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Monday, April 23, 2018

The Courts Aren't Courts

By Anna Von Reitz

Is the cognitive dissonance too much to bear? People can't grasp the meaning of what I am telling them? 
These things masquerading as courts aren't courts. They haven't been since the Civil War.

I have prior to this given you the direct citations of the actions of the Rump Congress in May of 1865 creating ten military Districts in the Southern States and establishing quasi-military tribunals under the authority of military officers of the rank of Brigadier General and above. These military commanders are then charged with choosing civilians to run these "courts" and specifically to run interference for the military occupiers with the civilian population---- storefronts, in other words, giving the "appearance of justice" while applying Draconian Martial Common Law to anyone suspected of being a "rebel", and purportedly also responsible for administering The Law of Peace for everyone else.

I have shown you all that this repugnant legislation by the incorporated Territorial "Congress" along with the bulk of the equally repugnant "Reconstruction Acts" have remained in place ever since.

More recently, our researchers have confirmed that these quasi-military "courts" have been extended throughout the United States, that the Adjutant Generals and their Uniformed Officers (illegally conscripted doctors and nurses and dentists and county coroners--- Title XXXVII) have been responsible for creating and administering the falsified public records mischaracterizing everyone as "rebels" and as Territorial and Municipal "citizens". 
We have also confirmed that The Law of Peace --- Department of the Army Pamphlet 27-161-1--- is still in full force and effect but is deliberately being side-stepped and not applied to millions of hapless American civilian victims of this gigantic British/Roman Fraud Scheme.

These are war crimes being committed on our shores by our own employees.
Still don't believe it?

Here are some salient facts just uncovered in Texas:

* A law degree is not required to serve as a County Judge.

* 222 of 254 (87%) of county judges in Texas are not attorneys.

* 60-70% of the county judge's job is administrative management (They are kept busy manipulating and bilking all the bogus "public trusts" the monsters have constructed "in our names")

*In the last two years, only 7 misdemeanor cases went to trial.

Take home message? These aren't courts.

The statistics for "federated" --- that is, incorporated "State of State" Courts and municipal "STATE OF STATE" COURTS are even worse, though some of them require judges to have a JD and some require Bar Membership, though God knows why.

Out of thousands of "judges" investigated, only one, a guy in Wisconsin who was unnaturally diligent or simply intent on covering his own butt, had all the credentials in place to serve as a judge.
We have also exposed the fact that the Territorial "Congress" meddled with the federal judge's Oath of Office so that none of them have had a constitutionally correct and enforceable Oath since 1991. They changed the language from requiring judges to act "agreeable to the Constitution" to discharging their "duties under the Constitution" when it is plain to see that they have no duties "under the Constitution". 
It's all just a cynical, evil, illegal, immoral, foreign privateer's operation designed to subject and rob the American States and People. The British/Roman perpetrators hide behind their hand chosen civilian "judges" in what appear to be our own civilian courts, and they act as impostors---bill collectors in robes-- for the actual Evil Empire via abuse of illegally constructed and fraudulently created public trusts and transmitting utilities.

These are crimes of identity theft, mischaracterization, impersonation, barratry, and personage, being practiced against us by our own employees.

Every judge and military officer who has knowingly participated in this system of institutionalized plundering and pillaging is guilty of grand theft, unlawful conversion, conspiracy against the Constitution, identity theft and more. Every attorney who has brought charges under these false presumptions and conditions of constructive fraud is guilty of personage and barratry. Every member of the Territorial Congress acting to create and enforce these conditions is guilty of treason against this country and its people.

The only way out is prompt action to put a stop to the fraud and criminality. 
We have given extensive Public Notice of these facts for a period of years to all parties concerned. Today, we read that Russia is preparing to attack London to stave off World War III for the rest of us. President Putin has figured out where the real problem lies and that the Americans have been used and abused by these monsters and are not at fault, other than for our outrageous gullibility. 
Let's hope that our own military finds its butt with both hands and does what needs to be done to clear out these "courts" that they have been responsible for administering. Let's pray that our sons and daughters in the military embrace the actual civilian government and administer The Law of Peace. Let's also hope they have brains enough to stand aside and let Putin do what needs to be done---whatever that comes to for Britain and Rome.

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  1. You all are doing a great job! I am well pleased!

  2. YES, just go down and kick you local Judge"s butt. I am sure he will welcome you to his JAIL and will enjoy the $$$ generated by your bond since it will enhance his CAFRA Fund!

  3. Thank you Anna and team for bringing forth the truth so people like myself and others that LISTEN and dont just sit on there keisters and nit pick your EXTENSIVE research. I and others here on minnesota are implementing the facts to move the truth forward. Bless your hearts for opening the eyes of the doers so all of us can protect our future generations from tyranny. Bless you all.......

    1. Awesome Charles!!! Its always great to hear from the courageous, peaceful doer's!!!
      The tides have finally turned in our favor and all our decades long efforts are finally becoming recognized and our peaceful rewards NOW are becoming presentfor those with eyes to see!
      Great work everyone!!
      Thank you Anna & Team!!

    2. Charles,
      The state representative said that I cannot get a Certificate of Live Birth from them. I do not live in Minnesota now and if I need to make a trip back to get this done, that I will do. Have you been able to get a long form Certificate of Live Birth in Minnesota? Tomorrow I will be calling my birth county Hennepin to see what is entailed. It would be so helpful any information or assistance from your own experience that would enable me to take care of this matter at a long distance, I would be filled thankfulness and gratitude.
      Thank you for your consideration and time.

  4. Well how do we put an end to it? All the notices and or other documents filed or other wise will not make them stop

  5. Maybe it's about time we started to target the entire military complex instead of wasting time with freeing ourselves...We need a non stop letter writing campaign to the Generals and Chiefs of Staff in charge of our military, until they understand what we understand until they get it and start helping us no matter what it cost them, because they need to finish what they started under the "lieber code" after the "civil war"...and start helping our President instead of hindering him....maybe they are, maybe they aren't....but we don't know because Trump doesn't trust our media or anyone else and consequently is moving in the shadows, never giving us the full truth, because he cant..!! Our military was set up to deal with "ALL" enemies, domestic or foreign...So it's time they know who our real enemies are....right here under their arrogant noses...!! This judicial "WALL" has to be taken down and made an example of once and for all....and honestly, until the rest of the public , the 99 percenters, get it, we need a law that requires every single person to do at least 60 days in jail, just to see first hand what it is like when juries are told only to judge the facts and not the law..!! People are paying high prices for non violent crimes with no other victim but the STATE..!! Maybe they will finally wake up and see the "illusion" first hand as they listen to story after story from the inmates how they wound up there for minor traffic tickets because the missed their court appearance, which cost the 30 days in jail and were fired from their long time jobs and totally ruined the families lives......good people with no record of any real crimes....i know, because I was there and the stories go on and on in their...!! It's obvious we arent making a dent. Even after 40 years now of patriots fighting this battle..!! I joined President Trumps site and have pledged a $10/mo donation just to receive updates to his problems and to make remarks and suggestions on what is going on...!! His site just sent me an update saying he needs our help more than ever, saying that the deep state and the democrats have declared war on him and are not only blocking all his nominations but all his agendas and bills. Instead, they are trying to "arrest" him under any charge they can find that will stick..and that is why they raided his attorney's office and took everything. Now they are forcing "Cohan" to cut a deal before they bury him !!! Trump already has a new private attorney..!! As for any liens we supposedly have with the IRS or the FTB the easiest way to find out is to file a state UCC Form 11 asking for any lawful liens filed with the STATE....It always comes back saying there are no liens filed on this SS #....That is a State document and certified evidence that the county is in collusion with the "deep state" because they just accept "notices of leins" as actual liens without ever forwarding those liens to the State where they would be rejected as verifiable leins, because there is no court order for a real lein, which everyone has to get before they can have a real lein...!! But the county makes out like bandits by getting the money for filing thousands of unlawful liens while the DA Refuses to bring a lawsuit against them for committing fraud...!!

  6. Do you know that RT television, which stands for Russian Television has more truth than any of our so called news media...all they are doing is spitting out a pre written speech/narrative to the viewers who take it as gospel...!! RT TELEVISION just said that there are more US Citizens than ever renouncing their U.S. citizenship that ever before....and their are passports in other countries that are better than ours....!! And Queen Elizabeth 2, has a very special passport, even though she doesn't need one, but gets says that she can never be prosecuted for anything, in any country because she is in charge of all passports and is running the world basically...!! Merkel has no idea of what she is getting into with Prince Harry....!!

  7. Time to haul them all out to the gallows and wash our hands of it, then get busy building the new society.


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