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Friday, April 6, 2018

Capacity - The Root of Confusion

By Anna Von Reitz

At one time or another in your life you have heard the question asked, "What's your capacity?"  or  "In what capacity were you acting?"   This might have come up in any number of situations.  You might have even heard it in a courtroom or in relation to someone driving "in an impaired capacity".  

Identifying your capacity has two main components ---  describing the role you are playing at a given time or in a given situation and, secondly, the authority under which you are playing that role.  

Some capacities are mutually exclusive, such that you cannot be acting in both capacities at the same time.  You can't be a "sovereign citizen" because it is impossible to act as a sovereign and as a slave at the same time.  You can't be a "private citizen" because you can't act in a private capacity at the same time that you are acting in a public capacity. 

People who attack me and call me a "fake judge" and who otherwise attempt to discredit my credentials don't understand the capacity in which I am acting. 

I explain it this way:
  there are two jurisdictions, land and sea. This in turn gives rise to two different jury pools, one called a "jural assembly" and another called a "jural society".  

I work for the Jural Assembly of the Alaska State as a Justice operating a land jurisdiction court. 

I do not work for the Jural Society of the State of Alaska in any capacity whatsoever. 

Thanks to the Great Fraud perpetuated against us, the courts owed to the land jurisdiction of this country have largely been vacated since 1965 and people have forgotten about them. 

Not understanding the capacity in which I act then gives rise to false assumptions  about the requirements of my office.  

People assume that I must be a member of the Alaska Bar Association, but in fact, the opposite is true. Bar Members can't serve in a land jurisdiction court. 

In an effort to keep things straight, land jurisdiction judges are properly called "justices" and sea jurisdiction judges are called "judges" but since average people don't know the difference anymore, it does little good to make the distinction. 

Perhaps we, the growing body of American Justices, need to wear green robes and our counterparts in the sea courts need to wear blue robes, to help people grasp the difference in capacity and jurisdiction--- land and sea --- that is involved. 

Another common confusion about capacity arises when people claim back their birthright political status and then want to do things like sign petitions and vote in federal elections and call "their" Congressman. 

Let's be very clear about this.  When you reclaim your birthright status you are no longer acting in the capacity of a "voter".  You are declaring yourself to be an "elector".  

You no longer sign "petitions" in the capacity of a British subject begging for relief. You direct your public servants to do your Will. 

You also recognize the fact that these people deceptively calling themselves "Congressmen" are not your Congressmen.  They are members of the Territorial United States Congress and the Municipal United States Congress, not the National United States Congress, which has been vacant since 1861. 

When you claim your birthright estate and correct the falsified public records, you are able to act in a different and new capacity.  You are no longer acting as a British conscript, obligated to obey every whim of a foreign government.  You have a new capacity as a non-citizen American national to fulfill.  

That capacity enables you to form your local County Jural Assembly, to elect your county land jurisdiction Sheriff, to elect your land jurisdiction Justices to your actual land jurisdiction County Court --- and from there, you are able to assemble your State Jural Assembly and elect your State Justices and also elect State Deputies to attend the National-level Congressional Assembly.

Finally, you are also enabled to elect National Deputies to attend the Continental Congress. 

This is how the organizational structure of your lawful government looks: 

American non-citizen national forms:
County Jural Assembly forms:
State Jural Assembly elects:
National Congressional Assembly  (Washington, DC / Delegated Powers)
Continental Congressional Assembly (Philadelphia /Non-Delegated Powers)

As you will note there are two (2) Congressional Assemblies, one that meets in Washington, DC to administer the delegated powers, and one that (originally) met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to administer the non-delegated powers. 

After the new capitol was built, Congress moved all its meetings to DC -- which  turned out to be a mistake.  With the same men acting in two different capacities but meeting in the same location, it was natural for the lines to get blurred between their administration of the delegated powers and their administration of the non-delegated powers----- and also for their loyalties to get confused. 

Today the members of Congress, even the Senators, do not act as Fiduciary Deputies chosen by electors. 

Instead, they act as unaccountable "Representatives" of corporate shareholders, holding proxies from voters. 

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  1. If the citizen you are using is placed in a private trust, that becomes a private citizen. Its keep it straight.

    1. Better off being a non citizen state national.

    2. Man is man is a man......the county registrar admitted that the State can't label a man, that California creates it's national, ROLB, and then man uses that citizen as Citizen, or man has been given agency while using that person etc..... The only way to keep arms length is through a trust, any other position requires agency, therefore, joinder. With that said, you can object to being surety for the principal which may fly, maybe not.

    3. The Presumption of Agent and Agency is the presumption that under contract law you have expressed and ranted authority to the Judge and Magistrate through the statement of such words as "recognize, understand' or "comprehend" and therefore agree to be bound to a contract. Therfore, unless all presumptions of agent appointment are rebutted through the use of such formal rejections as "I do not recognize you", to remove all implied or expressed appointment of the judge, prosecutor or clerk as agents, the presumption stands and you agree to be contractually bound to perform to perform at the direction of the judge or magistrate: We, the undersigned formally challenge the Presumption of Agent and Agency as it is by definition a presumption, by definition and has no standing or merit in presentable or material fact.

    4. So if that's the way they want yo behave, just invoke your right of subrogation.

    5. The only other man or woman that can make an arrest according to the penal code is a "private person"(not citizen)..We need to forget the word "Citizen"...!!!

    6. So you take their citizen and place it into a private trust? Is that not stealing ?
      Or your private trust becomes a Citizen and you act as agent in a private capacity for that Citizen?
      Case law from 1840's decided a Corporation is also a State Citizen, an artificial-citizen same rites to sue and be sued, all corporations are trusts.

  2. I am a fool ,yet I remain the holder of any instrumentality ,without identification ,in a non representative capacity and by proxy ,send your self to validate or void for copyright infringement for the chosen (instrumentality")(pawn) another form of abatement for the Sovereign set off ...or toss off ,the unwanted cargo ......Vc
    sui generis

  3. Nov 22 1963 was the great take down of America the CIA/Jewish fed/full control of states by getting everyone including the dog catcher to incorporate . The retracing of the territorial and municipal U.S. government is the first step need details to hang the bumbs.

    1. In the words of Dr.E.Michael Jones the jews and the prodestants teamed up against the Christians . British and Rothschild banks now corrupted all media,entrainment , banks,government , academia . But the boot on us is the legal system or (criminal )justice system.

  4. Paul I was wondering did she ever make a document or does she have a document that will tell you step by step how to take your name out of the US jurisdiction I know the first is ucc-1 but people need to be able to get in death on each part of applying to remove their name from this fraud all the way home to fill out the ucc-1 and as the forms needed to be filed in the United States government and what those locations to file are can you please help me?

  5. She said the Living Law Firm was working on a booklet with example documents and it would be out reasonably soon.
    I don't have a prognosis on timing. I will let everyone know as soon as it is available.

  6. I'm going to figure out how we can all get those private passports...they have the responsibility to tell us how to get what we want since they are public servants and that info is public, not private or secret to us...!! At least we will have sometsomething we can show to officers instead of trying to educate them roadside...!! Symbols are way more important than filing papers that an officer will not be interested in...he doesn't have the time and neither do you..!! The symbol says it all in seconds.....!!! Then we can work on the rest.....why do we want to expatriate when we all have Treasury Direct Accounts" which we can use as "set offs" when we learn how to use it properly..!!

    1. Its called a functional equivalent ID , there is no law stating you must have a License (unless operating a vehicle for hire) they ask and you produce 1 or say I dont have it admitting that you do actually have one. I've read the police stop booklets even these do not specify you MUST have a Drivers Licence they are required to ask for ID and technically without probable cause or actually being arrested you do not have to produce any, law is refusing to produce ID after an arrest, roadside fishing expedition is not probable cause or an arrest.
      Passports are a "benefit" so you do what your told to get one basically BUT the key is how you fill out the form, my research is it is a National ID on its face how you fill it out and declare you are a US Citizen is a different story and including a SS# etc there's a lot going on with the application, been studying the passport for a few years and have heard it all.

    2. Mike my name is richard I live in Pennsylvania and I've been having quite a problem with owning a car in this state they think that I should have a ID to go transfer my car into their business Corporation and I do believe I should be allowed to buy a car and leave it set if I want too, in any I refuse to get a picture on my driver's license and they told me I had to and I told him it was against my religious beliefs which it is.Then they gave me a religious test which I don't have to take because of Article 1 Section three and four of the Pennsylvania Constitution and I do believe it's Article 6 Section in the Federal Constitution can you guide me on how to fill out the application for a passport card? And do I have to take a picture for it? Your friend richard

    3. James, still don't want to invest in your own education, huh? They have no responsibility to tell you anything and neither will they. Go ahead and search the internet as there are plenty of people out there who will try to tell you how to fill out a non-citizen passport application for free. You may even get a decent idea of how to do it but don't cry if you don't get the result you set out to get. I recently had a guy complain to me who did just this on his own using some other guy's advice and is still waiting a year later because they refused to issue his passport based on his filing. If they closed the border and you needed to get out of this country in a hurry, how much would it be worth to you then? And don't tell me you don't have any money if you won't even take advantage of the US tax court order of dismissal free process to get all your taxes back + interest.

    4. No, Mike, passports are required to cross a military zone protected and without harm which is what we live in and therefore a right we can demand. Especially a non-citizen state national State Citizen passport. You are correct only if you are referring to a U.S. corporate passport.

    5. Richard, I assume you are either JW or Amish? Unless you are willing to have your picture taken, it will be almost impossible for you to obtain any effective ID including a passport. You can of course make your own ID but it may not have any of the effect you are looking for. For a passport you don't have to take your picture yourself. When you apply for your passport at the post office they will take your picture and you can refuse the copy. If you object to having your picture taken at all, well then you cannot really go anywhere because you are being recorded everywhere you go, i.e. banks, government buildings, retail stores, even 7-11. If you would like to get a non-citizen state national passport, I got mine at
      BTW: who says you have to register the purchase of your car? When you give them your money, they sign over the title to you. You are now the title holder, and have the rights of the holder and are the holder in due course fulfilling all 3 requirements of the UCC. Banks do this all the time with foreclosures. They never register the title or the note.

    6. 1.. many travel on Visa's and I've never seen any context of it being a 'right' All passports/rights were suspended during the Civil War then gradually re-instated, if it was a 'right' simple proof of national status would be ample, but going to the State for anything is a benefit as stated on the Passport website. If we are under military protection aka martial law that never ended after the civil war all rights were suspended and we have civil privileges, occupied is occupied unless your one of the occupiers.
      So you currently have the Green passport?
      If unaware the Queen runs our S.S. program and we are called state nationals or simply persons subject to territorial laws or the Party, the code never mention citizens so being a "non" is of no importance.
      Your vehicle title is a certificate not the true title, title is split and your holding the legal not the equitable title, also the banks are not taking the foreclosure out on the highway to be molested by the state revenue pirates in blue "yes sir it is mine I just didn't register it BUT it fulfills UCC.." well the vehicle codes do not cover UCC either way and why would your private property be under UCC?
      Who wants to be regulated by UCC code another from of public commercial slavery, basically you moved off the field into the house with some nicer clothes to wear and get some better scraps off masters plate?

  7. "Citizens, by birth or choice, of a common country, that country has a right to concentrate your affections. The name of American, which belongs to you in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of patriotism more than any appellation derived from local discriminations."
    - Washington's Farewell Address 1796


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