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Friday, May 25, 2018

No, I Am Not Arrested. Not Charged. Not in Any Trouble at All.

By Anna Von Reitz

Please, people, keep up and be ready and able to tell others the current news and the truth, too?  

If we don't do it ourselves, then it is a given that the mainstream media never will. 

The so-called entity doing business as "The United States of America - Reign of Heaven" is another whackjob group that thinks it can own the country of France by owning a foreign copyright to the name "France, Incorporated".  

If you believe that, too, you need some serious psychological evaluation and help discerning the difference between fact and fiction--- which is a more common malady than we might like to think, but is still in the realm of mental incapacity and not something actionable under any form of law. 

Thus, when this organization merely calling itself "The United States of America - Reign of Heaven" issues a "Warrant" for my arrest, it has the same authority as the Columbus Ohio Ladies' Sewing Circle issuing a warrant for my arrest.  

The only possible danger is that some extremely ignorant people might actually believe that this was a valid warrant and try to arrest me. That could be stupidly unfortunate for all concerned.

So, no, I am not charged with anything, I have not been arrested, and I am not in any trouble. 

Ditto the situation with Bruce Doucette and the Colorado Nine.  The people that I knew and worked with in that group were definitely non-violent, kindly, polite, and not a threat to anyone.  However, as I explained in Article 485 published two years ago on my website, I split company with them when they went off track. 

I argued with them, I showed them the law and the jurisdictions, but they were led astray by a man named Michael R. Hamilton from Louisiana, and I could not get them back on track.  So, I had no choice but to draw a line and formally and in public sever any relationship with them, which I did, prior to them taking the actions that led to their incarceration and recent sentencing. 

Again, I did nothing wrong and I am not in trouble. I obeyed and honored the Public Law and the jurisdictions set forth under the Constitutions.  I advised them to do the same. They chose otherwise.  I am still here and they are in jail. 
It isn't my fault that they are, and it gives me no joy that I was right. 

Perhaps as more people on both sides of the issues wake up, their sentences can be commuted for lack of jurisdiction (just as they had no jurisdiction to address the District Court, the District Court has little or no excuse for addressing them) or perhaps the President will take pity on their understandable confusion and pardon them.  

I do not assume the headlines to be true or unassailable. A man who can be sentenced to 38 years in prison as a Territorial United States Citizen, can just as easily be let go as a free-born non-citizen state national.  

I have faith that as more people awaken to the realities of our situation and the actual Public Law, many Americans who have been accused of crimes and especially white collar victim-less crimes will be released to the custody of lawfully elected local sheriffs, and those who committed no actual crime against the Public Law will be released. 

Robbery, fraud, murder, rape, and other acts that actually harm other people will always be crimes, but thought crimes, smoking marijuana, spitting on the sidewalk, having a different opinion, and as I saw in the headlines this morning concerning actor Morgan Freeman--- "inappropriate behavior" --- will go right out the window and never stand a chance of being prosecuted as crimes.  

So will many euphemisms and notions of political correctness evaporate in the light of day.  People will have to call death by its name again, and embrace truth and common sense again. The practice of trial by popular opinion will come to its well-deserved end, and all those who have subscribed to these egocentric sophomoric ideas may even come to realize that they have placed themselves in danger by adopting and advocating herd mentality as a way of life. 

Herd animals have an alarming way of showing up on dinner plates, a fact that those who value being popular above being right need to carefully consider. 

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  1. I watched both situations unfold from the inside...just like NLA ...cointelpro..
    We are constantly infiltrated ,constantly discredited yet like the Pheonix rise time and time again .
    They should count their luck as getting scarce. At some point a head on a pike for all to see will be the result of pushing us too far .

  2. How do Igo about claiming my proper standing? I have been convicted and served time and my wife was deported after 60 years in this country. We would like to come home.

    1. Jim, go to and secure your ncsn passport. He is also working on a process for spouses of US Citizens to be able to secure their ncsn payout.

    2. great site i recommend them and listened to 1freeman above

  3. Join law clubs like this one take the e-mail of PDF's. To office Depot they can convert the email to printed sheets the forms in your hand .keep the paperwork moving the send you one return improper addresses or contract not accepted.
    Meanwhile your asking if they have jurisdiction . And reconvayance.of your trade name back to proper jurisdiction on the soil.

  4. i am not looking nor waiting for any government agent or organised church to release my name nor my estate. My treasures are not to be gathered on this earth.
    My freedom and liberty do not come from these.
    i am not waiting for nor expecting nor applying for reparation. Did any one consider, there is something eerily similar to the proposed universal basic income and ...
    "Basic Living Stipend to be made available to everyone on Earth, equivalent to a constantly cost-adjusted amount of $2000 in local currency value per month, per person. This would immediately place a safety net under all people at risk and largely end chronic desperate poverty on Earth."

    1. aFollower, I am trying to figure out just what that means and what their thinking/purpose is; why are they really doing this, etc.
      But so far, a few things have come to mind. One is that 'they' know steam is building up under the collars of the ordinary man; people. And if 'they' don't do something to quell this growing anger, there could be riots. ?

      2. They know there are not going to be enough jobs for people and that the homeless population is getting out of hand.

      3. They know they have created this sick situation for The People, and have stolen from them/us all. They know they have siphoned off way too much and now they have a problem.

      4. Could be more reasons which we do not yet know about. But logically, if they did this, they could do away with all welfare assistance, food stamps and all the other benefits presently being given. Those offices could be totally shut down then. The difference in the cost of these operations and the cost of the present welfare bill, would probably be equal to this New Plan...IMO.

    2. Short sighted answer to 'a follower' imo Abby. I haven't had a chance to read this latest article by Emery Smith & ALL his inventions, but A.I. has been targeting short sightedness for a LONG,LONG time. Perhaps expanding one's perceptions of reality beyond the mere legal triangulations our ongoing illegal government is in order to grasp the significances of what reality actually is?

  5. Return to common sense? Not in yer wildest daydreams, lol.
    Really, ya gotta stop listening to those Nesara people, imaginary galactic lying demons, utopian daydreamers. There is not a speck of evidence of that even remotely happening. Would be nice if it would, but wise people will not be holding their breath on that one.

    1. certainly not people with common sense but people of uncommon sense may haha

  6. Please I need help for my husband. He's been in jail for over 4 months for something he's not done. He's being framed from the people involved. I submitted all the proof of his evidence to his public defender to no avail. His public defender never disclosed that evidence. He fired him and got another but this one said he wouldn't put in the motion for modification of conditions s of release that the judge told me he would consider upon his next court date when I spoke out for my husband in the court room. His new public defender told him no that the judge would t release him even though his public defender has not even been to one of his court dates to even say that. They are treating him worse that a normal person and would t let him out to properly defend himself for trial. We have had 4 deaths in the family since he's been in jail and he has 5 children that neeed him. He's not a flight risk or a danger to the community but they are trying to frame him for their own wrong doing. Times running out. Can so.eone please help me in this matter? I don't know what to do I have tried everything. They won't let me file anything with the clerk or record anything at the recorders office if it pertains to my husbanf. This is so wrong cuz he didn't do anything wrong! I have proof of his innocence which never got disclosed at all by his public defender whom this one just got fired as well. Cannot afford an attorney. This has been a hardship on myself. I'm also scared for my own safety due to being the only person standing in the way of them getting him to go down for them. I'm a nobody and am just one person. I'm afraid they might do something to me as well. Please help. Desperate at this point a d am at a loss as to what to do.

    Eve McCoy


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