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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Science Lecture

By Anna Von Reitz

I live in Alaska.  I know the men at Arco Alaska --- engineers---who developed HAARP over thirty years ago.  I am in a position to tell you exactly what HAARP is and is not, why it was developed, and why it is time to stop worrying about HAARP and about nuclear weapons, too. 

HAARP was developed as part of President Reagan's "Star Wars" initiative. The idea was to use ionized gas in the upper atmosphere to form a "mirror in the sky" to bounce radar, radio, and other wave forms off of ---- which enabled us to see over the horizon and detect in-bound intercontinental ballistic missiles. 

The other use of HAARP was was to experiment with ionized gases known as "plasma" in the Upper Atmosphere and find out more about how ionosphere that protects our planet from the so-called "solar winds" blowing off the sun works. 

The "solar wind" is like an interplanetary, interstellar "river" or "tide" of charged particles, mostly hydrogen ions, flowing through the solar system and beyond. 

If our ionosphere did not blanket the planet and deflect this constant stream of charged particles, our atmosphere could in theory be eroded away, destroying all life on this planet.  As it is, we need to understand the affect of the solar wind and the frequent geomagnetic storms caused by Coronal Mass Ejections (CME's) --  massive gas explosions on the sun----on our atmosphere and on our communications and defense systems. 

There are other needs and questions, too. 

50,000 years ago our sea level atmosphere contained about 28% oxygen, instead of the 15% and dwindling percentage of oxygen we have now.  Why? 

The easy answer is the deforestation of the planet and the growing impact of pollution on our sea ecosystems.  But is there something else going on?  Are gas hydrates (methane trapped in ice under the sea and northern tundra) melting out and releasing methane into the atmosphere?  

If so, what is that doing to the carbon cycle?  

HAARP and NASA missions like the MAVEN Mission to Mars can help answer these questions, but they aren't exactly questions for dinner table conversation.

As a health issue, lack of oxygen is a Big Deal nobody talks about.  Lack of optimum oxygen in the atmosphere means incomplete oxidation and the increased build up of toxins in body tissues, it means slower firing of brain synapses, it means stunted growth, weak teeth and bones, and many other ill-effects for us and for the ecosystems we depend on.  

These are not small concerns.  They impact everyone. And everything. 

We need to move beyond the era of superstition in science and math and get serious about problem-solving, not via lies and politically-motivated tax schemes based on tweaked data, but via investment in research and in better understanding of the scientific facts of life. 

Academia has let us down.  The misguided military has expended itself on ways to kill us instead of finding ways to keep us alive.  Oil companies have deluged us. 

We cannot afford to keep on reacting like cavemen faced with a torch every time someone takes a step forward, has a new thought, or brings forward a new tool with which to explore our planet.  We can't go on circling the wagons every time some venerable theory is debunked.  We desperately need new insights, better mathematics, better skills, and better tools. 

I get very discouraged when I see people running around in a panic over HAARP, which is antiquated as an old computer that uses floppy discs and MS-DOS.  It was a great new tool at the time, but it has long-since been surpassed by new derivative technologies.  If you want to worry about something, worry about them. 

Worry about a government gone mad. Worry about a political establishment that is so entrenched, inbred, and desperate to maintain itself and expand its own advantages that it doesn't care how many people suffer or die.  

Worry about scientists who are too scared or too politically motivated to tell the truth anymore.  

Worry that we are expending our energy fighting fictions instead of discovering  facts, clinging to the past for the sake of some people's profit instead of  developing new and dramatically better technologies for the entire planet. 

We have to overcome these obstacles, both practical and intellectual. We have to pick up our courage, find our feet, and make the end-runs necessary to overcome the selfishness and political deadlock that have reduced our nation and our world to a slowly dying pulp of willful ignorance. 

The time to break out of this fuzzy-headed stupor is now, and we can begin by rethinking our attitude toward science, math, and the natural world.  There is nothing more beautiful, more important, or more fascinating and we have wasted the minds and talents of three generations by boring them silly, teaching them nonsense, and rewarding all forms of status quo mediocrity.  

You all know me as "Judge Anna" and think of me in terms of law and history and religion, but never forget that science and math is my first love, my true nature, the joy of my heart and peace of my mind.  Late at night when I have fought demons all day, I take stock of where all this has left us and our planet.  

It's not bad enough that we have let these bankers and attorneys and politicians run everything into the ground.  We've let them run us into the ground.  We've let them destroy our air and our land and our sea.  We've let them use us like cattle.  We have sacrificed our sons and daughters.  We've let them tell us what to do and haven't even had sense enough to assess the results and resist. 

We must stand like men again or become a species more akin to dung-beetles ---and all via a process of our own selection.  


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  1. Magnificent! You are so loved, so loved. I may not agree with everything you say but I sure do agree with the spirit you acknowledge and demonstrate in all your hard work. And I would add HISTORY to the list of things that need to be re-written. We must undo the damage done to the history that's been taught in America. We should add back the History of the Black Founding Fathers that Glen Beck did a special on. It would help restore balance in people's minds.

    A lot needs to be rewritten. A lot! And this is why the Times of the Gentiles must be fulfilled and brought to an end so that we can move forward in balance without dominance of any one group. Sharing in all our knowledge so that we can find the good in all and peacefully separate from the harmful.

  2. Every time they put a satellite or send a rocket through the atmosphere, it punches a hole in the ozone layer the size of Australia that takers 3 months to heal, and the brain dead want to believe the gov't lies that it is caused by deodorant spray and cars!!! The ozone myth was caused by Dupont because they lost their patent on Freon!!! So, they paid gov't lackey's to promote the ozone farce so the brain sheeple would not object to a more poisonous refrigerant being developed!!! There is no way to reuse the 134A refrigerant and it is toxic and will destroy the motor windings if there is a burnout. The original Freon was non-toxic, could be reused with filters on the A/C lines and I know because I worked in the A/C fields for years!!! But... the sheeple have no clue so enjoy the show while you can as it is only going to get worse!!! Most people have no idea of the evil that controls this planet!!!

    1. ''most people have no idea of the evil that controls this planet''.

      That about sums it all up.

  3. Hi Anna, I love everything you have done and written but I'm afraid here I think your wrong. The earth is flat as the Bible says. NASA is a lie. Gravity is a Theory, not a law. An infinite vacuum around the so called earth is impossible. It can't even stop a helium balloon from rising. Gravity is density. There is a dome. There is loads on YouTube. Just planting seeds. EVERYTHING IS A LIE. Sorry about the DOG-LATIN.
    There are no satellites, Well not in space anyway.
    If you believe that you are currently spinning at over 1000mph, then you can't believe in centrifugal force. Traveling around the Sun at 66,600mph. on an axis of 23.4 degrees. 90 degrees minus 23.4 = 66.6 (666). Hidden in "plane" sight. Planes fly over a plain.
    It was a shock to me LOL. I use to love Star Trek.

    We are living in a world of "Presumptions". If you've got this far:

    I prove it using JP Morgan's share price. This should be impossible:

    "Its easier to fool someone than to convince them that they have been fooled" - Mark Twain.

    1. Thank you for adding this comment. I had to stop reading when she mentioned “Star Wars”. Anything the govt tells us is a lie, which by extension that includes NASA.

    2. mean the"Never A Straight Answer" govt. agency?

    3. The BIBLE says the earth is FLAT😂

    4. The Bible says the earth is FLAT. TRUE. Anna, I love your work, but what you said here "50,000 years ago our sea level atmosphere contained about 28% oxygen, instead of the 15% and dwindling percentage of oxygen we have now. Why?" specifically the "about 50,000 years ago" line you said, now, that is NOT Biblical - it is evolution. See how hard it is to get the lies out of our mind? You, brilliant as you are still have these foundational lies in your mind from years of indoctrination. God help us all. The world is just now almost 6000 years old according to the Bible. Soon to start is the 1000 years of Sabbath rest for the earth. Rest from sin. The wicked will all be destroyed by the brightness of Christ's 2nd Coming and the dead in Christ and we which are alive will be caught up together to MEET the Lord Jesus Christ in the AIR (1 Thess 4:16-17). Then after the 1000 years of rest from sin, the Saints will be brought back to this earth and then ALL the wicked will be raised back to life for their reward of eternal death - to be burned by fire according to what the saints have judged during the 1000 years in Heaven when the books were opened and everyone is judged by the Saints/Christ in Heaven during the 1000 years of rest from sin. The wicked will be given various amounts of time to burn according to their sins. They did not accept Christ's atonement for their sin so they must bear their own sin's reward/punishment. Then the earth will be made new, and the wicked will be ASHES under the feet of the Saints in the earth made new. The wicked do not burn FOREVER, but the effects of them being burned up will be forever or everlasting...just as Sodom and Gomorrah are not still burning, but the punishment is finished and will never be reversed, the punishment is everlasting and the smoke of their torment ascendeth forever.... meaning their punishment is finished and done with. Just like a piece of wood is burned up so are the wicked burned up. This is what the Bible teaches. Many false preachers out there like to scare people into thinking that God burns people forever - a hell fire preacher... yes, it is hell, but after the devil is burned up - he burns the longest of anyone - even he becomes ashes under the feet of the saints in the earth made new.

  4. Col. Tom Bearden says you can do one equation for ever thing using a form of algebra . Einstein couldn't encompass. Gravity equals mass with a fudge factor added.
    time = mass × speed.
    we say conservation of energy doesn't permitted creation of energy from nothing in a enclosed environment .
    But once you go outside it's every were and it's free!

  5. Anna, Science w/ Math. My favorite's, now I've been learning; language, law, history & these three I never liked! Now is the time to save our individual Soul.... and to help fix this World problem. I am-four all of existence. peace w/ all after we accomplish freedom~

  6. I will say this here just like I told somebody at work the other day if you think people went to space in those flimsy little thin space suits and we’re protected from the van Allen radiation belt, even though they spent very little time going through it they were still exposed to severely high levels of radiation. Why doesn’t somebody somewhere copy those suits and go clean up Chernobyl ?

    Because it’s all a crock and a bunch of lies.

    Little off track but look at the NASA logo. Do you see the split forked tongue of the snake in their logo?

    I’m sorry, we don’t live on a spinning ball.

    When Christ returns, which by the way is after satan is here not before, every eye will see him. That is impossible if you are on a ball. But if you are on a slightly convex dome it is possible.

    Look at what NASA tells you is the flight path over a suppose it global earth. Up and down up and down across the continents. Yeah right! If you look at the same flight path across the continent on a “ flat earth map,” The path then shows up as circular, which really makes more sense!

  7. Anna, though you may be correct in your fact about Haarp. You are not correct on what they can do. that attenae pushes the atmosphere out into space and heats that portion up. when it collapses back into Earth the heat has to go somewhere.the damage as well. Nasa is not GOOD. they kill people for God's Sake. yes to the context of your message, but crapola on your facts.

    1. you are either for the Corps or against?? you condemn them then pull this NASA support nonsense. You really need to figure out your obvious double standards.

  8. I am still working on the Flat Earth, though it could be possible.

    1. I still struggle with the idea, but it makes more sense that it is not flat as in a piece of wood or countertop flat but that it is a slight dome.

      The scientific community‘s own formula for figuring out the curvature of the earth do not produce the correct results. At the rate of curvature of the earth based on their formula, things will start to drop off and go out of sight on the horizon. How is it then, that there are videos showing everything in its correct orientation from 30, 40, and sometimes even 50 miles away from the observer?

      You are to look up the YouTube video that has MythBusters going up in a U2 spy plane. I believe it was Adam Savage. He is wearing a full space suit with oxygen. They show the earth from up that high. Two of the cameras use fisheye lens you are to look up the YouTube video that has MythBusters going up in the U2 spy plane. I believe it was Adam Savage. He is wearing a full space suit with oxygen. They show the earth from up that high. Two of the cameras use fisheye lenses. The one shooting out the window looking at him directly out the back of the plane uses a regular lens. There is no distortion and no curvature of the earth. They are at 80,000 feet! If there was serious curvature, and we lived on a ball, you would see it at 80,000 feet.

      But you don’t see that with the standard camera lens!

      It’s all done with smoke and mirrors and tricks to fool us into thinking we live on a ball. If we don’t live on a ball nothing that they teach works out.

    2. In all reality, I wish I had never heard or seen anything about any of the crap with United States.

      I have filed Anna’s editable documents. I have not done the birth certificate portion. I need to send off papers to the IRS to stop that part of it. If I’m not surrendering the birth certificate and making Mnuchin a fiduciary, will it still work by revoking the election? I don’t know. I deathly do not want to be harassed either!

      I do not feel like paying taxes right either. I just want to get out of paying taxes, paying for Medicare, and paying for Social Security, which I will never be able to draw because I will never be able to quit my job. I have zero savings. I will be 55 years old in about two weeks.

    3. I am also looking into changing jobs. Everything I look at says you must be a US citizen and have a Social Security number. Since my documents are now filed, I don’t think it would be right using a Social Security number

    4. I have done much on the topic, still no solid evidence to either as yet.

    5. I question why would Mulchen be in charge of Treasury when he was allegedly having a warrant for crimes against the people, matter of fact all of them works under Trump, something is just not right and I question why is Anna working with them??? I trust no one but the Most High!

    6. The British now own HAARP. Old or not, with what they've done with the rest of our country why would we ever trust them with something as powerful as HAARP?
      If anyone still believes we went to the moon or Mars or are going to Mars,I have a question. How do NASA's combustion engines work in the supposed vacuum of space. How did the lunar lander fire it's engines to lift off from the surface of moon, in a vacuum. No oxygen, no combustion. Also how do they get thrust in a vacuum-nothing to push against. ALL LIES!!! Believe nothing coming from NASA. They have an annual budget of like $ 19 Billion.Hollywood has made just as good films of space travel with just a few hundred million.

    7. Exactly Anna, E.T. Tishbite. The military has a tank with a what looks like a dish on it and a military person sits inside with a joy stick and points at the crowd. He can use it to make the crowd disperse, be cause it makes them feel uncomfortable. You think that anyone who would design such a thing wouldn't make it possible to boil your blood?? Right! I got land in china to sell ya. cannot flame burn in a vacuum. It has been tested.

    8. ETT, I have watched too much of the weather channels and have seen too often with my own eyes, how hurricanes have suddenly and without just reasoning, just suddenly maka turns that hurricanes do not normally make; it is very out of character for them to do such things.
      One was the sudden turn in FL where a small town was totally unprepared due to the 'near impossibility' of being hit - - but did so 'at the last minute' and completely demolished that small town. Some may remember that, about a decade ago or ?

      HAARP technology was also known to be used during the viet nam war to put a stop to VN troops; it made so much mud, remember that? I think that was its initial intent/use.

      And now, nobody can tell me it is not being used today to manipulate all sorts of weather. I have watch way too many decades of weather, and I have to say without blinking, I have NEVER witnessed such extremes as we have now, and in the past decade.

      Furthermore, even back when we had the disastrous dust bowl in the midwest that wiped out many farmers, we did not have california burning like this.

  9. Replies
    1. It is easier to place a tinfoil hat on anthing you fear or have no research invested in. Think about posting your name if you want any weight in the game. Then at least you will have an opinion.

  10. Anna,"HAARP and NASA missions like the MAVEN Mission to Mars can help answer these questions, but they aren't exactly questions for dinner table conversation." BRAIN WASHED,programming. By the same people who want us dead.


  12. Antarctica Unveiled (Pt. 1 of 3) - A conversation with Cliff High

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  13. from operation Disclosure/Reddit
    Posted: 25 Aug 2018 08:11 PM PDT

    Source: Reddit

    Posted by u/OrangeElvis151
    Future will PROVE past. - Q

    GREAT insight into Sessions, timing of declassification, 50k sealed documents, etc.

    I'm going to post my thoughts out loud here about AG Session's. That way those of you confused as to WHY I support him might have a better understanding. With the non stop anti Session's articles/interviews playing 24/7, it's IMPORTANT to review WHAT WE KNOW. The media WANTS YOU CONFUSED. The media WANTS YOU TURN ON TRUMP. The media NEEDS THIS IN ORDER TO CONVINCE THE PUBLIC TRUMP SHOULD BE IMPEACHED.


    Trump interviewed Michael Horowitz for the IG position right after he won. Trump gave his blessing for Horowitz to be HIS IG, UNDER AG Session's. Little back ground on Horowitz. Horowitz was the IG under Obama. Horowitz investigated the Fast and Furious mess and he determined CHARGES SHOULD BE BROUGHT AGAINST AG Eric Holder and ;whomever gave the F&F orders'. WE ALL KNOW THAT WAS OBAMA. Horowitz ALSO stated 'all person's involved, including BATF agents should be brought up on charges'. Now, when the IG is done with an investigation it is turned over to the AG for prosecution, as the AG IS HIS BOSS. AG Holder refused to bring charges against anyone over the F&F mess. Then Obama took his own revenge. Obama stripped Horowitz OF ALL OF HIS POWERS. soon as Trump took office the first thing he did was give Horowitz his powers back. Imagine being AG Horowitz. An honest, law supporting man who TRULY BELIEVES IN JUSTICE being stripped of all authority and delegated to a windowless office for the remainder of his term. How demoralizing and HUMILIATING. Horowitz is a man with a grudge. Horowitz was handed 6 investigation's to handle by AG Session's. 1 has dropped and TOP FBI AND DOJ PERSONNEL HAVE BEEN FIRED AND WILL BE PROSECUTED OVER THAT INVESTIGATION. THAT is a HUGE DEAL. Tell me when THAT has happened before. That leaves 5 investigation's in Horowitz's lap. Now let's move on to Jeff Session's, Horowitz's BOSS. Jeff Session's quietly appointed a Special Prosecutor, in Utah by the name of Huber on or about the month of March(we don't know exactly when Huber was appointed, as Session's never gave an exact time frame, we can guess by document's Session's has talked about). We found out about Huber in early Sept. when Session's casually mentioned him in a press briefing. So, Huber was quietly working with his team of 400+ attorney's for AT LEAST 6 MONTHS!! AG Session's not only appointed Huber, but HE GAVE HUBER POWERS TO CONVENE GRAND JURIES AND BRING CHARGES IN ALL 50 STATES. AG Session's also allotted 100 Million for Huber to have a team of 400+ ATTORNEY'S ON STAFF. THEN we learn in December Session's has appointed ANOTHER Special Prosecutor in Little Rock AK, Cody Hiland!! Session's gave Hiland the SAME POWERS AS HUBER. Now do you understand WHY Session's refused to appoint a 2ND Special Prosecutor?? HE ALREADY HAD 2 IN PLACE WE DID NOT KNOW ABOUT....and they had been working in anonymity FOR MONTHS. Now, people ask 'WHERE ARE HOROWITZ'S INVESTIGATIONS????" Well, WHERE DO YOU THINK HUBER AND HILAND'S SUGGESTED PROSECUTIONS COME FROM? THEY are the ones that will convene Grand Juries and bring charges. Horowitz sends HIS recommended prosecution's to HUBER AND HILAND!!

  14. continued/
    Do you now understand WHY Session's appointed them OUTSIDE OF DC....IN 'FLY OVER' COUNTRY?? Session's has put into place 2 Special Prosecutor's that will bring forth ALL THE CHARGES, because Session's KNOWS the courts in DC ARE CORRUPT AND THE GUILTY WILL WALK. AND now you understand McConnel's massive push to put into place ALL THE TRUMP JUDGES IN CIRCUIT COURTS!! NO ONE WILL WALK.

    Now, this bring's us to the MILITARY COURTS Trump has funded. Not everyone Huber and Hiland will bring charges against will be tried in Civilian Courts. Those who have committed the most serious crimes, TREASON AND SEDITION WILL BE TRIED IN MILITARY COURTS. Trump's EO clearly stated NO MILITARY TRIALS UNTIL AFTER JAN. 1, 2019. WHY? This is after the mid terms when he will have more support in the House and Senate. Don't expect to hear ANYTHING in regards to charges about HRC, Weiner, Holder, Wasserman, Obama, etc until AFTER the mid terms. December would be my guess. WHY?? WHY would Huber, Hiland and THEIR BOSS AG Session's give them a head's up on the charges they will face?

    As Trump ALWAYS SAYS 'WHY tell your enemy what your plan is'?

    And remember...Trump JUST SAID IN AN INTERVIEW with Ainsley from FOX he WILL be releasing the FISA doc's, UNREDACTED....'AT THE RIGHT TIME'' That 'TIME' will be AFTER Kavanaugh is seated and BEFORE the mid term's. Trump is making sure the American people SEE how corrupt and how many were involved in trying to destroy this country AND AN INNOCENT MAN. This will cause people to SUPPORT MILITARY TRIALS.

  15. 50,000 years ago our sea level atmosphere contained about 28% oxygen, instead of the 15% and dwindling percentage of oxygen we have now. Why?

    This comment is critically flawed. The part about "50,000 years ago" - not scriptural. God help us all. Love you Anna and Paul. Lot's of amazing things you do. We need to work together to help us all "get it" right. The earth is almost 6,000 years... you can see this from the days of the week. There are 7 days in a week. Take the days in a week and remember God said that a day equals a thousand years... 1 day, 1000 years. So if you apply that thought to a chronological timeline of Bible events, starting with the age of Adam, etc... it will come to almost 6,000 years. Hosea 6:2 is a prophecy of Christ's 2nd return.. within two days - or two thousand years since Christ's death and resurrection will be 6,000 years. Christ died right on the 4,000th year (4th day God made light in this world in the first week of creation) and 2,000 years from Christ's death and Resurrection is 6,000 years - when we shall LIVE IN HIS SIGHT, just as Queen Esther lived in the sight of the King when He held out his golden scepter to her. Christ is the golden scepter the King of Kings and God of Gods's hold's out to us today. We are to reach out and accept the gift of Christ's righteousness (right doing=obedience to the law of God Exodus 20:1-17) by faith believe that Christ's victory is ours! You see, 6,000 years is FRIDAY or the 6th day of creation week and the Sabbath rest, the 7th day or 7,000th year (or millennium) starts at Christ's Second coming at the start of the 7,000th year or 1000 years of rest from sin for this world/earth. This is proof that the 4th Commandment (Exodus 20:8-11) will be restored in God's Commandment Keeping People. All 10 Commandments - Christ is the living law that is to live inside of our Commandment Keeping Bodies - we can be sin-free and we can only do that by the Spirit of Christ, the Son of God dwelling inside of us per Galatians 4:6. We want the Holy Spirit which is Jesus Christ in us. Anything else is anti-Christ. Christ IN US the HOPE of Glory per Col 1:27. Romans 8:9, 1 Cor 15:45, 2 Cor 3:17... Christ makes us Holy and sin-free per 1 John 3:9. We CANNOT sin if the seed of God (Christ=Holy Spirit) lives in us. My words are spirit and they are life (John 6:63 and Rev 19:13 "His name is the WORD OF GOD". Word of God = Bible verse promises and commands. When we learn the POWER of HIS WORD we shall not follow the suggestions of Satan in order to obtain FOOD or to SAVE OUR LIVES. Our only questions will be "WHAT IS GOD'S COMMAND? and WHAT IS HIS PROMISE?". KNOWING THESE, we shall OBEY THE ONE and TRUST THE OTHER. Keep the Commandments of God and the Faith of Jesus per Revelation 14:12.

    1. IAMSR, what a wonderfully perfect explanation of the Timeline. It again reinforces my inner belief that we are on the brink of the rapture and then return of Christ; the beginning of the 1000 yr. reign of the King of Kings. This means we are at the end of this age, the 6000 years, as the millennium will be between the 6000-7000 thousand years.
      The scenario you have outlined here and your explanation of verses is precisely my own understanding, and has been unchanged for the past 45 years.

      Note: Over all these years the one hindrance I have noticed that People have is that they think they have to first stop sinning before they can entertain a life in Christ. Or they think they could never stop sinning - - however, this is a good place to mention.......
      The opposite is true: 'for it is Godly sorrow over sinfulness that worketh repentance in the heart which takes one TO salvation''.

      That is probably the most vital verse in scripture; it shows repentance of all sinfulness - in one fell swoop, across the board, all encompassing - causes God to rid us of that desire to sin, and brings us to salvation.
      Its so simple its almost laughable; its is God who does that work IN us; that is part of the purpose of why He gives us the Holy Spirit when we are saved. Our job is primarily to just cooperate and not kick against the pricks.
      The real problem is, most of mankind loves sinning and do not want to give it up.

      So thank you a ton for your input here. I only wish I had such time to expound in such depth, but you know a womans job is never done around the house.

  16. We can be confident that God’s Word is accurate in its historical details as well as in what it tells us about theology.

  17. the biblical timeline, is self-authenticating and supports the doctrines of the Bible. It points to Jesus Christ and Him alone. It also proves that, even though the Bible is a collection of books written over a period of 4000 years by different scribes as they were moved by the Holy Spirit, it is one book written by one Author and fits perfectly together with no discrepancies. No other book can compare.

    It's a matter of logic: Scripture gives the ages of the patriarchs to the nearest year; Christ said “Scripture cannot be broken”, as well as :

    Luke 16:31:

    He (Abraham) said to him (the rich man in Hell), “If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.”

    John 5:46–47:

    If you believed Moses, you would believe me, for he wrote about me. But since you do not believe what he wrote, how are you going to believe what I say?

    Moses was the editor of those reports of ages. Jesus said that disbelief in Moses was tantamount to disbelieving Him.

    Therefore He has confirmed the accuracy of the ages reported by Moses in Scripture.

    See also The authority of Scripture and Jesus on the age of the earth.

    “Scripture cannot be broken” (Jesus Christ in John 10:35)

    1. IAM, another great point which is right on target, correct. It is actually proof the bible is true, written by no man, but is by inspiration of God himself. The mere fact that it is written over the span of thousands of years, and penned by such a variety of men at different Times, yet all melds together so perfectly and makes such perfect sense is proof that only God could be the Author. It also proves that God does speak to Man.

  18. The scriptures, which cannot be broken, state that the earth "became" void and formless in Gen 1:2. The word is h1961. הָיָה hâyâ which means "became". However every modern translation gets this wrong and translates this as "was". The only version I have found so far that gets it right is Rotherham's which translates this correctly as "had become". So therefor the world was not created void and formless as is also confirmed by Isaiah 45:18 which clearly states that "God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited:" In between Gen 1:1 and 1:2 was the period where Lucifer ruled the world and led his people into trafficking against God causing a worldwide rebellion and the first flood which destroyed the entire world that it perished. This is not Noah's flood but the flood Peter talks about here:
    2 Peter 3:5-6 "For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished:"
    The first flood destroyed the entire world unlike Noah's flood which did not destroy the whole earth and did not make it perish but kept the life in the sea and that of Noah and his family. As such the earth is much older than the conjectured 6,000 years for this does not take into account "the world that then was" which is of old and which now more accurately lines up with science and carbon dating. The creation story in Genesis is really a recreation narrative. God had withheld the light of the sun destroying all life and now was letting "light be" again. You can read all about it here: Jer. 4:23-26 Isa. 14:12-14 Ezek. 28:11-17.

  19. Compelling evidence exists in regard to the potential use of the global ionosphere heater installations to trigger the devastating Japanese earthquake of 2011. For many, the notion that this kind of power is even possible is beyond what they are willing to believe. Having done substantial research on this issue myself, I would caution against a face value rejection of the potential ionosphere heater involvement in the quake as available data makes clear it's entirely possible if not completely likely. Transmitting 3,500,000,000 watts of ELF power into the planet in a sysmically sensitive zone can have catastrophic effects, available science makes this clear for those that are willing to do the research. Even internationally recognized institution like MIT and their publication "Technology Review" has acknowledged unexplainable atmospheric anomalies right above the quake epicenter just prior to the quake. All of us must challenge our perception of reality when there is compelling enough data to justify it. I wish to mention the following occurrence just for the record. I am certainly not saying this occurrence proves anything, I am simply saying it is a fact, it happened. I was called by an individual living at sea level on the California coast on Tuesday, March 8, 2011. This person asked me if I was aware of any predicted tsunami in the coming days that could affect her. She stated that she had a call from a relative in US Army intelligence that told her to be away from the coast on Friday (March 11, 2011) as she could be in danger. She knew I was involved with research relating to global climate modification which included the global ionosphere heater facilities. She also knew a bit about the potential for these facilities to trigger seismic activity. All this being said, I did not consider her question a concern, I have heard a lot of things from a lot of people. I was completely shocked to wake up Friday morning, March 11 and find out about the Japanese quake and the tsunami warning for the California coast. I will end with this, the military industrial complex is clearly totally out of control and putting all life on Earth at risk. We must all hold off on coming to conclusions on anything until we have actually examined the facts. If the facts dictate challenging and radical conclusions, we must be willing to look with open eyes.
    Dane Wigington

  20. This is not the first time a public official has acknowledged that HAARP and weather control is not only possible, but has been and continues to be, used as a “super weapon,” as evidenced by a statement in 1997 by former U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen, where he said “Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts.”

    Is it still just a conspiracy theory if public officials admit it is true?


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