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Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Facts of Life

By Anna Von Reitz

The criminals responsible for creating and running the banking system have been given over thirty (30) years Notice to correct their operations. Three decades.  A whole generation.  

For the past two decades, they have been under Due Process and Commercial Lien. 

Instead of correcting anything they have doubled down and right now, they are trying to pull off yet another diabolical fraud scheme designed to save themselves and cheat the American States and People and everyone else on this planet.  

They hope to do exactly what they want to do --- at our expense, again.  

I am openly, unequivocally, without the least little bit of apology, calling for the worldwide arrest and prosecution of the bankers responsible for this. That such a self-serving answer is even on the table is offense enough.

I am calling for their arrest, the confiscation of their assets, the repatriation of the land titles owed to the States and people of this country and to all the other countries harmed by these criminals. 

These criminals are responsible for the Civil War, the First World War, the Great Depression, the Second World War, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq 1 and 2 and, even as we speak, they are still screwing around trying to get World War III started. 

They've killed millions of innocent people for profit. 

They are criminals on such a massive scale that people are still trying to wrap their heads around the facts but, at the end of the day, the facts of life are simple.  They are criminals.  Arrest them. 

Now I have had some Weeping Nellies trying to mischaracterize my statements and suggest that I am advocating some kind of political controversy and "start a Civil War" by suggesting that these criminals may need to be gunned down in the streets ----- but it's not because they are Republicans or Democrats--it's because they are criminals and they are unrepentant criminals. 

They may need to be forcefully removed.  

These are not nice men.  They have gotten away with crime for generations.  They think they have a right to get away with crime.  Even when it is brought forcefully to their attention, they continue on as if nothing had happened, as if crime were the normal course of business and as if we all have to stand here and put up with it.  

But we don't.  Not really.  

And we don't have to go to war or wait for another election, either. 

All that needs to happen is for these bankers to be arrested, their assets confiscated, all their false commercial claims repudiated for the frauds that they are, and all their diabolical plans upended.  

This is a matter of crime, not politics.  

Iceland woke up, realized the facts of life, and cleaned house.  

It's time that we all did the same.  

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  1. So now what is it nwo time since the pope is banning all guns !!!

    1. Fallible popes should speak softly, and carry thunder sticks.

      32,768 denominations of Christianity cause cognitive dissidence

    2. not an FBI plant, I would like to make something clear for everyone who cares to listen: Denominations are religious organizations created by mere people. They are NOT Christianity and true christianity should NEVER be attributed to ANY of them. Most all of them have as their so called leader/pastor, a man who has been to brainwashing schools of theology which are secretly funded by other men who have an agenda to lead our country into the ditch of Apostasy.
      These schools have turned out puppets for satan, the liar, who hates Truth of Gods Word. So they have trained nearly all 'pastors' who are out here today, to teach very twisted thinking about the bible; this is why we have mostly UNbelievers of real Truth.
      This is why the bible has warned us that, 'in the last days people have heaped to themselves (these very teachers) who will tell them just what they like to hear, things that will tickle their ears - such as this group you hear saying 'just tell me positive things that make ME feel good.
      You can easily recognize them by their disdain of 'anything negative'. They work on the side of satan, whether they know it or not, simply by trying to block out the Truth and Truth tellers, by attempting to intimidate to shut them up (a trait of satan himself).
      The bible goes on to tell us, warn us, that today's churches here in the end times now, have turned to FABLES. Fables are lies, while pretending to use the bible. The goal of this Fabled 'gospel' is to keep people unsaved, prevent them from ever being saved, and persuade the weak who WERE saved, to Fall Away. And so what we see today is the Great Falling Away......FROM THE TRUTH.
      Is it any wonder why the bible tells us that in the end times when the wrath of God and his judgements will begin, it will ''begin at the house of God'? What this is telling us is today's churches are NOT actually the house of God, but are the watered down Apostate False Churches which have Fallen Away FROM the legitimate Truth.
      To add to this falling away, a couple of decades ago the stupidity of ''political correctness'' and the ''be polite and don't say anything bad about anyone or anything' Agenda
      had swept across our country like a wild fire. The result was that the easily persuaded folks thought it was ''not nice' and very PC to not point out all the errors in these churches and especially to 'never speak against your pastors'. And so the Apostasy grew, till now Truth is almost extinct.
      This leads us to be able to easily understand why scripture tells us ''narrow is the gate to Life, and FEW there be that find it, but wide is the gate to destruction and many (MOST) go thru it.''.

  2. Great Letter, let's pray this happens!

    1. Have been asking and wondering why The-True-God is not punishing these, beyond the believe, evil bastards...?! Is it because We-People are not asking Him to do so? Maybe, He is waiting for Us to ask Him what We want Him to do...

    2. I think you got upon something BB..WE might be able to be patient until Trump cleans up the swamp, but take a look at what our intelligent agencies, especially the CIA, FBI, and the NSA has caused in the name of globalism and leaving countries in such defestation because of our intentional intervention due to false narratives which sends our military to destroy entire cities, leaving families torn apart and young children left to "predators" of unbelievable "EVIL", where body parts become just another commodity to the elites that need them....theie is no time left for them....its absolutely unbelievable that this type of evil exists in our world today....but they are all casualties or collateral damage that our own country created because of their list for money and leaving the countries in such destruction that people are litterally forced to do unthinkable things to each other...especially the most helpless of all...the children....check out this video and tell me we can wait any longer....the video earns you ahead of time of the last minute if you don't have the stomach to see this kind of evil that exist today in other countries like Syria that we doesn't go as far as to actually show what happens , but you know what is about to happen, and that's enough, trust me....

    3. I didn't have the stomach to see the whole video...
      "They"-MONSTERS murdering everyone influential that exposing their monstrous atrocities, too.

      Superstar DJ Avicii Found Dead After Exposing Pedophile Ring (VIDEO)

  3. The people on stormfront,rense. Radio are waking up well!
    Had a hell of a debate over court protocols I destroyed the lot only because they needed to have sense slapped into them!
    Lawyers are not your savior we must master the courts people's law!

  4. Just who the heck is going to arrest them and how?

  5. About a decade ago, The ADL and SPLC went round to every County and had private meetings with all law enforcement regarding the "sovereign citizen" movement. Since that time every time a patriot speaks out, we get hammered. I want to know when Oath Keepers will be going round to Unbrainwash all law enforcement. After all, those boots on the ground, is the front line we have to get to wake up.

    1. The Oathkeepers are just more theatre . They will never be able to unlearn . I have tried... do you really think cops and former military will ever be able to unprogram ?

  6. Good Thinking Anna, What We Need Is THOSES CIA Heart Guns That They Use To Off People WithOut No Fuss !

  7. If anyone has any ideas on how to go about arresting the criminals I'm all ears.

  8. We need a weapon they haven't developed yet, that is so powerful they stand no chance against it....and a force field that protects us completely....if I had that in my arsenal, I would clean up this wicked world.....and trust me there are garage scientist that have developed incredible things that no one knows thing is for sure, all our intelligent agencies that work in secretcy, with no transparency whatsoever, need to be wiped out completely....and here is why...

    It's been tugging at my heart ever since I've seen it....!! We have no idea of truely evil people with no hearts or souls...!! See what our "blind eyes" have caused other countries...!! We should all be judged for letting it get this far....!! Then people have the audacity to make us believe that we need to protect animals from abuse...that can only happen after we protect the children, not before..!! Is everyone that heartless...i don't remember any bible telling us to protect a car or dog over another human being, especially helpless children that don't deserve the horrors they are receiving at the hands of total evil....i can actually see a person with a choice of either helping a crying toddler who is about to be butchered, but instead tries to save the dog first....i hope those people and that dog enjoy their life in hell...!!!

  9. Holly Clark...Trump is way ahead of us...he now realized that our courts , judges, and liberal prosecutors (mostly women men haters), are slowing the whole process down and also his intelligent agencies which work against all his agendas, because they are "deep State" operatives still working for Obama and loyal to him...for that reason he has started his own secret intelligent agency that is going to round up all of the 3 letter agencies working to replace him...The U.S. Attorney General is the most powerful person in the Corp U.S. , not the President..!! And Sessions has been reluctant to press charges against high state officials and top CEO's of major companies, including the banks.. so he is either going to replace him or arrest him so he can move forward quickly....i knew he would figure it out, especially since he has let this Russian dossiae thing to continue so long , when it's obvious to everyone it is worthless..!! Check out this video

    1. I been saying that for years, Get rid of Emergency Banking Relief Act, and the Trading with the Enemy Acts, and now the NDAA, and the courts has NO POWER, ZAP! gone...

  10. Shooting them in the street is still an option . It all depends on them and whether they return what was stolen , repent for their sins sin pay the piper...nothing like torches and pitchforks and good hemp rope to dissuade bad behavior

  11. Why are we not talking about the Jesuits, they have just as much hand in this Fraud as any Banksters. Matter-of-Fact they created all of the process that allowed the Banksters to steal these countries of their natural assets.


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