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Monday, August 6, 2018

Updates on Process

By Anna Von Reitz

Okay, Campers -- more insight into the history and the process and the "rest of the story".

What you need to have ready to counter-claim back your Good Name and Estate:

1. Three authenticated copies (or if not possible for your State, certified at the State Secretary of State level) and at least one authenticated at the United States Department of State level copy of "your" Birth Certificate.  These are private documents, not to be recorded.

2. Two notarized statements from Witnesses who know you, know your family, and have first hand knowledge that you are "the" person who was born to the parents and at the place and time shown as the actual birth day on the BC.

3. If possible, a "Lineage Treaty" showing that your family has been in this country since before the Civil War.  This is just a simple recitation of your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, when and where they were born, when and where they got married, etc.

4. A Revocation of all Powers of Attorney effective the day of your birth. This wipes out your Mother's unwitting donation of your name to their fraud scheme and any applications that gave away General Powers of Attorney---prevents the Bar Attorneys from "representing" you and messing with the so-called "intermediary record" of your estate;

5. The Deed of Re-Conveyance moving your Trade Name back to the land and soil of your native State of the Union.

6. The Certificate(s) of Assumed Name that move all the "derivative" variations, permutations, orderings, and styles of your name to the land and soil of your native State of the Union.

7. Mandatory Notice of Liability under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.

8. International Will clearly establishing your disposition of your property interests.

All this Turkey Trot is the full-blown insurmountable "stick it down their throats sideways" seizure of control of your name and estate back from the vermin, valid in every international court on Earth.

If they make the mistake of addressing you as a Federal Citizen, you request a Status Hearing and blow them clean out of the water.

Thanks to the work we already did, you are free to assign the BC trust to the U.S. Treasury 1789 from whence it came, and you can go through the additional work to establish your own Private Indemnity Bond, but you can also just tag along and use the indemnity bond established to protect you and your actual State of the Union:  AMRI00001 RA 393 427 640 US.

This looks like an "A4V" process, but it is not. 

An Accept for Value is what is called a "Mutual Offset Credit Exchange" --- Party A owes you money, but you also owe Party A money, so you "exchange" debts.  You owe me $20, but I owe you $10, so I exchange back my $10 debt against your $20 debt and you only owe me $10 as a result.

The Indemnity Bond also requires you to "accept" a Bill and signal that acceptance by writing "ACCEPTED" on the Bill, signing your Trade Name with a by-line, like this:  by: John Michael Doe, assigning it to the Indemnity Bond Account, and dating the action.  So it looks like a Mutual Offset Credit Exchange, but it isn't.  It's an insurance claim.

So, long story short, when you are in receipt of your BCs and have recorded the other documents, you are iron-clad to claim your "indemnity" from any loss or damage. 

There is just one other caveat -- the vermin seldom send actual Bills. 

What they send are Billing Statements that merely track the status of accounts, and sucker you into paying a Bill that only appears to have been presented.  In fact, you've just been told that there is an arrearage in the ACCOUNT, but you haven't been billed for it.  Why?  Because it's not a bill that you actually owe, and if the rats actually sent you a Bill that would be fraud on the face of it.

This is why you have to demand a "Voucher" from the IRS and can't just sign and stamp any old Notice or Statement they send you. 

My comments have been limited to the situations people face in court precisely because when a commercial entity brings an action in court, they have to provide the Judge with an actual Bill.  And he has to have an actual Bill in front of him ready to give you, or the entire case is void. 

Any failure to produce the Bill on demand --- yours --- is cause for you to say, "I wish for the dismissal with prejudice of all actions related to contract case number (whatever it is) for failure to show cause and administrative default."

Please note that you do not "move" the Court to do anything.  You merely express your wishes to your servants.

And if they do produce a Bill for you to sign, you sign it and charge it off against the Indemnity Bond for your State of the Union.

You win either way in the court situation --- Bill or no Bill.

We are still working on the business end of the utility companies, which are operating in true rogue capacity. 

See this article and over 1100 others on Anna's website here:

To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website. 


  1. I heard about these long form birth certificates and short form birth certificates, when you get certified copies from the state does it matter which one they would give us or do we need to specify long form, short form, etc? Thanks for any help

    1. Texas no longer gives out BC forms, you will pay for a "statement" that "one is on file"!!! I went to the very same gov't records place my mother got mine 20 years ago to get another copy of it after the one she got me got wiped in the Harvey flood, and they told me they do not give out BC's and asked what I wanted it for. Told them it was for ID and was charged $23 just for a certified statement that a record of my birth is on file!!! Thanks to that illegal alien we had as a prez, I assume a lot of States are now doing this.

  2. Once we are back on the land, what about health and life Insurance? My wife is freaking out about me not having any in the near future.

    1. So Funny, my notification sounds on my mobile device are Crickets. Some things that are irritating to others are soothing to some....

      Health Care: Aren't we in charge of our own Health-care?

      FDA: Faster Death Agency

      Haven't had health insurance for 17 months now. Worried about the same issues... Asked for the Contract in Writing 3 times, they would not send a certified copy of a signed contract with all terms and conditions fully disclosed granting THEM authority to REQUIRE a man to OBEY.... Whatever....

      Didn't go to the doctor when I had health insurance unless the illusive "THEY" required it. No difference now except there is no supposed governing authority instructing me how to ACT.

      Look up "Irrevocable Private Common Law Ecclesiastical Trust"....

  3. Use the long form application for bc. Anna, does the indemnity bond # you gave above apply to all states of the union? Thanks.

    1. I heard on another site that it is illegal to use someone else's "indemnity bond" like Anna's for youself, probably because she isn't in the insurance business....i don't know what to tell you guys, but it's obvious that the courts are talking to each other and memos are being read daily on some kind of central server that they alone have access to...I told you guys awhile back that the Banks have a site (I can't remember how i got to it now) , that is for bank employees need a special password to log into it that only their bank has...but, that doesn't mean you can't see how and what they talk about, from regular tellers to bank managers...!! It's quite an insite what they think about us guys...word spreads fast through the teller was talking to another from a completely different area about a guy demanding his lawful right to real money under 12USC411 and the teller just told her to do what we did...close his account and tell him to go down the street to anther bank ....and told the customer.."good luck"..!! The internet gives everyone instant access to the enemies (us) into on our latest ploys on getting around their rules...Im sure it's the same with the courts, especially since Anna is all over utube these days claiming to be a judge like them, which they patently deny...!! Make no mistake guys....this is war..!! And they have us "outgunned" with their paperwork and "close ranks" against us...!!

    2. We screwed the bank power play, by clising all accounts, removing our cash, and cut up those asinine credit cards!
      We have been 100% BANK FREE for 20 years...NEVER GOING BACK!
      Stop allowing these entities to take your money, bill you for alliwing them to use it, then decide if and when, and how much of YOUR MONEY, they will allow you to have!




    3. Ernest, I'm with you 1000% on the banks; I snatch my SS/VA disability money out as soon as it's available...that won't do me any good 'if' and there's a number of 'shituations' of 'if'...but HOW does a man like me get out of the 'mandatory direct deposit' that they FORCED upon nearly everyone???

  4. Replies
    1. An talented IMBECILE hiding behind UCADIA and and misusing UCADIA name.

    2. A tragedy on display,
      A sickness for all to see.
      I will kill this part of myself that I hate and that I see in you.
      It was always mine, anyway.
      There's something you can't take away.
      I choose not to feel the pain
      Sanctity, a breath away.
      Just a breath away.

    3. Unknown...we get it..!! When in Rome, do as the Romans...!! But that doesn't mean it's right..!! They want us to be Romans..!! But I do get it, and your choice to blend in...!! I just hope "the Father" sees it your way...!!

    4. The Bar is good for this one thing. You have to admit. Haha! This is some scary stuff in this video below... Ignore at your own risk.

  5. This is the best entertainment on the internet. I'm hooked.

  6. Oh, I bet there are others...!! Your not looking hard enough...!!
    They finally shut down Alex Jones utube channel...!! The Corp. State is fighting back with everything they can come up with...!!

    And it looks like the "central banks", finally cut a deal with N. Korea, which is why they have slowed down on making good on their promises to Trump...!!
    These guys aren't finished yet...!!


    2. Many Other Platforms than YouTube. Cut one and 100 more take its place.... When they kill him really really dead, then all his videos will be reposted by his supporters. I certainly hope that doesn't happen, but seems to be the trend for these Pirates.... YouTube is a CORPORATION, set up under a Derivative of USA INC so unfortunately they have a Boss.

      Imagine a Bee Colony, one of the most sophisticated organizations on this planet. Millions of workers, one Queen. What happens when the get tired of the Queen?. The democracy works, they eat her....

  7. Well 2 and 3 wouldn't work in my birth situation.Not everybody has a normal expected family birth, meaning myself.

  8. In my case sitting on the fence is my only option.

    1. Whatever works at this point robert...right..!! We have to survive the best we can..!! Personally I would rather die than wind up in prison the rest of my life....!!

    2. On the fence is where you can successfully "Fool the detectors."

  9. I have no living parents or grandparents to make item two and or three possible, what are the alternatives to that situation?

    1. Birth records and Death Records... They all document the ancestors are born on the land, not of the sea... Rebut the Presumption.

      The problem here is they bring the case so they have to prove, not us, but things have been turned around where we believe we have to prove.... If we all do the kindergarten indoctrination thing, by raising our hand when a NAME is called, we are done no matter how much paperwork we file...

      We are not the ESTATE, the ESTATE is not the Man.... They stole our NAME and instructed us to believe the 2 are the same so that they can rape the ESTATE.

      I am functioning as the EXECUTRIX of the ESTATE. I am an officer of the COURT. The ESTATE is the COURT. I am A Much Higher Officer than the ACTOR in the BLACK ROBE. He is a mere administer and must prove he has authority to administer the ESTATE of a Living Man...

      Trust Law: Learn it....

    2. Annie do you have Recorded Deed as the EXECUTRIX of your ESTATE ?

  10. I'm a proud first generation 14th Amendment U.S. citizen. Do I qualify for this process? hahahaha!

  11. I guess until we get Trump on our side, this charade is only going to become more difficult. If all this maneuvering is fraud then a simple declaration from Trump declaring it so and reverting everything back in one fell swoop should be all that is needed. The bar attorneys just keep making it more difficult to declare sovereignty.

    I'm 70, witnesses are so far removed and heritage back to before the Civil War? What ever happened to being a red blooded human and not a corporate entity? Why not just provide the courts with the simple "Fraud" explanation and walk out?

    This just keeps getting better and better!

    1. Dan Carpenter, Yes & Im trying to climb out of the well....

    2. Dan, Trump can't be on our side. He is a President of another Corporation, set up just like all the others he has run. The one good thing about Trump is he is not a B.A.R. ATTORNEY.... He does qualify to be the Real President if he made that choice. JFK is dead because he tried to free us from the central Bank....

      If Trump would actually stand up for the People in Truth, He would be the epitome of the definition: DOMESTIC TERRORIST.... He is Domestic, we are not... Can not mix the two.... OIL and water do not mix.... Ever..... Man is not FICTION... Trump is a CORPORATE FLUNKY.... running a FICTION...

  12. It would be pretty difficult to get politicians on your side if you give up your 14th Amendment citizenship to begin with. They are looking for votes. What's the point of them getting on your side if you cannot vote?

    That's like getting politicians to side with Felons.

    You see the way this works is that campaign donations are tax deductible. Therefore, there is an incentive for tax payers to donate to campaigns in addition to voting for an elected official.

    Not only are folks who follow Anna's instructions unable to vote but they will receive very little incentive for donating to a campaign and would most likely not donate to even begin with.

    I'm afraid that Anna and the likes sole purpose is to encourage people to be on the peripheries of society-at-large. Like outcasts will very little political voices. Her ideas also have circular logic designed within them.

    You have no political voice, therefore you think you are freed from blame for political outcomes around you. You use the fact that you have no political voice as a basis for not having to follow statutory laws. Political institutions like the justice system and executive branch (law enforcement) have their way with you because they claim to be sovereign. Your complaints are unheard or at least heard by those that only agree with you because you waived your right to vote by denouncing your citizenship. It's a self feeding cycle.

    I think it would be better if you all embrace 14th Amendment citizenship and embrace the responsibilities attached to that status (respecting the governing secular authorities, due process and the rule of law).

    At the same time, you all can consecrate yourselves as religious heads of households under the fellowship or umbrella of a religious society which is guaranteed under the constitution.

    All of these gurus like Anna have enormous social capital but appear to be abusing said social capital by misleading folks. If only Anna would have a change of heart and lead you all on a practical path. But the pressing question is could she do that without losing social capital? Are gurus in this movement simply capitulating to the pulse of a certain segment of the nation because it's simply easier? Is she tapping into that part of human nature that is easier to influence because she has no other choice? No different fro politics. Leaders may be aware of how difficult it is to lead people in the right path. Perhaps they intend on taking incremental steps because to take huge ones in leading people may result in falling out of their interest and losing their attention.

    1. Anyone repeatedly parading 14th amendment is a known tool of ongoing illegal US CORPORATION.

    2. PLaying with fire...

  13. Unknown...i am addressing that problem right now with Trump on his site "make America great again...I have informed him that if you want us to vote, you have to realize that voters restoration is an unconscionable contract that although it gives us the right to vote, it comes at the cost of waiving all our unalienable rights and converts our true status as free men and woman on the LAND, and converts it to secondary SLAVE status as fictional persons with "NO RIGHTS", whatsoever..!! Why don't you help us out and make an EO that requesting to vote in no way waives any rights , remedies, and recourse in the courts...!!Get your attorneys on it, or we can't help you if we can't vote because of that contract...!!!

    1. james way to go, I would like to contact Trump also to talk about the unlawful foreclosures which no one talks about any more. We all know that foreclosures are pure corruption but they continue. How can we even begin to make America great without addressing the theft of Americans. It is Americans that make America. Look at Iceland, they did something about the Bankers aka judges, public officials etc. At least they did something.

      Policing for profit aka theft of Americans is the thing now.Americans robbing Americas but maybe not Americans once they take an oath.

      We have the biggest prison system in the world and how many are locked up for years for petty stuff and all the other reasons that don't make sense, theft of Americans. So we lock up Americans and let everyone else in to steal from Americans. yes count me in for contacting Trump at least it seems like he trying to do something. Where is his site and do you think anyone is getting your message to him?

    2. James and Mikers, I believe it appears 'they' have now taken note that the People are taking various steps they know are in our favor so they seem to be actively setting up road blocks.

      Now, I tend to think when the People realize they are given no recourse in spite of being correct, then there will be anarchy. So it is really very important for People to step up and expose what experiences and results they are getting when applying any of this stuff.......just like Tishbite did yesterday.

      It is not meant to be critical, but so we can all tell if we are getting anywhere or if 'their' roadblocks are getting bigger, etc.

    3. Abby, respectfully, anarchy is not a bad thing. Anarchy has been redefined by those threatened by it as "Chaos", which is not the true definition. Anarchy is simply self governing or "without government". Unfortunately "Word" Play is their best Offence... and our understanding of words and our belief system is our worst Defense.

      There is a need for a government but not to the point of indoctrination. People are living in FEAR of FEAR... Many younger people I know who have families will not stand due to FEAR alone. There is Right and There is Wrong and all this talk about sitting on the fence is nauseating.

      Wizard of OZ... Black and White.... Right and Wrong... No middle ground or a Damn fence to cling to. The people on the Fence, and that includes all the so called Policemen that will be the first ones they throw under the bus are targets, not the ones who have Chosen a Clear Contract with the Creator vs a Contract with SATAN...

    4. Annie McShane, right on, but God didn't want fences , Zoneing of land not Goverment. Peace & freedom is hard to accomplish!

    5. Mikers......thank you...!! I have been none stop on Trumps site (especially since I contribute $20/ month to his campaign now, which I can't afford, but I do it so he will pay more attention to what I am suggesting), about foreclosures and our main problem which has become a GREAT WALL of injustice to the people....the BAR associatiation and its foreign agents working diligently to overthrow our ligitamate govt.....attorneys and have to get rid of that WALL before you build your WALL on the border..!! I layed out the entire problem, including the "weapon of war" they are using to get away with it.....the county recorders office, who refuse to take any "liability" for ANY filings no matter how fraudulent they are, because they use a convient excuse that they aren't trained in law...!! Well why the hell not..!! Maybe you need a judge in charge of that dept. or a DA especially dedicated to just that one office because people , especially banks and their attorneys, are extremely familiar with all their paperwork and requirements , and therefore have an unfair advantage over the homeowner....!! He has a bunch of thinks on his site that people seem to be interested in like the usual...immigration, LBGT rights, gun laws, and everything but foreclosures and the I wrote them in myself and made at least 4 lengthy comments on so he gets it...!! And at the bottom of all the comments there is a place for Trumps administration to say where my or others comments are at right now....there are about 6 of them, that say they are looking into it, or not solved yet, etc. But there is one that actually says the problem has been solved, and marked with a "green checkmark"...!!
      With all the comments I made about the courts and their agents (attorneys), the only one by the way, the last time I checked it out, it had a green checkmark on it saying the problem has been solved...!! I'm not sure if that was a personal message to me or what, but it confirms to me that Trump gets it and is probably working behind the scenes to do it...!! There is a secret war going on behind the scenes, that Trump refuses to talk about in the media...!! He is involved in some sort of "Black Opts" mission to destroy this NWO agenda and won t talk about it until he is ready to pounce on them all at once so no one gets away unscathed...!!
      But I caught him one day speaking to reporters on the white house lawn about our courts because of the trouble they are giving him....he flat out stated what he thought about our courts to the press and speaking to the American people, saying..."does anyone think our courts are honest".. He couldn't have been more blunt...!!
      He knows, and that's why we see so many people leaving the white house and so many judges stepping down...!! All of a sudden judges are stepping down, including the surprise one on the Supreme Court, Kennedy, who he is now trying to replace with his pick...!! Which will give him a majority vote in the SC...!! Judges are already starting to rule in favor if not only owning guns, but ruled that it is now LEGAL in all states to "open carry" guns just like the police. In fact the Calif. Courts have ruled "open carry" legal, but took away the right of "concelled" weapons ...!! So if you are still working under the old law of legal "concelled" weapons, you are now doing it illegally and can be charged with it.....its clear Trump wants "open carry" to be the law, for the express purpose to let law enforcement know the people are in charge, if we are willing to help our country get out of this mess, because the shear scope of our problem is just to big for him alone to fix..!! He wants us all to be prepared for whatever is coming, because it is going to be big....!!

    6. Here is Trumps site:

      Use it and make comments about foreclosures and our BAR controlled courts....!! Right now those are the only two things we need to be focused on...!! They will virtually solve all our other problems...!!!

      As far as people still having trouble with foreclosures this is the very first thing you have to do or don't even bother trying to fight it...!!
      Anna has never once said this, even though I've told you guys 100 times that the very first thing you need to do is to go to the "county recorders office"(not online, but right into one of their offices near you), because they have a bank of computers for anyone to use which are specifically linked right into their system and will give you a complete readout of your property and people involved (you will be blown away by how many) , and what the banks attorneys have filed against you because of the 30 or so pages of a home loan now that people are forced to sign, which is buried two very important waivers you signed

      1) waiver of "power of attorney"
      2) waiver of "power of sale"

      So no sooner did you sign the paperwork for the loan, they actually listed you as the legal owner (Creditor/ Grantee) and them as the borrowerer (Debtor/Grantor)..

      Then immediately, they return the next day (or often now, on the very same day), they reverse your position, renaming you as the Grantor (Debtor/borrowerer) and them as the Grantee (Creditor/lender)..!!

      But there was no law before to let them tell you what they were filing..!! And no requirement either..!!At least in my county, the DA is now forcing everyone that files anything on your property to sent you a copy to you to inspect...!! But most of you will not understand what their paperwork means unless you have already been through a foreclosure....!! You won't recoginize who the parties are and their significance to your foreclosures which is absouluty needed to understand what is going on.....but I do and if you get your record of your property recordings, I'll help you try and make sense of it, because their is a ton of fraud being filed without your knowledge...!!

      The second thing you have to do is get an "ABSTRACT OF TITLE" from your title company, or you might be able to go into any "real estate office and ask them to bring it up...but when you get it, it should be stamped in RED ...."PAID FOR IN FULL", like mine did...!!
      Do this first before you file any of Anna's paperwork, because that is true factual evidence and irrefutable that fraud was pulled on you somehow...!!
      Once you get these two things then get back to me so I can guide you through isn't easy what they are pulling if you don't understand all the parties claiming an interest in your property...!!

      You can contact me at

      But we need to post what we found out on this site for other people can "get it"...!!

  14. How can anyone move forward when we still have no answers to the questions starting with 1152 Trying not to lose my property

    1152. Trying not to lose my property
    1153. Who to Light a Fire Under
    1154. Here It Is, Tied Up With a Bow
    1162. Magic Words- Has anyone done this in court?
    1169. The Logic of the Situation - Again, For All Those Not Quite Understanding

    Again with this new post, we desperately want to know how to do these things proper but it seems like always missing parts, no clear cut instructions and no answer to questions posted here. It is not that many people here so answering a few questions should be no problem.

    Now to move on to the latest process when you do not have clear understanding of the previous is very confusing.

    1174. Updates on Process
    A lot of us cannot do what is asked in the first part of the latest post and still no answers from before.

    Again I asked can someone come forward who have done these things and have had success.
    I am doing all I can to save my home here in the NJ. I was foreclosed on; I am still in my home and on the land still fighting. I have completed & recorded my docs like Anna said and have sent private mail to the judge, the sheriff notifying them who we are but nothing stopped.

    I was working with a guy who swears by everything said on Anna’s site and followed his direction to the T but nothing. But when I asked him a question about something that is not making sense, he flips out and say just do this or follow Anna instructions, how can you follow on some of these things when there is no clear instructions

    I have done the form 56 and sent it to the Treasury just like Anna said to do, nothing has stopped.
    What about the red stamp that a lot of us got with the bond number and did what was said to do with it? No nothing, no answers. So how do you really end this thing when there is always something new?

    I watched the videos of Anna, she speaks well and I like her but something is wrong here because I have not heard from anyone else who has done these things and are willing to share.

    One last thing, when these officials are caught in the wrong, who can we get to enforce for us when they are all part of the same corruption. How can we really enforce, who is our enforcement team. Please help me overstand.

    Does Anna or anyone from her team see and read our concerns. I say before we go any further let’s at least get our questions answered from post 1152 to present.

    1. Mikers, Ahhh finally somebody else saying exactly what I've been saying for almost a year now. But be careful, you will get accused of ''whining and complaining'' lol.

    2. I'm still waiting on answers to questions I posted on two different blogs PLUS an e-mail I sent to Paul the week before that! IMO, they weren't difficult questions, just points that hadn't been address anywhere that I could find. Not moving forward until I get this step completed. It's one step at a time for this kid. Thinking seriously about joining Gemstone Univ. to see what they have to say about all this.

    3. Mikers: I agree that we need the details so that we can competently and confidently complete this seemingly unending process.

      Re the foreclosure of your home: Although I wasn't in foreclosure, I hadn't paid taxes on my property for three years and STILL received Property Tax Statements. Tutored extensively by Monty Montgomery (nom de plume: Augustus Blackstone--I love you, Monty!), as found on the internet) at the end of the third year, after ignoring them, I wrote the County Treasurer (who is also the Tax Collector) in her individual capacity, not as the officer holding the position of Treasurer. This way she was an individual, not an office-holder, and thus individually liable for her actions. Here's how: "Susan Doe, Office of Lincoln County Treasurer."

      Then I made an offer to pay: "If you will please send me a verified true bill along with an itemized statement or list of all goods and services received by me from you or your organization at my request to justify that bill, I will pay it in full without hesitation."

      This offer to pay put the ball in her court, and according to the UCC if an offer to pay is refused, then the bill is canceled. Also, from what I've learned, no one in government is going to give you a verified true bill.

      In that same letter/Notice, I gave her an alternative:
      "If you fail to send me the verified true bill as requested above, I will have to presume that you have no valid claim against me. As a result, you shall send me a Deed of Release effective immediately that clearly states Lincoln County releases any and all title, right, and claim to my property and that it has no financial claim or any other claim on any of my property."

      Chances are slim you're going to get the above (I certainly didn't). But don't stop there. Tell her the consequences of her not responding appropriately:
      "In the event that you send me neither a verified true bill nor a Deed of Release as requested herein, I will have to presume that you have abandoned any such claim and that there is no valid claim against my property.

      "Pursuant to your mandatory oath to keep me secure in my person, my house, my papers, my effects, I am entitled to answers from you in order to bring this matter to a close. In the event that you fail to perform either of my reasonable requests in this matter and instead proceed with any action adverse to me or my property, the terms and conditions of my Schedule of Fees and Charges (enclosed herewith) shall apply to you personally. My standard fee also applies if I have to deal with any communication addressed to me or to a name similar to mine styled in all capital letters and/or if I have any interaction with anyone acting as an agent for Lincoln County other than the receipt of the documents requested above."

      See my next posts for the Schedule of Fees and Charges.

    4. Continuing:

      I had previously given Legal/Public Notice of my Schedule of Fees and Charges by publishing it in the paper of record four times, but you can just immediately include yours with your letter. Here it is:

      "Schedule of Fees and Charges
      Commercial notice is hereby given to the recipient of same of the following particulars: This Notice operates in like manner to a general caveat emptor in commerce, and the fixed rate of charge for deprivations, whether under color of law or otherwise and regardless of degree, of my God-given rights of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and plethora of rights which are exclusive property encompassed thereby or appurtenant thereto, such as travel and privacy, is henceforth one thousand (1,000) dollars in lawful money of the United States or equivalent currency at par value, for each minute of my time spent enduring and dealing with such deprivations as well as any and all forms of redress and restitution relating thereto; and in the event any deceit, deception or conspiracy is employed in effecting such deprivations, the foregoing rate of charge is tripled as to amount, and in the event actual or implied force, particularly deadly force, is employed in effecting such deprivations, the foregoing rate of charge is multiplied by a factor of ten (10); and this notice extends to both agent and principal, employer and employee, jointly and severally acting under color of law or otherwise and inures to the benefit of my heirs, assigns, and executors of estate; and this Notice likewise extends to anyone acting in the capacity of facilitator or accomplice, whether before or after the fact.
      "by: ___________________
      Your Full Name, In esse, sui juris
      Your mailing address"

      P.S. Any correspondence they send to your name in all caps that you have to send back to them, preferably unopened, is not yours and you can bill them for your time dealing with it. Write on the front of the unopened envelope: “Return to Sender, This Legal Fiction Not Known at This Location” (and you can add “Constructive Fraud”).

      P.P.S. If the amount they say you owe is not termed “dollars” or does not have a true dollar sign (S with two lines through it), then actually they’re relying on you to make an assumption. The S with only one line through it is a peso. And if they say something like “Payment Amount: 6,400”, they’re not being specific and you could send them 6,400 sunflower seeds (or whatever). Hahaha.

      Wishing you well! Keep us posted.

    5. Mikers, The Bank or Lien holder has to produce the Original Note you signed or no debt is owned, that simple.

      Unfortunately They have high dollar ATTORNEYS that work on you till you fold.

      But... comes down to one thing in COURT. If they can't produce the Original Note, as the Holder-in-due-course then they have no legal enforcement power.. A Copy of the Note is Counterfeit just like if you made copies of a "Dollar Bill". FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES have no value in themselves. They are promises to pay, just like your promissory note to the bank or mortgage company. There is a Trust Account called a REMIC, created by your signature. A mortgage is really a Security Interest. You funded it and should be getting distributions from it but they do not tell you about this Trust.. Full disclosure... Unfortunately when you are worried you tend to be in survival mode which shuts down much of our brain processes. They hope this is happening to you.

      Think about it this way; If you borrowed $50 from me and you wrote a promissory note on a napkin, I would keep it until you paid me back and then I would return the napkin to you as you no longer owed the debt. When you sign the promissory note for your house and they sell it, they no longer have the note and the debt has been satisfied. Look up the banking Acts and Banking Laws. The bank takes your promissory to the FEDERAL RESERVE and gets paid immediately and that asset is deposited on the PAYABLES side of their ledger, and monetized to a much larger amount than you would believe. The Bank is actually the Borrower and You are the Creditor. It took me about a year to fully wrap my head around this fraud. Fortunately there is no statute of limitations on Fraud so keep standing.

      Contact Jack McCaig: He has a Wealth of information and many packages to help in these situations.

    6. Annie, you are absolutely right. But they are doing foreclosures on homes without showing the original promissory note as Evidence of anything. Of course, that is because they no longer have it. So in reality, there is no more mortgage owed, but that doesn't matter to these crooks.

      I read this promissory note stuff and how banks operate, back in the 80's and it took me several readings to wrap my mind around how banks handle that PM and your signature. Its really that ludicrous, lol.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Yes Annie, you are correct about the "NOTE" and the other things, but judges no longer pay any attention to law and simply tell the homeowner the NOTE is no longer needed, as long as they have a copy of it which they usually make up, but sufficient enough for the judge to overrule your objection to just a copy....!!

      They will fight you all the way to the supreme court if they have to...and a lot of times the judges them selves have foreclosures themselves, like mine did when my case was finally over and I checked her property records...!!
      So if your going through a foreclosure, than find out who the judge is in your case and go right down to the "county's recorders office" and punch in his name and you will probably find out that your judge had or is in a foreclosure himself...!!
      Than you can use that as a recourse to get the judge recused for "conflict of interest"...!!

      The county recorders can be our friend when we use it to check on other people, including judges, to see if they are bias.....!!

    9. Thanks Abby, Annie, genevieve and Jewellesmom for your comments. I want so bad to learn these things and live the rest of my life as free as possible. You guys are helping me.

      I have never ever seen an original wet-ink signed note front and back. These thieves got a default judgement last year because we were not at a summary hearing, we did not know there was a hearing. We were dealing with the attorneys that filed the complaint only to find out later that they transferred the case to another set of attorney who never told us they were on the case and we had been sending all our paperwork to the first group of attorneys for more 8 months and they never said a word that they had transferred the case to someone else. I know this was their plan to cause us to miss a hearing to get a default. We did everything motion to vacate you name but the judge denied everything. This year they got a final judgment and that is how we got here. We are still in our home, we just did a lien on our property for 18 years of maintaining etc. PM me and I will fill you in.

      Annie good info I learned some more from you and I have learned what is going on but not able to stop the madness. Still trying to come up with some other plans that is why this site is important and good clear instruction is a must. PM me @

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. I may be deleting the above comment, due to its sensitivity. Read fast.

    12. Mikers...if they didn't pull that off, they would go to plan B, C, and D...!! Mine simply put "REFUSED" on my final paperwork and sent the whole packet back to me, without opening it, which also cost me extra postage fees to top it off...!! But of course this is Calif. which is now owned by China along with Hawaii....!!

    13. Mikers...but that said, did you file a "NOTICE TO PRESERVE INTEREST" with your local county recorders office...maybe when Trump makes things right again, we can dig up those notices and activate them due to fraud which wasn't possible to get REMEDY with former administrations, but this one may just pull it off....!! And just sit on the notice until things change...!!

      The courts have totally gone bongers ..!!

      The 9th circuit in both Hawaii and Calif. just made case law for "open carry" weapons (guns).
      Then I just heard that another court just made a ruling from the bench , it would seem, that all handguns have to by law have "micro- printing" on them...
      But micro-printing doesn't even exsist yet for handguns.
      His answer..."that doesn't mean you can break the law"...!!
      How are we going to beat games like this....!!
      They are always one case away from making it their way....!!

  15. What is an International Will? How is it styled differently than a domestic will,?

    1. Any thing DOMESTIC is under the CORPORATION UNITED STATES or whatever CORPORATION is dba UNITED STATES at this time.

      A man is not under a CORPORATION so the choice is do you want them to be your boss or yourself to be the boss.

      Look up Irrevocable Private Common Law Ecclesiastical Trust. CORPORATIONS operate in the PUBLIC, Man operates in the Private. Make a Choice to take yourself out of the PUBLIC...

      The illusive THEY have us believe their way is the only way. A BAR ATTORNEY can not set up a Private Trust, only a man can set it up...

      International is the same as DOMESTIC if set up by a BAR ATTORNEY.... Foreign in this instance is; Living vs FICTION... INTERNATIONAL is probably just deceptive. A private trust is its own entity and is not under the authority on any DOMESTIC OR INTERNATIONAL AGENCY. The best WILL available...

    2. Perhaps, people should study what IRS does to trusts at arms length, not pretty.

  16. Has Anna ever answered anyone's questions in this forum? No disrespect, but I do not want to read all the comments, I would just like to see some answers to questions from Anna or her staff.

  17. Second question, can anyone state specifically that Anna's status correction process has ever stopped the defacto guys, like the IRS or a traffic ticket? Just asking, no disrespect intended.

  18. John Henry Dough:
    Your answers are No! and No!

    With guru's like Anna they never provide any evidence that what they state works.
    You will never get any evidence, just statements.

    And remember arguments are never evidence.

    1. That is just what I thought. I hope Anna is for real, but until someone, hell a lot of someones can prove that all that paperwork does something reliably, what good are all her history lessons or process? We all know the problem, what we need are real solutions not lessons on how it all happened and processes that don't work.

    2. It seems to me that if Anna was a "guru", she would be selling the forms package instead of giving them away freely. All I've ever seen from her is the occasional request for donations. Anyhow, it can't hurt to try her process. I have my forms filled out and notarized and will be recording them shortly at county recording office.

      P.S.: Anna is not the only voice crying in the wilderness. Check out the sovereignliving Youtube channel. I believe he has had a measure of success taming the government beast.

  19. Very kind Thanks to Anna, husband James, Paul Stramer, her team, and all of you that share your comments.
    Thank you all for all that you share.
    Dummies like me, in these matters, are awake, and learning so much from all of
    Everything with endless love, for My Son's sake, and for the good of all people. Much love and kind Thanks to all of you, Diana Sharp, sent from utah

  20. In the end, folks, it just takes a big pair of brass ones. Fill out the forms, get them notarized, get them recorded. If it doesn't work, let's strategize. This "wait and see if it works for someone else" is a cowardly approach to life. I will be filing my paperwork shortly. And I will continue to file every form and document with every agency I have to to get myself and my family free from these government cartels.

    The sweetest fruit of life is always out on a limb.

    Who's with me?

  21. Judges accept COPIES of the NOTES for one simple reason :

    Check your bank agreement : It stipulates SOMEWHERE IN IT something to that effect : Holder of bank account AGREES photocopies of documents are accepted as originals !


  22. And you did not find your way around it : How can you prove the note WAS FORGED IF IT IS A PHOTOCOPY ?
    FORGERY : BANK STAMPS THE BACK OF THE NOTE : For deposit to the account of, THEREBY NULLIFYING YOUR LIABILITY AND TRANSFORMING YOUR NOTE INTO MONEY (BACK never shown, and if shown, does not show alterations/FORGERY made after original note was PHOTOCOPIED.


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