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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

A BIG Mistake

By Anna Von Reitz

Apparently, Destry and some others, have fallen into the mistaken idea that you can just join a Jural Assembly and voila!  You are home again, free and clear, and all questions and issues regarding your identity and political status are magically answered. 

Here's a quote from an email I sent out this morning addressing this: 

" have to work backward from being in international sea jurisdiction to bring in international land jurisdiction and finally, back to being recorded as a living man or woman of the soil jurisdiction owed to this country.

A great deal of time and effort over many decades has been expended in the effort to steal your birthright from you. 

You are naive if you think that reclaiming it is going to be effortless or unnecessary. 

I wish it could be just a matter of joining a Jural Assembly, but it isn't. 

The way they have you classified, it's improper for you to participate in a Jural Assembly until you correct your political status."

You have to think in terms of apples and oranges, living and dead, Spanish and English, employer and employee--- and you can't be a living man who is part of a living assembly of  free men and at the same time "be" a corporate franchise.  It's not possible.  It is an oxymoron proposition like "sovereign citizen".  You can be one or the other, not both. 

It's the same way with "citizenship".  You can serve as an official of the actual State of the Union and thereby function as a "State Citizen", but you cannot at the same time function as a Territorial "State of State" Citizen. 

Once you re-establish your status as a living man or woman, you can move any corporations named after you back to a permanent domicile on the land and soil jurisdiction and operate them in international trade instead of international commerce. This is the difference between owning and operating a boat and being a boat.  

So I wish it were as simple as joining a Jural Assembly, but it's not.  There are international copyrights and patents and "derivatives" and "labor contracts" and "life insurance annuities" and all sorts of other business issues attached to the central issue of who and what you are and in what capacity you are acting. 

In order to be part of a Jural Assembly of living people you have to claim the life and lineage you are part of and claim the reversionary trust interest in your natural estate ---- otherwise, these hideous corporations will simply claim that you are "cargo" aboard one of their "vessels" named after you, and you will be seized upon, impounded, moved around, and treated as "unclaimed cargo".  

Which is precisely what is happening to Destry Payne right now, and what is happening to the Colorado Nine and what is happening to Steve Curry and what would happen to me, too, if I had not followed my own advice, gone through all the history and research and the recording processes and "Notifications" that I have gone through to regain my Natural Person standing and reclaim my country. 

So, if you want back the prize of who and what you are, if you want your land and soil and flag returned to you and your control, if you don't want to be "mistaken" for a corporation or a dead person's estate or a public charitable trust or a public transmitting utility or, or, or, or..... then get up on your feet, face facts, and deal with the situation for yourself and for your family and for your country. 

I will be posting additional examples of what my own "Claim for the Life - Lineage Treaty" looks like,  International Will form, etc. 

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  1. What if you live in between states?

  2. "What if you live in between states?"
    WTH does that mean? Do you think you are in the matrix or some BS like that?
    Every single man and woman was born in the same state.
    And if you ever leave that state. then you will be dead.

    Mostly liquid, some solid and sometimes gas.

    I think to many people have been believing in the fictional legal entity for so long that you are so confused, you just need to stop believing one is playing a part in a picture show or stage play with your persona,clear your head of all the patriot mumbo jumbo.
    And get back in reality. KISS

    1. I think I'm in the gaseous state because I fart up a storm all the time.

    2. Maybe u r an alien?

  3. If you go to, put in what you THINK is your mothers name and father's name, you will find the date they married, and where and it will begin to "nudge" you as you will recognize a place, etc. Then, it will list who their father and mother were, and you put that in and so on. You can do this.

  4. As confusing as this seems to be, it makes sense . Since our families stepped foot here they have been taken advantage of . Rebutt the false claims every step of the way and you are left with , you . They evaporate because they are fiction , lies .

  5. finding the truth: bad advice from someone who throws out glib answers on this site as the site you mention does not have ALL of the answers and Abby is correct!!! If the name is spelled incorrectly,, you will NOT find their records, and also, if the information is not in the records at all, you won't find them either!!! I can attest to the fact that ancestors does NOT have all of the facts as we are using that now and still can't get any records of our great grandfather from Poland, and there is no record of his US entry, regardless of how you "spell" the name, as we are dealing with the same issues as Abby. Wrong spelling of the name, no records of US entry, and we are not even sure what his first name was. If you found everything on this site you are very lucky!!! Good for you!!! But for the rest of us, there is too much missing information or incorrect information that we have to deal with to make this stuff nearly impossible. I even went to the Mormons for help as they have one of the most extensive linage sites in the world as they believe in "baptizing for the dead" as are finding as many people as they can to be "baptized" for them and not even they had records of any of my ancestors!!! And another thing, they ALL gave their kids the SAME "name" George this George that, Mary this and Mary that so WHICH "person" is the correct ancestor here!!!???

  6. Oh.. the hurdles stubborn people go through just to remain what is commonly known as laypeople...

    The only separation from state is church. Any other separation is quite absurd.

    1. hard to do really when the US is a for profit religious organization, the society of jesus is very pervasive in everyday life to separate the two is only a lie and illusion they get people to recite like the star spangled banner, death and taxes with church and state haha

    2. I think you mean to say "Hard to do when folks are misled into believing that the U.S. is a for profit religious organization."

      When all your sources are people like Anna then you will surely have no solid point of reference. When all you do each day is soak up information on social media that is meant to subvert you then you will surely be subverted and ineffective for making positive and constructive changes in your life and in your community.

  7. Own nothing. Control everything.

  8. It appears that requires some payment for membership. I see they offer a "free trial" however that apparently requires either a credit card or a PayPal balance of at least $99.0 that they can access if you go over the 14 days.

    For whatever it might be worth to anyone - I do not have any credit cards and I don't have the PayPal balance. In fact I am probably going to leave PayPal as they are requiring State-issued documents to verify my "identity" - supposedly under "The Patriot Act" and a certain "Bank Secrecy Amendment". I most recently informed P.P. that the former is apparently not listed in the Federal Registry and that if they are presenting me with a legal notice then I demand that they show me the law that requires me to deliver certain documents to them since as far as I know there are no laws requiring me: an American "free inhabitant" to perform in any manner for this entity.

    I think what these boils down to is that I don't get to use PayPal without the risk that they can deny me access to my "funds" in their account. That is why I have a minimal balance that is insufficient for

  9. 😈💀😈

  10. Personally, I will never pay to get information about myself or my family. I also have a personal rule for myself: Never, never accept any ''free trials' for a designated number of days, such as 14 days or 30 days; nothing is free and if you miss your deadline date to cancel before the Trial ends, you will get charged for the entire amount before you know it.
    In fact, I have cancelled in the past on something, and Still got charged.

    Now, the more I think about it, the more I don't agree with having to turn cartwheels here trying to proof I Am who I Am. Sheesh, we have even had a few Presidents who were NOT who they said they were ! But we have to provide all this proof?

    Anna, try again. This ain't a gonna work. Why is it that SS took my word for being who I said I was, and have been paying out to me without question, yet this? And we have all these refugees who have come here by the millions, not questioned, given many free passes, but we Americans have to turn ourselves inside out with tons of proof? Like we can't just as well provide fake proof of this new List?
    What next, Anna. Can we assume then they will want to charge us to do all the background check on all THESE Documents? Or are we silly enough to think they will do it all for free, lol.

    I am NOT being snide here; these are legitimate questions and legitimate suspicions.

    Additionally, my dad was european, from romania, which then went behind the iron curtain for many decades. All doors closed.

    Anna, even you said something like.....what is done can be likewise undone; unraveled. So just backtrack and unravel; rewind this whole damned thing....and declare this huge Fraud
    Null and Void.

  11. affidavit of truth default judgement copywright your name, make sure you let then know how much u charge to by the day to sit in jail, and any time a cop tries to arrest u have them note its under threat and durress

  12. This helps explain some things after following the issue for several months. Thank you Judge AVR.
    Most comments are helpful. I don't know why a person thinks they have to tell another to go to hell though?

  13. pay pal have long known to be criminals.

    as far as these wild goose chases. bottom line, unless you do a formal process with your captors, the United States and its frachises, you will NOT be recognized in their system and all the feel good gobbeldygook wont help when they throw you in jail and has done nothing to date as far as can be proven or enforced.

  14. Abby is definitely not UNKNOWN☇

    Let me make Note here of why the Original promissory Note is so important to demand it be presented as the foundation that ''they'' even have a valid case to foreclose:

    When you initially take out a 'loan' to buy a home, You Sign that PM. The banker whisks it away out of your sight, and they Stamp it on the BACKside the same as they would a Check where You sign a check.
    We all know that Signature is what gives that Check ''life'' and becomes 'money'.

    Ok, now when the banker whisked away your PM AFTER you signed it on the Front, THEY took it and 'put their Deposit stamp on the back of it'' which says something like ''For Deposit Only'' and that is when the Bank gave Your PM ''life' and it became Money.

    Right there on the spot it became Money, which is the Money that Funded the Full Payment of the house you just ''got a supposed loan on''.
    So stop and think for a minute: It was Your Signature in the first place that put into motion what they did to ''create the money'.............but what they didn't tell you is that they Deposited that money into the Bank's Account, and not Your Account.
    When you think of a PN the exact same way you do a check that you might write, then you can begin to wrap your mind around how banks 'provide home loans'.......and that it was Your Signature that created the money in the first place. So where is there any ''loan'? And therefore, where is there any lawful grounds to be 'foreclosing' on your home which was paid for by your own Signature.
    Not only did they deface the back side of the PM paper AFTER you signed it, and without you knowing what they did to the back side of it, and without showing that to you and asking you to approve it by your initialing it..........THAT nefarious little crooking that they - - Depositing it to themselves, made the entire PM now NULL AND VOID.........because anything that is ADDED After you signed it, causes it to be null and void.

    THAT is WHY the foreclosure court does NOT want to produce your Original Promissory Note as evidence of the ''loan''. And THAT is why You need to demand it be produced..........because if they did, you could turn it over and look at the back side and see what made it null and void; case over.

    Thats one reason why they don't produce the 'evidence'......the other reason is they most likely no longer have it, but have sold it to a broker who PAID them for it already.

    (All this information is derived from the book written by my friend Tom Schauf, entitled 'America's Hope: To Cancel Bank Loans Without Going To Court'' 4th Print 1997)" Abby♩

  15. The court must know ststus,standing ,agency. To deal wit you.
    status is were your in thair system subject to codes or your a non U.S. CITIZEN .would help if you have tons of paperwork showing your not a statutory U.S. slave



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