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Friday, April 6, 2018

Dear Mr. Trump, Don't Be a Chump!

By Anna Von Reitz

This is a quick unofficial note.
The Russian killed in the UK was killed by the UK using Russian poison to frame the Russian Government.

Because in addition to revealing their illicit interference in Central Europe and Asia, he was going to tell you about British interference in America.
Interference in our elections. Interference in our government. Interference in our economy. Interference in our stock and commodities markets. Interference in our trade policies. Interference in our courts.
Wake up, Donald. The alarm bells are ringing.
The enemy of America and the American People has always been the British Empire -- the British Monarch and the British Crown--- and while generations of Americans have slept on deluded by a bunch of British Bunko, it is essential that you wake up right about now.
Who was it we were fighting in the Revolution? And again in 1812? And who set up the whole situation embroiling the entire Middle East in endless war? And who has undermined your Presidency and used the Territorial United States to undermine our Constitution and bleed our country dry? Who guided the wreck of our trade policies? Who was Barack Obama, a Kenyan National, working for?
Who set up all the bankruptcy fraud schemes at the banking conference of 1898? And again at the Geneva Conventions in May of 1930?
The British Monarchs and the British Crown.
They are our enemies --first, last, and always. They are at the bottom of every stinking pile of intrigue, deceit, war-mongering, and violence that has ever been played on us in our entire history. And they are just trying to "play upon" you and other world leaders again.
Who engineered and dragged us into both World War I and World War II?
Not the Russians. Not the Chinese.
I rest my case.

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  1. Thank you for that. So...... right on.

  2. The elephant in America is the media, all war criminals.

    The deep state Illuminati Bloodlines started killing Americans with #fakenews wars long, long ago.

    Listen to Field McConnell & David Hawkins on Abel Danger. They have a website & many Youtube vids "We the people" in the dark need a red, pill, enema~! #pedogate #releasethevideo #Q

    #FacebookpayUS17500 #softkill ills

  3. Anyone who glues their eyes to the telecast of the upcoming so-called 'royal wedding' and gives it any credence, will be proving their own hypocrisy. All of them are nothing but glorified welfare recipients.

  4. Enemies first last and always?
    It is becoming more apparent each day, "the enemy" has always been all those without Jesus.
    Not solely the collectives that we all seem to point too. This blame game is wearing thin. Now mind you, i do see the value in seeing and exposing the evil.
    Thinking that the Russians the Chinese or anyone is exempt from this world wide deception is dangerous.

    1. I must agree. There are so many dozens and dozens of factions that are each working their evil, and today the waters have become so muddied up that nobody in the whole world really knows the clear truth of anything.
      Some of us already realize that satan is the father of all lies, and lies are the foundation of all deception. His purpose in deception is to create total confusion, which is where we are today.
      Today, we have all sorts of enemies; some of them people who have seared consciences and will stoop as low as necessary and do bloody criminal acts; there are also those who just lie whenever they need to squirm out of a tight corner; there are those that will do anything to keep their easy paycheck rolling into their pockets. There are also those who are just plain petty and have a devious streak, and just enjoy seeing people have problems and stressful situations. Often they pretend to be your best friend; nice to your face, but carry a knife for their backstabbing.
      So we have lots of enemies and they are a large variety. These people do not have Jesus, so I agree, they are ALL our enemies. Mostly, because when push comes to shove, they will stand on the side of the majority where they will meet with the least resistance, and save themselves being those who stand for His Righteousness are attacked.

  5. Churchill was a Rothschild puppet 100% protestants.ran the catholics out of England and sold land the elite moved in and needed money to live large the Rothschild banks through usery.owned England before ww1.

    1. bubba go to the website; he is the "Lord Chancellor " of the hidden king of England blood line and the published author of the true history of the "flat lie royals" currently "acting" sitting in fuckingham palace; QEII is the illegitimate,fraudulent queen that ever was; Professor Jim Fetzer on youtube has a number of interviews with Greg that truly astounding...

    2. +Micheal, do you have any better link? I tried using www. and http//:www. but the search didn't find it.

  6. While I agree with this article for the most part, more research has to be done because, yes it was a false flag event to pin on Russia and to goad another war but, are the Skripals dead? Did they just suffer from food poisoning? Evidence proves otherwise. Look into it.

    By the way Russia and China are a real threat to the USA, look at the communist overtones that are emanating from the left, constant attacks on the 1st amendment and the 2nd amendment. Children being used to promote gun control ala the Nazi Hitler Youth groups, the Kmer Rouge and other communist groups. Yes it is the same Cabal, Globalists, International Bankers, whatever you want to call them that are behind it. The plan is for a One World Order with a Communist/Fascist/Zionist government, you pick which one, they are controlled all by the same groups and people. Agenda 21.


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