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Friday, April 6, 2018

Death to Democracy

By Anna Von Reitz

Once you start thinking, you will quickly realize that "something is wrong" in this country, and that it has been wrong for a very long time.

We have covered many of the various things that are wrong and why they are wrong, but this one deserves special comment.

All your life you have heard about "democracy"--- endlessly. We grow up hearing about how we need to defend democracy and spread democracy, but nobody ever tells you what democracy is or tries to justify why anyone would defend or spread it.

Democracy is Mob Rule.

If 51% of your neighbors want to eat you for breakfast or use your yard for a roller derby or rape your wife in public, hey, that's okay in a democracy.

You might as well call it a "demon-cracy" because the mindless lust and greed of the Mob is the only real law in a democracy. Anything and I do mean -- ANYTHING -- goes in a democracy as long as a majority of people want it.

So what is this "American Democracy" they tout? It turns out to be the government of our ugly British half-sister, the Territorial United States, but they are conveniently confusing it with our lawful Union of republican states, which function under a different law and political system entirely.

Once again, the fraud artists are at it, presenting their version of "democracy" -- as "American".

It's "American" in the same sense as South America is "American".

The actual United States of America isn't a democracy of any kind and never has been. We honor the sanctity and the rights of every man and woman, and we assert and protect those rights against mobs and against mob mentality, too.

To call us a democracy is a venal insult and affront. The idea that we should support and fight for the spread of democracy is antithetical to everything that America stands for.

It is one more big example of how dumbed-down and ignorant we have been to allow and identify with this idea of "American Democracy".

It is also a Big, Fat Example of just how corrupt, mindless, and in the end, discredited, their government is. In order to run a democracy you need a 51% mandate from the people subscribing to your government.

The biggest number on record for participation in any of their elections -- EVER -- that I have been able to find is 29%. And the majority in that election was a whopping 17% of the eligible voters.

They've been running on the premise that whoever shows up and votes, that "majority" rules, but that is not the majority required by a democracy, which needs a 51% or greater mandate to proceed with any action.

So, even as a democracy, one of the worst and most corrupt forms of government ever devised, they can't play it straight. They have to fudge everything and pretend to have a mandate.

Well, since they have advertised to the entire world that they are a democracy and they have touted statutory law and code as their law --- why not ask to see the public mandate allowing them to exist? Let's see the mandates supporting each and every one of these statutes and codes?

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  1. The enemy has been spotted and identified and is being annihilated. Not chained up for 1000 years but poof. The movement is vast, the movement is silent and the movement is now.

    1. Rev. 20 And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. 2 And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the devil, and satan, and bound him a thousand years 3 And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled; and after that he must be loosed for a little season.

      Checkmate !

    2. Absolutely spot-on right, bluecollarmovement! None of this "1,000 years of peace" poppycock, but rather eternal peace and Heaven on on Earth -- nothing less shall suffice.

  2. None of these statutes are bonded by the way. One can subpoena the state AG to bring in evidence that the statute has been certified. If there is no return on the subpoena you can move to dismiss the case.

    1. Can this be done with Federal Issues, using the same process. Secondly, do you know where someone can learn how a subpoena can be issued on your own?

    2. Yes, any court issue since none of the statutes or codes are bonded whether federal, state, or local municipal. Go online and search for a subpoena application form for your court case. Complete it and send it to the clerk of the court for approval. The clerk is the only one allowed to approve and issue a subpoena. On the application you would state under reasons:
      To testify and give evidence in the action and bring with them certified records that the State of New York Penal Codes 130.65 and 260.1 pertaining to this case have been certified as Constitutional by the Supreme Court of the State of New York.
      Customize with your state's or federal codes as fits your case.

    3. Thanks for the truly salient counsel as always, 1FreeMan!

  3. Settlers crossed the allegainy.mts.
    Case law or common law was made by the jury .civil law or Roman legislature didn't allow case law .
    Thair rule was supreme .

  4. Glad you published this good article

  5. while "sovereign citizen" is mis-used by many, the actual definition is precisely what a "republic" is instead of "democracy"

    it means delegated powers. so yes, one cannot "delegate" and claim to be "sovereign" at the same time, but it means one retains the right to yank their "delegation" in case of trouble.

    a "sovcit" is a good thing, it means republic, and noone has to delegate anything. it means consent of the governed at all times. you are not bound by others "delegations".

    a "democracy" is "we the people" are "sovereign" but no one individually, hence "majority rule".

    the true definition, and case one might use it, is to say that you retain your sovereignty, and do not delegate anything to someone. you are still a "member of a nation" (citizen) but have not delegated anything to anyone.

    "we the people" are "sovereign citizens" even after we "delegate" it simply means we can always fire any "representatives" or "agents".

    "citizen" is not necessarily municipal or civil law. it can also mean "member of a nation and no more".

    look up "national" in a dictionary some time. they are "citizens" too. because "citizen" is not inherently "municipal". one needs SOME nationality to do ANYTHING, whether "county" "state" or elsewhere.

    you need to be a "citizen" (member of a nation) and/or for people to recognize you as a "nation" at "home" or "abroad".

    if nothing else, all you "state nationals" who dont "delegate" anything to anyone, you owe allegiance to other state nationals of your "nation", and are supposed to stand up and object if you see another member of your nation dragged off into foreign jurisdiction, mischaracterized, etc. that is for your own good.

    that is not "slavery" that is simply "prevent others in my nation from being genocided on paper". that is required of any "nation" if you wish to maintain your "national" status at home or abroad. that is a "civic duty" and basic common sense and decency. it is right because it is right, not because some code or "law" somewhere says all "citizens" have to do so.

    "citizen" while misused, is an acceptable word so long as you know which "nation": "one nation" or "several states". and which "state" you are talking about.

    likewise, one can act with "civil authority" without devolving to "roman civil law". that "civil" is "as opposed to military".

    should we say anytime anna claims she has "civil authority on the land" she is now doing "roman civil law" ? no, because the word has a broader meaning than just that. so d oes "sovereign citizen" despite those who misuse it, "patriots" or "FBI" or otherwise.

    1. a "nation" must have (at least) people, land, and some type of government/law (even if not visible external apparatus). a flag/seal is likely needed too. some type of "money" or equivalent becomes necessary, even if this is "we nod our heads and trust eachother to not take more than we have earned"

      if nothing else, any "nationals" have to protect their flag/seal. that is not "slavery" that is protecting your "nation" status.

      the roman civil law "citizen", yes, is a slave to the "emperor" "city council" what have you.

      a "sovereign citizen" simply means you can fire any representatives/agents. so, if you wish to fire them, just fire them, refuse to delegate to any "war criminals" and act without representation.

      non-slavery is a quid pro quo. if you dont protect your flag/seal/others of your "nation" then you are not doing your civic duty, "sovereign" or not.

      a "king" has a duty to his subjects. with "we the people" as joint kinghood/joint sovereigns, we may not have "subjects" amongst equals, but we still have a duty to, at minimum, ensure the other "kings" and "queens" are not being kidnapped, shoved into martial law by foreign types of law and money, made to "pledge" to foreign "one nation" imposters etc.

      you dont get to be "king" or "joint kings" without some responsibility. it is part of the job and "office".

      and you dont get to be "sovereign" unless you have the "title" of "king". same thing by another name, even if you outlaw "titles" and declare everyone "joint kings".

      if nothing else, someone has to issue IDs for all you "nationals" who dont wish to be "citizens". and if you expect a foreign "one nation" to do so, for free, good luck.

      if you expect any standing whatsoever, SOMEONE has to "fill that office" even if you simply leave it to each individual to provide their own family tree, "equal civil rights", or what have you.

      if you dont delegate anything, you still have a responsibility to fill certain offices, even if only for yourself, but you had better coordinate in some manner with other "nationals" so you dont have 20 different flags/seals/types of ID.

      a "king" has a duty to their subjects. so do joint sovereigns to their equals. that is part of the job, unpaid perhaps, unelected, but is a requirement to AVOID "slavery" for all the members of your "nation"

    2. it might surprise some people to learn, the "americans" do not have a monopoly on the term "republic" or "republics", and the term "sovereign citizen" can apply to a "republic".

      so long as the definition is understood and conveyed, why give the FBI/etc. and other "paper terrorists" any more ammunition to play their word games? why let them misuse more words and not call them out on it?

      should i point out that bouviers 1856 anyone who does not believe in god cannot be a "witness"

      and when you call yourselves "sovereign" i call that "atheist, thinks they run the show" and you just disqualified yourselves from being "witness" to anything?

      no, because i recognize "sovereign" does not necessarily imply you believe you are "god" or not.

      technically, noone is "sovereign" except "God", but i recognize calling yourselves "sovereign" does not necessarily imply you are "God"

      likewise, one can believe in "God" and "my kingdom is not of this world" while not expecting punishments/rewards in this lifetime.

      that is enough for a "witness" to "swear to god" even if they dont believe their "due" will be in this lifetime, so i oppose bouviers on this point that they must believe in punishments/rewards in this life.

      mandating people believe in "kingdom of heaven on earth" and a "fleshly" and "worldly" kingdom is not freedom of religion.

      if they believe in consequences in the hereafter, by whichever "god" that will punish lying, that clearly fulfills the requirement of why "witnesses" had to swear such.

      the fact of the matter is, the only "noncitizen nationals" i read about, apply to foreign "one nations" for passports/etc.

      sounds just like the "sovereign citizens" you love to hate. if you are truly "sovereign nationals" why not issue your own ID? ah, because you want "recognition".

      now you are discovering, even a "sovereign" there are certain duties of that office.

      duty one: properly identify yourself. no, noone "pays" you for the "slavery" of doing so, but it has its own rewards. it keeps your "nation" alive.

      duty two: have a flag/seal for your "nation", and protect that from mis-use.

      duty three: ensure other flags/seals dont kidnap other members of your "nation", or put a gold fringe to "rope" around your flag and capture it in a "postal war"

      "citizen" or not, all you "nationals" still have certain "offices" to fill, if only for yourselves.

      call it what you want, if you dont delegate, there are a minimum of unelected "offices" you better fill yourself informally, for yourself and the rest of your "nation".

      "res public" == for the good of the public. and here you thought all you "nationals" were "private". not in a "republic" you are not.

      "republic" can mean many things too. plato's ideal was said to be a dictatorship of intellectuals, the enlightened few who could steer the masses for their own good. not quite democracy, not quite consent of the governed either, but "for the good of the public, because they must be led like sheeple"

    3. if "republic" can mean many things, and literally is "for the good of the public" ...

      and 'civil authority on the land" does not necessarily imply "roman civil law"

      why is it such a stretch to know that "citizen" is not necessarily municipal, and "sovereign citizen" does have a valid definition, if used properly, to indicate you are revoking any "delegations" and simply "Member of a nation and no more" ?

      they screwed up all the other words, gave them multiple distinct meanings. why should "sovereign citizen" be any different?

      so "satan" has hijacked another term. why is this so hard to believe? he hijacked all the other terms too.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. I agree, If you don't know your rights you don't have any,and if "WE" can't defend our rights and the rights of all outhers, we still don't have any. A paper with words written on it won't get it.

    6. Someone is missing entirely the purpose of the Constitution.

      For starters, "we the people of the United States' refers to US citizens, subjects of the federal government of the United States. The Constitution of the United States is limits of their jurisdiction, not the basis of "your rights".

      If you ARE of "We the People" you're either on the wrong website or you are here for nefarious purposes.

      That United States functions out of the District of Columbia under their own private legislative system of laws which have nothing to do with us

      Why are you not dissecting the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation? These two Organic Laws are the bedrock of justice for free inhabitants.

      The primary purpose for us having a complete understanding of their Constitution is to employ that knowledge by forcing the feds to stay within their permanent state of limited, territorial jurisdiction.

  6. I came across this document and thought it would be additional ammunition in the fraud court system. What do you think?

    1. The doc found at your link should be amended to get rid of "citizen" and replace with "American national" and/or "non-citizen state-national civilian" or styled in a similar way. The code references look good (barring some grammatical errors), and overall I think this will work to scare any public servant into running the other direction.


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