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Monday, April 23, 2018

My Opinion -- Turn It Off

By Anna Von Reitz

When we stand here and let a porn star lecture us about morality and the rights of women--- we are as nuts as she is.  And when we fail our duty to "Turn the Knob" and silence the Mainstream Media promoting this idiocy, we are doubly damned as stand up idiots.

Turn it off.  Just do it.  And leave it off. 

You will sleep better.  You will spend less money.  You will feel happier.  You will not be vexed or worried or confused.  Life will snap back into view.

You will have more time with your family and pets and gainful hobbies.  Find a good weather channel for the only real news likely to impact you. 

Believe me, you can do without "news" about fighting in Afghanistan, truck accidents in Chicago, and "Stormy" Daniels--- and be just fine.

I haven't listened to a mainstream "news" program since 1987.  There is life after addiction---and it's a great life, full of one's own intellectual inquiries and adventures, devoid of senseless fears and useless trivia.

And hopefully also free of the cloying, illogical, mindless moral preening of whores.

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  1. Agree to this 100%. I do not have any cable. Life is peaceful.

  2. Amen, sister. Think of television as tell-lie-vision. And, yes, life is much more peaceful without it.

  3. Almost 100% of what's on the " news" is propaganda meant to keep you in fear,while they promote the government as the hero/ savior

  4. They are "Chaos Merchants"! Their belief is that they themselves will not be able to survive unless they 'sell' you the 'dangerous environment'. The entire point is to make you feel worse so that you can be more easily extorted for 'protection' & then turn around & use those funds to actually manufacture more chaos!
    Why feed the Beast?

    1. Wirkin, yeah it takes backbone to be able to face the real truth about our world and all the shit that is going on in it. Those who can't handle such an ugly reality just go on and stick their heads in the sand, and get ass kicked, lol.

  5. I haven't watched TV in years. I unplugged long ago and haven't missed it one bit.

  6. It has been four months since I bothered to turn it on at all. The modus operandi is to keep us drunk and distracted via the great Satan television while they rob us blind. Know your enemy.

  7. I agree 1,000,000,000,000% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Just turn it off? So how do you know about stormy Daniels and etc.?
    Seeing the chaos is vital to knowing there are problems.
    Addiction is bad, and yet oblivious may be just as bad. Many people still seem unaware that there is a beast to fight.And yes we should all have hope and sometimes have sorrow for these people.

  9. Hellivision does in deed have much Programming...but whose agenda is promoted? "fear porn" aptly describes most "news", imo.
    We do watch selected DVDs and VHS on it

  10. They oughta mind their own business. I kinda like the songs of Hank Williams and one was called that "Mind Your Own Business" The chorus was "If you mind your own business you won't be mindin mine" Who are these news writers and producers pitching stories aimed at others in ways that is not needed and often harmful if others fall prey thinking it is their business when it is someone elses. There is 9 billion of so folks in the world and today I will not know 99.9 percent of the events and it does not effect me around here locally for the most part. I use my computer if watching anything, trailing off where I choose to go, not some program designed to mess with my business. TV is all syndicated and hyped as far as I can see. Like Davy Crocket is a faked news show for those who have not seen the real Crocket, who was a city boy looking aristocrat involved in setting up the scheme of the mercenary actions in 1860s.

  11. Well if you get rid of one addiction, usually you have to replace it with another, like KFI am radio, especially between 10pm and 2am, which is "coast to coast" radio that tackles all the topics the main stream media wont...i don't know how they allow him to get away with it..Even his listeners wonder why he isn't dead yet....!! And there are some good news channels like the "fox news channel"(FNC) on cable TV..They really get into it on that channel exposing the "deep state" and standing up for Trump all the time..!!

  12. Now that we know the truth, it's to our advantage to know what they are doing and the false narratives the MSM is trying to shove down the public's throats...!! You won't see the news the same way after we know the works against them with us....!!! Trump, like us, has finally realized the same thing we already knew...that out judicial system has been totally corrupted..


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