application" is to allow you to access my service record and satisfy yourselves that I am properly and completely discharged from any other, further, or additional claim or service obligation referenced by Public Law 95-202 and the associated Executive Order.  

It is my wish and intention that I shall be recognized now and forevermore as fully, completely, and permanently discharged from U.S. military service and severed from the accompanying obligations of federal citizenship.  

I have returned to my natural birthright political status and removed my permanent domicile to the land and soil of my birth state. 

Please confirm my election to be removed from any further claim of federal connection effective with my date of discharge as shown on the DD 214 associated with my name.   

Sincerely yours, 

by:  Your First Middle Last
c/o Your Address


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  1. Every time you turn around it's always something else with b.s.

    1. He or she or it was supposed to be blocked...I will gix tnis.

    2. Unknown r u voting for Killary again in 2020 if she isn't in jail yet?

  2. You mean they retain a claim over us? Oh like DMV,BANK ACC,SS,14 ammendment U.S. citizen , state property privileged to use thair land ,federal claim on our production.

    1. it means you receive a Certificate of Service proving you actually served, if the proof is needed possible for applying for benefits, and proving you were officially discharged from service. But obviously if you were not then you are in dereliction of duty and/or still do benefits as an active serviceman ???

  3. It would appear that the lack of the DD2168 is the reason why vets are treated so poorly. They are still classified somewhere as active duty I suppose.

  4. My husbands retirement and disability is the only money we have available right now. We are afraid that if he files that form that the payments may stop.

    1. As a 'Beneficiary', to 'whatever', no one can touch what you are heir to. Answer: Your hubby, the human being, (as with anyone)was never getting (anything) the pensions now was he? 'HUBBY' is getting them. And, 'Hubby', needs to make sure he is the what...? *Starts with a 'B'. ;)

  5. Anna.. could you be a little more specific for us disabled veterans?

  6. Well, the payments are earned, owed by law. VA has job adds and a lot of other stuff for US Citizens. So if a relative of yours fought in the Revolutionary War they were not a U.S. Citizen since that did not start until 1860s. Signing up I got a lot of fine print contracts enough it would take a day or two two to read and you are offered of course to read it if you want to get hung up and wait, pay your own hotel etc. so most just sign and keep on movin not knowing what was just agreed to. My experience is you may have to send the forms a few times or make calls. Even while on active duty it took years sometimes to find a competant voice on the other end that knew what you were asking and who would take care of it often right away. It is a good idea to get it straignt that you are an American National and not listed as forecloseable collateral on the United States debt unconstitutional "money" system. The nationals own the country and constitute govenments. U.S. Citizens are subjects and the law in several cases points out that a citizen is the same as a subject. Hmmm. Check out how to write a proper letter to the Queen that is for obedient, loyal monarch loving subjects and see if you really wanna be one or be an American National with no monarch and by declaration a government that is of, by for to and from the people who by law are the monarchs here in The United States of America not King George and the empires United States service company.

  7. Is a hotlink available for "the DD 2168 ... on the internet as an interactive form ..."?

    1. Are you that lazy? Read above & work for your freedom... I googled it and yes it is there to do your homework, thank you!

    2. I'd like to have Anna, Paul or another trustworthy soul provide
      a hotlink for "the DD 2168 ... on the internet as an interactive form ...". I saw several sites in my search results that included at least a mention of this form and that fact underscored my wanting "the one" that Anna might have had in mind. (I prefer to avoid new sites and all the unexpected pop-ups, etc.)

      Speaking of mind - you, "Jasun", do not know me and you have no idea of all the hours that I spend researching Law and related subjects to verify material that other people present and that I typically prefer to have links for when I post at one of my several blogs. And as far as working "for my freedom" I have about thirty-eight years doing just that. How many years do you have my friend? Have a nice day!

  8. Thk You Judge Anna & Paul, Just It's Time To Hear The Truth, & Help Our Men & Women For There Services .

  9. Pardon me but it looks like you must be free from military obligations BEFORE FILING for your birthright political status.

    (1) Upon final discharge you are free to return to private life and to your birthright political status and to receive all service-related perks that you are owed.

    (2) Obviously, until you are fully, finally, and absolutely released from all presumptions and obligations of military service, you cannot return to your natural and original political status as an American state national, so for all of those who have followed my instructions to recoup your birthright standing, this is one more hoop for those who have served in the US military.

    (3) It is my wish and intention that I shall be recognized now and forevermore as fully, completely, and permanently discharged from U.S. military service and severed from the accompanying obligations of federal citizenship.

    (4) I have returned to my natural birthright political status and removed my permanent domicile to the land and soil of my birth state.

    1. Odddog yes you are right no job in Gov. at all, plus you cannot live on Federal propriety. Then one can do there paperwork forwards to be landed.

    2. Olddog sorry I caught that, I need glasses. Also l am on a IPhone 6+. Peace!

    3. Yes, Olddog, that's exactly what Anna is saying.

  10. This form is to submit personal verification that the individual served in the armed forces under "penalties" of perjury. that means being tried twice for same crime! Like if a man served in the Merchant Marines for example or WWll verterans. I have found no other usage for this form. So if you have proof that this form is for what you claim it to be please provide it. Making such presumptions and directing people to follow thru at their own risk without actual proof is like putting your hands in a cobra's nest cause someone said it wasn't there.

    AUTHORITY: Public Law 95-202, Sec. 401, and EO 9397.
    PRINCIPAL PURPOSE(S): To assist the Secretaries of the Armed Forces in determining if applicant was member of a group which has been found to have performed active military service, and, after an affirmative finding as to the applicant, to assist the Secretary of an Armed Force in issuing an appropriate certificate of service.

    ROUTINE USE(S): The information may be released to the civilian employer or contractual group or the Department of Homeland Security (for Coast Guard applicants)
    to support the member's claim. To the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide substantiation for benefit eligibility. To the Department of Justice in pending or potential
    litigation to which the record is pertinent.

    1. LOL SO... you cut and paste the information directly from the application and clearly don't comprehend what it is saying ???
      It assists in the issue of a "certificate of service" which then may be released for certain circumstances where the information is required, kinda like a Birth Certificate.
      LOL so verifying your service information under PofP is some how being tried twice for a crime???

    2. yet you still following ??? HAHAHA !!!!!

  11. We all know that we hear all the time that So and So received an ''Honorable Discharge from the Army'' or was dishonorably discharged. That to me sounds like a legitimate Discharge, since discharge means Discharge.

    I remember when employers would ask to see ones Discharge papers for certain employment. That was ONLY to see if they were Honorable or Dishonorable, sort of as a form of reference to their background check.

    As far as I know, IF the 214 wasn't a full discharge (?) it would only be leaving a door open to Recall a veteran back to Duty. I would think if one is DISABLED, that is very unlikely to happen.

    More playing with words now? Discharge now does not mean Discharge?

    Im not military, but I know that I was born as a National in a particular month on the 6th; my BC is not registered by the rats until about the middle of the following month, on the 15th. After that, nobody has asked me if I wanted to change my Status, and since I havent changed it, if somebody else did, then as far as I'm concerned I am still a National and all else is null and void.

    Give it all the big Stroke of the Pen and put an end to it. What is done can be undone the same way.

    I am also curious if Mr. James Belcher has ever had a face to face meeting with President Trump? Have you ever thought of doing that, and if not, why not?

  12. Thanks for sharing this, C. Johnson. Very important point!

  13. This is no news. This is horseshit.

    1. BE easy "disabled vet" could mean shrapnel to the brain, or they misdiagnosed his limp wrist with an actual injury???
      UCADIA my ass what a rip-off artist, more like Ecclesia Fraud-ation.

  14. has anyone seen this?(only concerns Californians.

  15. I actually have my discharge document framed. I think this is just another load of horse shit to get you to file some crap in "their" system. Just my opinion.

  16. Posted for Anna:

    Dear C. Johnson, would love to talk to you directly and find out more about your communications with both IRS and SSA. It is indeed possible to get everything straightened out, but so few people have been determined and asked for the service that over time it has gotten harder to make the right connections. Getting the right addresses is often key to success. Would you be willing to do a little research and share what you find out for other readers who are not as adept at tracking these things down?

    Anna Maria

  17. C. Johnson Anna would like to have your email address so she can discuss some of this with you.

    Please email her at

  18. Real, living men & women DO NOT have first, middle & last names
    persons, legal fictions, fictions in law, individuals,idiots, wards of the court, corporations, et al. do.


    Living sentient souls have given & family names.

  19. C.Johnson, This a rhetorical question. "By universal and international law, no man or woman can be without a country citizenship." Isn't this just the rulers telling the ruled that we cannot allow you to be stateless and under God's law?

    Or to put it another way, We cannot allow you to be above the concept of Man's law. We cannot allow you to be the director of government. We cannot recognize the living soul as the creator of government to which we must be subservient, so we created the concept of "natural person" so that you can participate in our commercial system and be subservient to US when you do!

    I tend to view the body as an expression of the soul, not a representative of same. But that doesn't fit the scheme. To undue it would require the abolition of Admiralty/maritime all together. Now, wouldn't that be a hoot!

  20. C., the point of the question was to nudge those caught in the never ending quest for the "silver bullet" they believe will be found in some statute somewhere or for assuming the proper "capacity" toward understanding the true nature of the parties we encounter when dealing with government and who we are in relation to them.

    I applaud your work with EIN and SSN status, but those things are still within the framework of positive law. And it appears, from what you have accomplished, that they have thrown us a bone; given us a way to move from the kids table to the adult table. But it is still their table! Yes, having a private EIN and SSN may permit you to work and have a bank account etc. and not be liable for their taxes but you are still jumping through their hoops, albeit a separate set of hoops.

    RB Young once told me his goal was to rise above all of that and to operate as a Man, made in God's image. He had managed to convince the local Feds in kalispell that the only thing he needed to cross the border into and out of Canada was a Bible in his hand. And he did it, too.

    Private person, natural person are both persons. They are both legal constructs. The entire concept of "person" is in conflict with natural law. In legal land I may be a Man operating in the capacity of the person of Dentist which, in effect, separates me from the person known as a Dentist. In Natural law, I am a Man who knows something about dentistry and helps others out of their dental misery. There is no "person" or other there, only a Man with particular knowledge. Do you see the difference?

    I often hear, in response to this line of thinking, that THEY don't recognize a Man made in God's image; that THEY will use capacity against you, so watch out! Truth is, they not only recognize a Man, but they are scared shitless of him and will use any trick in the book to drag him into their world.

    I support Anna's work because, on one level she is attacking the problem at the root, the proper relationship of the parties. If that work is successful it will restore the court system to its proper function. But to play their games in court, or in dealing with government in general, only prolongs the game they are playing. If karl lentz has anything right, it is that statutory law does not apply to a Man (except in cases of injury or harm, and Batman has proven that even in cases of injury or harm the statutes are commercial and if one knows what they are doing one can get away with murder).

    The point of this diatribe is that we must look forward. We must change our minds about how we deal with the hired help. Sure, at this point, trying to convince your "employer" that he is not only in violation of the IRC but engaged in criminal activity by forcing you to adhere to what he believes is "law" is a tough roe to hoe. But we only prolong the game by playing it. Cont.

  21. You say they are holding the cards. No, we are holding the cards and we have a straight flush only we don't recognize what we are holding. Just peruse Title 18 USC. It is chock full of "our side" of the law. It is replete with penalties for wrong doers in government. Using it may be necessary at first to alert these people that we are on to their game, but that is an act of war and we must be judicial in our use of it. The goal is peace, not war.

    I have been at this a long time and I know of all the things you bring up. I have spent years trying to sort them out, going down rabbit holes and asking stupid questions and proposing silly "remedies." All in an effort to understand the machinations of what these people are doing. I don't have a 500 IQ or a gozillion terabit hard drive wired to my brain necessary to fully understand what the devil has made. I only have the knowledge that what they have made is a counterfeit, fake, a labyrinth that once entered into, is nearly impossible to find your way out.

    I don't know why some men seek power over others. Seems to me they are applying for the job of janitor. Once you gain control of the world you still have to paint it every ten years or so or the siding begins to rot. I do know that they gained power because we trusted them. It's time for the householder to return and put the maid back into her place. And that must be done in our minds first. Once you understand the proper relationship between the parties, then the work of correcting it can be done. THAT part is what we are dealing with now. It may be as simple as saying NO! Wouldn't THAT be a hoot!

  22. Rog, for most of us, we know the problem, and we know a lot about the remedies as well. But the big snag is, Enforcement.

  23. C. I appreciate your response. I will take issue with you on one thing and then move on. You talk of persona grata, one who is acceptable or welcome to...a foreign government, the "person" they recognize. I get the impression, correct me if I'm wrong, you consider this to be the body separate from the "living soul," am I on the right track here?

    I don't argue this point, I just disagree. Soul+body of homo sapiens sapiens=living soul=Man (all creations of God). It was to Man that God gave dominion over the earth, not some disembodied soul. This view separates Man from Person and does not confer personhood upon the body as some sort of birthright; which kinda changes things a bit. The concept of person can then be thrown out like last year's Halloween mask.

    Ok, You are right people are sheep. Why not lead them into freedom? If there is one thing Man is good at, it's adapting to new circumstances.

    Yes, I'm idealistic. Would we have our cars if someone hadn't thought, hey, maybe I can harness this explosive stuff, gas, and put it to work?

    Idealism is the last refuge of the cornered, which refers to Abby's question about enforcement. I'm not sure how to enforce this stuff without violence if the owners decide they have had enough of our meddling except to replace it. They are certainly not above genocide if the slaves protest too much. I am seeing evidence that this is exactly what is going on is some courts. Things like bailiffs tearing up paperwork because they don't like the way a Man signed it, V.C., without prejudice, na, etc. thereby forcing them to go with the program OR ELSE! We can go after them using the code, but then, well you get the picture.

    The system is Satanic. Those who defend stuff like the "Public Trust" and our "duty" to reduce the debt are little more than snowflake socialists. I don't approve of the public trust anymore than I believe I have some duty to pay the debts of a gang of criminals. The system is SO evil and SO over burdened its demise is all but assured. I believe most people can only tolerate so much evil and quickly tire of it. We are seeing rumblings of this in the number of whistle blowers and such coming out of the woodwork.

    Side topic. I believe Mandel House was relaying policy to Wilson in the famous bit about the ancient system of pledges because it appears in a letter between bankers here and the Rothschild brothers in England some 60 or 70 years earlier almost word for word. To believe this system was set up for our benefit is in conflict with the stated policy.

    We are stuck in a situation where evil has tipped the seesaw so heavily to one side that nature will demand balance. One thing I've noticed about nature, she doesn't F#&% around! She is a drama queen, she likes a good show. I think the best we can do is be ready with a new plan when she wraps up the story in the last scene. And by the way, I'm no longer an anarchist , accepting human nature for what it is, rather some other form of governance based wholly on negative, natural law.

  24. C. The foundation is rotten. It's just a matter of time.

  25. Yes my DD214 created an additional 'Cestui que'

  26. What about the back pay we are all due from the Cestui que Trust that was created when we joined up and when we ETS'd?
    I want what is mine! I want all Veterans to have the full benefits and WEALTH $$ they deserve!

    1. C. Johnson--
      Thanks for your great explanation! One point of clarification, please: It was not the Certificate of Live Birth (the one with the mother's and doctor's signatures) that caused the UN-NATURAL BIRTH; it was the Birth Certificate (the one that looks like a bond) that did so. Correct?

    2. C. Johnson: What a wonderfully thorough explanation you've given! Thank you very very much. Guess what? I have a question! Given your explanation, why is so much emphasis put on which evidence of birth (COLB vs. BC) to use when clarifying one's status?

    3. Wow! You've really been able to figure it out! (I'd bet you're a heckuva' chess player.) Thank you for your explanation.

    4. C. Johnson, thank you for your timely and detailed response!
      So, what about the alleged back pay that was rumored by Anna on this issue. She said one was due all back pay..I presume this means since my ETS some 30+ years ago I have been paid x $ per month as a mercinary without my knowledge or consent.
      So when I convert back to 100% National by filing form 2168, will they send me a check for my backpay and any other benefits I may be due?
      I will do the conversion either way as I value my National status and care not to be a US debt slave...
      However, i don't like the idea of unjustly if not criminally not being paid my just due and I am sure nobody else does either.
      Also, given what you've written I am now wondering if I was issued the correct CoLB or simply a BC by my Birth state which I acquired under the presumption that I may visit Indonesia some day. I understand the Long Form is much more detailed than the Short Form but which is most important?
      I have already submitted and received Authentication from my Birth State of Maryland and am now somewhat hesitant to forward them to the Federal Government for their Authentication as I am wondering if I even need to bother since they are the ones I am trying to get out from under and put them back UNDER Me and my Authority where they belong!
      If I am due pay and benefits that I can utilize without giving up my Sovereingty, I'm all for it! As long as none of it puts me back UNDER their jurisdiction.
      I know there are advantages to having everything housed in a Trust but it is really necessary to have a Trust to be fully protected from their Tyranny in the first place?
      Or is it a simple matter of my just BEING WHO and WHAT I am in the first place, a Sovereign American National with SUPERIOR rights and POWER over the Rats no matter what they attempt to lable my body. As long as I use the correct verbage when dealing with them and watch what I sign or say, am I already good to go?
      Or is doing all that paperwork to supposedly get free of them actually necessary in the first place?
      I know this. I want out from the trap and I shall be free of it one way or the other.
      As a 'BEING' body's can be a real pain the ars even though BEING's don't have an ars much less a body! :D

    5. Got it, thanks!
      So, I just filled out and mailed in my DD2168 today.
      So I'm moving back into the Private sector, so to speak, as far as the Military goes..
      I also plan to change my Status on my SS-5 to Legal Alien allowed to work.
      That's the only other option I can check from what I can tell. I do not want to be considered a US Citizen in any case.
      So back to DD2168, I have asked this question 2 times now with no answer. Are you avoiding the question? Anna says that once my DD2168 is approved, I am then entitled to all back benefits including back pay, in so many words. Will the Army do this automatically and send me a check for the monies they owe me for 30+ years of involuntary servatude? One for both my Statuses? ;)
      That would be nice!
      Or am I going to have to fill out yet more forms to get what I am entitled to? And if so, what forms are they?
      I agree with you about all the procedures floating around out here. I am not gullible enough to take anyone words seriously where so called remedies and procedures go with regard my Status.
      I do like what you're saying about Operating in Contracts. I know practially everything we do is a contract of some sort be it written or oral, formalized or not.
      I do believe knowing how to OPERATE is important and Key to geting on with my Dual Status life and livingness.
      I also find it comforting that given I learn well enough that I can operate in either Status without co-mingling between Private and Public.
      I understand the difference between getting stuck in all the significances and keeping it simple. Simplicity comes about with Comprehension as one can more easily apply data in a pracitcal and competent and safe manner without getting trapped by the Rats!

    6. Thanks
      Interestingly enough I just got done reading what you suggested previously about my 3 ID's! Yes, I completely understand and thanks for clarifying and verifying what I knew and was wondering if I had it right in the first place. ;)
      I love your explanations, they're very eye opening!
      I know there are no quick fixes no matter the recipes others come out with...I realized a while back that I need to know this stuff cold and be able to operate competently of and on my own and in my own square! I have no problem with that.
      As for form ss5 there are only 3 options, 1 citizen, 2 legal alien, 3 Other and its options do not apply to me either.
      So since I have 3 ID's anyway, I might as well just leave it alone as it is US Citizen anyway since it's for the LEGAL namesake Entity anyway.
      I know that I can utilize the LEGAL entity's benefits or not use them.
      I know I can be a Private People when pulled over by a revenuer and have fun with them trying to trick me into submitting to their jurisdiction...peacefully and even enjoyably as well as educational for them too.
      I'm still learning how to balance all this and am far from what I would call 100% competent if not 100% confident either.
      I just want to cut through all the time wasting BS that's out here and cut to the chase and get this all under my belt so I can confidently and competently operate thusly! ;)

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. C. Johnson. So how do we all learn HOW things work, exactly and take the reigns and make things happen for ourselves and our fellow's?
      Do you teach this?

    9. Dear C.J!
      I know what you're saying. I have read what you suggested months ago and perhaps I should go back through them again. But I did conclude that A4V does work if done correctly. It is the means by which any debt can be discharged. How one wrights one up and where one sends it makes all the difference between a discharged debt and possible jail time. I agree on what you say about where people have been sending such paperwork leading them into big trouble when all they are trying to do is access and utilize their just due CREDIT!
      I now beleive that the correct way to do it is to send in the A4V to ones Creditor with proper instructions on what they ARE TO DO with it in order to get paid...
      Make sense?
      I have someone telling me and showing me alleged proof of their correct A4V remedy working in paying off all forms of Debt.
      I'm considering going with them and seeing for myself if it works or not. I am of the opinion at this time that there is a very good chance their remedy is correct and does indeed work!
      That's what most folks want, a REMEDY to their financial plight taking that pressure off their backs so they can then learn to become ACES at wheeling and dealing in the 3ID's! ;)
      How about them apples?

    10. CJ, cool!
      Which CFR Title did you apply to your debt/credit situation? I'm still wrapping my head around U.C.C.1.
      I got it on the window meetings with cops.
      Also, as for dealing with the IRS, I tend to think this simple remedy works pretty good - "I Accept your offer upon proof of claim!" How's that for direct?

    11. Excellent! :D Love it!
      Well, it was only one method I had heard from some self taught lawyer guy...
      Most say that you will end up doing it your own way at some point.
      Many different constructs can work as well as the other. I recon it's all in getting the intention through their thick skulls to cooperate and do their jobs!
      I do Love your sensible, KISS approach to it all. I am the same way where KISS rules!
      I also love the idea of not having to study tons and tons of crap I don't need to know anyway in order to work the $y$tem righteously.
      So simply by declaring ones 'status' at a given point in time, one can step between any of the 3 ID's in order to accomplish one's goal's.
      I want to try A4V now.
      Thank you for the CFR Link!

    12. Hi CJ!
      Well, don't panic! I'm not using A4V right now and I may never even try to use it.
      But I am curious as to your advocacy for the IRS being righteous in their extortion and waste.
      I have seen and talked to xIRS agents who have proven there are no laws forcing one to contract with them. It is also well known that the IRS is a PRIVATE CORPORATION and not even based in the USA nor even allowed to operate in the USA anymore.
      At any rate, I have no quarrels with them.
      As for the bee hives you purport to know about, I don't do bee hives, they sting and can even kill one dead these days!
      I'm ambitious but I am not stupid.
      I simply want out of the trap and want to be able to exchange my own value for products and services and preferably without contracting with the $y$tem at all for I do not want to be under its jurisdiction.
      Like you say "who gave you jurisdiction over me?" ;)
      So, how do I go about learning to do great contracts? Do you teach this?

    13. Yeah, anyway, you went way overboard there honey!
      I do know the difference between Legal and Lawful.
      If you're going to preach and teach, then do something about it other than lead people down a path with no clear route to continue on by themselves!
      Also, you're beginning to sound like an Agent OF the System! Not an advocate otherwise!
      I cite HJR-192 to cut through all the BS they throw up at people trying to utilize it through their Legal Enslavement System!
      In ANY CASE, I INTEND TO WIN on my own behalf and on behalf of all those being fucked over by the maggotry running the system!
      One last thing. NEVER attempt to tell me what to do! No matter how well veiled, I ALWAYS find out! ;)
      Good luck CJ. It's been interesting!

  27. Oh, and Thank You Judge Anna! You're the best!

  28. C. Johnson: I really hate to see you go. You explain things so thoroughly that even I can comprehend the big picture--the underlying principles. Plus I love your passion. If there's any possibility of staying in touch with you, would you please email me at ?

    Thank you for the great information and wisdom and generosity. Best wishes to you!

  29. C. Johnson is a Wolf in sheeps cloathing! A cloaked Government Agent who's OBVIOUS goal and purpose is to keep people from learning the truth and being able to utilize their just due per HJR-192. DO NOT LET ANYONE KEEP YOU FROM ACCESSING YOUR VALUE! Do it correctly and you will be fine!
    Don't get stuck in its words, pay attention to the results or lack thereof!
    C. Johnson is a Government SHILL! An AGENT! IGNORE IT!

  30. C, you are so wrong! I read everything you suggested but found you trying to throw me off the marke expecting me to take your word for it that there are no LEGAL avenues to take advantage of A4V.
    Others say it works but the ones that do, want up front FRN's so they instantly get a RED FLAG and do not get my business.
    I know what you're saying. I'm a lot more studied and learned than you think.
    And please, stop the childishness. No need for it and it's as useless as war!
    I know about Strout and HATJ and others. But I also know about others who have supposedly been using A4V for decades without hassles. It's hearsay but so is a lot of this!
    Where's the PROOF?
    Strout got nailed because his procedures were incorrect.
    HATJ is an Agent and I am sure she's been out, if she ever went in jail, and living at home laughing at all those she helped to keep off the mark.
    I DO KNOW of other procedures that are outside the so called norm that are being touted as superior to any remedies out here right now and am looking into it currently.
    Oh, and I AM FREE! THEY just don't realize it! YET!

  31. Funny you don't mention 'changing one's status' or 'setting up a Trust to house and operate the ALL CAPS TRUST' at arms length so it doesn't matter if they like you using their system or YOUR VALUE or not!
    There are consequences for their unlawful actions and they know it too!
    You keep talking about teaching yet haven't taught a thing.
    You say you KNOW the BETTER WAY yet you don't specify what that way is other than barking the phrase "who gave you juristiction over me?" Yeah, like that will work 100% of the time, if at all!
    So, what DO you KNOW?

  32. Non-sequiter there honey....
    Nobody is asking for your are you?
    Anyway, put up or shut up...

  33. Toy's -r- Us
    CJ, you should be talking into a mirror with all that childish ranting..look at what you just wrote... :D!
    You're off the mark quite a huge amount with regard your lame attempts at evaluating others.
    You have no idea the calibur of my business accumen nor even have the faintest idea what I know. For all you know, I've been toying with you, with great success!
    Tell that to yourself in the mirror next time you rook!

  34. The DD2168 is an "Application" for discharge from active duty military service used primarily for folks whose service is in question... such as civilians contracted by the military and awarded equivalent service. That is why the form requires accompanying proof. For most vets who were actually on active duty, the form is not required. For DD2168 applicants, after their service is verified, they are issued (among other things) a DD214 which is a "Certificate" of discharge. For most vets, the proof of their service is readily available and they are simply discharged and issued the DD214 which indicates a complete discharge from active duty.
    R. Sones,
    LTC, USA (Ret)

  35. Research Findings On The Expired OMB Re: the DD 2168 Form -

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Chef-Doctor Jemichel …
    Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2019 12:56 AM
    To: WHS MC-ALEX ESD Mailbox Formswebmaster

    Subject: [Non-DoD Source] Expired OMB Number?

    What impact (if any) does an expired OMB number have on the validity and use of a DD form?


    On 07/18/2019 06:53, WHS MC-ALEX ESD Mailbox Formswebmaster wrote:
    Good morning,

    OMB approval is required for a large number of forms and other types of US Government Information Collections.  An expired OMB approval does not necessarily mean the form is out of scope.  Forms are
    authorized for continued use during the extension phase.  If OMB approval has been out of scope for an extended period, please bring it to our attention.


    Very Respectfully,
    Lane M. Purvis
    Program Analyst
    Directives Division, Executive Services Directorate, Washington
    Headquarters Services
    Office: (571) 372-0459

    Comment for DD/SD Forms Management:


    -----Original Message-----
    From: Chef-Doctor Jemichel …
    Sent: Friday, July 19, 2019 4:16 AM
    To: Purvis, Lane M CIV WHS ESD (USA)
    Subject: Re: [Non-DoD Source] "Expired OMB Number?"

    Thank you Lane!

    What is the present status of DD 2168 with regards to what appears to be its expired OMB approval?

    The Final Reply:

    Thanks for pointing this out, a DD form should never be expired for this long.  We will work with our Information Collections team to get this fixed immediately.  

    The form is already under revision, so a new version will be available in the next month or two with minor changes.

    Very Respectfully,
    Lane M. Purvis
    Program Analyst
    Directives Division, Executive Services Directorate,
    Washington Headquarters Services
    Office: (571) 372-0459


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