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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Example of My "Claim for the Life - Lineage Treaty"

By Anna Von Reitz

The scanned copy of the actual record will be posted on my website, (see links at the bottom), which shows the stamps, etc. -- but here is the text showing the kind of detail and verbiage needed to establish your claim to your inheritance as a Natural Person aka Living-Man or Living-Woman:
For the Notice of the Claim for the Life: Lineage-Treaty
Date: November 16, 2017
Place: Big Lake, Alaska
Action: Claim and Conveyance
Presentment: To All Parties
:From the Living-Soul: Anna Maria Riezinger: Anna Maria Riezinger:Woman, Principal, Vessel with Manifest: Anna Maria Riezinger-Living-Soul, Priority Creditor, Paramount Security Interest Holder as of June 6, 1956 holds this Testament-Claim for the Life of Anna Maria Riezinger for the Public Record with this claim of the Fourth Article of the 1666 Cestui Que Vie Act as and with this claim of the writ of Habeas Corpus &: does form this Testament upon the Public Record of the states of the Union of these United States and the Alaska State:
:From the Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger manifest this day alive and well, the living daughter of the Emmett Anthony Riezinger:Father of the Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger. The Emmett Anthony Riezinger:Father from the Peoria-City, of the Illinois-Land-State, born August 14, 1921 with the Chicago-City-Birthplace of the Illinois-Land-State, is the son of the John George Riezinger:Grandfather of the Living-Woman:Anna Maria Riezinger:
:From the Paternal-Grandfather: John George Riezinger of the Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger born June 1, 1879, from the Salzburg-City of the nation of Austria and from the Paternal-Grandmother: Emma Elizabeth Helmich, born 1879, of the Spring Lake-City of the Illinois-Land-State:
:From the John George Riezinger, the Paternal-Grandfather of the Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger, the son of the John George Riezinger:Great-Grandfather of the Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger, the son of the Mother-Wife:Caroline (Rothaus) Riezinger, born November 2, 1840 from the Salzburg-City, from the nation of Austria, and the Father-Husband:Frank Heinrich Riezinger, born the year of 1855 &: from the nation of Austria:
:From the Emma Elizabeth Helmich, the Paternal-Grandmother of the Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger, the daughter of the William Helmich, born July 4, 1850, from the Tete Des Morts-City, of the Iowa-Land-State, and the Mary Jane Zimmerman, born February 28, 1859 from the St. Clair-City, of the Pennsylvania-Land-State:
:The Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger is Manifest from the Paternal-Grandparents: John George Riezinger and Emma Elizabeth Helmich: Marriage Covenant from the Public Record, November 25, 1911, of the Chicago-City, Illinois-Land-State:
:From the Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger manifest this day alive and well, the living daughter of the LaVera Myrtle Schnur of the Black River Falls-City, of the Wisconsin-Land-State, born March 9, 1920, from the Albion Township, of the Jackson County, of the Wisconsin-Land-State:
:From the Julius Alfred Schnur, the Maternal-Grandfather of the Living Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger, born November 20, 1867, of the Black River Falls-City, of the Jackson County, of the Wisconsin-Land-State, the son of the Julius Alfred Schnur, born December 31, 1832, from the Brunswick-City, of the nation of Germany and the Julius Alfred Schnur:Father’s Marriage Covenant with the Wilhelmina Sitchfield:Mother, from the Public Record of the Beloit-City of the Wisconsin-Land-State:
:From the Anna Wilhelmina Nielson, the Maternal-Grandmother of the Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger born October 2, 1881, in South Dakota-Territory, the daughter of the Augustinus Frederik Nielson:Father born May 10, 1852, from the nation of Denmark &: the Mary Ann Alexander:Mother born January 13, 1850, from the Watertown-City of the Wisconsin-Land-State:
:From the Maternal-Grandparents: Julius Alfred Schnur’s Marriage Covenant with the Anna Wilhelmina Nielson from the Public Record: June 1, 1905 of the Rochester-City, of the Minnesota-Land-State:
:By the Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger-Manifest from the Marriage Covenant of Emmett Anthony Riezinger – LaVera Myrtle Schnur, from the Public Record, of the Day 6 June 1942, from the Kohoka-City, Missouri-Land-State, by and with the Provenance proven as an American-state-vessel with the Sacred-Cargo: Anna Maria Riezinger-Living-Soul.
:With Claim for the Vessel & for the Cargo & for the Manifest of the Estate of the Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger: &: with the Estate from this Lineage-Treaty free from encumbrance, free from alien-title, free from charge, free from duty, the Living-Woman: Anna Maria Riezinger is with this Lineage-Treaty-Conveyance home from the sea:
By: ___________________________ :Living-Woman
Right-thumb-print Seal:
This record demonstrates my lineage claim to the land and soil of this country through numerous ancestors who were here before the Civil War and even before the Revolution.
But even if you are not lucky enough to have a similar recitation, if you were born in this country or born to parents who were born in this country or even to parents claiming to be American state nationals through their parents or who are legal immigrants who finished the Naturalization process to become a "US citizen" and then went on to adopt a permanent domicile in one of the States-- you can do the same thing.
Why? Because anyone born or naturalized into these Land-States is heir to their kingdom, free and clear.
Your Claim for the Life doesn't have to be long or ornate. It doesn't have to involve ancestors who lived in this country, so long as your were born here or naturalized and then expatriated to an adopted State of the Union.
To those who are misleading everyone and telling them that they don't have to go through all this effort to rebut lies being told about them and record their counter-claims ----- there are a lot of crooks that hope you don't, lots of corporations that don't want to pay back what they've stolen, lots of politicians who don't want to own up to the facts, lots of insurance underwriters and banks, too.
And if you don't record your claims because you were lazy or thought you didn't have to --- the rats win.
It's up to you.

Here are the actual documents filed.

See this article and over 1100 others on Anna's website here:

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  1. Authorities are going to laugh at this.

    1. She forgot to add Hokus Pokus in there somewhere.

    2. The wicked witch of Big Lake.

  2. But the Authorities will still laugh and you know this.

  3. Unknown, you are hereby rebuked. You appear to be the person described in proverbs 6:18 Psalm 140: 2-4, and Mark 7:21-23. I highly doubt you will look up those verses as they may be parabolic to you and you might not understand them anyway. However they have been provided so you can't deny you haven't been told. It's possible that because of your apparent pride, you'd discount a warning of "the bridge is out" only to fall to your death. I don't want that for you.. I challenge you to seek the Lord God with all your heart. Let he that has an ear let him hear

  4. Thanks, Anna, for your diligent and thorough self-honor and acceptance. Good template, and i am having a joyful time n sweat doin' the same!

  5. I hope you know that I take this as a compliment.

  6. I have a better way of claiming your genealogy. You see, they are mostly all spirits. You can claim them in your religious household (familial congregation) and pray to them as intercessor spiritual members of your household church. Honor thy mothers and fathers.

    Why go through such great trouble trying to prove to secular authorities (who wouldn't give a rats ass to begin with) what your genealogy is? It makes no difference to them.

    ONLY SEPARATION FROM STATE IS CHURCH!!!! How many times to I have to remind you people of this for it to sink in?

    1. Here's mine...

    2. County means parish, church/body=mother/matrix/mere/maternal=X=mark. State means the father is the pair-rent and mere foundling children lost form, needing in-form-ation/action to be acted upon on their be-half. Lets see, you get a license from the father/State and get re-united by the church/501C to get divided by the State. No separation exists.

    3. Bruh.....

      Now you're just being silly and making shit up.. hahaha!

    4. SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE means that the state cannot perform religious tests. Now that my friend is unconstitutional if they try to license out churches haha!

      Lay off the truth movement nonsense. You are strung out on it.

    5. People like Anna has got your minds so twisted and bent out of shape that you object to the requirement to be licensed drivers and yet you persist in the baseless notion that the state requires one to be licensed to start a church. Smh.. Damn shame. Black is white and white is black in your distorted world. When you take your last few breathes in this fleshly life, you will surely die in the same state that you lived. The time is ripe for you to sharpen up before it is too late.

    6. If you have been thoroughly indoctrinated to believe in the fairy tail for grownups/fiction known as a god. then you have been setup to believe in any fiction that is thrown at you, weather it is a patriot rabbit hole or a that a government is here to be your friend. Sad.

    7. Me - interesting statement. I suppose the idea of BC, Before Christ, and AD, Anno Domini which is Latin for "In the year of Our Lord" (Jesus Christ) completely skips your observation? That is a sign there is a reality of a higher power and his Son who dwelt among humans 2,000 years ago. Google trying to change that with their BCE and ADE garbage. They may have an opening for you. My friends in the Military say they and the other FANG stocks are coming down though. Am sure you are aware of the (approximate) May 4, 2018 flight that Apple techs were making to China with OUR everything right? Servers galore. WE have it now. Military did their job and turned that flight around. They were going to China, join Google and FaceBook to rule the world... leave us here to burn.
      Can't happen soon enough to these tech giants. Tear it down, Build it back up in a better way for all.

    8. What is STATE, n?

      A body politic, or society of men united together for the purpose of promoting their mutual safety and advantage, by the joint efforts of their combined strength. Cooley, Const. Lim. 1. One of the component commonwealths or states of the United States of America. The people of a state, in their collective capacity, considered as the party wronged by a criminal deed; the public; as in the title of a cause. “The State vs. A. B.” The section of territory occupied by one of the United States

      What is PARISH?

      In English law. A circuit of ground, committed to the charge of one parson or vicar, or other minister having cure of souls therein. 1 Bl. Comm. 111. Wilson v. State, 34 Ohio St. 190. The precinct of a parish church, and the particular charge of a secular priest Cowell. An ecclesiastical division of a town or district, subject to the ministry of one pastor. Bramle. In New England. A corporation established for the maintenance of public worship, which may be coterminous with a town, or include only part of it A precinct or parish is a corporation established solely for the purpose of maintaining public worship, and its powers are limited to that object. It may raise money for building and keeping in repair its meeting-house and supporting its minister, but for no other purpose. A town is a civil and political corporation, established for municipal purposes. They may both subsist together in the same territory, and be composed of the same persons. Milford v. Godfrey, 1 Pick. (Mass.) 91. In Louisiana. A teiritorial division of the state corresponding to what is elsewhere called a “county.” See Sherman v. Parish of Vermillion, 51 La. Ann. 880, 25 South. 538; Attorney General v. Detroit Common Council, 112 Mich. 148, 70 N. W. 450, 37 L. R. A. 211.

    9. ROLB=criminal deed and under the church/parish/county, it is the public charge or "circuit of ground" Want more from the horses mouth, keep espousing stupidity!

    10. Does that say, "American Union" and not the United States? Typo?
      What is COUNTY?

      The name given to the principal subdivisions of the kingdom of England and of most of the states of the American Union, denoting a distinct portion of territory organized by itself for political and judicial purposes. The etymology of the word shows it to have been the district anciently governed by a count or earl. In modern use. the word may denote either the territory marked off to form a county, or the citizens resident within such territory, taken collectively and considered as invested with political rights, or the county regarded as a municipal corporation possessing subordinate governmental powers, or an organized jural society invested with specific rights and duties. Patterson v. Temple, 27 Ark. 207; Eagle v. Beard, 33 Ark. 501; Wooster v. Plymouth, 62 N. H. 20S.

    11. temple (n.1)
      "building for worship, edifice dedicated to the service of a deity or deities," Old English tempel, from Latin templum "piece of ground consecrated for the taking of auspices, building for worship of a god," of uncertain signification.

      Commonly referred to PIE root *tem- "to cut," on notion of "place reserved or cut out" [Watkins], or to root *temp- "to stretch" [Klein, de Vaan], on notion of "cleared (measured) space in front of an altar" (from PIE root *ten- "to stretch;" compare temple (n.2)), the notion being perhaps the "stretched" string that marks off the ground. Compare Greek temenos "sacred area around a temple," literally "place cut off," from stem of temnein "to cut." Figurative sense of "any place regarded as occupied by divine presence" was in Old English. Applied to Jewish synagogues from 1590s.

      temple (n.2)
      "flattened area on either side of the forehead," mid-14c., from Old French temple "side of the forehead" (11c.), from Vulgar Latin *tempula (plural taken as fem. singular), from Latin tempora, plural of tempus (genitive temporis) "side of the forehead," generally accepted as having originally meant "the thin stretch of skin at the side of the forehead" and being from PIE *temp- "to stretch," an extension of root *ten- "to stretch." The sense development would be from "stretchings" to "stretched skin."

      3705.11 Report of foundling child.
      Whoever finds a living infant of unknown parentage shall immediately report such finding to the local registrar of vital statistics of the registration district in which the child is found, on a prescribed form which shall state:

      (A) Date of finding;

      (B) Place of finding;

      (C) Sex of child;

      (D) Race of the child;

      (E) Approximate age of the child;

      (F) Name and address of the person or institution with whom the child has been placed for care. The place where the child was found shall be known as the place of birth, and the date of birth shall be determined by approximation.

      The person, superintendent, or manager of the institution with whom a foundling child is placed for care shall give such child a name within ten days and shall promptly report the name given to the local registrar of the registration district in which the child was found. The foundling report shall constitute the birth certificate for such foundling child and sections 3705.01 to 3705.29 of the Revised Code, relating to birth certificates or records, shall apply in the same manner and with the same effect to such report. If a foundling child is later identified and an original birth record is found or obtained, the foundling report shall cease to be a public record. Such foundling report shall be placed in an envelope which shall be sealed by the department and shall not be open to inspection or copy unless so ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction. All copies of the foundling report in the possession of the local registrar or the probate court as well as any and all index references thereto shall be destroyed.

    12. FDR 1933, "Today is a day of national consecration"Chapter 3705: VITAL STATISTICS

      3705.01 Vital statistics definitions.
      As used in this chapter:

      (A) "Live birth" means the complete expulsion or extraction from its mother of a product of human conception that after such expulsion or extraction breathes or shows any other evidence of life such as beating of the heart, pulsation of the umbilical cord, or definite movement of voluntary muscles, whether or not the umbilical cord has been cut or the placenta is attached.

    13. FDR doesn't think there is any separation between church and State, heard clearly in his 1933 speech.

      What is CONSECRATE?

      In ecclesiastical law. To dedicate to sacred purposes, as a bishop by imposition of hands, or a church or churchyard by prayers, etc. Consecration Is performed by a bishop cr archbishop. Consecratio est periodns clectionis; electio est prseambula consecrationis. 2 Itolle, 102. Consecration is the termination of election; election is the preamble of consecration

    14. This issue we all face is about, stealing our land, rights come from the land and why this fight over land is ancient of days.

    15. You are looking at the etymology of english words without thinking about the context.

      I hope you realize that at one point in time up till this day that the monarch of England (Great Britain and then later United Kingdom) was the supreme head of the Anglican Church. Prior to that, England and its Monarch was Catholic with the Pope as its head.

      Prior to the Declaration of Independence, the 13 colonies belonged to Anglican England. This is how the term "county" was burrowed along with the english language. Parishes on the other hand was a Catholic term as Louisiana was purchased from a Catholic nation.

      So just because the etymology suggests that there is no separation between church and state does not mean that THERE IS NO SEPARATION BETWEEN CHURCH AND STATE.

      Trust me there is a separation. It's just that you do not realize your birth right to become a priest and practice your religion (whatever it is). Many people are conditioned to look to shepherds to lead them as part of a flock. Anna is an unofficial shepherd in my eyes (which is worse).

      If Anna admitted to you all that she is practicing witchcraft on you all, then at least you would have fair notice. However, she has not admitted to such a thing. Therefore, she is practicing dark arts on you people. When I lsee what's going on from the outside in, I see dark arts. I see Anna as a shepherd with a flock that is oblivious about the claims that are being made by Anna.

      Anna would be better off announcing that all of her claims and solutions are religious because beliefs are more in line with religious beliefs. It is more excusable to say that this is what we believe. It is religious. It is our right to believe this.

      What becomes problematic is when what you believe cannot be separated from reality and when you begin to impose your beliefs on others. Say you follow all of Anna's instructions and the secular authorities ignore you or even laugh in your face when you bring it up during a controversy. What is they dismiss your lineage claim all together. Will you all become extremists and feel like the only just punishment for such disrespect from the authorities is execution?

    16. @Cube Sphere: Google and Frank O'Collins are in on the dark arts too...

      Keep your friends closer than you keep your enemies... The video below is skipped to the relevant part.


    17. "Properly the final adjournment of the court for the term"

      "All Rise"

      "opposite of “sitting” or “session" No land/no law

      What is RISING OF COURT"

      Properly the final adjournment of the court for the term, though the term is also sometimes used to express the cessation of judicial business for the day or for a recess; it is the opposite of “sitting” or “session.” See State v. Weaver, 11 Neb. 163, 8 N. W. 385.


    18. What is PARENS?

      Lat. In Boman law. A parent; originally and properly only the father or mother of the person spoken of; but also, by an extension of its meaning, any relative, male or female, in the line of direct ascent.

      What is PARENS PATRIAE?

      i) It is the right held by the court to take a reasonable decision on the part of a person who is unable to make one for himself. Usually, such people suffer from disabilities, rendering it impossible for them to make the right decision. Ii) The right withheld by the court to begin prosecuting a case on behalf of a legal, disabled citizen

      What is SUCCESSION?

      In the civil law and in Louisiana. I. The fact of the transmission of the rights, estate, obligations, and charges of a deceased person to his heir or heirs. 2. The right by which the heir can take possession of the decedent’s estate. The right of the heir to step into the place of the deceased, with respect to the possession, control, enjoyment, administration, and settlement of all the latter’s property, rights, obligations, charges, etc. 3. The estate of a deceased person, comprising all kinds of property owned or claimed by him, as well as his debts and obligations, and considered as a legal entity (according to the notion of the Roman law) for certain purposes, such as collecting assets and paying debts. See Davenport v. Adler, 52 La. Ann. 203, 20 South. 830; Adams v. Akerlund, 108 111. 032, 48 N. E. 454; Quarles v. Clayton, 87 Tenn. 308, 10 S. W. 505. 3 L. R. A. 170; State v. Fayne, 129 Mo. 408, 31 S. W. 797, 33 L. R. A. 570; Blake v. McCartney, 3 Fed. Cas. 590; In re Headen’s Estate, 52 Cal. 298. Succession is the transmission of the rights and obligations of the deceased to the heirs. Succession signifies also the estates, rights, and charges which a person leaves after his death, whether the property exceeds the charges or the charges exceed the property, or whether he has only left charges without any property. The succession not only includes the rights and obligations of the deceased as they exist at the time of his death, but all that has accrued thereto since the opening of the succession, as also the new charges to which it becomes subject. Finally, succession signifies also that right by which the heir can take possession of the estate of the deceased, such as it may be. Civ. Code I.a. arts. 871-874. Succession is the coming in of another to take the property of one who dies without disposing of it by will. Civ. Code Cal.

    19. What do you now say on your be-half? The State administrates for the church, not my words.

      What is DECEDENT?

      A deceased person; one who has lately died. Etymologically the word
      denotes a person who is dying, but it has come to be used in law as signifying any
      defunct person, (testate or intestate,) but always with reference to the settlement of his
      estate or the execution of his will. In re Zeph’s Estate, 50 Hun, 523, 3 N. Y. Supp. 400

      What is SETTLEMENT?

      In conveyancing. A disposition of property by deed, usually through the medium of a trustee, by which its enjoyment is limited to several persons in succession, as a wife, children, or other relatives. In contracts. Adjustment or liquidation of mutual accounts ; the act by which parties who have been dealing together arrange their accounts and strike a balance. Also full and final payment or discharge of an account. In poor laws. The term signifies a right acquired by a person, by continued residence for a given length of time in a town or district, to claim aid or relief under the poor- laws in case of his becoming a pauper. See Westfield v. Coventry, 71 Vt. 175, 44 Atl. 60; Jefferson v. Washington, 10 Me. 300; Jackson County v. Hillsdale County, 124 Mich. 17, 83 N. W. 408. In probate practice. The settlement of an estate consists in its administration by the executor or administrator carried so far that all debts and legacies have been paid and the individual shares of distributees in the corpus of the estate, or the residuary portion, as the case may be, definitely ascertained and determined, and accounts tiled and passed, so that nothing remains but to make final distribution. See Calkins v. Smith, 41 Mich. 400, 1 N. W. 1048; Forbes v. Harrington, 171 Mass. 386, 50 N. E. 641; Appeal of Mathews, 72 Conn. 555, 45 Atl. 170.

    20. Title 27 deals with this issue, does it not?

      What is ADULTERATION?

      The act of corrupting or debasing. The term is generally applied to the act of mixing up with food or drink intended to be sold other matters of an inferior quality, and usually of a more or less deleterious quality. Grosvenor v. Duffy, 121 Mich. 220, 80 N. W. 19; Com. v. Ilufnal, 185 Pa. 370, 39 Atl. 1052; People v. West, 44 Hun (N. Y.) 102.

    21. Congrats on being a domestic terrorist, cube sphere.

    22. Unknown in retrograde,

      These admissions came right from the source, what’ agency do you work for? Labeling everyone and everything without proof for a paycheck is the Bomb factory, Hegelian dialectic, congrats

    23. Just face it. You hold onto an extremist ideology.

    24. Nothing can be done to turn you away from it. You are stubbornly determined. Totally subverted by the extremist content that you consume on a daily basis. There is no turning back for you.


  8. I have no idea where either sets of my grandfathers/grandmothers were born. And I have no connection other than blood to any existing extended family. Therefore, I don't see how to follow through on this. Is it truly ESSENTIAL?

  9. Right. Nice work, Anna. This is utilizing the David Wynn Miller quantum grammar system which I believe does carry some heft, obviously, because David can waltz into any courthouse in the territorial U.S. as a plenipotentiary judge and "clean house". He has done many seminars on the quantum grammar system which have acted as tutorials for many "high-ups".

    1. Unknown, do you say anything without trying to incite rage or disgust? Just wondering as this subject seems upsetting to you.

  10. This is incredible. Would anybody in "authority" pay ttention to all this detail and declarations? Thank you providing this info. What a shame legit citizens have to navuagte all this while illegals are shipped in with no problem and set-up with SS accounts taken from deceased nationals. What gruesome beings in charge of things.

    1. I promise you. They will not give a shit.

      Look guys. I did a lot of research. I've read books from leaders from libertarian to socialist to egalitarian.

      Most people are unaware of how U.S. is set up and what makes it exceptional.

      The secular governments in the U.S. are striving to become all encompassing just states. Secular governments in the U.S. can be classified as the first mode of communal living. They ensure that there is enough room for a second mode of communal living. Second mode of communal living are things like nonprofits, churches, societies, basically any legal group of people that share similar interests. These interests can be anything that's legal. They can be academic institutions, fashion week in NYC, Business conventions, you name it.

      Because of free speech, the first mode of communal living (i.e., the secular state) is prohibited from violating the rights of second mode communities like this forum.

      So people like Anna are free to a certain extent to deceive those who are willing to be deceived thanks to the first mode of communal living (i.e., an all encompassing just secular state).

      What Anna is doing is using a second mode of communal living to mislead people into disrespecting the first mode of communal living. Anna is doing this instead of forming a self sufficient, responsible, cooperative second mode of communal living like the Rotary Society, Bar Society, Catholic Church, Republican National Committee, Book Club, etc.

      Open your eyes.

    2. I got the first and second modes of communal living from Gerald Allan Cohen (1941-2009). In Why Not Socialism, Cohen used a camping trip to make a compelling, preliminary case for socialism (Cohen, 2009, p. 1). The simple context of the camping trip allowed him to express the principles of the ideal of socialism in a clever way that made them easy to understand and easy to relate to for a large percentage of people. The camping trip allowed Cohen to present socialism in the most simple, attractive light. Cohen used this as the base from which he advances his argument. Cohen then laid out a policy framework for thinking about removing barriers to opportunity that some people suffered from and some people did not, hence “equality of opportunity.” Cohen described three layers of equality of opportunity each addressing different sources of inequality. The layers were progressively equalizing and redistributive meaning that removing barriers of opportunity for one person did not necessarily leave the opportunities of said better placed person intact (Cohen, 2009, p. 14). Cohen’s first layer of inequality was: that which is created by formal and informal socially constructed status restrictions through the assignment of unequal rights or bigoted behavior. Examples of inequalities in this first layer would be opportunity differences based on gender or race (Cohen, 2009, p. 14). This layer of inequality was addressed with the achievement of what Cohen defined as bourgeois equality of opportunity. The second layer of inequality described by Cohen is that which is created by the circumstances of one’s birth and upbringing. This layer specifically targeted the difference in opportunity that emanates from being born into a poor family versus a wealthy one or being provided ample parenting versus being deprived of parenting. This layer of inequality, along with the first layer, were addressed with a policy that Cohen labeled left liberal equality of opportunity. Cohen argued that when this policy aspiration is achieved, people’s outcomes would be based solely on native abilities and the choices they make (Cohen, 2009, p. 16). The most progressive form of equality of opportunity, the one that Cohen described as endorsed by justice (Cohen, 2009, p. 13) was meant to address inequalities from the first two (2) layers as well as that from people’s native differences. This most far reaching policy on opportunity equality was defined by Cohen as socialist equality of opportunity. It sought to correct for all unchosen disadvantages (Cohen, 2009, p. 17). An example of an unchosen disadvantage would be if someone were to be born with lower intelligence than others. Differences in outcomes when socialist equality of opportunity is achieved would be based only on individual preferences (Cohen, 2009, p. 18).

      Cohen, G. A. (2009). Why Not Socialism. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

  11. If you want a libertarian perspective then read Nozick, R. (1974). Anarchy, State, And Utopia. Basic Books.

    Robert Nozick (1938-2002) was a contemporary philosopher that articulated the view that social salvation lies in the direction of minimal state that should not regulate economic sphere accept unlimited ownership of means of production. He argued that the “state would arise from anarchy even though no one intended this or tried to bring it about, by a process which need not violate anyone’s rights” (Nozick, 1974, Pref. xi).

    The state would develop in phases beginning with a dominant protective agency. And that folks who opt out of paying dues to said dominant protective agency will be compensated by said dominant protective agency by being protected by said dominant protective agency free of charge. When I think of dominant protective agency the Society of Jesus comes to mind.

    Anyways, Nozick was in very active conversation with a number of philosophical positions including utilitarianism, kantianism, and was inspired by John Locke’s Social Contract tradition. Capitalism, to Nozick might be problematic but not significant. What mattered to Nozick was that capitalism allowed for the unfolding of self realization. If people are fully liberated in a pure capitalist society, then society will solve social problems. Therefore, humanity wasn’t capitalist enough for Nozick. And this is the essence of what libertarianism (one development of classical liberalism) was about.

  12. Catholic Social Doctrine is against both extreme ends of the political spectrum. It supports neither libertarianism and socialism. Best way to describe Catholic Social Doctrine is liberal egalitarianism.

    See Rawls, J. (1971). A Theory of Justice. Cambridge, MA: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. John Rawls (1921-2002) is claimed by many to be one of the most important political philosopher of late 20th century. He is known for formulating a synthesis between socialism and classical liberalism known as liberal egalitarianism in A Theory of Justice. Rawls came up with A Theory of Justice during the politically turbulent 1970's.There is no real connection between Rawls and social unrest of 70s aside from some theorizing about civil disobedience. But Rawls did play a significant role in the narrative of what kind of society we want in struggle between capitalism/socialism and the generation of resistance that appeared to be required to bring it about.

    d) What Rawls' work shares with classical liberalism is an emphasis on individual rights but what Rawls did differently was add an explicit theorizing of equality into the classical liberal standpoint. Rawls took the Marxist concern of the corrupting aspect of structure into account while combining the liberal insistence of on the notion of equal rights.

    Like libertarians, liberal egalitarians emphasize importance of rights - but specifically civil and political rights, not economic rights. Unlike libertarians, they think of society as a whole as a product of shared human activity and in that way must be divided up in a way that makes sense for everybody. Similarly, principles of Catholic Social Doctrine became articulated over a period of close to 130 years. Among the more important of these is the obligation to expand participation of everyone in society.

  13. There are lots of very bright and clever People here.

    1. Skip to Chapter 2..

  14. BB ya got that nailed my friend!

  15. Most important thing to remember when reading/skimming Unknown/UCADIA in US posts is his position on the illegal 14th amendment in the ongoing illegal US CORPORATION.

    The correct p.o.v. if one is a true Patriot is the original 13th amendment was usurped by the ongoing illegal US CORPORATION, thus ALL amendments since it was usurped r with illegal US CORPORATION & r fraudulent.

  16. I have an honest question regarding the text of the Claim for the Life - Lineage Treaty. There are many colons, and hyphens and grammatical elements that are not common English. Is that Correct Sentence Structure (C.S.S.) and is it connected with Parse Syntax? I'm just wondering, because in later posts Anna says to stay away from Parse Syntax. Does this still stand in light of her later posts?

  17. I wouldn't think so. She looked further into PAR SE SYNTAX GRAMMAR and now seems to regard it as a very bad idea for living people.


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