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Sunday, April 29, 2018

What the "Federal Reserve System" Did to You

By Anna Von Reitz

The "Federal Reserve" has always been as "federal" as Federal Express, folks. It's just a deliberately deceptive business storefront for a "private association" of international banks that have no business even being on our soil.

First, the bankers behind the "Federal Reserve" caused the 1907 bankruptcy of the deceptively named foreign for-profit corporation calling itself "The United States of America, Incorporated" which was formed by the Territorial United States in 1868 as a storefront purportedly "standing for" our actual land jurisdiction government.

This ultimately resulted in WWI.

Next, they stole the actual United States Treasury and moth-balled it in 1920, using it as a "resource dump" and managing it as a "trust", while claiming that our land --- land belonging to the member States of The United States of America (Unincorporated) was instead property belonging to their own bankrupt corporation dba The United States of America, Inc. which was in fact infringing on our copyright and Good Name.

Then they ran up the stock market and dumped it, causing The Great Depression. Why?
Because while everyone else was losing their shirt, the bankers involved in the Federal Reserve were standing back ready to come in and buy everything back at pennies on the dollar.

Using their own manufactured "emergency" as an excuse, they next promoted the "Emergency Banking Act" of 1934, in which they established a bizarrely self-favoring exchange rate --- one of their paper I.O.U.'s called a "Federal Reserve Note" in exchange for one American Silver Dollar, on a "dollar for dollar" basis.

What a deal, hey, Heimi?

Having deliberately created a confusion between us and their bogus commercial corporation merely named after us, and having taken a false title to our land as chattel backing their debts, they next turned to stealing the value of our lawful money via this "exchange rate" ---their worthless I.O.U.'s for our silver.

They played the same kinds of games in Europe, which caused World War II.

Using falsification of public records, they next levied a false claim of ownership against us and our labor. In the 1940 Buck Act, they baldly claimed to own "us" as property.

After WWII, they settled down for a while to count up all the ill-gotten gains and expand their empire of fraud to include the entire rest of the world. Via abuse of our Patent and Trademark Office they created all sorts of "franchises" for themselves.

The Municipal UNITED STATES created STATES OF STATES like the STATE OF MASSACHUSETTS, which then chartered all kinds of commercial corporations, like FANNY MAE and BASKIN-ROBBINS, and JAMES DUDLEY, LLC-----and CANADA, CHINA, JAPAN, VENEZUELA.....

The Territorial United States created the USA, Inc. and chartered all sorts of franchises for itself, too --- State of Wisconsin, State of Illinois, and so forth, and also, Canada, Inc., China, Inc., Japan, Inc.

Then, in 2009, they bankrupted the "Federal Reserve System" that guaranteed all those Federal Reserve "Notes" ---- and their very own court doing business as the International Court of Justice --- gave them bankruptcy protection that they did not deserve.

So, they just stole the value of all our labor, all our silver, all the natural resources purloined out of this country from 1934 to 2009.

And now, they are plotting to steal our land and our credit -- $4,778 Trillion Dollars which is owed to the actual United States of America via false claims of "abandonment".

Then, they plan to take all this ill-gotten credit and release a bogus "RV" which will "distribute the wealth" --- which isn't theirs and which isn't abandoned and which is already properly claimed on the international record by people who have seen through their con game and re-claimed their Good Names and Estates in behalf of the actual States and People of this country---on a very ephemeral basis.

The Plot, which is simple enough, is to release all sorts of Funny Money and Money of Account to favored individuals, who will instantly become "Trillionaires" overnight, and who will then of course run out and stupidly spend all this paper money, thereby collapsing all paper currencies worldwide. They'll be Trillionaires for three days as the joke goes---- before the glut of "cash" in the market becomes self-evident ---and the bastards responsible for this Plot will try to say, "But, we paid off that debt....we gave all this "money" back....."

That will leave them where they always planned to be --- in control of the world's gold and silver reserves -- forcing the grandsons and granddaughters of the men they stole the gold and silver from to pay them a 10,000% mark up on their own inheritance.

Time to arrest the whole lot of them and confiscate everything they own or claim to own and put it under new management --- worldwide.

No bogus "RV" and no more bullshit.

Begin shooting them in the streets like mad dogs if necessary.

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  1. Who will arrest and charge them?
    If "we the people" try to we will be most likely shot in the where do we start

    1. Anarchy from the start, their plan was to steal it all from day one. Those criminals need those guillotines for themselves.

  2. Like Iceland drag them into our common law courts England needs to reorganization Thair.common law again.

    1. Again most likely be shot on the spot.

    2. Although I'd be willing to sacrifice for the future

    3. Bubbapatriot....The English are already rebelling holding up signs that say Trump, help us too...!! They have finally had it with Royality....!! The entire weight of the world is litterally on Trumps hands....who of us can carry that same weight....he had to be chosen by God for this mission..!! You notice how much energy he always seems to over 10 years younger than him and he can easily run circles around me...!!

  3. Wow, incredible treachery. These "people" have no conscious towards God or their fellow man. Thank God this plan has been discovered and stopped for the moment. I agree with those last 3 paragraphs !!

  4. They did it through the Lieber Code 1863 by imposing military rule by stealth taking over all belligerent States, this is where the zipcode came in.

  5. And the Federal Reserve is a member Central Bank of the BIS, Frank O'Collins published an original founding BIS charter document listing the original members including 3 US banks...

    """Whereas the Powers signatory to the Hague Agreement of
    January, 1930, have adopted a Plan which contemplates the
    founding by the central banks of Belgium, France, Germany,
    Great Britain, Italy and Japan and by a financial institution of
    the United States of America of an International Bank to be
    called the Bank for International Settlements;
    And whereas the said central banks and a banking group
    including Messrs. J. P. Morgan & Company of New York, the
    First National Bank of New York, New York, and the First
    National Bank of Chicago, Chicago, have undertaken to found
    the said Bank..."""

    1. Cube... and this means what ? was this repealed ?
      And what does USC aka D.C Code have to do with the BIS basically the most powerful organization on the planet controlling over 60 top central banks including the Federal Reserve, that funded the New Deal and Hitlers rise to power facilitating WW2, and the foundation for the current Bond backed human slave system we currently exist under.
      So this code means what exactly in the true big picture?

    2. No, there is another bank even higher than the BIS.....The Equalization and Stabilzation Fund..!! That all came out after 2008 when the banks started foreclosing on millions of homes even to this day...!! The only good thing that came out of the 2008 collapse was the truth about all these banking agencies that have been in control and how...!!

  6. The question is, who is this ''they' that are planning to release all this funny money and declare an RV using it? It has always been the understanding that any RV was going to be funded by a variety of sources, and that the Funds are not all being controlled by any one entity or source. How then can anyone really know how much money there even is.
    Also, I am curious as to just how is all of this information being dug up, from where and by whom? How is it so quickly free flowing and in such detail.

  7. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,

  8. It always has been and always will be 10 million pissed off re-the public people singing the same tune in concert will defeat any military backed up with the cause of fraud.

  9. I've followed Anna's work since like 2014 as a well known PAG. People attack her because she is a messenger and a damn good one,!! Sadly, humanity won't be here very much longer, maybe 3 years tops. I have traveled most of America and everything including people is sick and dying. I interviewed Guy McPherson Pro. Emeritus Arizona State regarding !Montana and the trees all dying, most bug's are gone...we were to late the psychopathic monsters have killed everything and long before any Justice can come. They will have their planned Armageddon. Psychopaths and religion killed my world. Make peace with your loved ones, time is short.

    1. JS, that has been my thought from the beginning of this venture, ever since I quickly realized those in the opposition posts are refusing to adhere to any Notices or Orders. This is all going to take decades, if at all, and we simply will run out of time; our expiration date is already at hand; the clock is ticking. This is just my 'gut feeling' which has always been proven correct. I just don't know any precise date/time.

  10. email to 4/30/18
    Is the Bank of America member of the American Bankers Association?
    The American Bankers Association is under investigation for nefarious acts against public policy and war crimes against humanity as it pertains to September 11th, 2001 acting through and under the ‘Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT ACT) Act of 2001.

  11. JS, no one attacks this forum without cause and it is the stupid posts that get placed here by said authoress that gets attacked. I have yet to have PROOF shown, not queen ann's hubby's "word" that he is a "hereditary" Secretary of State for this country!!! I noticed on his last post here, he did not state "hereditary" but plain old "Secretary of State"!!! WHO appointed this poser as a Secretary of State for the US!? I sure did not vote for this nor did anyone else but it is crapola like this that gets attacked here!!! Then we have her insane "definitions" and historical revisions that have no basis of facts, just grabbed out of a poor imagination, like "all white people had their own black whipping boy to take the punishment that the white slave owner deserved" and her insane definition for "human" is: HUE MAN=MONSTER...what dictionary was used for this information because it is NOT the definition in any I have found, yet, it is stuff like this that the moderator refuses to make his idol here own up and people like me point out, but for that, we, the few with a brain on this forum, get accused of "attacking" what is posted here!!! Well, stick to gov't items that can be proved and leave all of the insanity for personal PRIVATE use and there would be nothing anyone could complain about.

    1. Unknown, I too was gauled by the turning of Man into Monster. That is an insult to God himself, since God said ''Let us make Man in OUR image'. God was never in the image of a Monster. End of story.

  12. Wifes in coal country are always guilty of sex with miners. #MAGA

  13. Ready to press my claims, rights, and guarantees and am locked and loaded if necessary for self-defense purposes. You can take that as fair and due warning, if you are an agent of evil and domestic tyrant's henchman reading this.

  14. If we were to get rid of this system tommorrow, it would come back again under the cover of darkness, because evil never sleeps...but we do..and that is there advantage....!!


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